Hassan Aliev: the world through the eyes of the physiologist, from the point of view of the device of the brain

The broad pronunciation of the National Idea put it to action according to the law of chain reaction, because it meets the main needs of man and the world — to be whole.

And because the Idea is fresh, nobody criticized, and was never abused

Why is there ISIS? And why the West and the East hopes on Russia?

Because a large bundle of people's lives into rich and poor, the criterion for normality of a person in terms of "If you're smart, where's your money" destroys the human.

Because freedom is two, not one.

The way the brain and therefore the way of the world. In humans, two attention — attention external and internal. Therefore, the two freedoms – freedom of external and internal freedom.

External freedom and inner freedom are not one and the same, otherwise free Americans would not have created myself a whole army of psychoanalysts.

For example, about the wise man does not say Western sage, but I say only Eastern sage.

Because the criterion of mentality of the West – effectiveness, and East – natural usefulness.

This approach, where the brain of man and the world are considered from the point of view of the mechanism of the relationship between "spirit and matter" — let the blind from common fragments of understanding of the public a holistic picture of the world and to define - what exactly are the differences between West and East and what is the essence of the uniqueness of Russia.

The meaning of human life – realization of abilities.

And the formula of happiness to surprise simple – well, when a person is engaged in his favorite thing and he is still paid because there is a complete balance between the spiritual and material needs.

And man needs both external freedom and internal freedom.

Therefore, there is a West and East.

Because the laws of nature that created the brain and the world are one.

While the West was engaged in the external liberation of man, East was concerned about his internal freedom. Whereas people in the West looking for support in the external activities, the man of the East is looking for a universe in itself.

West is West and East is East, said Kipling, and never the TWAIN shall meet

And the soul of the Russian people, Dostoevsky, open to the whole world.

What freedom represents, for example, the Statue of liberty?

The Americans ' attention is directed outward, so they created a democratic society. The inner contact with themselves they delegated to this society. A democratic society produces standards, Americans use these norms and consider themselves while free. The dominant external social protection has limited the ability of Americans to the internal self-defense, to the simplicity of a natural spiritual communication, creating, therefore, the influence of fashion, loneliness, stimulating, so the desire to talk to a psychiatrist. Received, for example, an American heavy letter and was upset. Goes on every occasion to his psychiatrist and asked whether it is normal that he was upset. — A heavy letter? says the psychiatrist. And he says if the letter is heavy, then that's fine. Again this is normal, thinking American, it means "okay!" And it calms down.

In terms of the "gap" as a society itself reminds him of the need to listen to yourself. So, for example, the American asks Americans: "how are You?" He says, "Okay!" And a new question: "are You sure about this?" In this "are You sure?" the incentive to listen to yourself.

But a society in which not only the legal civil and moral-ethical problems, and even sexual relations done through the dominant external freedoms, this imbalance gave rise to, for example, same-sex marriage, because it is not taken into account spiritual values.

Leo Tolstoy said that the meaning of human life on earth in the continuation of life on earth.

This is freedom, not the will, not the Will as nature to understand the freedom of people in Russia. With the help of "external" laws, American society is trying to solve and "pure" human problems. For example, in Canada the children "the law" can "squeal" on their own parents (their about this instruct in schools). Mom and dad are alienated from their own children between them — society. In Russia, for example, to understand how it is not to scold or spank their own child, if he doesn't want to go to bed and the kids understand that mom can do it no harm. However, it depends on mom, now such stress in Russia...

Russia – between East and West in the eternal swing between dominant internal and external forms of freedom in a constant search for balance between spiritual and material values.

And therefore rewrite his story each time.

The national Idea of the country needs, because it is a Strategy.

Because in the long-term uncertainty, people are under pressure, mobilized as soldiers at the front, ready for anything. Stress causes exhaustion, illness, shortening life.

The experience of the WORLD of CULTURE INCLUDED IN IT is MECHANICAL: the outer liberation occurs on the Western model, and the lack of domestic culture intensively populated with the elements of the spiritual traditions of the East, turning to mysticism and the occult.

Because the mechanical transfer of culture is forgotten that the West's attention is directed outward, and East is directed "inward", and many categories of thinking should be understood for persons mentality metaphorically.


some of them turned into so-called businessmen and the other in the so-called psychics.

The split personality of people creates opportunities for corruption, making money (the universal language external freedom) without morality. Therefore, the main stress in Russia is not due to rapid change or because not enough money, but because it is not balanced yet spiritual and material values.

While parents do not know what qualities to look for when raising their children, because to raise a good honest man fear during the transition of the crisis, it is difficult to survive, and against the growing hard cynical "businessman" protests a normal parental instinct.

Roerich and Berdyaev spoke about the uniqueness of Russia between West and East, its potential, and now, in the 21st century - the century of world disasters, war, and smartphones, in the information age combining the world of the Internet, we can understand and articulate the missing link – the National Idea as a Strategy for uniting people.

Implementation of this Strategy is critically important in terms dictated by contemporary need.

Because we're talking — a country rising from its knees! We have our own way!

And what is this path, and what is the uniqueness of Russia, yet no one really can not say.

Today, with the destruction of depolarise (USA — USSR), is unipolar globalization of Western freedoms and against the protests of the East. In the world and the country's growing crises breaking out of the war.

West and East are two mentalities, two cultures, two freedoms. Freedom, where the primary wealth, and freedom – where the primary spiritual values.

Russia seeks Dialogue.

Vertical in Russia, strengthened the country requires updating, inclusion of a feedback mechanism with the community. In crises and threats need to be improved to harmonize international relations, for Dialogue between Russia, the West and the East. Because the Vertical — same unipolarity within the same country. Today, in the age of the Internet and the accumulated world stockpiles of nuclear warheads and developing migration, global terrorist threats is the only way to settle confrontations and conflicts – harmonization of underlying sources of conflict – freedoms of the West and the freedoms of the East.

Because uniqueness is not Russia in the missiles and oil, it is everywhere.

The uniqueness of Russia is that the eternal spirit of Russian nostalgia to be the Messiah, humanity today is the deliberate and formulated in the National idea as a Strategy for prosperity and international community.

Because of the uniqueness of Russia is that Russia is able to create a balance between the spiritual and material values, because only in multinational Russia is able to understand the mental culture of the West and the East.

In Russia, can you tell me what is the advantage of external freedoms have created a conflict with the cartoonists in Paris. Because of the French Declaration of HUMAN rights, ECHOING the AMERICAN DECLARATION of the RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, says THAT the freedom of ONE ENDS WHERE THEY HARM OTHERS.

Is Russia able to explain what "freedom of speech", in this particular case, there was a trampling of the ideals and shrines, and thereby harmed part of humanity for which these ideals are steadfast foundations of life.

Russia may take the role of matching between the mentalities of the cultures of the West and the East, — regulator voltage intercultural exchange for international support, getting off the oil needle.

The establishment of the world International cultural moral and ethical Forum or the "Committee of psychological security of the peoples of the world", according to the National Idea, for example, the Court of human rights in the Hague, reduce crises and wars, by reducing the tension of humanity.

Because it acts international expertise and provides a world assessment of such conflicts. In discussions of prominent, world-renowned philosophers, historians, filmmakers, writers, journalists, resolved problems in the eyes of all mankind.

It is interesting and important as the Olympic Games, the dawn of which was to stop the war. This is the first bright signs of recovery of humanity, seeking to be holistic.

Humanity will reach a new stage of its development is in search of a balance between the eternal spiritual and temporal wealth.

For this you need to understand what spiritual values.

Who short and clear answer to this question? It is not religion. It is the underlying life-saving principles.

It is easier to understand if you look on top of the planet. On the Earth live together billions of people, each with their own tastes, character, Outlook on life. How that many diverse people can survive and develop as people?

If you think about it, spiritual values are based on the principles of Cybernetics — the science of management. It's called principles of feedback. Spiritual values is a constant (eternal) values, accumulated thousands of years of mental culture, incorporating the principles of natural expediency configured on the survival of the human person, and humanity.

These are qualities and concepts that keep life as a phenomenon, principles and concepts of educating and developing the sense of how precious living, a sense of empathy, feeling someone else's pain, elbow friend, what is called in General – love thy neighbor. What is called "Holy" for man is the knowledge, rules, understanding, ability for communication for coexistence of different people and the preservation of life on earth.

These simple truths – the core of any religion, if to release them from forms, reports and rituals. All religions originated in the East. Their deep essence – in development in a human being — human. In civil society, these rules and principles are transformed into the moral, ethical codes.

Tolstoy said that internal compass for guidance in the variety of life, is conscience.

Great philosophers of the West and East and therefore are considered great that the idea of universal categories, and to the West and East. Kant, for example, expressed the idea of unity of nature — "the stars above us and the moral law within."


Look back at the origins.

The Bible begins with, "God Decided to create man in his image and likeness". God nobody has seen, then, not external image, but in fact. This is the main biblical metaphor expressed the experience of centuries of observation of the distinctive essence of human nature. Man by nature is the Creator, the Creator.

Make not love him, and will not, force it not to do, and cannot. Therefore God is man's creativity, God created man as a Creator.

A creative approach to seek the most simple solutions, through the prism of universal human values, giving the maximum result.

Therefore, in the phrase that the work made from the APE man, it should be remembered that it is a free, search-that is, meaningful, in other words, creative work, whereas a dull, meaningless and mechanical work can on the contrary make APE.

Therefore, for the prosperity of the country requires the strengthening of the legislative framework that protects in the person of the Creator.

Russian classics wrote - won't value their own achievements, tomorrow will ask someone's window.

The laws on charity, patronage, intellectual property, and others that are like there, but you look closely, they like or not. And then begin to rapidly develop new technology. Will come back and those who go where the Creator in man more secure. And everyone in the country and the world will see, what started attractive for living and development changes.

This is important because it is the creativity of people is the main resource of the country, protecting the individual Creator, the country secures a guaranteed progress.


The broad pronunciation of the National idea.

Clearly expressed the idea – already have an Offer, and "the idea becomes a force when gripped the masses."

People and society controls the world, but not money, or weapons.

But crises and wars, can be purified, as some philosophers think, but it is extensive way.

Leo Tolstoy wrote that war is unnatural to human nature.

These two principles relate to the world in General and man in particular: the principle of achieving objectives through coordination of activities and the current (internal) state and the principle of achieving goals through violence on themselves.

For example, in running, after the contradictions and overcome the highest point of tension, the runner is relieved – "second wind". However, this extensive path is fraught with unpredictable losses.

There is a natural, intensive development — experienced runner, a marathon runner, knows that the main thing – to find a rhythm, and runs easily, without risk of destruction.

Because here there is a coordination of the human condition and its activities, in other words spirit and matter.


Each era begins with the development of new forms of energy.

21 century is the century of stress, and people can learn to use the energy of stress in their own interests.

Stress is an inexhaustible renewable energy source.

This is made possible with the help of modern educational technologies with the use of revolutionary techniques in the field of psycho-physiological self-regulation of the person.

Because Man is a unified spiritual-physical creature, and whenever he is in search for a solution, he stressed, because the stress necessary to activate resources and coordination of mental and physiological processes, which is integrity.

The source of wisdom is in balance. When a person is in balance, it directs the mind and a sense of harmony when pinned, fear, complexes, stereotypes...and other people's advice.

Konstantin Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov taught to remove neuromuscular clips from the actors on stage. Because it blocks awareness. Modern Russian public Synchromed Key allows you to teach the person the ability to keep a clear mind and confidence in a variety of situations, teaching ability, emancipation, mobilization, relaxation hundreds of times faster. This saves you from many troubles.

Zero this lesson should be taught at school and throughout the training system of any industry.

Here are the new paradigm approach. For example, during physical education, a person's attention should be directed not at the body and the quality of the exercises and the solution of actual tasks and problems. Because it is in these conditions is the synchronization of activities with its current individual state, causing the coordination of mental and physiological processes, that is, the integrity of body and soul.

It is a mechanism inherent to the job, improves health and helps to more effectively solve problems.

Because job support talents and abilities, here is the condition. But in real life, especially in critical situations – people trapped. Because stiffness is a strain, a stress caused by fear for the error.

Stress arises when the Creator meets with the Unknown. The tension of finding a solution in a limited time is sometimes higher than they should be. Sometimes, the heart suddenly grabbed, or exam tomorrow, negotiations, competition, and perhaps the child is delayed unexpectedly from school, my love is gone... the Stress is like hanging in the computer. Fixing attention on the possible negative outcome of the situation directs the energy of the voltage on its implementation.

It's all in the direction of energy.

In creative work the stress is removed due to the fact that in seeking solutions to the energy stress activates the mechanisms of the brain at the highest level – at the level of higher human values. Great artists, writers, poets, composers, scientists and therefore great that for example of personal tragedy could do the work. Learning use of energy stress, most people gain this opportunity.

The athlete is mobilized in front of the record. And the man tenses up, getting stress in the ice hole. But, waiting for the effect of quenching – tempered, and waiting for the cold starts to hurt.

Synchromed Key regulator of energy direction by synchronizing States. That is, "combining the West and the East", the person is able to use the energy of stress for their own purposes, like Russia, reconciling and uniting humanity, will find a new great power in the world harmony! published


Author: Hassan Aliev, the author Synchromed Key, Honored doctor of the Republic of Dagestan, leading researcher, IMASH RAS, General Director of the Moscow non-governmental educational institution "Center protection from stress," a writer-author of books published in different languages, a member of the Union of artists of Russia.


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