Why modern women men

Modern women terribly unhappy men, and every day the number of grievances and claims to the "stronger sex" is only growing.

All understandable: a woman wants to see next to a man stronger and more successful yourself, be sure to generous, and besides, with a good heart, gentle, loving, open to feelings, able to devote herself and her life to her – "the lady of his heart".

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The woman of the XXI century genuinely perplexed how you can love and respect a man who earns enough money not provides the family, does not care about her and the children, whose interests are reduced to "to drink beer with friends" and "lie on the couch watching TV."

Accumulated years of resentment not allow a woman to understand and accept the man.

She can't understand why she needs someone who do not able to give, who does not solve her problems, but only adds new ones. "Why should I, if I can," proudly says a woman. Really, why?

So whether you want a modern woman in a man and why?

Indeed, many women in our days are making great strides and achievements than men. They run companies and even States, banks and owned hotels implement major business projects, making the world's scientific discoveries that make the laws. It would seem, here it is the top of happiness and freedom. No more a slavish dependence on men, neither in material nor in social, nor even in moral terms. The man cast out, impaired, scrap unnecessary.

But where is the shiny happy faces of women? Why a woman does not feel happy, protected, despite the fact that she can do everything herself?

I tell you a secret: the modern woman is, by definition, can't be happy. Her inner woman has a memory and representation of strong, powerful and resolute man. Now not so many such men.

Why do you think?

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That suppresses masculine

Most men are brought up powerful, strong mothers who for its convenience, try in every way to suppress the masculine.

The male energy has the stubborn, strong, rebellious, eager for action and freedom.

Mother, as wife, needs obedient, "manual" man, loving, loyal, fulfilling all the wishes on demand and constantly in her field of vision. But is a man like a dog on a leash can be strong? How could it be you?

The male energy has the stubborn, tough, sometimes even ugly and the woman is not ready to meet this explosive mixture in the man. So first in the face of her mother, she suppresses a son, trying to educate first and foremost an obedient boy and then wife continues to behave well.

Yes, a woman wants a strong and courageous man, but at the same time afraid of him. She is afraid that will not long be the sole and hold it near him. She does not believe that such a man will love her and be faithful to her. She fears his infidelity, betrayal and her fears are forced to constantly monitor the man.


Modern woman in the depths of his soul unsure of herself. She was raised by an emotionally cold mother or overly protective of her, she grew up in a deficit of love and attention, so she's weak, helpless and insecure. The man she is looking for what lacked in her childhood, she wants love, tenderness, care, strength, independence, not realizing that it is impossible to obtain from one man, and her fear of male power is not allowed to take it.

To compensate for and suppress all the internal fears and doubts, the woman seeking independence and autonomy. Male power actually causes her no admiration, no recognition, no respect, but only anxiety and fear.

Fearing the manifestations of this male energy, she tries to deprive man of his power. What for? It's simple: to gain power and control over him. Looking at today's infantile and lazy men can say that women have succeeded in this case.

Emancipation led to the change of social roles: women became like men, and they in turn awarded the title of "weaker sex". But this is not important, the problem lies not in who earns more or has a higher social status, she lies in the plane of feelings and relationships.

We have forgotten that women's love is by nature unconditional, and the men are always conditional. By purchasing a lot, the woman lost most importantly — their feminine energy. She was unable to love and accept a man with unconditional love, just like that, for his soul and good heart.

The woman is deeply convinced that a man should be stronger than her, and if not, then she can't see him as a man and to feel in it his power.

The soul of the modern woman corrodes internal conflict:

  • on the one hand, she wants to feel a man's strength,
  • on the other — frightened of her because he has no girl power.
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How many disgruntled exclamations, reproaches and accusations I hear after this statement.

  • The woman doesn't understand how to be a woman with modern man.
  • How to take it? How to love?
  • It is fundamentally do not agree that it should be something to do in relationships and for men.
  • She can't see that you can love him.

Let's just meditate for a little while.

What is girl power?The ability to love without conditions and limitations, demanding nothing and not expecting anything in return, ability to accept, to let go, forgive, patience, wisdom and flexibility.

Women are not to blame for the fact that they do not possess these qualities. The majority of educated mothers in conflict with their own mothers. Her mother gave her unconditional acceptance and love because he had not received from her own mother. If the daughter is in conflict with her mother, and her mother was with her, if insults on men congregate in the women's hearts from generation to generation, then how can there be unconditional love and acceptance?

Born a woman is doomed to rejection, the rejection of his mother, and then her feminine nature and energy of the floor. With the advent of the daughter the light of existing conflicts in the female line Wake up in the unconscious. The woman-mother is unable to accept and love his daughter, opening her heart and soul. Not taking a woman of a woman's soul closes up and dies. Having lost the ability to love unconditional love, a woman unable to understand and accept how to love a man if he's no good.

As strange as it sounds, but most modern women are dead women. Their female died with all the qualities inherent in the female nature. Not believe? Then let's look at the modern woman impartially.


Modern woman. Side view

You agree that the majority of she is impatient, calculating, she is driven by the need to constantly control others, yourself, your life.

She's afraid to relax and seem helpless, constantly worried about their future and do not trust neither the people nor themselves.

For fear of losing the reins of power, the power and authority it lacks the ability to let go of people, the situation, accept the reality and others as they really are.

She lives by the mind, ignoring the voice of intuition, in her judgment about people is always present evaluation.

And all because in a modern woman's life lacks love, the love that we call unconditional. That which can love only a woman with soft and kind heart, able to forgive, to be patient and wise.

Abandoning her female nature, or rather not accepting it, studying the woman in the male world of conditional love — love for something. Of course, this approach man have to meet her expectations. But it's impossible. Modern man can not give to her his manhood, because it is he simply does not. But he can give her more — his kind and loving heart. Only here in the female world for such a man is not valued, on the contrary, for its softness and kindness, he finally loses the respect of women. It turns out a vicious circle. But remember: there's the exit where the entrance is.

The modern women's soul in the armor and the heart in armour. Their feelings on the lock and the key was lost in the recesses of the mind. Therefore, from a reasonable point of view, they can't understand why they man.

"If I earn money, I have a car, apartment, I can take care of myself and the baby, why would I want the one that will bring into my life only problems and concerns" — so says the majority of women. Following this reasoning, and the motto "Better alone than with just anyone", they refuse relations.

I do not encourage women to connect their lives with anyone, I just want to help you find your way to a woman's happiness. But by the mind will not come back. To awaken the soul.

That's why modern women men.


A man awakens in a woman of her nature

The modern woman lacks the softness, kindness, warmth, patience and acceptance. There is no love, which is warmed primarily by herself, she waits for men of this heat.

But its demands and expectations from men are not allow to obtain it.

Maybe the man next to you does not meet all the requirements of the stronger sex, but you look at it, maybe he has a good heart and gentle soul?

Keep it, don't neglect this treasure. These qualities will help to melt the ice in your soul and believe in love, to trust and open up. Let his kindness and love for you to open your heart.

Look to his soul, to his human qualities, will shift his focus from his achievements and what he has achieved.

Remember how in the tale "the Scarlet flower" Alyonushka fell in love with the Beast, she saw his soul and the Beast was transformed.

The woman should just allow the man to be in her life.

Maybe his kind heart to awaken her soul, revive the heart and gain the ability to love.

Maybe in his acceptance of you for who you are, you will be able to accept himself and his love to love myself. That's why you need a man.

How many women, trying to find a decent man, do not pay attention to those who are able to give them what they really need simple human warmth. You are Autonomous and independent? Why are you men from high social status and wealth? You have them.Not looking for a man stronger than himself, look for the man kind and warm yourself!

Spiritual development occurs through relationships in which there is a place and conflict and drama and pain and suffering. Avoiding intimate relationships, the woman is thus trying to protect themselves from suffering, create a vacuum around themselves to feel safe. With the advent in her life of a man (no matter what) all internal conflicts rise and are eager to go outside. But the only way through the pain — the woman is able to move his soul inside himself, to his true.

Isolating yourself from men, a woman loses touch with them, although it seems that it is with them, she loses herself.

Thirty nine million sixty eight thousand two hundred ninety

Know yourself through relationships

Relationship is a catalyst that speeds up the acquaintance with you and opens for you the world of your unconscious. Only in a relationship with a man you can live the pain of the past, accept it, forgive yourself and others, which will inevitably lead to healing your soul and gaining the ability to love.

Believe me, men coming into your life, match your internal parts, and only through familiarity with them, through the development of relationships, you will discover the way to him.

Closing from men, you lock your self in prison, where he will not be able to get out without male assistance.

Fear not: any relationship as their development, more and more will get you into your unconscious, to make contact with him. Inside you will start to Wake up fear, hatred, resentment, anger, desires, unmet needs. Through the understanding and accommodation of all these feelings you will come to real spirituality, the true acceptance and love.

Refusing men, a woman kills herself, is dead, forever losing touch with your soul.

Now a lot written and said about the crisis of modern marriage. I think that all the problems can resolve themselves when men and women refuse the myth about each other: about a strong man and a weak woman. In the past, let him go without regret. The reality is totally different, take it. The modern woman should be able to see the soul of a man, and, throwing all stereotypes to allow his soul to love her. He felt his soul and coming into contact with her, she will come in contact with your soul.

All that is required from women is to simply allow the man to be in her life.

Let the modern woman not afraid that she is stronger than men. It does not mean it is weak. It is what is not she is a kind, loving heart.

Step away from the stereotypes about the courageous and strong men. Communicating with a man, do not look for favor from him in the material world, look at his soul, feel it inside and may be some part of his soul will touch yours.

Why modern women men? Only man is able to awaken the feminine soul.

Man and woman will always need each other because only in the relations and contact of souls they will be able to find yourself.published 


Author: Irina Gavrilova Dempsey

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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