Why time apart is healthy

Have you ever noticed that often after a breakup thrown half make "a feint ears" and "spite" to the former beloved is making progress, losing weight, becoming younger, thriving and learning to play the guitar, gets on Board, does the splits, dyes her hair, shakes muscles and makes other somersaults to prove that she knowingly threw?

Do you know why is this happening? What mechanism switches on and literally forces a person to become stronger and better? And Dan he is the man from birth?

People continuously, all life is energy exchange with many other people and structures.

The energy that is involved in the energy exchange of feelings and emotions, and thoughts and attention, this physical presence and communication, it memories and expectations of various fantasies, dreams and desires.

And if the person has a stable energy exchange with surrounding people and structures, in which he obtains the desired energy, the person will be happy and the internal state it will be balanced and stable.

Conversely, if one does not get energy right quality, that person would feel unhappy and generally "life failed".

When a person gets more "good" emotions and feelings, the energy in the black, man becomes happy and joyful. If, however, outweigh the "bad" emotions and feelings, the energy exchange in the red. The same is true for the quantitative accounting of issued and received energy. If man gives more energy than it receives, the energy in minus, if less, plus.

Therefore, we can safely say that the human condition is determined only by the process of energy exchange.

Try to find at least one area of life where a person does not receive and does not consume emotions and feelings. Such areas and activities no. Even superlogo is the physiological needs of the body and the associated feelings and emotions.

The incoming and outgoing energy is the only thing that determines our state, mood, thoughts and actions.

Obtaining emotions for every stage of life, in every situation, with every person – this is the meaning of life.

And when you meet a man and a woman, they have a energy. There are thoughts, expectations, feelings and emotions, desires and dreams, attention to each other. And, of course, each of them in a relationship wants to have a balanced energy exchange, that is, to give and receive an equal quantity and quality of energy.

In the early stages all that happens, the lovers engrossed in each other and the energy that flows from them. At the same time lovers on their own cut off alternative energy exchange with other structures, for example, neglecting work or school, don't remember about the past Hobbies, friends recede into the background.

Everyone in the relationship is trying to build them in such a way that the partner ensured stable energy of desired quality and as long as possible.

It will make a slight digression.

Each of the partners in the relationship is trying all ways to get the right energy to it, oblivious to the fact that the energy of the desired quantity and quality does not depend on the "capacity" in which it is located. That is not all blonde with a bust of the fifth size have sexy enchanting temperament, as well as not all pumped up handsome have masculine qualities. Wrapper does not equal content. And usually people are susceptible to "capacity", thinking that since this guy like once beloved, then the feelings and emotions with him will be the same.

By the way, this same answer could not be better suited to the question "And that he's in this mess found?", "And that's okay with her?". But found they are only energy in the right quantity and quality.

In fact, these "capacity", it is not only people. "Containers" can be attributed to the situation. For example, the first ever kiss is perceived quite differently than a first kiss with another partner. First sex is perceived differently than the second, the third, although the circumstances and scenery can be identical. And attempt to explain why it is reduced to the search for the reasons outside. For example, someone that got in the way, not enough sleep, tired and so on, although the fatigue and uneasy. The only difference is that partners have different energy.

So for getting the emotions right amount and quality of partners subconsciously, everyone begins to play their game. It is in fact to trim the other alternative energy sources. Now forced. And at the same time close to the energy exchange.

And how is it done? Yeah just! One of the partners methodically creates an inferiority complex in another. And this is done both explicit and subtle way.

For example, a man can communicate in social networks with "just friends" driving in a tantrum its constant partner, and then, having received his desired emotions, to explain how a small and innocent girl that "he's just a friend, nothing that you should worry." So new husband may disperse all girlfriends of the wife, and new wife to forbid her husband from seeing his friends. Examples are a lot: aggression, humiliation, insults, accusations, "cutting" and other ways of explicit or implicit manipulation of the goal to instill a different inferiority complex.

The point of all this is that to achieve such a state when he has no other, comparable to the intensity of emotions, energy sources. To capture a large part of the energy exchange. To make other power of a castrato. And people do it subconsciously without realizing it. Although...

One who achieves this has absolutely controlled entity, with completely predictable behavior, and it seems rightfully to relax and enjoy life. But this is not happening. Because with degraded man is not to be in balance and most do not degrade. I want opposing things that the partner was a person, but under full control.

The one who "caved" in, the compartment itself or forced alternative sources of energy, "sacrificed", and expects the same from partner. Many, in fact, to betray themselves, their interests and desires.

And neither the one nor the other to enjoy life, to relax and sit back, not give his own EGO. The same available to each birth mechanism.

Ego is the main core of personality is self, whose task is to ensure the growth and development of personality. Ego endorses and promotes everything that leads to growth and personal development. All that leads to degradation of the personality, shall be punished independently of the will of man.

The feeling of joy, satisfaction, serene peace is the growth of the Ego; apathy, depression, decrease the overall tone, anguish – from the degradation of the Ego.

If no growth of the personality occurs, then the Ego begins to literally "rages", forcing him to exert energy in the right direction. Hated the work, hated, but the right people, the inability to do what you want – everything is accompanied by irritation, barely restrained rage, anger. And then poured in a completely unpredictable and unexpected acts of men about whom everything is always clear.

How it works Ego.

When one partner begins to sacrifice himself in the relationship, his Ego slowly begins to rebel, by showing the owner that it brings somewhere not there.

Because human development begins with the Ego from the centre. The growth of man's Ego extends its influence to all that surrounds and all the levels and sources of energy. And when the unequal energy exchange, Ego opposes. After all, his not listening, suppressing it, is not taken seriously.

The ego is a subconscious structure, and is not subject to neither the consciousness nor the logic, nor suggestion nor persuasion, nor desires, nor any other categories or structures.

And that Ego has to us to other people, and causes a feeling of sympathy. No amount of money, no mind, no appearance, and manifest it, a healthy Ego attracts people to us.

No explanation of the Ego is not satisfied. It is impossible to agree with Ego, explaining that "he is good", if in a relationship with a man the woman feels unwanted, unattractive, unloved. Not working. You can only suppress it, turning the eagle into a wet hen.

Therefore, the human Ego, as they would be that stupid did not commit, what would be the bottom push yourself, believing that it is better, always will pull from the most advanced situation. And in terms of when people are cut off from sources of energy, response and saving the progress of the Ego is to remove the source of this situation, to provoke the rupture of relations.

Close people want to see a person, a person with a manifest of the Ego, not the energy of a castrato. One volunteer begins to betray your I, the second partner feels it, and his Ego begins to rebel, not to give the host to degrade.

In life this is manifested in the attempts of one to please through the power, close your eyes to things, to bend to the partner, swallow insult and so on. And the second manipulates, provokes, wipes his feet in an attempt to reach out to first and how to get it to protect yourself.

No one wants to live with energy degraded alter, because it also leads to degradation.

Outwardly for the abandonment of the Ego of the partner, encourage, and inwardly despise you for the failure of man from himself as a personality.

So often the cause of breakups is the inability to put yourself as a person and a betrayal of his I'm in a relationship.

Favorite people throw partner for no apparent reason, got his way. First received the necessary quantity and quality of energy, the energy exchange has closed on itself, has provoked the suppression of the Ego in the second half, and then he got bored with the "eunuch" and he just left to look for new, appropriate energy exchange.

But! At the same time giving a "kick" abandoned his partner to make his personality stronger.

By the way, there is still the question, whose Ego has provoked the breakup. The one who left, or who left. But these are details, the main thing that "kick" remaining partner gave serious. Suddenly and painfully. And when the shock from a rupture takes place, the person usually makes the necessary findings and getting stronger.

And that's why people go to learn, acquire new skills, lead figure in the order, begin to do something new and interesting.

And throwing the partner, usually also instinctively understands what "favor" its "kick". And just subconsciously waiting for that once and he "will provide" such service. Karma, however.

But nobody wants the remaining partner quickly led his state in order and become a person with a stronger Ego than it was before the relationship. Therefore, before the gap is trying to torture partner a little more to Pat his nerves, to drive in a very dead of melancholy and depression, harder to injure. That is, bring Ego throw of the game as possible in the longer term.

Because dropout subconsciously knows that the former partner will grow as a person and become happier and samodostatochna it. This will create an inner conflict at the drop of discharge "and it may not have to part with it?".

But the main thing here is that this personal development can not possibly be achieved without rupture of relations and a "kick up the backside". Such a "kick" that the result of the Ego of the former "victim" has grown in its capabilities Ego loved provoking this kick.

That is why, breakup, especially unexpected and painful will certainly lead to the growth of the individual. And this is why the separation is useful. Only not all and not immediately understand it. If before rupture of the relations also completely cut off alternative sources of energy, such "happy" that received a "magic kick" people do not know what to do with such "freedom." Because the entire energy exchange was closed for the departed loved one.

Therefore, the inability to cope with the shock sometimes leads to all sorts of suicides and other troubles with health.

But often the Ego manages to stop his master, and not to give the final collapse of the individual. And even trips to his grandmother-tellers perceived by the Ego as a way or path of personal development. Though it's better than death or the expectation of "happiness" with suddenly returning favourite from further degradation.published


Author: Olga Rybakina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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