Rami Blekt - The subconscious part 4

Rami Blekt - The subconscious part 4
Rami Blekt -Teacher consultant and Eastern psychology and ancient Indian astrology. Writer. Philosopher.
President of the International Association of Eastern psychology.
Recognized as the best coach psychologist at the V International Festival stars psychology and psychotherapy.
The owner of a major international award "The Alchemy of Life - 2007" in the category
"Person of the Year in the field of training┬╗.
In 2005 entered the 10 most popular astrologers world.
In its activities, preferring Eastern psychology, Rami Blekt not guided by personal sympathies surface, and the result of twenty years of study and teaching of this science.
Eastern psychology is based on the knowledge that was given thousands of years ago, the great enlightened sages in meditation. Unlike western that tries to solve the problems at the external level, the eastern psychology works deep inside, with the source of all problems and diseases. As a consequence, there is awareness, and progress is faster.


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