It has long wanted to talk to you about the recipes and the secrets of longevity. For each of us, that there is no secret, I would like to live a long life, happy and wants to stay still and keep zdorovym.Zhiteli Asian beauty and health thanks to ancient recipes that are passed to them for generations.

The most famous centenarians in the world is Chinese, and their methods of traditional medicine is still practiced in the Shaolin Temple, under the guidance of well-known Chinese masterov.Perchinka carefully examined some of the secrets of longevity and China today offers oriental recipes for active longevity, health and beauty.

These methods of traditional Chinese medicine and is now practiced in Shaolin under the leadership of the Chinese sages. These secrets of longevity are set out in a ancient Chinese instructive parable.

Once the traveler met ten centenarians and asked them about the recipes longevity. Each of them was the secret that allowed to reach such a ripe old age.

Here are ten secrets to longevity:

* Never drink wine.
* Pass a hundred steps after every meal.
* There is only vegetarian food.
* Walk on foot all the time.
* Do all the household chores, wash clothes only with his own hands.
* Perform physical exercises every day.
* Keep windows open and go into the house to give fresh air.
* Sunbathing
* Early to rise and early to bed.
* Maintain a happy mood throughout life.

But one of the elders followed not all, but only one of these rules, but followed it religiously! Is not it true, and we can apply it? Especially when it comes to a single rule. Just do not forget that it must be carried out strictly!

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Ten obstacles that may interfere with health and longevity.

Also, Chinese sources have ten obstacles that may interfere with health and longevity. You can hurt yourself if:

* Do not have the strength to quit smoking.
* Continuing to drink large quantities.
* Disordered eating.
* To remain all day in a bad mood and did not show interest in their work.
* Do not engage in any physical labor.
* Being a hypochondriac, envious, irascible.
* Have a rampant libido.
* Do not look for friends.
* To let the disease take its course.
* Be Like "bubble for drugs", ie at the slightest indisposition to stuff yourself medicines without knowing their bills.

I think that everything is all very clear. So simply and wisely.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Secrets of Longevity Shaolin monks.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Accommodation and longevity:

Do the inhabitants of the monastery has a poetic command under which a dwelling must be always clean the floor and be in it only with a pure heart. In other words, the house should be cleaned regularly with a triple duster. During harvesting necessarily sprayed water, thus maintaining normal humidity, prevents it from dust, and then hit a dry and dirty air into the lungs, occurrence of respiratory and cardiovascular system.

The house is unacceptable harsh sounds, quarrels, grievances - everything has to adjust to peace and relaxation. The monks believe, once most of the life of any person held in a room in between in terms of housing and health, there is the direct link.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Nutrition and longevity:

Shaolin monks one of the main pledges of longevity is considered moderate in eating and eating simple food. This is mainly vegetables, sometimes meat, but stewed or steamed.

Food should nourish, but do not burden the stomach, does not burden the head, and slag - easily excreted from the body. Alcohol is strictly excluded!

Clothing monks different free cut and strict color without tightens the skin, do not interfere with the free circulation, which helps to reduce cases of skin and blood vessels.

Wearing such clothing helps to improve metabolism and the evaporation of sweat, and thus creates a comfortable psychological and physical condition, a positive effect on the performance and the body's resistance to disease.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

The daily life and longevity.

Everyone is doing what each one of the monks from the morning wake-up to bedtime clearly painted and has a scientific obosnovanie.Zalogom balance of yin and yang in the human body, its normal functioning, and hence health is a continuous process of "mutual generation" and any failure to clearly painted the rhythm of life fails in the body.

Natural recovery.

Waking up, the monks are sent to a high mountain slope, where the person in the south-east of 10-15 perform the activity "White Crane welcomes the sun." Constant this exercise refreshes the brain and strengthens the body.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Exercise "White Crane┬╗

Arrange the legs, fingers, squeeze hands drop down, and press your palms into the external surface of the thighs. Relax all the muscles. Slowly raise your arms in an arc through the sides up over his head. At the same time with a deep exhale lean forward and press the palms to the ground before him. Legs This should be straight. Then lift your hands from the ground, raise them to the level of the knees and lower back, palms touching the ground. Perform this movement three times. Taking a deep breath, put your hands up in an arc over your head and connect so that they form a circle. Taking your hands off the ground, begin a deep breath. Then inhale, lower your arms to shoulder level, bend them inwards and squeeze your fingers into fists. Exhale, straighten your arms and push them freely down, straighten the chest.


Shaolin monks during the whole year every few days hang and dry bedding and clothing under direct sunlight for about two hours, as well as sunbathe every day for 10-15 minutes in the spring, summer and autumn, when the weather was sunny. They believe that the sun baths strengthen the body's resistance to various diseases.
Cold baths.

The Shaolin practiced for centuries washing, washing of feet and dousing with cold water, which increases the body's resistance, improves physical condition, tempers will. It is also useful wiping feet in cold water before going to bed.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Difficult weather conditions.

In addition to sunlight, fresh air and water, the monks of Shaolin hardening of the body and will always use the difficult weather conditions: heat, cold and strong wind.

Their experience shows that the worse the weather, the better the conditions for hardening. Monk Zhen Xu snow arranged fights between his disciples. To this end, each of them has been blind for 100 snowballs and ready for battle.

All the students were divided into groups of 3 people (one strong and two weaker) and team teacher, standing on a hill, the battle begins. War cries filled the neighborhood, in the white dust rained snowballs. The battle ended with laughter and created the perfect mood and well-being.

Beauty Secrets from China. Tea tonic.

Tea need 1 tsp fruits goji (Tibetan berry),
1 tsp hawthorn fruit, and half a teaspoon of ground ginseng root.

From these components, a mixture that boiled water, cover with a lid and leave to infuse for about 20 minutes. Need to drink half a glass of warm for the morning and evening. The energy and vitality are guaranteed.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Beauty Secrets from Thailand. The mask of green tea.

1 teaspoon of leaves of green tea poured into a glass. Pour 1/3 of hot water (not boiling). Insist, wait until cooled, drain, and leaves of themselves to make a mask for the face. Apply on the face of the leaves for 15 minutes. The skin will be smooth and fresh.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Beauty Secrets from Japan. Tangerine bath.

Japanese women to preserve their beauty are very fond of bathing in sake. This recipe is slightly adapted for us. Instead of sake can take vodka.

Tangerine peel must be pre-treated with steam. In a small glass of vodka dissolve a small amount of ginger oil (or you can just rub the ginger root). Add it all in a bath. Take her advice 15 minutes. Your skin will be smooth, fine smell revives skin tone perfectly relieves stress.

Is there a secret Chinese longevity?

Beauty Secrets from Japan. Rice peeling for dry and sensitive skin.

Beautiful is a peeling for revitalizing epiteliya.Polstakana rice bran pour a small amount of warm boiled water. All of this mix to a thick paste. This composition is applied fairly thick layer of the skin on the face and neck. After about 10 minutes, rinse with warm water all the while make a gentle massage. Then apply on face cream that suits your skin type. Such peeling makes the skin silky, more lively and elastic.

Tibetan collection.

Tibetan collection to cleanse the body - one of the most remarkable recipe for longevity, beauty and Tibetan collection zdorovya.Chem helpful?

* Improves metabolism.
* Cleans the kidneys.
* Prevents the formation of kidney stones.
* Displays toxins.
* Improves flexibility of the joints.
* Beautiful is for the heart and blood vessels.
Improves overall health.
* It rejuvenates the body.
* Restores vision.

Recipe: 100 grams of Hypericum, Helichrysum 100 grams, 100 grams of chamomile, birch buds 100 grams and 100 grams of honey. All herbs need to grind, mix and place in a closed glass container. In the evening, 1 tablespoon of the mixture of herbs fill 0, 5 liters of boiling water for 20-30 minutes. A glass of the brew to drink in the morning, add the 1 tablespoon honey. After this nothing can be eaten. After a while, enjoy the remainder of the infusion. Breakfast can be an hour. Take a daily basis until the end of the whole mixture of herbs. This course lasts for 5 years.

Tibetan garlic extract for longevity.

Garlic has beneficial effects on our health. Herb recipe which I quote below - currently a cure for all diseases. Besides, it has a rejuvenating effect. This recipe is very famous. It is more than 5000 years. It prevents heart attacks, perfect for vascular tinnitus disappears, improves vision.

Recipe: 350 grams of garlic to clean, wash, chop and grind in a comfortable wooden or ceramic bowl with a spoon. 200 grams of the resulting mass shift in a closed glass jar and pour 200 grams of 96% solution of ethyl alcohol. Capacity tightly and put in a warm place for 10 days. The contents of the filter and put again in the same place for 2-3 days. Drink drops of cold milk (quarter cup) half an hour before a meal, clearly adhering to the scheme.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
January 1 cap. 2 cap. 3 cap.
April 2nd cap. 5 cap. 6 cap.
July 3 kap. 8 cap. 9 kap.
10 April cap. 11 Cap. 12 Cap.
May 13 Cap. 14 Cap. 15 Cap.
June 15th cap. 14 Cap. 13 Cap.
July 12th cap. 11 Cap. 10 cap.
August 9 kap. 8 cap. 7 cap.
September 6th cap. 5 cap. 4 cap.
March 10th cap. 2 cap. 1 cap.
Since the 11 day drink 25 drops 3 times a day until the infusion is completed.


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