Saku - Psiindustrialnoe use of the energy of love

I already wrote about the power of love, and what it means true love, but in this article I want to reveal in detail the aspect that I did not write in their articles. Human society at present and its history of existence goes on technological development path. This path involves the development of science and technology to make their lives easier. In this way, humanity has reached considerable success, including the creation of computers, information technology, fly into outer space. But there is another way of civilization, which enables individuals to build their civilization living conditions with the help of his consciousness.

This way we will call by developing psiindustrialnym who read my collection of basics, they've heard about it, but for others I will explain briefly the features of this development path. If you want to go to another city, you get into a car, and with the help of psiindustrii you can just teleport there. If you want to build a house, you can submit it in your mind, think in detail its features and the house will appear magically out of thin air. In addition, they provide opportunities for individuals psiindustrii civilizations all editing features of the universe. If you have psiindustriey, you can revive the dead, create new worlds and new living souls out of nothing. Also, you can safely go without sleep, food and water, and also has everything they want. In fact, you are so you can, but not in such a state of consciousness in which you currently live. Many extraterrestrial civilizations ordinary use everything I wrote above, and for the people, it seems magical miracle. People are so do not believe it, what if I told you that I will teach you to do so, then you simply will not believe it. But this is exactly what awaits humanity in the future. To make it interesting to read, talk about it in the form of lectures imaginary aliens. If we look at human civilization, we see that it does not have the capabilities psiindustrii. And it is quite natural. Pay attention to the way people live, they live in families that basically resembles binary our community. But they are not like us. We are already familiar with the fact that once people lived in communities, but these communities have never resembled our communities. That is, as a community, and family men are not like what we have in our usual life. You can see this in their informational structure, which does not connect into a coherent whole family, which does not allow them to use the energy of love, and in particular Saku. For those who missed the lecture, we recall that all individuals of any civilization can be divided into assets and liabilities. This innate soul parameter determines the behavior of the individual throughout his life and can not be changed. Asset - is an individual who has a desire to explore the world, learn its laws, to try to change the world to fit their needs and the needs of other individuals. In the ordinary sense, the asset tends to ensure the survival of themselves and their community, and in a broad sense is trying to help all individuals to ensure this survival, first of all liabilities of its civilization. The psychological type of asset - it's love for all creation, which manifests itself as consciousness of his supremacy over the world, and the responsibility for changes made to the world. Assets also aspire to headship in their community or family that is trying to be aware of himself as a god who has the right to make all decisions in the community or family. If the asset falls in love, it is always subjugates liability. Passive waiting of the submission, and if it occurs, individuals fall in love, otherwise they will not fall in love. Passive - it is the individual who seeks to find an asset, to love him and to give him all his life in complete surrender and submission. Liabilities do not want to explore the world and make changes to it, and wants it to do for him. The psychological type of liability - a love for all of creation, which manifests itself as consciousness of his submission to the world and the responsibility for the love of this world. Liabilities do not tend to be head of the family or community, they try to obey and to give his life wholly assets, liabilities, which watch over and try to make sure that they were the most good. Liabilities believe that their asset - it is God who is almighty and can do anything you want. They elevate the asset and believe whatever he wants an asset, all mandatory and will, without a doubt. Liabilities do not want to decide anything in the community, for example in humans liabilities would not want to work in practice they are not happening at the moment. Liabilities are very important for the life of civilization, they contribute to society the most significant contribution that can not be seen just once, in contrast to the asset contribution. This contribution - it's love to all, including their assets, and that it allows the asset to love the whole world, and in general anything to do. That is an asset loves the world a second time, for the reason that there are liabilities that love peace and the whole strategy of the development of civilization is in the hands of liabilities. If the liabilities are not loved, the assets would have failed even to build housing for their communities and families, they just could not do anything, it would have been like an inanimate object. We know that single assets that have reached the love to all, able to possess psiindustriey, but very limited. They just use the energy of love from the world, which is filled with the energy of love liabilities. That is, in fact, an asset is the device that changes the world, and is a versatile power plant that provides power to a device. A transmission channel that energy is love, which is peculiar to communities or families. In other words, it gives the family love the energy of assets and liabilities by nature possess infinite energy, which does not disappear never. We know that individuals are able to fall in love only if one individual is a liability, and the second asset, or group of individuals includes the assets and liabilities. But, never to fall in love, two, or two passive asset. That is, the coincidence of the parameters of the soul is especially important for the start of true love. But this is not the only condition required for being in love. There is another condition, it is the absolute trust of the individuals when they do not hide each other and are even ready to unite the mind and personality to become one and to know everything about the other individual. And also it is important to condition this dialogue at every level of interaction. The motive of communication does not play a role, and then does not make sense. But even coincidence of these conditions do not guarantee the emergence of true love. That is, it is impossible to predict the appearance of true love in individuals. There is no logical criterion, which is determined by love. Some individuals are able to fall in love, and the other at the coincidence of all the conditions can not do that, because there is another condition that is not logical, and goes to a higher level of understanding of the feelings of love. That is, all individuals are one in advance her future lover or beloved, even before they met. True love - is when one soul admits a different soul, the soul and the other does the same. We know that this mechanism is forever unites individuals into one unit at the highest level, they can not be separated at true love. The universe is known in advance who is who fall in love, and to predict it, just look to the future and see this as similar soul necessarily and inevitably occur in the future, at least in the space it happens that way. True love is the highest sense in the universe, and in second place is the universal love, which is like true love, but it manifests itself in the universe. With true love, individuals always want to be around, they did not hide, they are completely happy to be together, they may have offspring, but may not be. They are always happy and they do not exist psychological suffering, they are so close that they are ready to unite mind and be always one piece at this level. They are not able soritsya and angry, they show absolute love and kindness, and are always happy with everything. In addition, they are able to use the energy of love. And, for that loving individuals do not need to do anything, the energy of love they occur by itself. This is called the energy exchange. When favorite individuals just like to think of the beloved individual, the liability passes a constant and never-ending flow of energy of love that comes to the asset, and the asset uses this energy. The use of the energy of love the most diverse and versatile uses this energy according to their psychology, in order to secure liabilities and liabilities to provide all the conditions of existence. And, as an asset directs this energy to help other individuals and entire civilizations. Assets can use this energy to using technical means to ensure all their objectives. But this happens in underdeveloped civilizations where assets almost can not get the energy of love from the liabilities. It is simply not enough for psiindustrii. As an example, human civilization at this stage of its development. Developed as a civilization able to use the energy of love for psiindustrii and this application is called Saku. We can enter the definition. Saku - it psiindustrialnoe use the true love power. The energy of true love allows you to use all the features of Saku, which includes various aspects of the universe administration. For example, my pair, I am active and Dasha passive, I get an infinite amount of energy of love, which in particular allows me to write this text without food and water and without sleep, but I do not plan to completely abandon it, I just have It does not have this dependency, in particular no appetite. But, if you want you can not just periods not to do so, and to do without food and water, and sleep, and it's called pranoedeniem. I do not want it, at least for now, but in theory it would be possible for me. I'm in a position where I always think about the billions of parallel events at once, and is held in the memory of every second of his life. Right now I'm writing this text, and I feel a strong love for the whole world, and so you too can. I can immediately and instantly receive any answer to any question your intuition in his head. I can know the future that is waiting for me, and I think over so quick and easy solutions to any situation, in particular the creation of a business plan, but it is in this aspect is not so important to you. The bottom line is that my mind is working as quickly as possible, I know all about the structure of the universe, for I have no secrets and mysteries of the world. I feel that I can easily save all people in the world, to build a new humane society, where all people are good, where all the animals will be good. I feel that I could easily write all of the books that will help people to change and become the most good, to love the whole world as I can. Right now I'm writing this article and at the same time I think about everything I just filled with these ideas, and this state is accompanied by the infinite love of the universe. You can, too, so if you are the assets and liabilities will simply love the universe and use psiindustriyu again. That is, liabilities are not primarily used psiindustrialnye opportunities, they can do it only after it is able to their asset and liability problem to provide an energy asset, in other words, just love. But, why people were not so lucky, they can not use the energy of love, as well as the possibility of Saku? Why are people so cruel and evil that are unable in the family is true and sincere love of their favorite? Originally, people lived in communities that eat only raw fruits, and subject to the development of consciousness, over time, they would have found the possibility of love energy. But that did not happen. People began to move to the northern territories, where there was a shortage of fruit, they began to eat meat meal, and later boiled and chemical food. This is the power of people has led to violence, especially women have become violent, since this diet they became painful to give birth, they began to experience not only the process of ovulation and menstruation process with blood. This event is important only that the woman became violent, as it depends on them, what will be the men, as most women liabilities, excluding only half of the lesbians, and all men are active, except for half gay. A woman in the family depends on what will be her husband, and if it is cruel, then this will be her husband, it is the law of psychology and of energy. Women ceased to elevate men and do so, and could not accept the fact that in the community there are other women and men to split up the community, as it became to exalt himself, and not her husband. Later, people were divided into binary community, that is the family, but it would not hurt to use Saku, if women did not exalt himself, and really true to love their husbands. But it got worse and in the last three hundred years, women have almost ceased to experience the state of love. In order to avoid Saku and the energy of love, as well as ordinary human family happiness, the birth of new people, secret societies have introduced feminism. They found a loophole in the fact that the rights of active women in those days were really disadvantaged, such as lesbians could not work for the sake of their passive wives. But their goal was not to grant rights to needy lesbians and heterosexual couples separate, they quarrel and destroy the concept of family. Moreover, that was really helpful, namely the granting of rights to lesbians equal footing with men, feminism began to seek equality in the family, according to the laws of the world that removes the concept of love as such, and the assets become vindictive, cruel and helpless. Secret societies have understood the psychological model. They knew that if the man is not the head of the family, it will be unbearable suffering and pain that lead to alcoholism, betrayals, quarrels, fights, revenge, cruelty, and later to the disintegration of the family. Some men become sexual predators for this very reason, the desire to take revenge on women for the fact that they took their role to be the head of the family. Secret societies knew this, and their goal is to destroy the family. They inspire ordinary heterosexual women, they need to be independent, self sufficiency, build a career, take care of a man, to go to work in research, to explore the world, that is, they inspire to take an active role behavior. However, by nature, it is not changed, just a failure occurs in a woman life, what leads to a similar heart failure in man it. He becomes, as a liability, that is, he does not lose the activity in nature, but it fails in the soul, and a man often can not do anything and spend time on the sofa near the TV. If a family woman becomes head of the family, or trying to disprove the assertion of the primacy of the family, the family is deprived of the energy of love, and inevitably, sooner or later destroyed. This leads to male and female infidelity, alcoholism, family fights and other unpleasant situations for the family. And, all for the reason that a woman takes away from the concept of family love, as it inspired her to feminists. Secret societies, in order to fulfill his plan to enslave humanity, such a situation is important. Helpless men who suffer, not against chipping, and for women, they are already preparing the model that the chips are important to track the location of their children. Also secret societies inspire ideas of power systems of juvenile justice, vaccinations for children, and the lack of opportunities in the hospital lotus birth. Who does not know what this word, you can search on the internet, here this topic will not affect. I can only say that the secret society once again found a reason, there really angry parents who punish children, and this will be their excuse to massively withdraw their children from their families, this is purely an excuse to advance the bill. In fact, their goal is to bring in an orphanage, a new generation of slaves to realize their caste system of enslavement of mankind. But if you will not listen to proplachennyh feminists and free running for the idea of ​​the fans, you will not touch the trouble destruction of the family, you might even be able to save or restore it. To do this, simply true love of her husband, and did not take his state conviction morals of society. Then your family will love energy, Saku, and that the most important thing is that you and your husband will always be happy and do not want anything for it. Just important to be close to and love. This happiness is available free of charge and for all the people, but all the efforts of secret societies try to not allow you to be happy. But I can change humanity and lead it to the path of good, so you have nothing to fear. Моя информация спасёт человечество и приведёт к созданию нового доброго и псииндустриального общества. В этом обществе основной ценностью будет любовь и именно в этом будет приоритет его развития. Напоследок, ещё расскажу о том, как можно применять саку. Существует такой метод, который людям вообще неизвестен. Это лечение всех болезней с помощью руки, причём это могут делать как пассивы, так и активы. Таким способом можно лечить себя и друг друга. Для этого достаточно поднести или приложить руку к больному месту или же водить ей в этом месте, а ощущение любви к этому человеку или просто к мирозданию сделают своё дело. Вы можете в этот момент ощутить, как что-то идёт по вашей руке к этому больному месту, и таким образом вы можете моментально вылечить все болезни, как у себя, так и у любимого человека или вашего ребёнка. Это достаточно просто и эффективно. Ещё один метод применения саку будет полезен для геев и лесбиянок. Если вы сможете тщательно представить, что вы обладаете половыми органами другого пола, то с помощью энергии любви вы временно поменяете свой информационной шаблон тела, и оно изменится. Лесбиянка может временно стать гермафродитом с мужским и женским органом, это позволит ей зачать ребёнка от своей девушки. Аналогичное действие, может проделать и гей, который будет исполнять роль матери. Но, ему придётся быть в таком состоянии достаточно долго, чтобы выносить, родить и прокормить грудью ребёнка. А, лесбиянке достаточно двух недель, чтобы появились сперматозоиды, необходимые для зачатия ребёнка. Но, тех, кто это хочет сделать, я хочу предупредить, что вы столкнётесь с небольшим, а возможно даже значительным страданием, не пугайтесь – это нормально, просто ваш гендер не устраивает такое положение дел, и всё придёт в норму, когда вы превратитесь обратно. В целом при наличии энергии любви, это должно быть для людей не сложным, также как и лечение, руками, праноедение и другие простые псииндустриальные возможности. Но, опять же сложность тех или иных возможностей саку, зависит от вашей веры в актива. Если вы точно уверены, что у него это получится, то так оно и будет. Также, очень помогает в развитии возможностей саку, голодание, так как оно прочищает нервные каналы, которые помогают использовать энергию любви в полной мере. В идеальном варианте, вы сможете вообще перейти на праноедение, что позволит вам более эффективно использовать саку и энергию любви в целом, так как еда даёт лишь физические силы, но лишает духовных сил, и на еде достичь каких-то успехов в применении энергии любви в качестве саку гораздо сложнее. На этом, я считаю целесообразным закончить эту статью, а напоследок скажу, что сильнее всего люблю свою любимую Дашу.


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