Family values – do they make sense

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Frame from the film Director Luchino Visconti "Rocco and his brothers" family values – do they make sense? Or who said that the family is the only basis for happiness, health and success of the individual and society as a whole? Recently I read a study by an American sociologist who established the fact that such rapid shifts in paradigm (a well-established undeniable views) probably not yet happened in history. Just one generation ago, Americans, like all normal nation, believed family is important and the main component of a happy, healthy and successful life. The Americans brought the country to great progress. The average American family 50 years had at least four children, a small house, father worked, mother looked after the children. But then came the curse – the sexual revolution, which led to frantic destructive-propaganda of family values, chastity, praise of Masturbation (in the TV programmes telling you how to start masturbating, and claim that in General it's not so bad for health) pornography, homosexuality, "free" love, early sex and later bestiality and pedophilia. I now live in a rural area in Canada, and around me, a lot of farms, where many generations lived happily a large family – in General-that they have created this beautiful country. But now to see large family, and in General the complete family, it is very difficult, if not family glubokoverujushchy Christians. Small towns and villages are rapidly dying out, is increasing the use of alcohol. I told our good friend, local physician with an extensive practice, and she really dreams to start a family and have children that the vast majority of her friends (35-45 years), not married, and if raising 1-2 children, then themselves. White men-Canadians do not want to get married and support a family, and if married, the show, typically thousands of terms. And that got Western society, destroying the family institution??? 1. Almost stopped healthy children born (white). Family with two children, and even living together for more than 15 years, is rare. 2. In high school you'll hardly find a student or a student whose parents have not divorced, or live together in harmony. 3. Society has become much more painful physically and mentally (people with mental diseases such as insomnia, depression, inability to concentrate, etc., almost none). By and large, a society of individuals who are concerned, but deeply unhappy inside. 4. Words like "crisis", "tragedy", is now applicable to every sphere of life: Economics, ecology, politics, culture, art, relationships, etc., etc. 5. Significantly increased the number of suicides. 6. Crime, corruption became common components of our life. 7. Forgotten word: honor, nobility, duty, sacrifice, morality, etc. 8. A huge number of nursing homes, orphanages, etc. 9. Alcoholism, Smoking, drug abuse, very younger (10-12 years) and became almost a national phenomenon. And the food is turned into a chemical sludge, because there is almost no family farms and households. 10. Very grown up child prostitution. I've read studies that say that in the United States are engaged in around 300 thousand (!) children's. And hundreds of thousands (many experts say that millions of) women forced into sexual slavery around the world. 11. Really dropped the level of education, intelligence, culture, etc., especially among young people. 12. White nation rapidly disappear without any (declared) war. It is easy to calculate that with such a trend, for example, the Germans will disappear completely by 2060. 13. Single mothers, and in Russia, and neglected children, now almost more than during the most destructive wars and revolutions. And the list goes on. This is an obvious and natural consequence of the destruction of the institution of the family. All religions, all sages, enlightened, and sincere spiritual seekers, they say that there are only two Ways for the development of the soul and happy existence in the material world: it is either monasticism or family life – there is no third. Any other path is the path of selfishness and, consequently, it leads to the degradation at all levels. Who are the men who don't want to take responsibility for women, children and family? It is the egoists who prefer their Affairs and interests at the expense of sacrifice and taking care of their parents, wives, children, grandchildren, etc. In the world many temptations... And emancipated women cause only compassion, because by and large they are not wanted... And as if the woman were sexy and successful in his career, it will not bring happiness. A woman is primarily a mother, wife. At all times it was the main indicator of true success with women. It is now the "success" of a woman is defined by how it can be shameless, defiant, sexual, etc. I consulted thousands of women, successful in their careers, but their main "whine" of the soul – how can I arrange a personal life. So to me the nature of activities you have to know things that people in society will say. And I can firmly say that if a woman dresses very sexy and provocatively for her all pay attention, it is the object of Masturbation for thousands of people, she had many sexual partners, she will become more unhappy with each passing year of life, if not take seriously a spiritual practice. Let's see what the outcome of all these pop, sex and porn stars??? Starting with Marilyn Monroe... the Word "mother" is a sacred word, even the last convict gets it. Now, the word "mother", "wife", "daughter" and the word "slut" is not synonymous. Do you think that would say all those modern psychologists who teach children early sexual activity and women change husbands if their own family all their loved and dear women, including the mother, daughter, wife, become whores? And who is the real man? It is the protector, the breadwinner, the one who supports the family and society, who are ready to sacrifice, to suffer and to serve, who are engaged in genuine spiritual practice. Not the one who drinks beer, alcohol, watches porn, is "the eternal search for" temporary sexual partner – or now, as the degradation of society some men claim that they and the male partner fit, you have to try everything... It's not men – it is rapidly degrading males. Or are spiritual in appearance: they get wrapped up in the spirituality and sometimes even start to teach others, but they are not monks and they have no family, although they enter into a relationship with women, is also serving his selfishness and genitals, it also degradation, just slower.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Any society will be quickly ruined if it lacks the institution of the family.First of all, because not born or brought up healthy children. Read the statistics: even after the best children's homes almost 98% of teenagers become criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts.And as if the child is well or treated in orphanages and shelters, their only desire is to find my father and mother. The family is the place where man cultivate the best quality. Where is transmitted the experience of generations. Why we are ashamed as a child to misbehave? Because there is favorite parents, grandparents, etc., to whom we will be ashamed. If I've done something good, often in order to please mother, father, relatives, teachers. And many times refrained from dirty activities because what you do not want to blush before them, either now or before death. Several times in my address sounded slander, but I always get the "debriefing" although I was told that all this is in vain and will only cause more noise. But it was important to the level of facts my parents, brothers, and now the children knew that I did not commit. So if we truly love our parents, wives, children, we naturally become cleaner and more honest. Many say: "Family is hard, it's all fighting" – this is the image of a family created modern propaganda. Well, first, if you follow certain rules, it is not so, and secondly, there are always difficulties and everyone in this material world. All advanced psychological research say about the importance of a harmonious family and the importance of children's upbringing in a complete family, which cannot be replaced by anything. As nothing is impossible, no mixes fully replace mother's milk, and the child cannot be replaced in his parents. I grew up in a happy family, and I have a lot of generations was not in the family of the mother and father no divorce, we were constantly visited my numerous uncles and aunts. And I know what a happiness it is to live in the family. When we find ourselves in the aura of a harmonious family, descends to us the grace. But now such families is very small. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of the people are in different types of depression, although the society is not very noticeable, because there are sleeping pills, tranquilizers and so on. When people are bored, I often suggest them to have ten children. Many one this idea for many hours plunges into a state of laughter. But has anyone ever seen mothers or fathers in a protracted depression? Even if the child God forbid killed, it is perceived much easier than when the only child dies.Now it is very fashionable statement: why to bear the poverty? They say that children should be given good material conditions: separate room, computer, etc. the Love they need and more little brothers and sisters. Otherwise all the material "blessings" will make them selfish and proud, which will bring suffering to parents and others in early childhood. My father was born in 1942. He was the fourth child in the family, plus in their small house lived a few evacuated families. There was a terrible famine, twice he almost died from it. They all survived and, when he grew up, achieved much in the social life and benefit many people.Children bring happiness and wealth (if you approach this question correctly), it's the principle of the Universe.--------------------------------------------------------------------------From a psychological point of view, is laid in childhood psyche. And any mistake at this time, later is very expensive. Many studies in Western Europe, the United States clearly affirm that in the vast number of repeat offenders had a difficult childhood, a broken home, etc. please Pay attention that the world is ruled by families (Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds, etc.), and it was always in aristocratic and Royal families. And the fact that the family is not important, long live sexual freedom, corruption, etc. – it is the propaganda of those who want to make us a society of plebeians and slaves, which is easy to manage. As we came to the abyss in all respects, as we have destroyed the institution of family? What are the main factors? 1. The spread of pornography and erotica, especially for children. According to statistics, more than 90% of Internet is pornography. 2. Propaganda and the free sale of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. 3. Media, contemporary movies and cartoons, the vast number of TV and radio programs directly or indirectly teach debauchery and corruption, the fact that the family is bad, but "beautiful life" is good. Can you remember at least one movie in the last 20 years, which would have shown a normal large family, where the parents live happily and not change each other and kids respected their parents, teachers and study hard? Hardly, but thousands of films show teenagers, abusive talking or even fighting with parents, quarrels, divorces and debauchery of their parents. Etc. etc. But it becomes patterns of behaviour for both children and adults, often even unconsciously. 4. The General decline of morality and true spirituality. It happened due to the fact that some people rushed in unbridled materialism, the smaller part – in the Orthodox, sometimes fanatical forms of religion that can sometimes bring not less problems. 5. School children are not taught moral standards – on the contrary, from all sides pours on them corrupting their information. And that is very dangerous – too early information about sex, which in fact corrupts and corrupts them, it harms even adults, let alone children. And generally the education of boys and girls must be separate. Professor sh. a. Amonashvili with great regret told me that now, according to polls, the juniors on the question, "What would you like?"you say: "Computer, money, etc." And earlier wrote: "to Find the money for the gift her brother So mom and dad had been happy"... While in the US teenage girls mostly dream of becoming sexy, and boys to have an expensive car and other attributes of a "beautiful" life to enjoy success with the girls. It is something that directly and indirectly teaches children the modern "culture" and "education". Even small children already imbued with the spirit of consumerism, profit and pleasure. But it all begins with early fun sex. This is especially dangerous for children and teenagers, because they have only one or two erotic pictures immediately close the upper energy centers and, consequently, featured a strengthened bottom, and greatly increases the consumer spirit. If Western society as well as Russia, Ukraine and other Western republics of the former Soviet Union do not realize the importance of family life, these countries will either disappear within the next 10-30 years, or will be slaves, and the less developed of migrants (which is different from the one great spiritual advantage – they have strong, warm family relationships, based on responsibility of men for family and caring for elders. – Primas'. ed.). Same as PAL steeped in the vices of Rome under the influx of barbarians. What you need to do to stop a huge tragedy of whole peoples, and especially children and women? 1. First understand how this question is important, serious and urgent. To understand that corruption, the corruption of youth and all that destroys family values, is no less a danger than war, plague and leprosy at the same time, and in General is a direct genocide of Slavs and other peoples. And this needs to be treated accordingly, even stricter than high treason or murder with aggravating circumstances. 2. Completely stop and ban porn sites and sites with erotic content freely available. All the cartoons, movies, television and radio programmes, productions have to pass strict censorship. Need to start shooting these movies and cartoons, which soothe, fill the heart with love and inspiration, teach morals, promote family values. 3. To deny the funds and various, usually foreign, organizations, educational "family planning", early sexual development, Masturbation, promoting sexual perversion, as well as implementing a terrible inherently juvenile justice system. And in contrast, on the contrary, to give full support to those religious, secular, Patriotic, nationalist and social movements, foundations, etc., who are reviving family, national, spiritual and cultural values. 4. Each of us can carry the knowledge to the people and fight for the revival of the ethical and moral standards. May be an example of something. Women should learn to dress modestly and act like ladies. A man should be responsible for themselves and for their loved ones. 5. To realize that the healthy and the only God-given order of society, is when a woman sits with children, creates and maintains focus and is dependable for men. (If the woman wants, she can do community work, career, but not to the detriment of the family, besides it's not supposed to wear down, and should be her only joy.) And the husband makes every effort to provide for them and spending time with children and caring for the house, together with his wife. Children learn the sublime qualities of the parents and relatives, growing up, help them more. And each family has a duty before God to bring into the world no less than 3 children to continue the family and nation. But generally, the more a man is truly harmonious and spiritually advanced, the more his children. 6. Try to live in the countryside, in small settlements. The city is not created in order to live a happy family life for many reasons, starting with the space limitations, poor environment, low morality, etc. But if you are forced to live there, try to spend more time outdoors, in parks, to communicate more with the spiritual and harmonious people. 7. Mother's milk is necessary for children to invest in the mind understanding that the family is the main and primary value. And it should be continued in kindergarten, school and University. At all these stages should learning the correct men and women, how to make privacy a source of happiness. And best of all by parents to be an example of this. We need to teach children that we are quite different by gender. Boys need to educate both boys and girls as girls. To explain the danger and great harm of Masturbation, various sexual perversions. To teach the girl the fact that its main wealth and the core of all success is chastity, fidelity. The boy's ability to protect women and children and take care of them, but never use. 8. To equate the most horrible crimes, which provide long prison terms, up to the highest measure, the active genocide of their own and other people through the propaganda of immorality and corruption, promotion of alcohol, homosexuality, early sex training, abortion, destruction of family values, the introduction into society of the juvenile justice system, etc. 9. Politicians and government officials need to make every effort to financially, psychologically and spiritually support the family of people, especially if the family has small children. And remember that at the end of life is important is not how much money and houses have such a policy, more accurately, what title or position in society he turned out to reach a (!) how many children and women became happy because of him, how many men were created suitable atmosphere for earning and maintaining the family, what concern was in society on children, women and elderly. How was protected the institution of family in society.And if this were not so, all enlightened people and all Scriptures on Earth-the politicians promise millions of years of hellish incarnations. 10. The following paragraph is quite revolutionary, and we with our Western mentality, it is difficult to accept, but it is a lot of sense. In the ancient Indian civilization, and in all advanced civilizations, in order to avoid immorality and corruption, every man was obliged to marry upon reaching the age of 25, if he had not become a monk, and a woman had to marry on reaching puberty (16-18 years), and monasticism for women was not provided. Before giving birth to healthy children, 35-40 years woman can devote themselves to the Sciences and career if you want. Now at this age women begin to frantically look for a father for their future children, being under a lot of stress and so by and large (with rare exceptions) nothing achieving in a career and changing many sexual partners. Obviously, given the above, is to find a husband who will treat her like the Goddess, and just with respect, is much more complicated. And the fact that it is possible to have more than two children, even according to the biological laws is very doubtful... which is Why some of the Vedic teachers claim that early marriage should be one of the basic rules of any civilised society. And boys and girls at this age should be trained in the art of being good parents and spouses. And by the way, recently reading the teachings of Orthodox elders living on mount Athos, I discovered that they say very similar things. In this connection it may also be noted that in the ancient Vedic tradition of spiritual teacher was, as a rule, people family, and only very rare exception monks. In Judaism still has a rule that a Rabbi (priest) can only be a family man – one who is spiritually evolving, taking responsibility for the contents of the woman with whom he was close, and who does the main ot Jewish commandment: "be Fruitful and multiply, obeying the Laws of God." 11. The success of the revival of family values largely depends on how revive the culture of women's purity, chastity. It's that easy to lose but difficult to regain. The health of future children the woman, her relationship with her husband and her spiritual progress in General greatly depend on how many she's had sexual partners in the past. Each partner leaves her energy, usually negative. Any man knows it, sometimes even unconsciously. According to opinion polls of men even in such countries as Germany and Sweden, where debauchery and bad habits have become part of the culture, one of the main qualities in their wives, husbands want to see their virginity. So much nobody is trying to get married white woman a great sexual experience. And in a more advanced culture, even with minimal experience. I want to finish this article with a quote from the great Russian enlightened sage, just thinking about which you can be cured. Such persons are not only a brilliant nation, but a spiritual pillar for all of humanity. If we listened to such saints, and not degenerate from the TV, we would live already in Paradise: If destroyed a family, it is to overthrow the state and pervert people. Prepology Seraphim Of Sarov. published Author: Rami Blekt



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