The system is intuitive eating by Steven hawks

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Who of us at least once in my life sat on a diet? Someone is trying to lose weight for the New year, birthday, wedding. In the course are a variety of diets, including clearly contrary to common sense. The intuitive nutrition system proposed by Stephen hawks, — something new. It not just removes all restrictions but also teaches you to eat properly.

What are the basic principles of intuitive nutrition?

All diets — a firm "no"!Diet — the script of your food, invented by someone else. Who agrees to subordinate his life to someone else's rules? Not you? And it pleases.

The first principle of intuitive nutrition will not accept any limitations. Steven Hawkes, sharply criticized any diet, even those based on seemingly reasonable restrictions. Any bans, according to the doctor, leads to tension of the nervous system to stress, and dietary restrictions lead to reduced immunity, slower metabolism and eventually affect health.

Power system hawks allows all foods, including sweets, flour products, chocolate, which any diet dismisses as particularly harmful. It's all in the quality of the products and their quantity. Forbidden fruit is sweet, but if available will always be your favorite food, will not have the desire to overeat.

Do not try to suppress the hungerRespect is natural for every living being feeling. Even if you just walked away from the table, and now again feel the desire to eat something, do not resist their feelings, so you don't end up to meet their domestic needs. Listen to your body, and eat what he wants. Never wait until a brutal hunger, don't eat or nothing to do. Learn to recognize the famine in the time of its inception and satisfy the needs of the body in a timely manner.

Stop scolding and praise yourselfNutrition now is not for you. After dinner I ate a piece of chocolate, well, great, instead of a dozen dumplings stopped at 5-6, well, fine. Stop trying to be a strict inspector, be to himself a friend and colleague. Even serving of ice cream is able to "slip through" unnoticed for losing weight body if she's eaten with desire and without reproach, while the one cookie can turn into extra grams of fat on the waist, if you drink the cocktail because of dissatisfaction.

Stop waging war with your food!Now you can do everything. There are no good and bad foods, they are all acceptable for food. If your body wanted herring with onions, give it to him, quickly satiated by one or two pieces, he will reward you with good mood and active digestion. If you're going to indulge in your favorite dish, sooner or later you will break and then, after the plates of herring to the deep feelings of guilt, edema and kidney problems can not be avoided.

Choose only high quality productsIf the chocolate is the best, if the bread, you will certainly a fresh, if sausages, it is only natural. For respectful attitude to the body will thank you with good health, efficient digestion and active metabolism.

Learn to recognize the feeling of fullnessEat slowly, try to chew food carefully, feeling the taste of each bite, enjoy the meal, not be distracted by reading, watching TV and talking. You and your food is all that should exist at the moment. This will allow time to catch the onset of satiety, stop, pause, and then, if hunger is still present, to continue the saturation. Remember, "society of clean plates" not for you, your task is to satisfy hunger, not to eat the whole bowl.

Learn to feel satisfaction from food processIn the East they say that the food is designed not only to satisfy hunger, it is given to man for pleasure. You on the way to the Eastern philosophers. If you are going to enjoy every bite, you will get the maximum of energy and strength, and thus won't overeat. Very important is the ritual of eating, appearance and smell of food, the emotions that accompany the food. Learn is beautiful!

Distinguish true hunger from wanting to receive positive emotions from foodIf there is an extraordinary desire to eat, ask yourself the question, is not the cause of your sexual frustration, failure at work, difficulties in family life? Very often people eating depression and recover, to lose weight will succeed only if to solve the problem fundamentally.

Sport!Then Dr. Hawkes unanimous with all the nutritionists. Just the right intuitive nutrition coupled with adequate physical exercise will allow you to win extra weight. While it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym, and if you never had, perhaps, enough Hiking and Cycling.

Love yourself and your bodyWant a new dress, do not deny yourself of extra weight. You are an individual, you are good now, and with each passing day you will get slimmer. Find in its forms and emphasize the advantages of them, disadvantages conceal with clothing. Live and enjoy life is the most important principle of intuitive nutrition system of Stephen Hawkes. published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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