The brain in the belly: the source of intuitive knowledge and wisdom

I wonder how many people dare to challenge the priority of one of the favorite and most used organs. Modern medicine removes the brain as the center, from which come the commands that control all the vital functions of the human body. However, the same science, and to it much earlier all the esoteric and spiritual over the (unfortunately, often flowery and vague terms) found that there is another type of intelligence, or rather of the mind that has no less potential and is able to quickly normalize the metabolism, functions of the various organs and subsystems. Is he... in the stomach.

If we consider this fact and should give due consideration to this information, it can literally change our lives. Did you ever think of such expressions as "gut feel," or "a strange feeling in the stomach", the Americans have, for example, the expression "feel butterflies in my belly (stomach)" which has passed into our language. We say "butterflies in the stomach", meaning a kind of excitement, sometimes the feeling of love. No, in the end, says – "the elbow I feel" or "butterflies in the gallbladder".


But it is the feeling that comes from the stomach is in many cultures a kind of verbal equivalent of intuitive knowledge. And as it turned out this is not a metaphor but a physiological fact, so to speak. In addition to the brain, which is located in our skull, scientists have discovered a second kind of brain, who settled in the digestive tract. Known by the scientific term asterichesky nervous system, the brain the stomach is located under the mucous membrane and between the mucous membranes of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon.

Asterichesky nervous system is a complex network of neurons and neurochemical mechanisms that perceive signals and control the various processes in other parts of the body including the brain. Scientists were amazed when I counted the number of nerve cells in this very second brain. They were more than a hundred million neurons. This is more than their number in the spinal cord!

So with absolute confidence we can say about the vast and extensive, and not yet investigated the source of intellect and intuition.

Even more surprisingly, scientists have found a much more intensive streams, or to put it in terms of today's Internet industry, "traffic" coming from ANATOMICHESKOE nervous system to the brain than from the brain to the ENS. In other words, the brain tells the digestive system what to eat and how to work the metabolism, but rather the brain in the stomach or the ENS sends the appropriate commands to the brain.

Your "animal" brain has something to say, and the brain in the head willingly to listen to him in addition to a vast network of neurons, the entire digestive tract is covered by cells that synthesize and accept a huge variety of peptides and neurochemical substances. Prior to this it was thought that these substances are found only in the brain. These include serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and glutomat. Moreover, many hormones and chemicals which as suggested by scientists, exist only in the stomach, was discovered in the brain: insulin, cholecystokinin, motilin, gastrin, somatostatin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, neurotensin, secretin, glucagon, bombesin etc.

Asterichesky nervous system (animal brain) and Central nervous system (brain) and have another similarity. During sleep the brain undergoes a 90 - minute phase of the so-called slow-wave sleep, which is followed by the phase of deep sleep. While it is often possible to observe the movement of pupils. This phase is when we dream. The brain in the stomach also passes through the 90-minutni phase slow muscle contractions, exchangeable impulsive, short cuts. Dream if dreams are your intestines?

Another surprising discovery revealed that the entire gastrointestinal tract is lined with special cells that synthesize and receive endorphins and enkephalins – chemicals that are responsible for the occurrence of such sensations as joy, satisfaction, relief, etc.

For example, a wave of heat that we sometimes feel after a delicious, pleasant meal, or meeting – is partly the result of energicheskoj nervous system, which activates pleasure hormones in the cells.

Our stomach in the literal sense of words arranged in such a way that always sends us clear signals of a particular state. As you probably noticed, that the stomach in many cases is a kind of barometer of our emotional States, including stress. When we say "guts or belly I feel", or I have this really strange feeling in my stomach, we are real physiological sensations that are generated exactly enterically nervous system or "animal brain."

In Japan, for example, the area of the belly is considered the seat of wisdom and the center of attraction, both physical and spiritual. The belly or "Hara" in Japanese (by the way, this language has many expressions with the word Hara, which describes the mental state) is a focal point of absolute balance, with the city centre just below the navel. When a Japanese wants to say "I know", he, unlike European, does not indicate the head and the abdomen. All this means that the "animal" brain holds enormous potential, and it is still absolutely not utilized by us.

You've probably heard that we use only 10% percent of our brain. So the same applies to the brain located in the abdomen. It is a valuable source of wisdom, strength and information. So if you, for example, confused in the chaos of conflicting information about nutrition, diets, metabolism, which comes from different experts, the media and other sources, you have to remember, your brain cannot adequately process it, he just doesn't have the resources for it.

When it comes to food, the main role belongs to the brain in the belly, and the role of the brain secondary. Agree, it's hard to imagine a lion that fell into a meditation and puzzled, that will be the preferred option nutritious meal – Zebra or some antelope, and whether they should abstain from meat of a Hippo, because it's too fatty and high in calories. Animals instinctively know what should be there. And we, by the way, too. We just don't know that we know it.

As a rule, when it comes to the abdomen, we are more concerned about its elasticity, pumped. But what's really important, we don't even think of. We should just bother in the first place the development of the intellect of our "animal" brain. After all, the less receptive it is, the harder it will be to send you the correct signals. Good muscle, it's smart muscle. Because if anything, our obsession with inflated pneumatic pressure, is distorted and unconscious desire to use the most untapped potential.

Asterichesky nervous system has a unique subtle intelligence, like the brain. It is therefore extremely important to learn to listen to its signals and be able correctly to understand them. published

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