3 habits to ensure longevity

Among all living things on earth, man - the only creature that is endowed with intelligence. Here we use the word "mind" in a broader sense, including in it the concept of "soul", "spirit." There is a close link between the mind and body.

Often, restlessness, anxiety, nervous disorders can lead to organic disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, tuberculosis. Organic disease, in turn, often cause mental and emotional disorders.

The natural care system creates an analytic representation of the human psyche, which is based on extensive and in-depth knowledge of modern psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and religion. Particular value of natural health system gives optimism and humor, lifting both physical and spiritual strength.

Mental health is inseparable from the physical. Creating physical health, we at the same time form a powerful force of nervous and mental health.

Anyone who does special exercises, sleeping on a hard, flat bed with a pillow-roll takes douches and air baths, feeds mainly on natural food, drinking water or tea leaves, he soon realizes that it is not necessary to separately take care of their psyche. The body will be refreshed, restored as a whole and of its organs and cells, including nerve, function perfectly.

To achieve perfect health, we need a powerful nerve force, which accumulates in the nerve cells of the body, forming a whole system. It consists of two parts: the outer nervous system or the parasympathetic which controls the surface of the skin, the muscles of the arms, legs, head, etc. and makes the skin sensitive to heat, cold, injury, and internal nervous system, or sympathetic, which controls the operation of the internal organs. Cut the nerve, and the authority will cease to operate.

The brain - the main center of the whole organism, the operating room, from which the program set human "computer system»

. The nervous system is controlled by means of three forms of nervous energy:
Muscular nervous strength creates muscular action (stress relaxation).
Nervous force bodies creates health and ability to resist disease. The high degree of provides a long healthy life.
Spiritual nervous force is qualitatively different from the first two. It creates a strong intellect, good memory, spiritual stamina and is a well-balanced personality, fluent emotions, moods and actions. The man becomes the master of his own destiny. Stress and nervous tension did not affect his life.
If the spiritual nerve force is high, a person does not act small nagging and irritation, in which people with low power out of themselves. With its high spiritual power, a person enjoys a permanent state of spiritual bliss is a spiritual equilibrium, live wisely, intelligently, in prosperity.

If you feel sluggish, miserable, tired, the future seems hopeless, it means that your nervous force in the red, but not in the black. In the world there are many people who have intelligence, abilities, talents, but they lack the necessary neural forces that would move them forward. Nervous force is inextricably linked to physical health.

What can we do to create a strong nervous at power? Medicines that would create nervous power, does not exist. All artificial stimulants - coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, drugs - only destroy nerve force. Medicines can be administered only in those rare cases when it is necessary to bring people out of the crisis, but they are - poisons. Massages, various baths, hypnosis, preaching, persuasion, suggestion, etc. have a momentary local importance and never affect the functional basis of nervous weakness.

To get a powerful nerve force, it is necessary to work on it every day. Then you can create a huge supply of dynamic energy. In order to make their nervous force resistant, able to withstand constant stress in which modern man lives, we need to call for help themselves two great forces inherent in each of us by nature - it is the will and commitment to competence (or weapons). If these two forces are weak, they begin consciously to build, otherwise you will never meet any of your needs, and life will turn into hell.

It is known that emotions are chemical composition: bad thoughts poison existence, destroying our health; good, on the contrary, can improve health. Biologists say: "Man dies because he thinks." "Man dies because he thinks bad", - says the well-known gerontologist Justin Glase

. We need to learn to think productively, optimistic, not to succumb to despair in difficult situations, seek and find a way out of any situation. After all, we bestowed upon the nature of the mind. What you need to do to use a truly inexhaustible brain opportunities for health promotion, the extension of youth, the realization of human unique abilities?

We already know that two things are building healthy cells in our body - exercise and nutrition. So we have to do these exercises and eat right. How to rebuild brain cells physically? What building materials are needed brain?

In order for our brains to function properly, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which are the main food sources of linseed, sunflower, olive oil, and oil of germs of wheat germ.

From the brain essential minerals phosphorus, sulfur, copper, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium.
Phosphorus and phosphorus compounds contribute to the formation of brain cells, the sulfur needed for the saturation of oxygen. The rest of the minerals provide normal activity.

Now a few words about the "brain vitamins": he badly needed vitamin E and B vitamins (especially B, B3 and B6). Vitamin E regulates the activity of the cerebellum, and also contributes to "save" the oxygen.

The brain needs a lot of oxygen. In this regard, it is useful to know which foods contribute to its oxygenation. Mental condition and performance of our brain depends on the work of the endocrine glands - the thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, sexual

. All endocrine glands are interrelated. one gland Stimulation leads to disruption of the activities of the other. The products of these glands are very active. They secrete the lymph blood, fluids, tissues, special substances - secrets and hormones. Hormones are needed for the body's vital functions, have a regulating effect on the function of the whole organism, its protein, fat, carbohydrate, water-salt metabolism.

What can man do to prolong their youth?

Firstly, exercise, and secondly, - the power. Good nutrition can build healthy cells and bad - destroy them. And what food is necessary for the health of our endocrine glands?

Thyroid. Located on the neck in the area of ​​the trachea and laryngeal cartilages. In its normal operation, a person experiences vigor, health, cheerfulness, and with a decrease in its function comes fatigue, skin laxity, violated the metabolic processes, slows down hair growth appears brittle nails, swelling, lethargy, listlessness, reduced mental ability, sexual activity. All this is happening as a result of a lack of thyroid hormones containing iodine - thyroxine. As a result, it may appear goiter, symptoms of aging.

Requirements thyroid iodine, vitamin B, vitamin C, as well as Tyrosine - an amino acid that is involved in building protein

. Sex glands are important for ensuring the normal functioning of the body and for normal sexual life. By the gonads are the ovaries (in females) and testicles (in men). If the consumed foods contain insufficient number of required elements, it adversely affects the function of sexual glands.
Needs of sexual glands: vitamins A, B, C, E, arginine, iron, copper


The adrenal glands are two pairs gland the size of a thumb, adjacent to the top of each kidney (hence the name). They consist of the adrenal cortex and the inner layer.

The hormones of the adrenal cortex affect carbohydrate metabolism, sexual function, contribute to the protective properties of the body, the muscles working. Hormones inner layer produce adrenaline, stimulate metabolism. Adrenal glands - glands confrontation and survival, their hormones provide the body energy flow and vitality

. adrenal requirements: foods high in protein; vitamins A, C, E, tyrosine.

Parathyroid or parathyroid, glands located in the neck around the thyroid (two on each side); As a rule, they are adjacent to it, so until recently, they were considered a part of it.

The main function of these glands - the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body, which is especially important for the brain. The weakening of the function of the parathyroid glands affects the activity of the nervous system: a person has uncontrolled anger, irritability. If you have allergies, spasms and cramps, you should know that you have reduced blood calcium

. Parathyroid needs vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism.

Thymus (thymus) located in the thorax, the upper part of the sternum. It is in a functional relationship with the sex glands and the adrenal cortex.
Requirements thymus: B vitamins

The pancreas is located in the abdominal cavity. It produces the hormone insulin, which is involved in the regulation of fat metabolism in the liver. With insufficient secretion of insulin may develop diabetes.
pancreas needs: vitamins, sulfur and nickel, cystine and glutamic acid

. The normal functioning of the endocrine glands - the foundation of health and longevity. They directly affect the brain and nervous system. "If you focus on a single gland, imagining her and repeating that it is functioning perfectly, soon, make sure that its work has really improved," - wrote gerontologist Justin Glase

. Some experts believe that the intense activity of the brain is reduced already by 45 years, and in 75 years the person loses the ability to think creatively, but life refutes these allegations. Recall Aksakov, who began writing in 64 years; Galileo made his most important discovery in 70 years; Darwin wrote "Origin of Man" in 60 years. There are countless examples. They say that we do not fully use the capabilities of our brain.

The brain - a powerful source of energy, and the energy - it is life itself. In order to force the brain to work fully, it is necessary to equip with new information constantly. The human brain is like "three levels": the subconscious, conscious and superconscious

. The subconscious brain is the knowledge that do not require any explanation, they are perceived as a matter of course and there are "demand" is the instincts, reflexes and well-learned skills are automated.

By consciousness includes knowledge that we can get from somewhere or from someone or even transfer them to someone else. It's like a shared knowledge (ponder upon the word and compare it with "compassion", "communion", "empathy", etc.).

A super-consciousness gives rise to knowledge, has not previously existed in the human brain. They are born of such knowledge on the basis of intensive co-operation of consciousness, the subconscious and the whole experience, mastered this person for his previous life.

But in order to super-consciousness to work, you must download the consciousness information. Consciousness is very conservative, it admits in itself only what is tested, fixed rules, and agrees to immediately believe the new. This is its protective purpose for our body. But in the evening, before going to sleep and in the early morning, when the mind is not yet awakened to active thinking, even when it is blunted and in their skepticism refute gives him a new installation or to doubt it, we can resort to the help of the subconscious. The subconscious is most receptive at bedtime.

Here's how Justin Glase invites us to use self-hypnosis method: "Lie down in bed. Mentally check itself from the top down, saying: "My mind is relaxed, head muscles are relaxed, the muscles of the neck and shoulders relaxed ... and so-to-toe." Then say to yourself: "I am completely relaxed, I do not want anything other than a full deep sleep. I am becoming more and more want to sleep. " Now turn on your right side, slightly bend one leg at the knee and slightly pull out the other. In this position, the spine relaxing, relieves stress, and you will soon fall asleep peacefully.

Now, sit back, let the installation of all mental muscles, repeating to himself: "I rest my brain a rest, I am completely relaxed." Release of negative emotions is necessary before going to bed, it will allow you to save the mental strength for difficult situations. I keep saying to yourself: "The subconscious mind will help me to overcome all the difficulties, to solve all the problems, find answers to questions»

. The subconscious mind is more potential than awareness. At night, it is able to "set the record straight." Because at this time of the Great Skeptic - our consciousness - asleep. Skepticism does not fruitful. If you are calm and sober look at the problem that interests you and then give the installation of your subconscious mind to solve it, it does, and very successfully. Examples of this are many.

Known story of the discovery Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev his famous systems. Once he worked very hard, finding a way to classify the chemical elements, but nothing worked. Frustrated, he stopped working and then in the office, without undressing, threw himself on the sofa and slept soundly. In the dream, he clearly saw the table, which is then called a "periodic table of elements." Since the subconscious told him for a long time eluded law, and was born the great discovery of the century.

Many people want to be healthy, happy, loved, rich, forever young and able to be creative, but to have it all for them others - doctors, psychics, healers, anyone! At the same time no one wants to admit that the root cause of the disease or failure is in itself - his laziness, ignorance, bad habits, and the recovery and success depend only on the manifested their will and acquired knowledge, skills

. But can the most important thing your property - the life and health - to give into the hands of another? There is one basic truth: no one, ever, do anything, do not meet at the same time above all their own, rather than your needs. Do not waste time in futile expectation that someone will take care of you better than you do about yourself.

Only you can make yourself a healthy, happy, loved. Only you alone! And therefore Arm knowledge, skills and information. Be persistence, will and ruthlessness to their own inertia and laziness. Drop the self-pity! This will only enhance respect for those around you.

First of all, you should:
respect your body as the highest manifestation of life;
refrain from any unnatural and untenable, bezvitaminnoy, non-mineralized foods and stimulating beverages;
eat only natural, living, not artificially created food;
when you are sick physically or spiritually, abstain from food, it will help you rid yourself of toxins accumulate in the body, they can only bring hunger;
constantly clean the cells, tissues, blood, clean air, water, exercise;
properly combine activity and rest - work and sleep;
maintain a healthy body for charity, self-improvement, the infinite love of the world;
keep your thoughts, words, feelings, clean and quiet;
constantly and steadily increase their knowledge of the laws of nature. Live with them in harmony and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
For the happiness of man must develop the three habits: the habit of constant health habit of constant work and the habit of constant learning. You can reach happiness, if you begin to live by the natural health system, because only she can help you develop these three habits.

Humming, dancing. Stay away from those who sow strife and sorrow. World - is a madhouse! Делайте все, чтобы он стал лучше. Постоянно изучайте законы Природы. Если мы будем следовать им, Природа даст нам радость и комфорт. Доверяя Природе, следуя ее законам, повышая свои физические возможности и заботясь о них, человек может создать мощную нервную силу, которая принесет ему невероятное счастье.


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