What kind of energy is to accumulate a woman

In the ancient Vedic treatises isolated 2 type of energy. Male and female. Solar and Lunar.

The male energy - the energy of the sun. Activities, risk, courage, strength, aggressiveness. This energy heats up and is able to burn. It is the energy achievements, great achievements, leadership.

The female energy - the energy of this moon. It differs softness, tenderness, appeasement. And most interestingly, it - cool. For example, scientists have noticed that the sand in the desert, which is under the moon light - much cooler

. And she and the other good energy. And she and the other - has its point of application. But what is more important - and that, and the other has

«media». Fashion Unisex

Now we have a "unisex" education. Boys and girls are brought up the same way, learning the same. In Sweden, for example, take a step further - in some schools removed all sexual associations. Fairy tales, books - and other sources of gender stereotypes. There's even a children decided to call "it" - so as not to form stereotypes

. What good is a universal approach?

It's convenient.
There is no need to create separate schools, separate programs. No need to assemble the group. After all, for a normal class is sufficient 20 any children. Regardless of gender.

It's cheaper.
Uniform books, one program, general teachers, subjects classes.

Simply manage
Uniform rules, uniform laws. The common form of the work book. Unified Labour Code. In that time spent on the education of children a woman is "idle in the work»

But what is lost in this approach?

Girls do not understand its value

Speaking in a normal school, many girls feel some wrong people. In exercising running away - they laugh at you. Physics does not know - again, laughing. Mask put on correctly - again laugh

. Some school subjects are focused on boys. Physical education, mathematics, physics, chemistry, life safety.

And in school, girls start to "work on himself" to conform to some standards. Not realizing that for women it is important to remain themselves, rather than "be somebody." We need to finish with a medal, you need to pass the math like everyone else, to go to college, get a job, lose weight ....

Boys do not learn to be men.

Most of the girls is - Russian language, foreign languages, literature, biology. And here is the idiots feel boys.

At the same time no one teaches them to win, to negotiate, martial arts, meditation and other masculine arts. So it seems that if you learn to add, subtract, write essays - then it will become a real man

. The most important part of life in the school did not teach.

How to build a relationship? How to create comfort in the house? How to learn to take responsibility? How to bring up children? How to choose their life partner? And so on.

And most importantly, that there are no answers to the eternal questions: Why should I live? Who am I? Where am I going? And why am I doing this?

Girls do not see the benefits of the Women's the way

The Company suggests that the happy life for all need higher education and prestigious job. Mom Jobs, wife and homemaker for many synonymous with "cleaning lady". That is, the low-skilled work, requiring not much mind, do not command respect from others and underpaid.

Where to go? To develop?

In general, all would be well. Let the girl versed in the art and are able to catch up, what's wrong? Also kind of nothing wrong in higher education and paid work. Only here the more educated a woman is, the greater the likelihood of divorce in her family. Stats!

Because women can not break into two parts, and to be here and there at the same time. You can not be both solar and lunar. Some energy is still outweigh. And most of all, by virtue of their activity and aggressiveness, it outweighs the sun.

But we are with you today talk only about the lunar energy. On the solar energy now writing very much. Many women try to go that route. Build a business, build their home, build houses and plant trees.

At the same time I have not seen among them happy. I have seen those who are foaming at the mouth to prove that she is happy. As Margaret Thatcher said:. "If you have to prove that you are a lady - so it is not so" At the same time her sadness and longing "for a strong shoulder" eye issue. And sometimes, at the end of the conversation she still admits that most would like to rely on a man. But where to find such? ...

A woman who chooses the path of men, always a recipe for failure.

What are the possible options

Let's look at the various combinations of energy in the home

OH - Solar

SHE - Moonlight

What is the family?

He bears the responsibility for the family. It provides peace and harmony in the home. He - the leader. It is - it is obedient

. And most importantly - in such a family, both happy. Because both go our own way, without contradicting nature.

They are able to grow the real men and real women by their example. Is not that what every woman would like, and what would be the dream of every man?

OH - Moonlight

SHE - Solar

What is the family?

This often happens in the world today. Women elected Actor leaves the man are two options: the eternal struggle to stay alive, or

. Sometimes a man deliberately chooses the role of a householder. To keep the family together and survive. He begins to bake pies and raise children until missus beats on business and career fields.

First, both of them not bad - two busy with something, in the family, there are plenty, and comfort. But after a few years ... and it all falls apart. Because she was tired of all this drag. After all, her body is not designed for continuous exploitation of solar energy.

Because he is tired of being a mattress. After all, his body requires victories and achievements. And then, perhaps, he will find a young girl who goes by the moon. What gives him the opportunity to finally realize its solar potential.

OH - Solar

SHE - Solar

What is the family?

I am a family type familiar. The first few years we lived this way. Boiling passion, power struggle, strife, division of territory.

In this struggle there are no winners. Both are being exhausted. The man has not the strength to conquer the Dragon on the outside, because it is from morning to evening with a home beats the dragon. The woman is not appeasement. She did not rely on anyone. And in the end all unhappy.

OH - Moonlight

SHE - Moonlight

What is the family?

I will say honestly that such examples in front of me there. But I see this family as too quiet swamp. After all, water is not illuminated by the sun, eventually begins to bloom and smell.

Moreover, it seems to me that a man can hardly consciously choose the lunar path. Unless, of course, his usual orientation.

Man, if he does not get in the way, chooses the path of the sun. Because it is natural for him. How bright and powerful will be this way - this is his personal characteristics. But the direction - one

. Women, go your way!

Thus, it is women who violate the original order of things. It is women who are not at war at home. And that's why women lose much more.

If you look around, the poor women in many times more. It is because we do not choose your path. We put a ladder against the wrong wall, and then desperately clamber on it.

But you can choose a different path. Female. Smooth and flowable. In which there is no struggle. After all, a woman - like a river. Any obstacles and barriers it can simply be circumvented. Or carry the power of its flow. To do this, she does not need to take over-effort. Just be yourself. Being a woman. Being a river.

Lunar energy - specifically designed for women. It could be for you thereby the missing piece of the puzzle.

What to do? How to choose a path and regroup? How to accumulate and increase the energy of the moon? And what to do with the sun? This will be discussed in the next article.

I wish each of you to feel the river. The strength which in its fluidity.

In the last article I talked about that in the Vedic astrology allocated 2 type of energy. Solar and Lunar. Men's and Women's. What is the difference between them? Let's take a closer look.

What raises the level of solar (masculine) energy?










Setting goals


problems Achieving goals


Sharpness (setting goals and plans)

What raises the level of the lunar (feminine) energy?






Feed other




Women's art

Take care



mode Lists have turned out the opposite. And not just that. After all, solar energy - warms up, and the moon - cool. That is, they have the opposite effect, including on the psyche.

It is noticed that the sand in the desert, which is under the moon light - cool faster. And women, a cooling effect of the lunar energy for us as we needed. After all, our minds are already too dependent on the senses. We are constantly overwhelmed with emotion.

You can say so, that our mind - this is a big bucket of berries. We collect the whole day experience and we put them in this bucket. And it is usually crowded by the end of the day.

Only here the berries in it unwashed, unpeeled, as it is. And the grass weed catches, and stones, and worms ...

If it is now to put a bucket in the sun, then after a few hours of spoiled berries. If you put it on the stove - it will jam. But whether it will be delicious in so many different kinds of fruits, without added sugar? And given the fact that the berries were not washed and enumerated?

But if it is a bucket to put in the fridge or freezer - the berries are able to retain their freshness for a long time. They can eat the next day, and even a couple of months.

Also our mind. If we leave it under the influence of solar energy, we obtain a tasteless jam or sour grapes. A lunar energy is able to help us bring order to their thoughts and feelings.

If you go back to the two lists, it is clear that our every action "feeds" or one or another energy. And if we are strongly engaged in the affairs of the first list, the lunar energy in us is getting smaller, and more sun. Then the problems start in relations, health and so on.

There are times when a woman is a lot of work because of the circumstances. For example, it is necessary to feed the children and no husband. Then perforce she cultivates a solar energy. What to do? Dismiss?

Of course, it would be great if she could change the scope of its activities. Or at least to the work (stop competing, and will start to cooperate more and delegate). But even more important to pay attention to the lunar energy and balance the resulting imbalance.

What is the lunar energy benefits for women?

It calms the mind women

It gives strength to appease domestic

It gives the opportunity for the creation of an atmosphere

It regulates

female hormonal system It gives peace of mind

It helps in conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding children

It inspires a man to the exploits

It gives a woman the beauty

It is able to charm a man - that's exactly what it lacks. He, superheated by the sun of the day, you want a cool and quiet.

In my opinion, sufficient arguments in favor of the lunar energy. Now we have to learn, and where it can take.

What methods for rapid raising of the female energy there?

Interaction with the moon - a source of energy. Women are very much linked with the Moon. Indeed, you can see how changing your status and mood depending on the phases of the moon. Sometimes your female cycle is also very connected with the Moon. You may recall lunar calendars for planting flowers, hair cutting, planning affairs.

How can you establish a relationship with the moon? For example, many people love to walk in the moonlight. You can charge the water moonlight and drink. You can hang a picture of a beautiful home with the moonlight. There are special Lunar energy practices. Turn on your imagination - and think about how you could interact with the moon and lunar energy

. Wear jewelry made of pearls. Pearls - this is the best stone for women. It is important centers feminine lunar energy. You may notice that the pearl beads to soothe the restless mind. For example, I felt the difference. And since then I have not rented pearls. I now have five different necklaces, multiple bracelets and earrings.

It is important to carry at least 2 items with pearls. For example, a necklace and earrings. Or pendant and bracelet (left hand). Or, ring and necklace. The most "lunar" color pearls - this, of course, white. Although other colors deserve our attention.

Drink warm milk at night. Milk is a powerful source of lunar energy. However, there are special rules for its administration. If you drink it cold during the day, you are likely to feel not very horosho.Moloko drink or early in the morning - in 6-7 hours, or at night before going to bed (I often drink milk at night It soothes and makes sleeping tough.) . Drink milk should be heated at night, sweetened and spiced. The most ideal option for the night - milk with honey and green cardamom. There are other "evening" spices - fennel, kurkuma.Utrom very good invigorating milk with cinnamon, saffron or gvozdikoy.Vozmozhno, you can not just drink the whole glass. This is not necessary. Start with the amount that you will be able to drink so that after that feel good. The criterion by which we can understand that there were many milk - white coating on the tongue in the morning. You can take it as a medicine - a teaspoon. Even from so many changes you feel.

Do not deny yourself sweets. There is a rule in Ayurveda - sweet women can and should be there, but up to 12 hours of the day. When a woman sits on a diet and stop eating sweets, she often spoils the character. Disappears kindness and sincerity. Because it is sweet feed our lunar prirodu.E

it does not mean you have to forget about the figure and devour a box of chocolates and tortiki.Sladkoe important for a woman to eat. Very important. But in moderation. And choosing the form of sweets. If you have a weight problem - then eat more fruits instead of sweets. And up to 12 hours.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables for growth gives strength is the moon, so they are very much the lunar energy. Fruit is - these are sweets that are essential for every woman

Talk with water. Water - it is also a carrier of the Moon female energy. You can be very inspiring walk near the water. Not everyone can wander along the sandy beach. In any city there is a river, lake, spring, vodohranilische.Mnogo forces and you can give a warm bath, and cool shower, and a walk in the rain ...
There are many options. Experiment!

Water is very good soothing. Try, for example, do not cry into the pillow (which you then sleep), and in the bath. And you will feel more relaxed after that and filled.

Turn to breeding colors. There is a good test to determine how much in your lunar energy. Grow Do you have flowers at home? A lot of them? And in what condition are they in?

If a lot of them, they are healthy and flowering - all right

. If they are there, but some curves and a lab - perhaps, your lunar energy is not there

. If they wither and dry - term loans by raising its energy

! Caring for the garden and home colors - this is a very powerful source of energy of the Moon. You can break the garden courtyard. Or a large flower garden in the country. Or on the balcony of a greenhouse. Or just put a little more color in the house.

Turn to charity. Such activities will help you to be filled with the Moon energy. Around there are always people who need our help. Grandma-neighbor, children from disadvantaged families, orphans, people with zabolevaniyami.Sposoby may be different - you can donate your time, your strength, money, things. You can organize charity events, dues things and money. By helping others, you help yourself, and - to become more feminine

. Talk with other women. When dealing with people we exchange energy with them. If a woman communicates only with men, then somehow it gets exactly the sun's energy. If a woman talks among strong women - she again receives more solar energy

. But you can talk with femininity (as if it did not sound silly) and feel the difference. For example, married women, young moms, wise mentor - they are all the treasure with the Moon energy. And this energy is in the public domain. Is free. Fast. Easy.

I wear women's clothes. Throw out your closet all trousers and jeans. They will not help you to become more feminine and schastlivoy.Yubki and dresses have been created specifically for women. They are easier to hide figure flaws. Юбка заземляет женщину, позволяет ей взять больше энергии от Матери Земли. Шуршание длинных юбок приносит ни с чем несравнимое удовольствие. И не только тебе самой.Мужчинам безумно нравятся женщины в юбках. Тем более, что таких сейчас мало.

Год назад, когда порвались мои любимые джинсы, я решила не покупать себе новых. И с тех пор уже год в моем шкафу только юбки и платья. И знаете, их стало больше, мне нравится как я выгляжу, и мой муж тоже в восторге. А дети так и вовсе обожают мои широкие юбки – у них есть свои игры в прятки с участием юбок на маме.

Я надеюсь, что мне удалось хоть немного раскрыть такую глобальную тему как «Лунная энергия». Мне хотелось показать вам выгоды использования того, что дано нам природой. Тем более, что у женщин — особенная миссия на земле (у мужчин тоже миссия особенная, но другая).

Author: Olga Valyaeva


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