Swim with anacondas

Renowned underwater photographer Franco Banfi plunged into the Amazon and swam near the 8-foot snake to get unique shots.

Extreme Underwater photographer Franco Banfi from Switzerland risked their lives for exclusive material and sank to the bottom of the Amazon River in Brazil, to swim with giant anacondas. Voyager spent 10 days in the area of ​​the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, during which he was able to capture on camera the six individuals the largest of all existing zmey.

Huge predator calmly led a normal life, swimming in the murky waters of the river, or basking in the sun after a meal, not paying attention to the person with too emboldened fotoapparatom.

 - Of course, everything is possible, but I do not think she would have eaten me. Fortunately for me, the anaconda that swallowed his only regular production and did not look after my second course. I was so close to her that I could touch it, if I wanted to, of course - I told Banfi.

The tropical jungles of the Amazon each year attract thousands of fans of an exotic nature. - At first it was very scary because I had never before so close to the snakes did not fit, everyone knows that they are very dangerous. But I realized that nothing would happen if with respect to these creatures. At least, they are big and you can watch their reactions and behavior - added Franko.

The largest individual anaconda which ever measured was 11 meters long, but it has not survived. To date, the longest instance of 9 meters contained in the Zoological Society of New Yorka.

Despite the fact that there is only one authentic case of death of a person from the attack snakes, anacondas gained fame "eaters" of people thanks largely to Hollywood movie thrillers.

Source: lifenews.ru/news/105890


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