The strangest soup in the world

Many of us love to eat a bowl of delicious lunch of steaming soup, which satisfy hunger. Soups - hearty and healthy dishes, which are prepared from what is available in your refrigerator. Maybe you have lying around in the fridge bat mouse or tiger penis? In light of soups exist that are quite similar to those that you used to cook. Most of them come to us from such unusual for Europeans Asian cuisine. Learn about the most unusual first dishes from around the world, some of which you may be shocked. 1) Menudo (Mexico)

Although for some of you, perhaps, the ingredients of this soup are not surprising, not all people would be willing to try the beef stomach. Menudo - a traditional Mexican soup that Mexico enjoys great popularity and is often prepared on special occasions. The dish is also widely known as a hangover cure. Menudo is made from cow's stomachs with onion, cilantro, oregano, chili peppers and corn. For its preparation is required from 7 to 10 hours, as the stomach is boiled for a long time that it becomes soft and tender. Some may wonder, do the stomach can indeed be delicious? But if you add to it the rest of the ingredients and let simmer on low heat for a couple of hours, the result is incredible. The stomach becomes so soft that melts in your mouth, add to this the corn tortillas that you can dip into the soup, and you get a lovely dinner. On the origin of this soup, little is known, but one can guess that in Mexico, when slaughtered bull, want to use all parts of the carcass for cooking, including the stomach. This dish can be found in many Mexican restaurants. 2) Kiburu (Tanzania)

This is probably the easiest soup of the entire list, which prepares the Chagga tribe living at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa. This tribe survives on agriculture and most of attention to the cultivation of bananas and coffee. Tribe is a simple way of life, and therefore prepares simple dishes: soup kiburu made of sweet bananas, beans and ... dirt. All ingredients were mixed with water to produce a soup, and can be added here twigs of trees. Dirt and salt makes the soup gives it "earthy" taste. 3) Soup (Tanzania) 64,431,937

This soup is a bit like a Mexican soup Menudo, since its preparation using different animal parts. Soup, as we know by name, translated as "the soup." Tanzanian version of this dish being prepared for breakfast, it is the most unusual and out of the lungs, heart, liver, stomach and head goat cow, sometimes from internal and language. Sometimes the soup is done on the basis of hoofs, then he called «supu ya makongoro». This dish is traditionally love to eat for breakfast in Tanzania, and it also saves a hangover. 4) soup cock yaichek

This soup is very similar to our chicken noodle soup, except that it is not prepared chicken and rooster from the testicles. Eggs and vegetables are boiled until tender. The testicles have a creamy consistency inside, they are very soft, somewhat similar to tofu, but with a hard skin, like sausages. Some have compared them with the boiled eggs that have the taste of custard. The testes appeared to have good side effects, such as they are beneficial to the skin of women and increase potency in men. 5) bird's nest soup (China)

One of the most expensive soup in this list - bird's nest soup, which is prepared from the nests of swiftlets. This Chinese soup - a real delicacy, it can be enjoyed in some restaurants for 30-100 dollars per serving. A kilogram of bird's nests is about 2 thousand dollars. In fact, this soup is made from sticky bird saliva, from which the birds in their nests consist mainly. Nest is dissolved in water, the soup is a bit like jelly. These jacks are prepared in China since ancient times, mainly in the form of soups. Swiftlets build their nests in caves, and do it male birds. For the construction of the nest it takes about 35 days. Birds weave the threads of their saliva in the form of a bowl. It is said that the dish has a positive effect on human health, in particular, it helps to treat asthma, increases libido and strengthens the immune system. 6) placenta soup deer (China)

In the city of Shanghai, China, you can try the soup from the placenta of a deer that can benefit health: strengthen the sexual power to cure kidney, improve skin condition and improve vitality. In this soup add the mushrooms, flowers, chicken, but the main ingredient - deer placenta, which is quite flexible and has long chewed. Placenta - is similar to the bag body of the female body that attaches the embryo to the uterus of the mother during pregnancy, most mammals. It passes through the placenta blood from the mother's body to the embryo, which gives him oxygen and nutrients, and also helps to remove by-products. After giving birth, the placenta leaves the mother's body. 7) cod roe soup (Japan)

This soup is made from cod fish roe, and his love in Japan, where he was named the soup Chirac. Milk - bags with the sperm of fish that is cooked in water until until you get soup with creamy, almost like custard. "Shirak" means "white children". Dishes are prepared mainly in winter, it is believed that it may increase the potency, if there is a certain amount of it. Some eastern restaurants prepare this dish as something special to surprise customers. 8) Soup bats (Palau Islands) 40,487,530

This soup may be, would not be so terrible if its main ingredient (bats) at least cleared the fur. On the islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean, probably, the deficit with edible animals, so the locals do not disdain bats. The islands are home to several species of bats, those that eat insects, and those that feed on fruit. The latter is cooked in coconut milk with ginger and other seasonings in a few hours. In some restaurants you can even choose a male or female before poor mouse alive thrown into boiling water. Many gourmets, who have decided to try this masterpiece of culinary art, say that it's great, but if you do not pay attention to the hairy head sticking out of the dish. 9) tiger penis soup (China)

There are many soups made from animal genitals, but this soup is the rarest and most expensive of all. Still, after its preparation to kill at least one tiger in China is punishable by death. Tiger penis soup for many centuries been a special Asian dishes (probably why the Tigers out there today so little) as tiger penis is believed to be Asians, it has mystical properties of Viagra! Dried poor cat's penis is soaked in water for a week, and then simmered whole day with spices and medicines, sometimes with tiger bones. One serving of this soup can cost $ 400. Despite the fact that the Tigers are trying every way to protect a part of their body is still seep to the markets, but most of the products sold under the guise of penises of tigers, in fact, is the sinews of deer or bull. 10) Blood Soup (Vietnam)

Finally, the strangest soup on our list who do not dare call the soup. This traditional Vietnamese cuisine, which is made from crude blood (usually goose blood), bird entrails, peanuts and herbs. This soup is frozen and the blood becomes thick, it is eaten cold before the blood loses its jelly-like consistency. Presumably, the soup gives the power not only to him who eats, and who cooks it. Soup lost popularity after the Asian bird flu has become rampant. Still, many Asians continue to eat it without fear of becoming infected. + Bonus: Soup №5

Soup №5 also falls in the list of the most bizarre planet soups. It is prepared in some areas of Southeast Asia, and it consists of onions, carrots, broth, penis and testicles of a bull. This soup has gained popularity due to its properties as an aphrodisiac.



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