After true love, everything will seem smaller...

Today at Breakfast I met the girl he had loved for many years. She already has a husband and she is pregnant. When she left, we shook hands, and then phoned. And, to be honest, when we talked, I rinsed as I rinsed the last 15 years. The tears were rolling and to stop them I could not.5 years ago we made the decision that part. At that time we had been Dating 4.5 years and all this time has been completely devoted to each other. We were able to spend together for 8, 12 and even 24 hours to tens of days without breaks and did not get tired. We ate, slept, walked, played sports, and dreamed, watched movies and TV, visited, talked, played sonyplaystation, and fought everywhere felt complete harmony and understanding.


Ten million twenty three thousand six hundred fifty

We were reflections of each other. Of course, the 5 years were difficult periods when I on hands carried her to the hospital, and she supported me in my consistently unsuccessful projects when I had to forgive and cry when doubted each other and ourselves, but whatever happened, we always could not be without each other for more than a day. We were totally abstracted from the world and only watched everything from the sidelines, having only a vague idea of how everyone else lives.

And every time we went out to the people, and to my surprise found that there is in the world when someone loves and the other allows to love when someone in the relationship may not be love, but only decided to be together. We have not observed this. We are simply told, and we just shrugged their shoulders. And every time we came back from the world in your little world, we absolutely sincerely say that we love each other equally and like no other. We believed in it and knew it was true. And knew not make the decision to be together, to be separate — it's like that not to be at all. I will not hide that we were not perfect, and our relationships have undergone a lot of different human trials, but it doesn't matter.

And now, after 4.5 years of the relationship it seemed to us that our feelings are dead that we are a bit like what should ideally be that there's no passion and that maybe we should break up. I'll never forget what expectations we went. It seemed to us that we, as the sailing boats leave to sail, and we thought that this world is full of challenges and important people. People who are at least not worse than we are for each other. We consider ourselves young, beautiful and promising and that to find a soul mate will be quite difficult, because there are others to choose. Since then it has been 5 years and if I once, 10 or 15 years ago said that I'll be watching the life, I see that now, I would never have believed it. Now I see the most beautiful and interesting girls, the most successful and charismatic guys are massively alone. I remember how we came to 1 class, and we had a girl that loved unconditionally all the boys and hated all girls. If I then said that in 25 years it will be still so beautiful, but lonely and divorced, I would have thought it was a joke. As I would not have believed that the girl I liked along with a good dozen guys in the 8th and 9th grade, in 25 years will be a lonely and very beautiful mom and the other is very beautiful and extremely good dear friend of mine that when I meet my excitement inside the breath goes astray (and everyone who sees it).

I remember once in a personal conversation she told me that in the 17-18 years she saw the world and their future differently. She said she always thought that she it's gonna be a big and good family, be a successful husband and successful children that will house all what is the dream of every. But it was all somehow different, with her husband, who beat, divorce, dishonest men and all the consequences…

For anybody not a secret that when I was in beauty pageants and know the fate of many of the most beautiful girls of our city. And the majority of them to me is incredibly pathetic. If I once said long ago that these girls will be lonely, miserable and useless, I would have just laughed in response. And they have it! And don't argue, just trust me. And if they do so, as well all the rest…

In my male company is not a particularly unsuccessful people. All engaged in sport, work, active, pleasant to talk to and all from 22 to 35 years. In fact, the style of life and attitude to many of the values makes us one company. And what's interesting is half of them are not married. Worst of all, I know that they are absolutely realistic considering the perspective for myself to remain to the end of life. We met with one of my close friend, who also, like me, broke up with my girlfriend, thinking that this world is full of better parties. I would call this guy one of the coolest in my environment (it's easy to fall in love). And he told me that before he even somehow did not consider a scenario that you can be alone. It seemed like that anyway, someone will meet, but now everything is different. He is now with a completely cold calculation considering the option to be alone. And I don't even know what in the world happened, where was the breakdown that every day becomes more and more lonely people.

Now I'm 26 years old. I know a lot. Know how to make it so that I had the money, how to earn respect and recognition, to cause laughter or to force yourself to hate. I learned how to get almost everything. But I don't know what to do, to love. This is the only feeling, thing, emotion that it is impossible to urge, to create, to imitate. She does not belong to us and I am convinced that it is a gift of God. And if there is a God, that is love. And Woe unto the man who once experienced it, because we think about and experience love once, in the future everything will seem less of her because to beat the love is almost impossible. And if you love somebody, and outside in our world there is someone who you feel brighter, younger, more interesting, smarter, sweeter, then you know that it's all temporary, but love is eternal.

The lights fade, the young grow old, that was tender, poprobuet, interesting will be the usual, sharpness of mind will be dulled, and only it has no past tense.

If you have someone you love, did not dare to leave him. No way! Your whole life consists of 5-6 people standing, one of whom you are, if the stars line up, love, because if you do not agree, you may not succeed will never. Do not throw your happiness and opportunities to build it. Then you will regret them. Want to know how looks the world? Then listen and do not dare to come here. There is nothing that you can exchange love. For 5 years I began to appreciate when I meet a girl who can just talk normally and chat, laugh, and enjoy life. I appreciate people who can at least just something to say, to think, to have an opinion, or to want something. I wonder what the quality is like "just to be a normal person" — it has become such a rarity that it is possible to pay more. And those qualities that you love seem self-evident, as respect, kindness, sincerity, honesty — here is a rarity. Love can not be different, and so for many it is a way of survival. Here, all beautiful, all vibrant, but almost all of what I was 5 years ago so attracted, were false, harmful and poisonous as toadstools in the woods, they somehow always brighter whites.

Actually, I'm a very happy person, because my life was happiness. Although, why it was... there. I wish you the same. Don't miss it.

PS This is the most unusual for me note, but I would like to share with you, and that you share with those who love each other, with those who are still together with those who are not together, but should be the opposite. I would like to warn many loving people from rash acts.  published 


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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