How to earn: during the crisis many amazing features!

In my opinion, the crisis is the right time to start a new business or expanding an existing one. In addition, during the crisis, you will have an excellent opportunity to advance your career. I know it sounds paradoxical, so let me explain.

First, during the crisis, all the media "crazy". Every single bit of negative information they transform into a mountain of pessimism. Because of this, many people begin to suffer financial paranoia. In any situation, people expect the worst option.

If you allow yourself to involve yourself in this state of General hysteria and headlong run to the store, then you also become their victim.

But if you can disengage from all this idiocy (this helps the rejection of the TV) and maintain rational thought, you will see a lot of amazing features.



During a crisis people panic and start to reduce their costs. They are completely abandoning frills and begin to buy only what you need.

Because of this, many firms go bankrupt. In the first place, are manufacturers of luxury items. We can live a while without a new credit card without a three-liter SUV. These goods are not necessities, and their purchase can be postponed to a later date.

We also become more discerning. When we spend money, we want to make sure we make a bargain.

Thus, the business produces the true value may succeed in a time of crisis. In hard times more people go to these types of businesses, while companies producing questionable products and services that incur losses.

In USA there are many firms producing unnecessary things. These companies do not bother to care about consumers and are trying to make money, not creating anything really meaningful and valuable. Many of the already dead or dying companies acted that way. The American auto industry greatly reduced, at least some of its branches. All of that was produced uncompetitive products, it is not necessary to people. Erin bought a Honda, despite the opportunity to receive a significant discount when buying a car, "General motors", as two of our relatives worked in GM factories. We looked at a few cars, "General motors" and came to the conclusion that they are losing Honda. Although our other relatives found no difference.

Many people on their skin felt that the notorious job security – an empty sound in difficult days. 500,000 Americans learned this lesson when last month they lost their "safe and secure" jobs.

Stupid approach to making moneylately I've seen a lot of people, some of them my friends who do stupid things in an attempt to make more money. They were involved in questionable financial dealings, or was the bait of multi-level marketing and become a victim of an eloquent Scam.

The General scheme is always the same — they are fixated on making money. It is their top objective, they are constantly thinking about it. But without creating something really worthwhile, they suffer one defeat after another.

In the end, they go bankrupt. The only thing that would have helped them to stay afloat is to find a large number of simpletons, to promise them mountains of gold and fleece. Most people experience inner moral resistance to such a livelihood, and sooner or later abandoning this business model. This path does not lead to long-term abundance. This is a dead end model.

My fellow entrepreneurs who are focused only on making money, have to earn this year is less. In some cases, people completely ceased to earn, and some are mired in debt.

Exceptions — those who were able to negotiate with his conscience and began to fool people. But again, this is a rare exception. Most easier to accept the lack of money than cheat someone.

A clever approach to making moneyBut there is a more intelligent approach.

Is obsessed with getting money, spend your time and energy on the creation and promotion of the true values. Find a way to give people what they want or need.

Note that the key words here are CREATING and PROMOTING.

Creating value means that you need to use your unique talents and abilities so that they can benefit others.

The promotion of values means that you have verified the receipt and use made by you value other people.

But if you ignore even one of these two points, you will be hard to get a steady income, especially during a crisis. Now let me explain why.

If you only create value, but not promoting it, how it gets to people? And how you will get the return in the form of money?

I often see that this problem is present in creative people – potential artists, musicians and writers. They can spend a lot of time honing their skills, but if they don't deliver their art to enough people, they will the fate of financial losers, and this could ruin all of their creative efforts. Many of these people now had to mortgage their homes.

The saddest thing is that many of these people worked very hard. But they spent almost all their time and effort to create, and did not pay attention to the promotion. They watch their more successful colleagues, and is frequently seen as less skilful, seriously involved in the promotion of his craft, brings your product to the consumer and receives for his work deserved reward.

I also passed this way. In the late 90s, I went bankrupt, despite the fact that I worked very hard and created a lot of potential values in the form of computer games. My problem was that I did not enough effort to promote these values. I relied on their publishers, and this led to the fact that for various reasons, games were issued late or not issued at all. As a result, years of arduous efforts were wasted, if not be considered a priceless experience. So, I know where the road leads. I have already passed on it.

On the other hand, if you only promote, but not create it, you promote someone else's value. It's not bad, but if that's all you do, it's short-sighted strategy. There is nothing special in promotion of the values created by other people. It can do each. Anyone can do multilevel marketing or to become a sales representative. If this is your main way of receiving income, long-term perspective of your earnings is not tenable. The more you are successful in this business, the more you have competitors, Klaudija for success. As a result, everyone will have to work more while receiving less. It happens all the time. The handicap of this strategy is clearly visible during the crisis, when more and more people starts to search for the value you are promoting for a lower price making your profits less and less.

Bloggers fall into this trap when they begin to publish the ideas of others, retold in my own words, without adding anything unique or new. A year later they surprised the number of competitors doing the same. Hardly anyone now makes quite a good living at this.

Most long-term and sustainable strategy is to create value and to promote them. You can combine strategies, you can attach a new one, but Central to sustainable livelihoods are the two.

The choice of thinkingI know that these days, many people are faced with financial problems. Las Vegas it was possible to rename a city called "Foreclosure". I personally know people who have lost their homes. The streets are full of signs "Property of the Bank."

If you are in a similar situation, I truly sympathize.

However, the reasons why all this is so obvious that it becomes ridiculous when you see how it works again and again.

The people who CREATE and ADVANCE, calmly continue his business. In fact, things are going even better than before, not worse. Many of these people profit even began to increase.

People who do NOT CREATE or PROMOTE, see that their income is constantly decreasing. This causes them to panic, and panic is increasingly alienates them from understanding the idea of creation and promotion of true values. Because of this, they quickly approaching bankruptcy.

I understand that in this situation, it is logical to meet, to abandon everything else and focus on thoughts – money, money, money. As much money as possible. People constantly fall into this trap. I had the same thing. Although this is absolutely false strategy, as illogical as it may sound.

When you see your income decreases, you naturally try to stop this process. This is an appropriate moment to reflect on the strategy of CREATING and PROMOTING true values. This is the only correct way. Only he is able to provide you sustainable profit growth.

What is money? Money is just a means to exchange values. Money is what you get in exchange is created and delivered to people value. If you manage to increase the created value and to bring it to more people, your profit will also increase.

If you are trying to increase profits, not creating anything and not promoting, your efforts are not worth a damn. Naturally, such efforts untenable, and cannot lead to any positive result. Please do not waste your precious time on this nonsense.

I realized this only when bankrupt. I was completely broken, but I was smart enough to focus on the creation and promotion of values, instead of holding on to earnings. After about six months, I was able to get my money back, and after a year I felt a noticeable improvement in their financial situation. I embarked on the path of creating and promoting about 9 years ago and since then my income increases.

I know that when you fly into the financial abyss, six months can seem an eternity. No matter how much you spend time. The time will pass anyway, and received the habit of creating and promoting will stay with you forever. Be patient, and start. No matter what happens with the economy — if you continue to create and promote value, you will always stay afloat.

Record yearFrom a financial point of view, 2008 was a successful one, both for me and for Erin.

And regardless of what happens with the economy, I am sure that 2009 will be equally successful. How do I know? Yes, simply because next year we will be creating and marketing by adding new values to an already created us.

Why we rejoice in the increase in profits at a time when other continuous losses?

First, we do not work for the man. I did not sign anyone for more than 16 years. Many people believe that refusing employment, you choose a risky and foolish path. But, in fact, it is far safer to manage your funds than to be someone's pawn. No matter how bad the economy is, Erin can't be dismissed. It turns out that our career has greater stability.

Secondly, while others are cutting their spending, Erin and focus more and more on the creation and promotion of values. While I understand that the way in which we go may someone to seem absurd.

For example, this year I wrote a lot about diet and healthy lifestyle. I have shared my experience of the raw food diet.

Of course, it's not a very sexy topic. Some people find it terribly boring, and would prefer that I wrote about more interesting things.

However, these articles bring many benefits to people interested in similar topics. Many people, after reading these publications have significantly changed their way of life, and now enjoy a significant reduction in their weight. Some people have achieved amazing results.

So, even if these articles and do not seem, at first sight, exciting, they have significantly changed human life. Even if they do not produce the same experience at all, they still bring many benefits. They promote value.

Many bloggers post something on their websites with the intention to get a return in the form of links, attention, or money. Maybe sometimes I am also guided by such motives. But, in any case, I try to avoid abusing this. I constantly remind myself to stay focused on the creation and promotion of values. I know that if my mind is occupied with these two things, the rest will follow.

This article just illustrates what I'm talking about. I write it not for the fact that something to. I don't expect that it will become a super hit. And I understand that because of its volume, some people don't even read to the end.

But I know that for some people who will take the trouble to read it, it will have value. This article has potential. And she can produce subtle, but useful changes. Someone, somewhere, will get positive help from reading it.

That's what I wanted to convey in this article. Just to help those who are willing to make the right efforts in the right direction. It wasn't hard. A clear understanding of my values, allows me to share my experience, even if it is contrary to the values of others. I know that this approach seems overly simplistic, but if you will be able to get my message, you will be very easy to begin to make a profit.


Turn value into incomeSo as to earn income from the creation and promotion? Could it be that you, creating and promoting values, will not receive a penny for it?

Look, if you succeed, the money will not be a problem. If you will be able to create and promote values, the opportunity to earn literally rush at you. People will line up to give you money. I'm not kidding.

Here's how it works.

If you can create good value, you will be able to find partners among people who know the art of promotion. They can deliver to the customer your value and sell it, and you will receive your royalties, commissions or licensing fees.

For example, publishing house "Hay House" asked me to prepare for them book. The result was the writing of "Personal Development For Smart People", which was published in September. Because I got royalties. I also receive percent from the sales. I could get more before the end of his life, especially since the contents of the book are not tied to time. In addition, the writing of the book opened for me new opportunities. For example, I were often invited for an interview. So, in this case, I have created value (the book), and others have ensured its promotion.

Now let's assume that you are well able to promote. In this case, you can generate income by plugging the values of other people to your system advancement. For example, my blog is a very good tool to promote values. In this respect it is very effective. I give their values for free, and it would seem that it doesn't directly bring me income. However I get money for placing someone else's ads on your website. One thing that gives me six figures a year. Product manufacturers are constantly turning to me. I can't cope with the avalanche of proposals. Once you establish a working promotion system values, you can promote it, the value of other people. And it brings you money.

When you are able to create and communicate to people is really a worthwhile product, you just obaldeete opportunities appeared. First, you will be able to include the value you create in the system of promotion other people. This way you will be able to earn royalties and all that jazz. Very pleased to get a fee charged from each sold copy you have created value. I still receive monthly cheques for the projects implemented a few years ago.

Secondly, you will be able to advance the values created by other people using your system promotion. You pay them a percentage of sales, or they pay you as a companion. If you carefully check the products that you advertise (making sure that it was the true values), then everyone is happy and everyone wins.

Thirdly, you can connect your values to your system advancement. Strange, but this is what I do with my blog. Although I did this when I was doing business of computer games. I think that in 2009 I will deal with this issue. So, that means I could produce value, and to sell directly to them. Many bloggers successfully do this. They sell through their websites, electronic books, audio, DVDs and much more. They create value and directly sell them to your visitors.

The most serious part of the income I received in 2008 was from work I did in previous years. I could not work the whole of 2009, and only live off the royalties. Well, isn't it? A year ago, I decided that I want to put the financial situation of their Affairs, to then focus on creating and promoting that work. Don't see any reason why not to do the same. The idea of creating and promoting no one has a copyright.

Do not be distractedOne day to develop a habit to create and promote, you will not lose her again. However, in this way, it is very easy to get distracted. In my opinion, distraction is the biggest danger.

You may not become a party to all the interesting projects that come your way. Another blunder is to work on someone else's uncle, exchanging hours of your life for dollars. All dead ends, which you must avoid in any way.

You should remain focused on creating and promoting their values. Everything that distracts your attention from it, should be seen as unnecessary spending, interference, or even as the real evil.

This is extremely important, but many people still do not attach due importance.

If you want to get rich, then work for someone is a very bad idea. Chance to succeed on this path is so small that it doesn't even deserve consideration.

Seriously, if, for example, you completely ruined, and besides, even homeless, even from this position you can start the production and promotion of their values. It will be much worse if you, wasting day by day, will work for someone else. It will not bring you closer to financial abundance, and will only distract you from your chosen path.

If I had to choose between homelessness and the eight-hour working day, then I would choose homelessness. The obligation to go to work, ten times worse. Remaining homeless, I'd be hungry, but still I would be focused on the creation and promotion of values. Of course, in the beginning I wouldn't have enough money to create something really valuable, but it would stand in its place.

Work for hire, this is a terrible distraction. In many ways, it's just an advanced form of slavery.

Have you ever talked to the homeless? Many of them find the idea of mercenary work just insulting. Of course, you can better smell, and live in more comfortable conditions, but hastening daily to the office by 8:30, you lose their human dignity. Perhaps homeless people understand something that can not understand you.

Employment – the highest form of poverty.

Fortunately, mercenary work, this is a problem that is easy to resolve. If you have a job, just stop on her walk. Pretty soon you will feel the motivation to start creating and promotion. Especially if you love to eat well.

Genuine opportunities based on the creation and/or promotion of values. If you see something resembling a challenge, but it does not require of value creation and its promotion, then no it is not possible. It is a trivial waste of your time.

Is the creation and promotion of values heavier than wage work? I would say no! Definitely, no! Work someone much harder, since you are still required to make some form of values, but all the winnings from your efforts turns into income for someone else. So you are already doing what you should do, but you neither cold nor hot. You can start to work more and better, but most of the awards will still go to the side. On the one hand, how would you show generosity and magnanimity, and on the other hand, you're just an idiot.

Can I work as a writer, and get a fee for every written word. But then my work will belong to someone else, and the rest of the profits will stay with him. On the other hand, I can write articles for your website, thus obtaining, liberty, and the opportunity eventually to publish these articles in book form. I can use them to increase attendance (and therefore increase income) of my web site. Well, and the like. The right strategy – not a difficult task.

Thoughts about making money, it is a distraction. When you are focusing on earnings, my head starts to spin too many unnecessary thoughts. And you begin to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to catch up with all that even slightly resembles the opportunity of obtaining money. You spend a lot of time and energy trying to keep up with the dollars.

To create and promote values much easier. Such focus is fine tuned to the truth, love and power.

When you create and promote value, you can be open and honest about what you are doing. You spend most of your time creating something that really brings you joy. And honing his skill brings undeniable joy, regardless of whether you write articles, compose the music, or just grow flowers. Much harder day after day to do boring and not creative work. Share your value with others and see how their life is changing for the better is the best motivation for any job. As you begin to create and promote, you will not want to go back to a past life.

In life there are things more important than moneyOf all the things that I do for my "work," making money is the most insignificant. When I wrote articles on personal development (many of which have become very popular), I wasn't thinking about money.

I even did not expect that, through these articles, I'll get some income.

Sometimes I go months without checking your Bank account, and have no idea how much I gained. I just know that I earn more than you spend. And I don't need to plan your budget or to mess with the books. A sufficient gap between my earnings and my spending allows me to avoid all this.

The main point of my work is the creation and promotion of values. I know while I focused on this, I have no reason to worry about money. Tuned once the mechanism of creation and promotion works like a clock, and I don't need to constantly maintain it in working condition.

I remember at a conference, was delivered by Dr. Wayne Dyer (Wayne Dyer). He said that people could approach him and say, "you Know, Dr. Dyer says you earn a lot of money." And he'd say, "Yes, you are absolutely right".

Then he continued: "It's not my fault! I just do what I do. And the money comes by themselves."

At that time it was difficult for me to understand this idea. It seemed too unreal and too strange. I was not clear, how can you live without thinking about money, and get substantial income. Absolutely not seeking it and quite straining. It took several years before I've come to understand these words.

I fully admit that my words can cause irritation in people who have experienced the effects of the financial crisis. I too was in a similar situation. And I also wouldn't tell me anybody that you can earn, not thinking about money. I also would not believe that you can earn an income, absolutely without straining. Now I realize that focusing on the money, I just lost it.

The most important thing – correctly to place priorities.

If the first place you have the money, I with certainty can say that you have chosen a long and difficult path. Besides, in this way, you will face a huge amount of frustration. If money is all that you see before you... well, good luck to you. But keep in mind that you are just wasting your energy, and eventually comes to the petty and empty life.

I know that the idea of focusing on the money seems very attractive. But I assure you that this is false. If you want to spend a few years to come to the same conclusions as me — please. But I still hope that you will be able to capture the common sense inherent in my reasoning. I know that there are many people who will say: "What nonsense he's been written?". I hope you're not one of them.

Realize, finally, that the idea of CREATING and PROMOTING values more sensible than the idea of focusing on financial abundance. There will come a time when the creation and promotion will be for you as well as your breath. Then you will have freedom and joy and money. Although the money will still remain in last place.

Best of all, completely ignore the money. Then you will be able to focus their attention on matters more important, interesting and enjoyable. Most interesting is that this kind of focus and brings financial abundance. You begin to understand that really never needed the money. You only needed the courage to on all cylinders to go for his dream. And for that, we just had to stop to justify its movement toward a better life by lack of money.

If I was able to understand this lesson and apply it in practice, and you will succeed. If I, having only 100 dollars, has managed to create and promote their value, so can you. Of course, it wasn't that great a value, but it was a start. I focused on creating something people need. And after I passed I created value and have heard positive responses, I realized that I was not mistaken. At that time, it was just a computer game. Now this blog. The contents are different, but the strategy is the same.

If you create in your blog real values, then their promotion will not have any problems. Appreciated by some people, they will move on to other, like rings on the water.

But if you chew one and the same value month after month, it indicates that your creativity is something wrong. Feedback is what will help you to determine the correctness of your actions. You think you have created something valuable, and people tell you: "This is nonsense. We do not want this, and we don't need it." So, listen to the reviews. They will help you to develop. Feedback spurs and does not stay in one place. It helps to remove the falseness of your values and of your life. Create true value, and people will appreciate it.

A few thoughts about the economyPersonally, I think that any economic downturn is a good thing. The crisis is helping to weed out crappy companies producing low-quality and useless products. Many of these firms, at the time, produced high quality stuff, but gradually began to boil the pot. And very nice if, during the recession, these companies gradually reduced and, in the end, they completely disappear. In their place come the others, those who deeply understand the demands of consumers. Companies that just pretend, to be replaced by companies that really work.

I believe that support for the dying U.S. auto industry at the expense of taxpayers, it is a good idea? No, it's certainly a good idea, except for one small point – it's just STUPID. This is the most stupid thing you can do to make policy with our taxes. Assistance to the automotive industry absolutely not in the interests of our country, and not in the interests of people working in this field. It is absolutely short-sighted strategy. And actually, I think that any financial support is just stupid.

Several of my relatives worked before on "General motors". If they continued to work there, but now they would have to find new places. Earlier, I wrote that Erin, despite significant discounts, put us in the "General motors", bought a Japanese car. There is no policy, just don't like us domestic.

During the crisis many companies simply wither away. And that's good. Artificially maintain the life of the dying companies is stupid. In this case, it is necessary to give the events to take their course. We need this kind of self-adjustment to avoid more serious problems. Companies that are not able to produce and promote the true values, should openly admit that their business was insolvent. And they should realize that no political lobbying will not save them. The pursuit of money leads to their loss. This applies in particular to our politicians. That's the paradox. Although, if you are captive to the same illusions, then perhaps you will be able to blame something in our power.

Much more correctly, and more compassionate, to allow millions of workers of automobile industry of losing their seats. Then they, at least, will again be able to take something useful and stop wasting your time on work that nobody else wants. If it takes years, then so be it. But to give money to losers, flawed strategy.

Similarly, if you work for a company that has a problem with the creation and promotion of values, then it is better for you to lose that job. It is better to retrain and find new, more worthy place. The discrepancy between its time and the demands of the consumers – the kind of trap that should be avoided. Even if you're an employee, you still think about does your service create and promote the true values. If not, don't be too surprised when you declined.

Make a career in creating and promotingSo how do you know, you are creating true value, or not.

Just ask yourself these questions: If I stop doing what I do, someone wants to take the trouble? Anyone object to this? Someone tries to prevent it?

If you, creating and promoting the true value, suddenly stop, people will notice it. People definitely worried. But if you stop the creation and promotion of TRUE VALUES, expect riots in the streets.

Perhaps people don't attribute the value to you personally, especially if you do their work anonymously, but they will notice that something important disappeared from their lives. Even if they don't know your name, the termination of your creating and promoting values, will have a certain effect.

But if you stopped and no one noticed, it means your work was either unnecessary, or easily replaceable. This means that you are unable to fully Express themselves. You just found a way to evade fulfillment.

You always have a choice, remember this.

It is possible that at a young age you decided to dedicate your life to making money. Well, go for it. Someday, you will still realize the futility and the futility of this path. Someday you will hear the quiet voice that speaks to you from your heart: "what you're doing is fundamentally wrong!". And then you realize that you can live a life filled with fun, freedom and fulfillment. And still you earn money and not to die of hunger. But to understand this you need to focus on what really matters. You must free your mind from wrong attitudes and stop doing that with the zeal of the robots continues to make the majority of people.

Start living the life of a conscious person. Stop being a mindless pawn. Focus on every day to Express your creativity. Focus on value creation and meeting the needs of others.

Create values and promote them. Here is the key to success.

The right way is so obvious that you wonder just why so many people don't notice it. He was known to you even in kindergarten.

You: Look what I drew! (The value created).

Adults: Wow! Yes, it's just class! (Value received).

My five year old son and my eight-year old daughter greatly understand this thing. They know that creating something worthwhile, they will get a return in the form of encouragement.

My work as a father is to teach them something new in this area. This will help them to properly dispose of their life in the future.

Writing and editing of this article took about 5 hours. She wasn't even part of my plans. I just felt inspired, sat down and wrote it, almost in one breath.

This article will be relevant for many years. A good investment, isn't it?

And it does not matter whether I earn from this publication. I don't think about it. I just know that while I create and promote the true values, I'll never be at a loss. In fact, money is only a fiction. They can't be a motive.The money should stay in the background, at the time, how life should be in the first place.

I wish that you could take advantage of provided by the concept of creating and promoting values. And the more you work in the creative expression, the less you fuss over money.

The greatest irony is that you can say to yourself: "Here to save up some money, and then begin to create and promote values". Understand that if you think so, you are again caught on the hook. Now, if this, if that, then I -- Nonsense! Get down to business right now. And when you have financial wealth, you will understand that for the start it was quite unnecessary. You will understand that you needed only the courage and determination to start your journey from the point where you are now.

This article had a lot of twists and deviations, but I think the main idea I was able to convey. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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