Borrow money.

How do you feel when you need to take or give money to debt? Agree, very often the situation is out of control, you do not really want to solve this financial problem.

Ask yourself why I avoid to lend money, and even more so to take ?! What's going on?

The money given in debt or not:

1. In your family could be seen as Head - to solve their financial problems, and to borrow money is not worth it, especially given. And when you are asked to borrow money, you're just wondering - how can you afford to ask for money in debt.

2. You present concern for your money - what if the debt is not returned, then walk him to claim as a return, so it is better to refuse. Perhaps, somewhere deep down, but if you look deeper (history of a sort), it did not return to your native and you do not like to pay debts (most likely, you are not even aware of it) and you could not help waiting for the same behavior from your debtor .

Examine your life and the lives of your ancestors, honestly answer yourself to these questions and take any answers.
Few people know that lend only the same amount with which you agree to give up forever. Even if the money asks the man in whom you are 100% sure. By giving in debt, always keep in mind that maybe, your money will not be returned. On this basis, determines the size of the amount you can lend.
Money in debt - folk omens:

The people are of the opinion that it is better to lend money to other people than to borrow money for himself. And as always, people are right, because folk omens formed over the centuries. Important in national signs - it feel when you give money to a loan, you start asking for cash flow and get back to you in more, bring "friends", but it is important to observe certain rules of money:

* Remember, folk wisdom says that on Monday, the 13th day of each month, the 13th, on Friday, April 7, February 13, at the Annunciation, Baptism (in the big church holidays) borrow money can not be given because they are gone forever, besides all. On Sunday, as it is not necessary to give a loan - money can not return. Do not lend, and on Tuesday, otherwise the risk to themselves to live all my life in debt.

* You can not, giving or taking money debts, bills pass from hand to hand: with the money can be transmitted to the other person's negative energy, such as energy poverty, or bad luck. This same rule applies when buying any goods or products in shops or markets, or when applying for alms. Put the money on the counter, and when applying for alms - Free bread go throw a coin into the hat.

* You can not lend to repay debts and evening. When the ground is condensed darkness, there comes a time of evil forces. And so the evening deal with financial matters not: the evil spirits in the two accounts may jinx, or worse, take your blood. But if, because the circumstances and you have to make some kind of financial transaction right after sunset, before the transfer is necessary to put the money on the floor, and the person to whom they are intended, must bend down and pick them up.

* Be sure to set the condition that you return the debt bills of the same value as the taking, but not small money.

* Provide advance to return time does not coincide with the waning moon. And do not forget to enjoy the guarding shepotochkami who pronounced himself three times: "It is not on the decline, and profit now give, and then receive twice. That's right! "Or" do (a) does not give (a), not to you, (name of debtor) attacked (a)! Verney himself (and) bring it! May it be so!". In this case, the debt will return you exactly, because good turn deserves another.

* It is better not to lend money to the person to whom you must himself or something he owes. He can not repay or to delay his return, believing that it has a moral right.

* It is always better to give and give money (bills) are not unfolded and minimized. If the bill is simply folded in half, even slightly, that is enough. As such, it can give and give without worrying. The denomination should be folded so that its ends are turned to the one who gives it. And if you give money to a gross basis, which means that you, as it were, with all my heart to part with them, so to speak ... so not hesitate to give money. Those who do not know about the signs, take the money from you, and deployed them yourself. And did you not tell. (Of course, if you do not lay down their bills more than once, only half, or if posvertyvali them in tubes). And those who know about it, understand, and also did not say (for sure because, once they do, they do, and so do). And this is not only a sign of favor money. It is very desirable to observe always: when you buy something, pay for any services and so on. N.

* Do not give money and take them in debt from hand to hand. We need them to lay down on the table (but not at the dinner), on the bedside table, chest of drawers, a chair, a stool, well, or at least on the floor or on the ground.

* Not very well-known marks about money: You can not lend money, deuce and ending zeros: 20, 200, 2000, 20000, etc. Most likely this money will not be returned.

* Modern features: lend money, especially large amounts bail and a receipt.

Money in debt.

Giving borrow money, make it easy to think that your money will benefit the person, send them positive energy, because the law of the boomerang works and you will return a hundredfold.

Knowing your positive attitude who asks for help, feeling the joy of helping your neighbor, you do not easily react to refund the debt. You just need to think about the situation:

* why it happened to you,

* Why did not return the money debt,

* what you have done wrong in this life,

* you need a change,

* what you pay for?

Reflect on the question, the answers will come to you: you have too much dependence on money, distrust of the people, the condemnation of those who took the money or not to repay debts.

If you feel that you do not want to lend money - do not do it. Such money can not profit nor satisfy you nor your debtor.

To lend money to you. Only you know what people's luck runs in your family, you personally. Remember that the Bible says: "Do not scanty hand of the giverĀ».

How to borrow money:

Debt - this is one way to block the flow of money into your life.

There are two approaches to debt:

* Debt - it is an opportunity to grow their business, profession, education, progress.

* Debt - the fact that you have not yet earned, "not mature enough" in its development system, but very want to have.

In the first case - you use the money to develop - with a view to bringing the utility of the people, the world currently. In the second case, you just block the flow of money, money power, as violating one of the laws - "is given to us according to our needsĀ».

If you still do not receive the amount of this level, so there is no need, so you just need to "grow". Your level of large sums of money received in debt, would only worsen the situation. These debts can lead you into a vicious circle, where there is only a desire to have, get, but there is no need to give. Very often this leads to a huge range of debt and serious financial problems.

Therefore, whether to take the money in the debt depends on how you feel about this issue and what your money - spend it on satisfying immediate desires or used to achieve their goals.

To borrow money when you need it, and to give when asked, learn to love and accept themselves and their views on the debt. Understand the reasons why you find it hard to take, or to lend money to. Stop condemning people who do not fulfill their obligations - and these people will not meet in your life. If you are constantly short of money, which is to minimize costs and increase revenues, calculate your personal budget.

If you take a loan, do it consciously and purposefully.


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