About love a little differently ...

Sometimes, walking the streets or standing in a crowded subway car, I catch myself thinking that I was starting to look into the eyes of people ... Many people like a stone, they did not express, and I was once again amazed at how skillfully can people hide their feelings thoughts, worries and problems behind a mask of complete indifference, as if afraid that, god forbid, someone peered into his soul.

One can not help thinking how much of such masks, suitable for any circumstances, is in the collection of each of us ... But when you stop paying attention to the mask and look up to meet the eyes of a person in front of you opens a whole world that can not be concealed by any acting.

... How many can tell the human eye! Sometimes they read hopelessness and despair, and sometimes - the hope and joy. One person eyes talking about how tired he was and how it all damn tired, and the other wants to share their dreams, which is about to begin to be implemented. The eyes of one crying without tears, eyes another laugh silently. How the fate of many life stories ...

each person's eyes tell of the importance of their everyday concerns about the road. But I've never seen eyes that would not tell their love story. You look into the eyes of one - and read in them how much I want to love and be loved, how loneliness weighs ...

You look into the eyes of another - and again about love, meetings and separations, happy moments and disappointments ... You look at the third eye - again the love that is a fairy tale for children and romantics, but in real life it is necessary to survive, no time for trifles ... in the eyes of the fourth read, that he was too old and too much burned in my life - and what love at this age, just to the children at least once a month, they remembered that they have parents ...

And sometimes suddenly see - human eyes are burning, shining mysterious light. Do not guess what he thought in this moment - about whether there is, on the favorite dream or favorite business favorite, - you see, he just loves that he is permeated by love, live it ... and I want to bow before this great force.

In ancient times, said that if the people are united by love, in the name of love ordered the mountain, "Move over," - she moves. Philosophers have argued that the entire universe was created by the great power of love. Love moves the galaxies and celestial bodies, it is imbued with nature and all things in it. Love - the alpha and omega of existence without love is no life, there is no evolution. It is sung by poets, it filled with the works of artists and musicians, its scientists discover between the lines of his theorems and formulas, it is the essence, the essence of all philosophical and religious teachings. Everything speaks of love as a miracle, the great mystery of life. Maybe that's why remains a mystery to many of the greatest it.

Often, when faced with something sublime, that it is impossible to fully understand, because it is impossible to remove the concrete benefits, a person begins to simplify it and to alter beyond recognition in their own way, customized to fit your measurements. From this suffered and many of the great truths of creation and love, unfortunately, is no exception to the rule.

Today, for many it has lost its main quality is great, divine power and reduced - much much easier! - A common, but a clear and specific game senses and sensuality, sexual attraction, to the relationship of the "I like you - means love»

. Sometimes you want to talk about love a little differently ... Do we need nothing more than to dig up dirt on celebrities and neighbors? I would like to put aside the endless talk of "Babi" and "a peasant" happiness about with someone who slept, someone who changes who gets attracted to and why ... Is all art of love consists only in the knowledge of recipes, how to please the other, how to catch it in their networks, which are required for this astrological moments privorazhivaniya and elixirs, what evidence of love, we must be prepared as to make a favorite or favorite did not change, did not abandon us, and how to get them back if this happens?

Love gives wings

It would be desirable at least for a moment to draw the eye to the sublime; I want to become a cleaner, wash off the dirt accumulated over the years of small everyday interests and concerns; I want to stop being ordinary and live in a senseless fuss. I want to dream, to talk about the great love that illuminates the entire life of a person, which gives meaning to his existence, giving wings to fly to new dalyam ... I want to talk about the soul, not the body.

I know that for many of the great love exists only in books, fairy tales, or in the movies, but not in real life. How often a man who dreams of your favorite business or beloved, truly native people surrounding "prudent" advised: you have to be more modest, take that hand, and you will remain with nothing ...

But people continue to believe, to hope, and, above all, to fight. Maybe the best I understand such people, because much of what is said here, they will recognize themselves. And maybe they will understand what the ancient philosophers said: a great love - this is not a flash of feelings and emotions and a certain state of consciousness, and the path leading to the soul wisdom

. Love teaches, makes it possible to "reach out" to the intimate nature, man, the universe, it helps to overcome the difficulties and trials, and gives them a meaning, it directs all our destiny and gives wings to the impossible became possible. Love is inextricably linked with wisdom. Wisdom is love and love of wisdom have always been fundamentals of Discipleship, the spiritual path of truth seekers.

In great love, wisdom, love, are based all true relationships - between men and women, friends, soul mates, teacher and student, parent and child, man and his dream

. In ancient times, we talked about the great art of making the sacred bonds of love between souls, when, thanks to the great love that unites them, they are "communicating vessels" and everything that happens to one is reflected in the soul of another. The ancient philosophers taught that the greatest love is not called at the request, not planned, it is not required as a reward, not bought or sold. Great love is deserved. It comes by itself as a hard-won result of dreams, fighting and throwing man. It comes when the soul of man is ready to accept it, surrender to it completely, to rise in it, a new look at the world, to turn another page of fate, and not only his.

"Going through hell»

The path to the great Love, as well as the path to wisdom, has its phases and stages. It is difficult and not easy, but it is filled with revelations, rethinking unexpected events. Many are afraid of difficulties and suffering, waiting in the way of a great love, and they prefer not to look for her, being content with superficial relationships that do not require much effort and sacrifice. Perhaps, indeed, to live - it is easier, safer and more prosperous; but a person whose heart has felt a strong call, a deep craving for great love, no longer wants such an easy life, such peace and prosperity of this.

On the path of love, as in the path of Wisdom, you must "go through hell"; This is the first step, the first step, which is, anyway, not pass one - with the only difference that many on it and stop, and only a few find the strength to overcome it and move on. At this stage, you need to understand their own experience, that is not love, so that later on this basis to reach the awareness of what it really is. This is the period of throwing, searching, trial and error, where we often are fighting head on the wall, getting hit, bumps, scratches ...

Some people in their search for true love and soul mate, which would correspond to their high internal criteria, rush from one connection to another, a third, a tenth, and so on ad infinitum. After each "adventure" on the soul are new scratches, wounds that do not have time to heal as new ones appear. Still love replaces the emptiness, depression, frustration with the bitter taste of disappointment, and sometimes hatred.

Others at this stage is often mistaken for love is just love. After the excitement, romance, when everything seems rosy and it seems that the whole world at our feet, begin drab and difficult life. Romance disappear and with eyes as if scales fall in love, and the harsh reality prevails. The man begins to open at another other, unpleasant hand and quality, which previously did not notice or did not want to see. As a result - again a disappointment, alienation, indifference and the feeling of happiness that the former can not be returned

. There are others who are lucky from the beginning to meet a loved one, and for many years to share with them the joy and sorrow. But even they are no exception to the rule. In a series of monotony of everyday life and everyday problems suddenly it turns out that the man who idealized, has a lot of shortcomings, love has become a habit, and it seems that she is gone and love. In moments of crisis, you start to think that never knew the man with whom he lived for many years ...

Egoism and possessiveness: the problem

! Task step "passing through Hell" - to realize that is not love, it becomes an obstacle to it; and if you pass this stage sincerely and generously, placing everything in its place, it will help us to see their errors and start anew with a clean slate, have a really - a strengthening and deepening the old, the true bond of love, or creating new ones, but without the lies, self-deception and hypocrisy.

What becomes a barrier to the great love? First of all, our own selfishness. The fact is that when we want to love a man or think we love him, we often forget that it has its own personality, strengths and weaknesses, aspirations and needs, and try to see it as a reflection of themselves.

Each of us has his own ideal image of a loved one, and this way we often bestow those qualities that are lacking ourselves, who primarily like to see in themselves.

And it turns out that in fact we fall in love not in person, but the image that created; rather, we fall in love with the ideal itself. All of the first argument, disappointment and misunderstanding arise on these grounds. From the moment when we become aware of a discrepancy of a real person this ideal image, we are making another mistake - trying to remake a person to adjust it to fit your measurements and reporting. So, often without realizing it, we are building a relationship on the basis of a very clever and artful form of egoism and possessiveness: it becomes important is not what we can give to man and what inspired him to us, and what we can get out of it <. br>
The realization of his selfishness in relationships should lead us to understand that true love can not exist on the basis of self-interest. "Prove to me that you are, what kind of dream how I see you" - this is not a manifestation of love, and attempt to conclude a person in a golden cage of our senses, so that he flaunted it as the greatest of our workmanship, created in our image and likeness.

My favorite has to be eternally grateful for the fact that we love him and because of it we have done, and because he can not have another center of attraction and a God besides us! True love can not be based on self-affirmation. Even the golden cage one day becoming closer, and because the human mind does not tend to be a slave to something else, it is not surprising if people in one point away from us, or simply expropriated, close to us the door of his inner world, the most precious and beautiful in itself.

In this regard, we also note: it is not clear what is worse - enclosed in a golden cage of another person or allow to put in this cage us to adjust to the unnatural and selfish demands and views of those from whom we are waiting for the love. Displaces their individuality, their abilities and the dreams just because of the fear of losing the one who pays us for it bits of warmth and comfort, but it does not give real love - not too high a price our little human happiness

? Compromises, compromises ...

Compromises in this way can result in the fact that the man closes the door in front of Love, failing to reach them. Content in relationship to small - material well-being, sexual satisfaction, the presence of a number of at least some of the living beings - we are allowing for a short term one problem permanently losing an important part of yourself, which then will be very difficult to return

. Preferring a bird in the hand, we cut a path to the bush ... Even a relationship based on true love, may be at risk due to the routine, getting up between people and taking on the best of the high state of mind; but this is no reason to compromise and give up. For any relationship you can always do better and deeper, although this may require a lot of time and a lot of patience.

In love, as in many other things in life, there is always the question: how to distinguish the false from the true? How do we know we were wrong again or not? If we truly wish to understand and if we lack the objectivity of faith and patience, there is only one: to pass the test of time. All genuine durable. Despite all the obstacles and tests that gives the fate of, it not only survives, but with time it becomes even deeper, even stronger, even more. The falsity never withstand the test of time. Sooner or later, all the false is exposed, showing its true face, the reverse side of the coin, which we, in our enthusiasm did not see or did not want to see.

In any case, our love, our relationship authenticity check, we do not - they always checks fate itself. Time passes, and suddenly as if by chance certain qualities, merits or demerits appear so vividly that it seems that this is a trick of fate itself.

So it seems to be showing the results of its analysis of what is happening, my opinion that we are concerned. In such cases, you have to be blind not to see such obvious facts and not so obvious lesson to learn, not to make your choice and do not make a specific decision. But if we do not notice and continue to follow the usual rut of life - well, my friends, then everything that happens then we blame ourselves. If we remain blind and deaf when Fate gives us an estimate of specific events and the facts, we must accept that it happens not because we do not understand, can not hear and can not see, but because they do not want to do that.

"Please, tame me!»

Wise men say, the stage of "passing through Hell" love ends the realization that we must free ourselves from the subtle forms of egoism and possessiveness, "let a loved one of his claws," cease to require him constant proofs of love, but rather love, so that in the first place, he was - his spirit, his personality, his aspirations and dreams. Along with this we come to understand that, despite the beautiful moments, and even for many years, lived together, in fact we do not yet know the person. So begins the second stage leading to the wisdom of love - the stage of "domestication": to know Love, we must rediscover the beloved

. In the famous book of Saint-Exupery Fox asked the Little Prince: "Please ... tame me!" When the Little Prince says that he does not have time, there are many things that must be done, a lot of people that need to meet you, Fox says very wisely the phrase: "You can only learn those things that tame." On the question: "How is it - tame" - Fox says: "This is a long-forgotten concept. It means: to create

Ties ". True love requires air sensation of flight and freedom of the soul. People who share it, do not dissolve in each other, and do not lose their individuality; they are like two pillars that support the roof of the temple. In this sense, to create a bond not to become attached to each other so that it is impossible to live without a physical presence, without affection, proof of love, and so on. D. That means know each other that we are united, and we leave aside the fact that shares.

The true love of people is always united by something durable, and it is to this long-lasting it is necessary to "dig". "Zorko one heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. "If we want to" tame "and want to" tame "us, we must keep in mind that this is a long process getting to know each other, recognizing the most intimate thing in the soul of one, and in the soul of another.

«С каждым днем садись немного ближе», — советовал Лис Маленькому Принцу. На самом деле с каждым днем ты открываешь какую-то новую часть души человека, вновь удивляешься, как будто видишь его первый раз, хотя думал, что давно уже все о нем знаешь.

Истинная Любовь, связывающая людей, помогает им становиться зеркалом друг для друга. Они видят и отмечают все, реагируют и действуют словно голос совести, не позволяя друг другу огрубеть и очерстветь. Они учатся улавливать проявления красоты внутреннего мира другого человека и, отражая их, помогают осознать их ему самому.

С того момента, когда мы начинаем чувствовать в человеке то прекрасное и сокровенное, чего он сам о себе еще не знает, и начинается «приручение» в истинном смысле этого слова.

И если это процесс обоюдный, то мы начинаем открывать, как много из того, что близко и дорого сердцу одного, так же близко и дорого сердцу другого. Мы начинаем думать вместе, чувствовать вместе, мечтать вместе, сражаться вместе… Мы осознаем все то, что объединяет нас в этой жизни, а может быть — и наверняка, — далеко за ее пределами.

Из трудных ситуаций, конфликтов, которые случаются между нами, мы выходим именно благодаря тому невидимому мосту, который перебросили друг к другу, благодаря созданным между нашими душами священным узам, спасающим нашу Любовь вопреки всем глупостям, которые мы можем натворить. И мы осознаем, что даже если бы мы захотели, то не смогли бы перестать любить друг друга, ибо слишком дорого то, что объединяет нас.

Это лишь малая часть откровений великой, истинной Любви, которые, раз начавшись, продолжаются бесконечно. Самое главное в них то, что таким образом Любовь становится моим Учителем. Я осознаю, что все, что я понимаю благодаря ей, становится универсальным принципом, применимым во всех жизненных ситуациях. Мудрость Любви становится ключом, открывающим двери самых глубоких таинств бытия.

Философы древности говорили, что истинная Любовь совершает чудеса и невероятные подвиги, дает человеку крылья для полета к новым далям. Благодаря тому что любящие связаны между собой подобно сообщающимся сосудам, Любовь, живущая в них, становится великой силой, приносящей вдохновение и благословение. Все, что происходит в одном из них, отражается в другом.

Если несмотря на пространство и время, разделяющее нас, моя радость сильнее горя любимого человека, то его сердце наполнится радостью. А если в его душе царит поздняя осень, а я в каком-то уголке Москвы, мира или Вселенной в какой-то миг осознаю, что люблю и хочу любить, — кто знает, может быть, действительно что-то в нем встрепенется и в душе его вдруг повеет весной?..


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