Women are women and men, which men

So few women who - WOMEN ...

More and more girls who have grown up and now have a woman's body.

Previously, they have earned the love of parents rated, obedience, they did not love without conditions.

And now they have grown - and a bonus - the girl appeared female body

! "Rate my body" - say they are loved, claiming everything that give parents, when they were satisfied with the behavior of children.

The man is certainly remains relatively satisfied after sex and parent in this situation awarded, proud and care.

If the guy is her "ritual" - compliments, gestures, gifts - not estimated the girl was very upset, blowing sponge, capricious, demanding to put it on the board of honor, and buy sweets. From itself and interacting with a man she has not learned to get pleasure.

The more it requires the less pleases her man by himself.

She did not choose it, and it podhodyaschest.

Here's what you can see?

The parent for the child is not a person - and the quality - (Property)

Parent - is more heat of security of food and other resources joy and satiety than from all other adults. And do not think that children-babies love their parents personally and spiritually. Baby if you give in place of breast cut wound will suck the blood without the slightest feeling of guilt. Children are initially unspiritual. Both adults are - children as well (regardless of year of birth), too unspiritual.

Spiritual - not a sign of growing passport and present, endured the experience of maturity

. MAN itself can not please my darling, as she could not see him, but by its number of useful qualities of her and she fit these qualities, and it is closely monitoring that he repeated on these points again and again. This is what people call love.

"I like how you do it, let's repeat it again and again!»

And it's not about the development of an anti development. In catering to such buy-relations man loses his way.

He stumbles on a woman, and it makes her sick. And she - the girl is now twice unsatisfied, goes out and stops it shine

. The girl even during the high-grade nature of sex does not guarantee high pleasure - orgasm. A probability of "suffer" from the happy owner of her body remains. Therefore, in many cultures it is accepted to give the bride. Advance payment of unwarranted girl enjoy the wedding and prolonged maternal care after a successful sex. Men, boys, if we consider the consumer side of the issue, specifically removing the romance, beautiful women want from personal services and guarantees sex. The boy grew up - it needs a little change and he wants a more suitable mother with advanced features - SEX

. That is why most couples marry - it is more or less successfully concluded a business contract. Where once specified, (or are not specified but implied) - guarantees that each side is willing to give something back for the satisfaction of their needs.

And all this is not about love!

Adult woman chooses not the right man - namely, the better.

Woman in contrast to the girl knows that grew, and I am glad that that has grown and "myself tying sandals" and can and wants to optimally take care of itself.

She knows that she no one should, and it is nobody. She herself can provide all that is needed, rather than wait for a man who would come and graze on the burdens of life-life. And that's why she can choose from all over the purity of the experiment is that the man who fills his senses her heart, not her life.

Then the man and his path becomes for her a sweet gift that is above all the household things. Man feeling how valuable time and energy to such a woman, he wants to reward its action, it is because the gift for him would be if an independent person receives from his gifts. This bonus can not be, because it himself PATH man is filled.

WAY fills the deep meaning of his and her life. She respects his way, and the man with the way it is experienced as a very valuable person for the world.

People with NEVOROYATNO BY valuable and attractive to the opposite sex.

His best gift for her will be his adherence to my path.

Woman with an open femininity - always share. Because the level of acceptance is so great that it receives the resource from all feelings of pain and sorrow and the anger - it need not be "nyashnye", and it is very relaxing when you can always be honest. To stretch her people. It will be sure to love other women, exactly like men. She can be everything - but what else can we as much as a magnet FREEDOM

? It is the ability to give freedom around and say YES makes her a pair for men path.

In women, there will be problems with orgasm, she knows and sees himself, people, it effortlessly takes them - different. And they are not exactly straining Her PEOPLE. She always finds ZALYUBOVATSYA than any man.

She is a woman in Eden - and therefore a lot of energy in its field.

Why do women with disclosure of femininity - an orgasm is guaranteed? Yes, because it selects all a man who admired her heart, and because, without all sorts of tricks she has everything happens like lightning come from the convergence of storm clouds. There are lots of creative energy resource charge - naraspleskanoy on mindless entertainment and shiftless people

. These women do not choose men unlucky - this is the biggest drawback of, they simply do not notice them.

A man with a VIA is not usually poor people - their value to the world the world demand for and supported in his work. And because the union adult men and women - a successful and happy union. The rest of the marriages Bole-less about the poor things that do not throw each other into trouble - that, too, in his own emotionally, dramatically and beautifully

. HOWEVER feel the difference, really do not want this "sincerity" to return -. Both born in the cold world back into the warm womb close

After gaining the ability to enjoy freedom of movement, trying to recreate the conditions of the womb the baby will cause a riot. Womb - a place where arms and legs started to move inactive, has become not relevant.

However, growing up, the child is ready to gratefully refer to a mother who has formed his body. So disclosure PEOPLE - with gratitude belong to those who formed them, and participated in the development of

. Many who addressed thanks Disclosed men and women are not even aware of what they could have played, Rolv valuable to their lives and as a particularly valuable experience of pain and disappointment on the way to adulthood RIGHTS.

Author: Natalia Valitskaya


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