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In the tradition of Vedic numerology it is believed that a person characterized by three important individual numbers - Soul, Destiny and names. If we look at the number of souls, those whose birthday falls on a single integer from 1 to 9, have the exact number of the Soul. However, those whose birthday falls on the composite numbers from 10 to 31, will have an impact and the number of components and the resulting number of souls. For example, the number of people 1 - "units" - those who were born 1, 10, 19, the 28th day of any month. They generally have excitatory in nature and often have high activity.
But "units" are very different from each other. Those people who were born the first day, have their exact number is the number 1 and, according to numerologists are considered lucky. Those who were born the 10th, a little less fortunate; the same who was born on the 19th, we have to assert themselves in life; born on the 28th has to be calmer and more work.
The difference is due to the influence of each other components of binary numbers (10, 19, 28). For example, for those born on the 19th and 1 and 9 are associated with irritable character: Number 9 (Mars) makes people with the number 1 (Sun) more vicious and impulsive. In date 28 number 2 is controlled by the Moon, which is very variable, the number 8 is associated with Saturn, the planet is slowly moving, which causes slower flowing of events.
The first number in the complex date is more important than the second, since it determines to which group owns the number. Birthday 12th (1 + 2) belongs to a group 1 (numbers from 1 to 19), while the birth date 21 th of the (2 + 1) belongs to a group 2 (numbers from 21 to 29). Both of these combinations give when adding the number 3, but born the 3rd of any month will be different from those born 12th or 21st: number 1 is dominant in human life, born the 12th, and the number 2 dominates human life, born 21 th of the month. From these examples we can see how people who are in their usual number date of birth (such as for example one), influenced by two figures included in the date of birth (such as 10, 19, 18).
Thus, the first task - this understanding of nine numbers as nine major characteristics (see "Secrets of numbers" - prime numbers) and then understanding "mixed character" double numbers (see "Secrets of numbers" - composite numbers). When the image of a complex number of locks in personality, then numerological analysis may be more accurate in determining the characteristics of a particular person at this moment.

Anyone who refers to Vedic or Western numerology, you need to understand the following:
 - All the numbers - this mystical messengers of cosmic energy. They do not really existing entities, but only symbols.
 - Those associated with the celestial bodies and are subject to their influence.
 - These celestial bodies that emit vibrations measured frequency, exert their influence through the character of the people.
 - The numbers provide the key to human individuality and to all finite existence.
 - All the numbers are good and bad sides.

The general rule is that all the numbers are good. On closer examination, however, we find that some numbers are difficult for humans as the number of souls, but a good example, as the number of Destiny.
Number 1 is more difficult as the number of souls, but it becomes a good one for those who have it as destiny number.
Number 2 well as the number of souls, but brings difficulties as Destiny Number.
Number 3 well as the number of souls, but creates a problem when a Destiny number.
Number 4 well as the number of souls, but causes problems when the "quartet" - Destiny Number.
Number 5 well as destiny number.
Number 6 well as Soul Number for women. As Destiny Number is "six" is not good for either men or women; although it is a friendly number, it is from "friends" gets a lot more help than she has.
The number 7 Destiny Number as well, but as the number of souls it makes a person very self-centered, dreamy and difficult to achieve.
Number 8 Soul Number as well, but not as Destiny Number.
Number 9 - a good number of Destiny, but creates discomfort.


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