Spiritual causes severe disease

Doctor of Philosophy in the field of alternative medicine Rami Blekt the spiritual causes of serious diseases

"The life of the individual has meaning only to the extent that it helps make other people's lives more beautiful and noble".
~ Albert Einstein

Any phenomenon in the world is part of a higher order. For example, every person is a member of a family and clan, belongs to a particular nation, country, mankind in general, the universe and, ultimately, is a part of the whole. And in each of these systems, there are certain relationships, debt, the violation of which leads to an imbalance in the system. It is easy to notice that in our world, everything is arranged on the same principle: the part is the whole. Our body is also a system consisting of various organs.

In turn, the organs of the human body consists of a plurality of cells. And, of course, we expect that the ability to live our every organ and every cell will be directed to the benefit of the whole organism.

Purpose lower - to serve higher.

And only a person has a choice: either accept to serve the ministry, and often cause harm. Therefore, many sages say that people can be more dangerous than a poisonous snake, and sometimes in the forest to better meet viper than human.

In our world, all living things, even the stones have a soul, and all that is needed soul - is Love. And the world also expects from us only one thing - love. After all, people can generate and consciously pass through itself this fundamental energy - unconditional love, and therein lies its main purpose.

Among all the forms of life that exist on our planet, only man has a choice: to rise to the level of divine love and live the Divine - in this case the person will progress in all respects, or to give up the ministry and live rough selfishness - is the path of degradation. < br />
In our century, particularly in the "developed" countries, a growing number of cancer patients. Scientific studies show that cancer cells do not come from the outside - it is the body's own cells, which to some pores were organs of the body and perform tasks to ensure functioning of the body. But at some point, they change their outlook and behavior begin to implement the idea of ​​giving up the service agencies, actively proliferate, violate the morphological boundaries, set around their "strongholds" (metastases) and eat healthy cells.

The cancer is growing rapidly and needs oxygen. But the breath - this is a collaborative process, and cancer cells operate on the principle of gross selfishness, so they did not have enough oxygen. Then the tumor becomes autonomous, more primitive form of respiration - fermentation. In this case, each cell can "wander" and breathe on their own, separate from the body. All this ends up being a cancer destroys the body and eventually die with him. But first, the cancer cells are very successful - they grow and multiply much faster and better than healthy cells.

Selfishness and independence - by and large this is the way "to nowhere».

The philosophy of "I do not care for other cells," "I am what I am", "the world should serve me and give pleasure" - a world of the cancer cell.

The concept of freedom and the immortality of cancer cells is wrong. And this error is that at first glance completely successful process of cell selfish ends pain and death. Experience shows that the behavior of the egoist - it is self-destructive, and eventually the destruction of others.

But modern people mostly live this way, unconsciously obeying the dominant social concept of "none of my business," "I do not care for others", "for me the most important thing - these are my interests." This philosophy is present everywhere: in the economy, in politics and even in modern religious organizations.

Most religious sermons directed at the expansion of its tradition, expanding the circle of his followers, the approval of the idea that the religious institution - the best and the only right, and everyone else - wrong.

Any, even healthy, the cell must first of all take care of themselves. But then in what appears psychology of cancer cells, and where the line between selfishness and love? Healthy cells are always pays more than it receives, it is for the good of the organism. Biologists say the 80% it gives the body and 20% of the reserves themselves.

Interestingly, pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), the main rule - exhale should be longer than the breath. Why is that? Because if a breath exhalation longer in the body decreases the amount of prana (chi) - vitality. In this world, we must also give more than we receive.

In what appears consumerism in everyday life?

On the material level Consumerism is manifested in greed: a man does not sacrifice even 10% of their income, does not care about others, not doing something selflessly for others, he lives only for himself, tends to earn more money and spend it on your pleasures. Sometimes he is ready to betray, steal, cheat, and so on. D. For material enrichment.
On the energy level consumerism appears in irritation, anger, aggression and rejection of the situation or any people - a man tied to anything, starts to depend on this world and irritated when things are moving, or other people do not behave the way he wants. But if we are determined to give, then we easily accept any internal developments, and there is no reason to be irritated.
On a psychological level Consumerism is manifested in the fact that man is sincerely convinced that he came into this world to enjoy, the universe exists in order to provide him with all necessary to be happy, and all around are simply obliged to please him in every way. But we must realize that in this world we do not owe anyone. We came here to learn to give, to serve. Therefore, there are only two options: either to bow to the cancer cells, or to live love and to give love the world.
Love - is the inner let-go and giving freedom of the love object. We must realize that, wherever we were, we have only one goal, one purpose - to give unconditional love (more correctly - just to be unconditional love). Happiness is a very simple formula: if you want to be happy - make others happy. And if we live in the "here-and-now" if we stand on the position of the impact, we always and everywhere good. But how can one live love in a society dominated by ideology of the cancer cell, and the majority of other people - consumers?

One of the laws of karma states that if you allow anyone you parasite, you worsen karma and yourself and that person. You must be able, if necessary, be strict - with children, partners, subordinates, and so on. D. If the person you are using, and that you are contributing to, you do it by a parasite and is punishable. Therefore, if you live in a "cancerous" society, you have to be very clear criteria of communication: if you see that a person lives, as a cancer cell, it appears the service that you are helping him to change the outlook.

Many people understand Love as something glamorous, very nice and always pleasant. But it is - cheap sentiment. It is important to understand that Love is above duality, and not always positive emotions. Sometimes love is manifested very hard, for example, if you want to punish the teenager negligent subordinates. It is important to act consciously, externally to be strict, and inside - to keep love and peace.

The false ego and cancer cells combine two general principles:

1. The principle of separation
False ego closes the soul from God, it separates from the whole and makes us think that in this world every man for himself, "it's me, but are you", "me or you", "the main thing that I was good, even if this affects other ».

2. The principle of the protection
And cancer cells, and false ego is always protected. Note that even the killer is almost never plead guilty ("he began," "this society to blame, that I brought up", and so on. D.). So you need to keep track of, as soon as I start to defend (excuses, hotly defend their opinion, and so on. D.), I went down to the level of a cancer cell. (Although, of course, the protection of his body required, though the saints do not even have such protection. They rely entirely on the will of the Divine and, interestingly, hardly attracted the situation when they attack someone.)

In the illusion of the ego, that it can do something alone. The ego tries to meet their needs and dictates to man the way, considering only correct and useful that it contributes to further alienation from the world and to increase. The ego is afraid of becoming one with all, because it means his death. And even for some very important spiritual personalities false prestige, exclusivity.

Asked about the purpose of life you can hear different answers, but most people say that the goal - development and progress. The purpose of today's doctors - medical progress (discovery of new diseases, their classification, drug discovery, and so on. D.), But the health of people in general, this does not improve: today classified more than 70 thousand different diseases, and every day their number increases.

Scientists are seeking to advance the science, spiritual people want to progress spiritually, but I think the purpose of progress - is absurd, because it is infinite. The goal might be only in the transformation of something qualitative change, raising to a new level. What does it mean? Imagine that the question of the purpose of jailed man says: "The purpose of my life - to get into the camera with a more comfortable environment." This is normal? Of course not. Its aim should be to escape to freedom.

According to statistics, a lot of surgery or caused harm to the person ("the operation was successful but the patient died"), or they can be avoided. Why is that? Because the aim of doctors is the progress in medicine, and not a qualitative leap to a new level, which is the realization that without the philosophical view of the world a person can not be healthy and schastliv.Slovo "doctor" comes from the word "lie", which Old Russian language meant "speak" .Poetomu doctor should first be a philosopher, explained to the patient that the main cause of his illness - in the wrong worldview and lifestyle.

Changes are possible only if the purpose of human medicine will yield a qualitatively new level. Without this, even the most advanced and expensive medical equipment can not return a person's health. Won one infection - there are two new ones. Because there is a karmic reasons that do not depend on external conditions.

We live in a relatively free society, and we can do whatever we want. But are we really free? No.

If a person is selfish, greedy, envious - he can not be free, because it becomes a puppet in the hands of its own low-energy (envy, anger, greed, and so on. D.). If the purpose of human - comfort, even in the new luxurious mansion he has been a slave, a slave, and will remain so. As long as man does not seek to ensure that the rise to a new, higher spiritual level, be unselfish and find true freedom, he can not be happy.

Cancer cells differ from conventional overestimation of the "I»
The cell nucleus may be compared with the human brain; in the cancer cell nucleus value increases, the core is increased in size, and, accordingly, increases ego. In the same way, when a person begins to live not with the heart and the intellect, logic, it becomes a cancer cell. In Christian tradition, the devil - this is the most talented and intelligent angel who instead of love sought to spirituality, rationality, intelligence.

A cancerous cell is looking for immortality in the division and expansion. In the same way, and the ego acts: it tries to perpetuate itself through the children, the students, the implementation of standards for the record books, scientific discoveries, the "good" things and other symptoms. In other words, we seek satisfaction in something outside - where it basically impossible to find. It is important to understand that in the matter of life is not, in itself it is dead.

"To die, to be born" - what does that mean? To find the content you need to sacrifice form. That is becoming nowhere tied and dependent or why, and no one in this modern world.

Most people fail on the spiritual path, because few people understand that the "I" with which we identify ourselves, there can be light or saved. Many people come to spiritual life in an attempt to escape from the difficulties of material life and think: "I will pray from morning to evening and attain enlightenment, getting into the spirit world, and so on. D.". But it is also a form of egoism - egoism in the spiritual life, because the ego wants to be free - even at the beginning of the spiritual path, and it may be a good idea.

I know many such examples among the followers of different spiritual paths. Once I was at a reception orthodox Jewess who regularly studies the Torah, obey the commandments, received a blessing from many prominent rabbis, but it lacks the money for its not like health each year is getting worse and worse, and her daughter can marry. And she asks: "Rami, where is God? I did so much for him, where he looks? Where is a good husband to my daughter, where is the money for my life? "It is very common that people come into the spiritual life, to solve some selfish, material problems.

First time in the cancer cell body is very comfortable: you can only take care of themselves, breathing due to fermentation becomes so enjoyable life with other like-minded cancer cells is much warmer and more comfortable, but then come the suffering and death occurs.

This point is very important to understand. The basic idea of ​​the true spiritual teaching - getting rid of selfishness. And this is what is said in the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Krishna, is this teaching of Kabbalah, Sufism, Eastern psychology. Cults and sects are very outstanding and talented people, but they are often imbued with selfishness of their founders, and it is a tragedy for thousands of people. It is therefore very important to watch how the person is selfish, as the main criterion for spiritual growth - getting rid of selfishness, envy, greed, desire for fame and glory. And there's no sense just to progress in the spiritual life, because when a person performs all the required rituals regularly praying and fasting, meditating, it gives him a certain calm: "I am dedicated, I know the truth, and now I definitely will be saved." But the sacrifice of his ego manifests itself in humility, the ability to internally accept any person and every situation, to forget their grievances and so on. D. Only it - a sign of true progress.

"Do the people have the right to complain about the cancer? After all, the disease - a reflection of ourselves: it shows us our behavior, our arguments, and ... end of the road. People formed cancer because ... they themselves have cancer. It must not win, but to understand, to learn to understand themselves. The only way we can find the weak links in the vision that humans, and cancer are used as the general picture of the world. Cancer fiasco because it opposes what surrounds it. It follows the principle of "either - or" and protects its own, independent of the surrounding life. He lacks awareness of the great all-embracing unity. This misunderstanding is typical for human and cancer: the more the ego separates itself, the faster it loses the sense of the whole, part of which is. In the illusion of the ego, that it can do anything "alone." But "one" - to the same extent means "one with everything", and in a "disunion of the others».

The ego tries to meet their needs and dictates to man the way, considering only correct and useful that it contributes to the further delimitation and manifestations. It is afraid of the possibility of "becoming one with everything", because it determines his death. Man loses touch with the origins of life to the extent that demarcates their "I" of the world »

From the book Rudiger Dahlke and Torvald Detlefsen "Illness as a way».

I really like the expression: "The great thing is always connected with the death of the ego." The feat is not always associated with the death of the physical body to make it, we have to transcend our selfishness. Each forgiven us resentment, internal decision-criticism, reluctance to make excuses to defend his greatness, and so on. D. - A little death of our ego. In Sanskrit, the merger with the Divine (getting rid of the ego) is called "samadhi". But sometimes the word translated as "delight".


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