Wisdom Soup - soft but effective means of purifying the whole intestine

It is very soft, but very effective means of purification of the intestine - and small, and large. It is especially recommended for those who have irritable bowel and therefore the use of magnesia (magnesium sulfate) instead of increasing motility causes intestinal spasms.

Take two large carrots, half of the beets, one big tomato (preferably unripe) and two cloves of garlic. Coarsely chop the vegetables, put in a blender and add half a cup of warm water. Whisk the mixture into a homogeneous mass, put in a water bath to heat and eat. It will not be difficult - a mix of tastes like soup

. But it is not the food - it's a time bomb! Forty minutes later you have a strange rotation begins in the gut, which will end a powerful emptying - about an hour after eating. It is important at this point to be at home and not somewhere in the traffic jam behind the wheel. Otherwise, a lot of trouble can happen.

Soup of wisdom should be used if you have eaten something wrong and want to quickly throw eaten from the body.

It is also good to use this soup after a coffee enema to quickly reset the toxic bile. But if you eat the soup of wisdom first, and then do an enema, then ... nothing happens! The abundance of bile to digest just eaten.

Interestingly, if the soup of wisdom to add a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed oil, it is a means of cleansing the bowel becomes just a tasty and nutritious meal.

Coffee enemas are not made for the enjoyment of coffee aromas. And not even to clean the intestines. Such procedures stimulate the liver very efficiently. Caffeine is rapidly absorbed in the large intestine and in the liver is the venous system, substantially without penetrating the arterial blood flow. As a result, the ducts of the liver and gall bladder are disclosed, there is a massive discharge of bile, which is due to the abundance of fluid in the intestine significantly diluted. As a result of this process is rapidly cleared the blood and in the order of increasing production of antioxidants, primarily - glutathione S-transferase, responsible for the neutralization of the so-called electrophilic radicals -. The most active and therefore most dangerous

The coffee also contains theophylline and theobromine - a substance that effectively dilate blood vessels and stop the inflammatory processes in the intestine

. Blood pressure and heart rate is not increasing. Therefore, fear and hypertension "cores" on the coffee enemas are exaggerated. During and after a coffee enema all caffeine is concentrated in the venous system and then completely absorbed in the liver. But if you drink a liter of strong coffee, the heart will be pounding like a jackhammer. Interestingly, when oral iron coffee hepatic bile ducts are compressed. Also constrict blood capillaries in the stomach and duodenum.

In fact, the coffee enema - is an extremely effective method of recovery, during which mutually balanced and occur simultaneously several processes

. Liquefies the bile ducts dilate the liver and gallbladder and bile congestive resets. Due to the active development of enzymes actually happening blood dialysis and kidney unloaded. Congestive bile effectively neutralized and excreted rapidly from the body, thus preventing its reabsorption into the blood and eliminates the associated effects: headaches, arthritis, and depression - the usual companions of cleansing the body, such as fasting

. Immediately after the coffee enema improves mood, calmness comes and goes fussiness - the constant companion of intoxication. "Wolf" hunger and stops immediately, and set a pleasant satiety. Yes if want, the fruit or raw grated vegetables. Interestingly, lose the desire to eat sweet - even the sweet tooth with the experience

! How to make a coffee enema

Boil in a saucepan liter of filtered water and add three tablespoons of freshly ground coffee - from the usual brown, weak or medium roasted beans. Coffee spoons should be "topless". Naturally, it is best to use organic coffee that is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But if this coffee you do not, then it's not a reason to completely abandon the coffee enemas. Use even the cheapest coffee - the benefit of its use is still significantly exceed the possible negative consequences

. Boil coffee on the low heat for 15 minutes with the lid slightly ajar, and then filter the through thick cloth (I use a handkerchief) and cool to body temperature or slightly above it. In the process of formulation of coffee enemas or should not be felt at all, or be perceived as a slight heat.

Pour the coffee into a mug Esmarch and hang it at the height of 1 meter above the bath, into which pour three fingers of hot water. The water will warm you in winter and will not spilled coffee stain bath. On the edge of the tub, place a folded four times a dry bath towel.

Everything is ready for the procedure! Lowered clothes, sit on the edge of the tub and insert the tip of the mug Esmarch, having greased with its natural antiseptic cream, for example, "Boro Plus". The tip should be used flexibly. Lean forward, resting his chest on his knees, and push the palm of the hand to the stomach. Coffee will fill in one minute. If you have any difficulties or cramps, gently massage the belly with his hand.

It is best to use the mug douches with a transparent hose: so you will be able to control the process and see when the coffee has already burst. Do not be surprised that in the hose always remains about half of coffee - in fact it is a measure of the excess pressure in your gut. If the hose is opaque, then in the process of pouring the coffee carefully listen: when the last batch of coffee will enter the hose, mug Esmarch emits a soft squish. Then count to five and pull out the hose.

Now get up and go to a pre-prepared a couch, covered blanket. Lying on the right side should be at least 15 minutes, holding his knees to his chest. If intestinal gas will interfere with the retention, squeeze the buttocks, massaging the stomach with his fist - until you hear a gurgling sound and gases do not come back to the small intestine

. Within a minute you will feel your spine rises hot heat. It comes to the shoulders and spread throughout the body. The body begins to sparkle, the mind clearer, and feelings will be painted the world, peace and joy. This ensures that everything is done correctly.

In contrast to the classical gerzonovskogo method, which is essentially a "summer", this way - "winter". It allows you to quickly and easily achieve the desired cooling of risk. The water is not bottled, to undress and dress is not necessary. It does not have to go to bed and on the floor. As a result, "coffee break" even in the Russian winter becomes a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Notes and details.

Before setting enema try for an hour not to eat or drink, except water. Otherwise, even a small amount of gas will not allow you to keep coffee for the required 15 minutes.
The recommendations of the Institute of Gerson emphasized that the height difference in the formulation enema should not exceed half a meter. Otherwise, those who have irritable bowel, cause severe cramps risk. Those who do not have such problems, can increase the differential of up to one meter.

To reduce the sensitivity of the intestine, it is advisable not to make coffee in the water, but in advance prepared chamomile tea. To do this, take four tablespoons of dried flowers, brew them in a liter of water and infuse for twenty minutes. And then filtered.
coffee the temperature should be 37-38 degrees. More than cold coffee increases the risk of spasms and may even have a cold. Hotter and can burn.
Bay of coffee in the intestine, it makes sense to put under the linen piece of paper towel - just in case, because coffee is not so easily satisfied with this content. Use black or dark brown linen.

Coffee procedure compensates for the effects of hypothermia, food poisoning or other intoxication. Your digestion will be significantly strengthened - even the most "heavy" products for you after the coffee enema will be digested easily and naturally. "Coffee Break" very good warm autumn and winter, when the nerves of even the chronically ill warm apartment feel cold all nature.

Coffee enema also helps to quickly overcome the depression associated with deep, but devastating body spiritual experiences.
Enema can be done at least every day, preferably after the release of the natural intestine. Then the regular peristalsis will not suffer. According to Gerson, coffee enemas should be done every 4 hours, including at night. But this is - for the seriously ill. All the rest is recommended during sverhdetoksikatsii make such an enema 2-3 times a day. And at other times - in times of stress, with colds, during illness or after an unsuccessful experiment with food
. With frequent use of coffee enemas is important to consume a large amount of raw vegetables and greens, to compensate for leaching of minerals, which will inevitably occur as a result of any use of enemas. The appearance of white spots on nails or morning cramps in the calf muscles will prompt you that it is time to press the vegetables and juices. A large number of raw vegetables also helps maintain a high activity in peristalsis.

If you have gallstones, this should not discourage you from the use of this method. Just start with one teaspoon of coffee and watch the state of health. Stones do not dissolve drugs or even herbs. They dissolve those from which they were formed - the most bile. It is necessary to ensure that it stood out and was abundantly liquid. But it should be careful to keep on hand noshpu. Very good to eat fermented foods regularly, drinking "dry" (sour) milk whey and kvass. They contain organic acids help dissolve stones and concretions.

Sometimes, due to the active involvement in the work of the capillaries may start bleeding - for example, from the nose. Or acute hemorrhoids. In such cases, the infusion of smartweed (water pepper) - two teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water. Part of the infusion should be applied directly to the site of bleeding - in the form of pads or wicks (hold for half an hour), and the rest of the drink during the day as a tea. Usually, it quickly eliminates the problem.

Finally, a tip for those who are sensitive to caffeine. Typically this toxicity is due to body tissues. Having a dozen or enemas, you will find that the sensitivity decreased significantly since the appointment of the coffee enema is precisely that detoxify you. Just start gently - with one tablespoon of coffee, without top

. Once again convinced that evil is not contained in the things themselves, but in how we use them. That, and the coffee was no good use!

Author: Sergey Gladkov


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