The magic of numbers. Numbers good luck

Using numbers, you can speed up or slow down events taking place around us, to increase luck and love, reduce trouble. Don't believe? Try it for yourself!

If you need to speed up a particular process (for example, you're late for work and transportation, as luck would have it, no, or money in the wallet is not there, and the long-awaited salary delay), repeat to myself as often as possible: "twenty". 2 multiply your efforts and 0 will negate the force of resistance.

If you, on the contrary, needto slow down a particular process (for example, a child informed you that he intends to urgently get married and your plan is not included), to repeat myself: "four". 4 is square, the most stable figure. It will hold grounding the action. In addition, a square has all sides equal, so that wherever you throw, it's the same — stability and deceleration.

Add — diminish

If you need to add something (for example, the number of banknotes in your wallet or the number of fans), imagine this and repeat: "seven plus one". 7 — the number of mysterious actions 1 — the number of goals and energy, but 8 (7 + 1) is the number of infinity.

If you need something to subtract (e.g., empty weight), imagine like a slender birch, and repeat: "ten minus one". But in this case, be ready for change: 10 — 1 = 9 and 9 is the number of changes.

Build — destroy

If you need to build or restore something (new house, relationships with the boss or a loved one), submit it and repeat something: "forty sorokov". Remember, as magnified in old Moscow an unprecedented variety of churches? So magically: forty times forty. So what you are saying "forty times forty", and what you will lead it, will multiply indefinitely.

If you have something to destroy, you have to imagine something and to say: "forty-four". First, these figures are similar in appearance to two of the lightning discharge. And secondly, the imposition of a square (4) square (4) crushes all resistance on part, because of the angles becomes eight, and 8 is the number of infinity. That will come crushing indefinitely in the dust.

Happiness and time

If you not enoughhappiness, good luck, ease, repeat: "twenty-one". By the way, if you calculate the numerological value of the word "happiness" (i.e. to put the letters in their numerical terms), it also will be 21!

If you don't have the time, repeat to yourself: "ninety-one". 9 — change, 1 — the fast figure. In addition, 1 — beginning, 9 — end, i.e. complete coverage of the temporary cycle. It turns out that 911 is not accidental, and I use it not only as a room of salvation. Sorcerers know that 911 is the Universal number of the office — the same one where all are given their time.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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