The meaning of numbers and their vibrations

Thirty five million three hundred four thousand eight hundred thirty five

Try to understand the meaning of numbers and learn about the vibrations that they emit to the Universe, and hence on all people.

Unit — externally, straight and unbending, sharp-pointed, it is always directed upwards like an arrow. Unit is the basis of the account obtained from it are absolutely all other numbers, she is their source and beginning. Each number was only repeating Unit in the set or is made up of many Units. The unit tends to remain the same and unchanged: a Unit multiplied by Unit, and Unit divided by Unit gives Unit again, that is not out of itself.

The unit symbolizes the beginning of all life — the Sun. It is an active starting point of all things, the basis of life, the cause of all things. The unit is the cause of unity of command — one universe and one Sun, one fire and one soul. The unit embodies the highest point, the center of the Universe. Geometrically, this idea is expressed by a universal symbol — a dot in the center of the circle.
The unit accommodates the whole world and contains all opposites at the same time: good and evil, light and darkness, beginning and end, creation and destruction, love and hate.

This number embodies the energy, will, initiative, impulse to action, activity, commitment, focus, strength, creativity and individualism. The unit is also characteristic of such special qualities as activity, aggressiveness, authoritarianism, ambition — all of these words begin with the letter "A" IS the FIRST letter of the alphabet.

Under the influence of a Unit people tend to show their best qualities — will and dedication, he is always configured for success and achieves it by all possible means. It is proactive and confident, able to take responsibility and go around to the end. Such a person is a born leader, independent, looking for a welcoming and original innovations, the dominant in all things. He was no stranger to the desire of glory and power.

These qualities have always been considered inherent to man, but women live under the influence of this extraordinary, positive number. In this case, they explicitly or implicitly manifest the same features of nature in the first place it is expressed outwardly — in the proud bearing and dignity.

Sometimes the vibration Units can also give rise to negative personality traits — stubbornness, intolerance, excessive ambition and self-confidence, individualism and egocentrism.

However, the friendliness of this wonderful number helps to establish a good contact with others and the ability to critically evaluate yourself and treat yourself with irony constrains the sense of superiority.
This is the number of antithesis and eternal conflict: plus and minus, good and evil, day and night, life and death, light and darkness, heat and cold, man and woman, action and rest. Both poles cannot exist without each other. Deuce constantly maintains a balance between opposing principles, mixing positive and negative qualities and thus providing equality of strength, harmony and balance. At the same time it is a struggle, the cause of eternal movement, and therefore life itself, which ends with the onset of peace.

Deuce accumulates one of the most important philosophical categories — the unity and struggle of opposites. Unity means the inseparability of Two — she, like a magnet, which can be divided even into tiny pieces, but he always retains its pole. To unite the poles never will, because it already is one.

Deuce embodies all of the contradictory, restless, changeable, passive, subordinate, soft, malleable, insecure and indecisive. Embodying balance, harmony, consent, and justice, Deuce symbolizes communication, collaboration, ambivalence, caution, attention, caution, and most importantly — productivity.

It is believed that this feminine principle, the number of the eternal feminine. Deuce geometrically represented by two points connected by a straight line.

The main feature of the people under the influence of the Two, is calm and poise. They are not inherent indestructible determination that is characteristic of "units", they always strive for harmony and fairness, considering the views of all others. "People, two" tend to avoid conflicts and any disputes. They are extremely contact and usually achieve success because of their ability to cooperate, ability to listen to others and compromise.

Pronounced deficiencies in the vibrations of the Two is not observed. However, people under its influence may become overly passive and timid, relying on fate and circumstances. They by all means avoid the trouble and struggle, including for their well-being, do not like to take even a little responsibility. They lack the energy and determination that we can and must develop in himself, overcoming the natural desire to remain silent and to sit.

Three, or Triad, means cheerfulness, talent, adaptability, expression, demonstration, expansiveness, sociability, creativity. The main features of the Troika — the power of the spirit and freedom.

It is no coincidence that the material world and the three-dimensional space is height, length and width; also three-dimensional time — everything happens in the past, the present and the future; the substance can be in three States — solid, liquid and gaseous.

Three is the active masculine sign. It is stable in the space of three points of support are sufficient for its equilibrium.

The number 3 also symbolizes the threefold nature of the World, creative excellence and success, integrity. It is remarkable in that it has a beginning, middle and end.

The highest embodiment of the Triad, the Christian Trinity.

Geometrically, the three most often represented by a triangle, the sides symbolize the past, present and future. There are also other symbols, such as three-star, three circles inside the large circle and a Trident. The latter is particularly interesting, as it symbolizes authority and power, higher wisdom and creativity, inherent in this number.

People experiencing vibration Threes, optimistic, strong and open; luck does not avoid them; they know their purpose and strive to bring to life original ideas. Organizational skills and enthusiasm help them to achieve brilliant results without much effort.

Happy features of their nature — the easy friendly nature and good communication skills. The three are desirable in any society. Them good luck and independence can cause jealousy and irritation among others.

Negative vibrations can be arrogance, arrogance, superficiality, lightness and self-interest.

Four, or Tetrad, is the number of creative forces of the Universe: fire, earth, air and water. They correspond to the four types of human temperaments: choleric (fire), melancholic (earth), sanguine (air) phlegmatic (water). It is also the four seasons, the four ages of human life (spring — childhood, summer — youth, autumn — maturity, winter — old age), four blood groups and the four cardinal directions.

Ancient thinkers not in vain was considered Four as a symbol of strength and unshakable truth. Four has always meant and means stability, because it has four points of support.

It is also reliable, order, integrity, completeness, harmony, rationality, durability, realism and perfect balance of elements, live processes, objects and people. In contrast to the dynamic Trio is the desire to rest, restriction, discipline and hard work.

Geometrically, the Tetrad is represented by the square — solid and sturdy figure. It also symbolizes a rectangular cross. The upper half of the cross — area of all the higher aspirations of man, his good deeds and thoughts. The lower part is the center of the low forces of evil and unseemly deeds. The right half of the cross indicates a positive external impact, the left — to the adverse. Thus, the cross orients man in the world, helping to deal with the good and bad influence.

People living with the vibrations of Four, extremely hardworking, reliable, constant in his affections, patient, remain calm under all circumstances, ready to overpower anyone, even a hated, business. They represent both the Foundation of society, honor tradition, respect authority and respect the conventions. In life everything is hard work, so from an early age they tend to thrift. These people know how to appreciate help and good advice, faithful in friendship.

The number four is considered not the most successful, it can mean and the difficulties and limitations and a small fee, and even need. In any case, it is always hard work, overcoming, some sluggishness, excessive conservatism and backwardness.

Five or Pentad are complex and the unpredictable number, but at the same time one of the most successful and happy. It symbolizes the constant pursuit and self-empowerment, creative freedom, change, risk, diversity, adventure, activity, forward movement and constant development.

Five can be decomposed into Two and Three — female and male numbers, which together give fruit. Because of this feature, the top Five has long symbolizes reproduction and fertility and protector of marriage. Probably why in Ancient Rome a marriage ceremony was accompanied by five candles.

The unpredictability of this number determines the possible uncertainty, nervousness, mobility, search result and truth through constant experimentation, travel and experience.

Pythagoras and his followers considered the top Five a symbol of health, and the ancient Egyptians — prosperity. Man has five senses — sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, and on the hands and feet he has five fingers.

Geometrically Pentad seems that more often than the Pentagon, sometimes with a pyramid, or a five-pointed star, which was one of the ancient varieties of Solomon's seal.

People under the influence of the Five, is characterized by qualities such as success, variation, tolerance for risk and adventure. They love travel and any changes in life, including new friends, prefer creative, diverse work and hate routine. Five protects researchers and travelers, not allowing them to stumble.

Variety is preferable for Fives in their personal lives. They are easy for new feelings is rarely limited to one novel, the monotony oppresses them and push to another Hobbies.

However, in friendship they are faithful and constant. Optimistic perception of life does not allow them to grieve, they know everywhere to find joy and entertainment to think of holidays and direct their thoughts only in a positive direction.

At the same time Getting some peculiar irresponsibility, rashness, impudence, levity and instability of the nervous system.

Six. Despite its apparent simplicity, is a complex and multifaceted character that has many interpretations. Since ancient times it is revered as the perfect number, the number of creation. The information code means creativity, creativity, work, work. According to biblical teaching, God in six days created the world. So six is a good enough number. Bequeathed to us six days to labor, then to be able to relax.

Six has always been considered the lucky number, the embodiment of perfection and harmony in everything. This number is, it is divided as even-numbered (2) and odd (3) numbers, thus bringing their positive qualities.

The number 6 is excellent and is in harmony with nature. This is confirmed by the perfect honeycomb, flowers with six petals, crystals in the form of hexagons.

Six symbolizes the perfect balance, health, beauty, success, happiness, responsibility, love, honesty, justice, family, healing, creativity, creativity and reliability.

Geometrically, the Six is represented as two intersecting equilateral and specularly reflected triangles — ascending (up) and descending (top down). Two interwoven triangles represent male and female. This symbol is the six pointed star, or hexagram (from the Greek. hex - six and gramma — a trait line). In ancient times, the Six was called the Star of Creation, Star of Solomon, the Sign of the Macrocosm.

People under the influence of Sixes tend to see in everything only the best and to idealize reality and people. They always strive to create your special world, nothing will disturb his harmony. They, as a rule, alien to the selfishness, the indulging your whims, intolerance; they are virtuous and compassionate. One who has achieved success in life, usually understands the importance of helping the needy and doing charity work.

Often Six energetic, cheerful and active, they are lovely companions, faithful spouses, responsible parents. To detect the defects of such people is quite difficult. Sometimes it can be excessive idealism, which they can neglect the everyday material concerns and miss out on interesting offers and a rare chance to move.

Romanticism and even some perfectionism does not contribute to their readiness for the victory. Such people often let things slide, trusting that it is entirely correct — all should be as it should be.

The lack of everyday practicality and excessive good nature can prevent career advancement and to achieve a prestigious position Sixes. They should cultivate the strength of character and dedication.

Seven is the number of a very wise, creative and unique in its indivisibility. It means mystery, something unknown and invisible, and to learn, the knowledge and the path of exploration of the unknown. Since ancient times amazing Seven admired philosophers and magicians. This number is in itself — is not divided anything but Seven, that is itself, and Unity. It does not generate any numbers and not generated in any number.

This is only natural, close to the space number. It is embodied in many natural phenomena: the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven ruling planets, observed with the naked eye, including the Sun, Moon, Earth, seven days of the week, seven notes of the gamut, the seven cosmic spheres, the seven circles of hell, the seven metals of the alchemists. There are many sayings associated with the Seven: seven nurses child without the eye, do not expect a seven, etc.

Always thought that Seven to do with the spiritual party operating on Earth as a divine, or creative force. It directs man to the Supreme mind, the best action is subordinate to the spiritual in General.

In a seven-day cycle of human labor on the seventh day after the six-day work prescribed as a day of rest. So taught the prophet Moses and modern science has acknowledged his Testament. It turns out that a seven-day cycle of work and rest is optimal for the individual because rest one day a week enough to catch your breath and gather strength for the new labor cycle, and also recall his soul to think about the high, turn to God, to understand his thoughts.

Seven is the wisdom, analysis, philosophy, intuition, the search for answers, understanding, truth, peace, inclusiveness and appeal inside. This number of spectators and analysts, the people, deep in thought. Seven also gives people a special insight, patience, and psychic abilities. Those who successfully falls under her influence, becomes a thinker, philosopher, humanist, the greatest scientist. In the modern daily life, this number is considered lucky and bring good luck.

Eight is a very active and complex number. Itself is an amazing form of eight — two touching circle indicates its duality, to merge in it the spiritual and material worlds. This peace and harmony, a balance of all the elements and qualities, the balance between the spiritual and the material. It is also a number of achievements.

In ancient times it was revered as a symbol of justice, as eight is divided into equal parts, without giving preference to any of them. The eight doubles the reliability and stability of Four, brings it to perfection. It can be represented as a double square. All these characteristics explain the consistent divisibility of the group of Eight in half on integers getting every time in equal parts.

Besides shock and vibration resistance Eight promise and bring a stable material prosperity and power, further strengthening the position of their owners. As a symbol of world harmony, Eight radiates peace, bliss and peacefulness, gives a performance conceived, recognition, the right decision, good fortune. If the number is rotated 90°, you get an infinity sign that gives hope for eternal life. Thus, it is also a symbol of the infinite Universe and eternal peace.

People influenced by the group of Eight, have a strong and energetic character, they are practical and can hold his fate in a dignified manner. Rushing forward, they successfully carry out their progressive plans.

There can also be some negative effects good Eight. Already the first part of this number — Four — is not the most attractive vibration — difficulties overcoming the limitation. However, Eight significantly mitigates this negative impact and generally gives a positive energy.

Interestingly, the fate of Alexander Pushkin was associated with Eight. The most significant events in the life of the poet was in the days of the date that adds up to the number 8 (17, 26). Mysterious, mystical coincidences! Eight is the sign of Supreme justice: everyone is rewarded on merit, and retribution is inevitable. This figure also pursued the Romanov family.

Nine — the most perfect and biggest of all elementary numbers. It contains all the numbers from 1 to 9, so it includes features and properties of the whole group, the whole life, the whole cycle full circle— 360°(3 + 6 + 0 = 9). An important feature of this number is that Nine multiplied by any number, always reproduces the sum of the digits of itself. For example, 3*9 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9, or 5*9 = 45 = 4 + 5 = 9 etc.

Nine can be represented as three times three, and three is a wonderful symbol that triples in a new capacity, while making yourself as stable as possible. Since ancient times, Nine symbolized universal success, fertility, initiation into the mysteries of life, the Foundation of the mind higher thinking and spiritual activity. It was believed that it can ward off evil forces. Nine how would accumulate physical force and is inseparably connected with all material, including man himself. She gives him energy and power, the hope of a favorable outcome of Affairs.

This number protects the powerful and proud people. They have matured a lot of ambitious plans, they are full of boundless energy and insatiable ambition, always striving to superiority in everything and succeed in life.

At the same time, Nine is a humanism, sympathy, love, unselfishness, patience, calmness and selfless service. This is a harmonious family life, mutual care, good upbringing and education. People with vibrations Nines usually have a great physique and good health.

In addition to the nine basic numbers of numerology exploring some of the other numbers — 11, 12, 22 etc. the Numbers 11 and 22 are considered especially important, pay attention to them and are called master numbers. Overall, however, their vibrations can be reduced to the power properties of Two, Three and Four respectively.

The number 12 symbolizes completeness, such as the year and the achievement of goals.

Special story from numbers 13. In Ancient Greece it was considered neutral, but later he began to attribute everything bad that can happen to a man, and in every way to avoid it. His dislike and fear in many countries. For this dislike and supposedly a bad influence on people unfortunate number is even "expelled" from the many hotels, cinemas and planes.

Author: Theodore Schwartz




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