Numerologists say that karma, and thus the fate of the person can be calculated using the most common numbers. Make it very simple - consistently add up all the numbers of their date of birth

. For example, if you were born December 11, 1982, then you have to add up the numbers as follows: 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 25. But the final figure lead to a prime number is not necessary. 25 - this is your life-changing number, a kind of - a karmic code.

Numbers 10-19

You are at the first stage of development. Your task - to contemplate the world without changing anything in it. You should focus on the development of his personality, cultivate the will to improve the body and spirit.

10 - lucky sign. You believe in yourself. Your life is bright and favorable, and the future is cloudless. You have in your life is not expected any problems. On the career ladder you will climb effortlessly. Life, health, offspring ... all will bring you joy.

 - You have good karma in a past life you were cultivators and did not commit any crimes.

 - Magic you do not need to do, you have a different purpose - to administer the real, earthly affairs.

11 - complex number. It warns of hidden dangers, trials. You are too gullible, easily succumb to the entreaties. Until old age will change partners in the search for the ideal. But is it possible to find something that does not exist in nature? Several marriages. A lot of children.

 - In a past life you were a traitor or a criminal.

 - Occult science can be practiced with great care.

12 - a symbol of suffering and anxiety. You easily vulnerable, naive and defenseless. Every now and then become a victim of fraud and mischief. Constantly worried and worried, even if there is no cause for concern. In love, you are forced to adjust to a partner, to please and obey him. - In a past life you were a conspirator, a terrorist or revolutionary.

 - Magic you can only do in the case if there is a wise and experienced teacher.

13 - symbol of change, change of plans, moving. You will never be bored. After all, your whole life - is a constant change of scenery, and participate in the ride called "roller coaster." Changes will haunt you all the time. And, alas, not always they will be positive.

 - In a past life you were a prisoner or a prisoner (slave), who all his life dreamed of freedom.

14 - warns about the dangers of human from natural disasters: wind, fire, water and air. Along with this favorable transactions, business, career. You all my life to keep tabs on the top of the head, be careful not to get involved in extreme sports. Be careful on the water, air transport has always prefer the train. Do not climb high into the mountains, do not rest on the islands.

 - In a past life you were a sailor or soldier. But there were killed or died as a result of an accident.

 - A deep dive into the magical practices is not necessary, but can be practiced divination and astrology.

15 - the number of charm. You have a brilliant temperament and natural magnetism, which often use to achieve their goals. You are certainly a fine artist, an actor or a musician, do not represent life without art. The number 15 promise success, but makes people selfish purposes resort to lies and treachery.

 - In a past life you were selling your body for money and talent.

 - Esotericism can not deal with because of you can only get a black magician.

16 - herald impending disaster and the collapse of the plans. This figure warns about the evil fate that constantly hovers over you. Any decisions are made carefully and deliberately to avoid unfortunate consequences. Make his life motto the words - "Seven times measure, one - cut off."

 - In a past life you were the reigning persons or person, close to her. Differed tough-minded, bathed in luxury, but has not proved particularly mind.

 - Activities magic fraught with mental illness. Not worth the risk.

17 number, bringing happiness in his personal life. In relations with the opposite sex you will always have good luck. Joint projects, whether for business or family, will bring a lot of joy and allow to look with confidence to the future.

 - In a past life you were a man with heart disease. Many suffered, died in poverty and loneliness.

 - By magic, such people can apply only to a misunderstanding, it simply does not need them.

18 - the number of destruction. Users of this cruel - this family rowdy and despots, bullies, the opposition, the revolutionaries who think that the goal is always justifies the means. Successful in business, but criminal. At the end of the life of a violent death or an accident.

 - In a past life you were a witch.

 - Alignment to engage in pointless. Contact with higher powers available.

19 - the number of recognition and honor. In life, you can manage all that you have in mind, but you will find your happiness in children. They will worship you and you continue the job. It is possible that you will become the founder of the famous dynasty.

 - In a past life you were a shepherd, or a traveler. Died of old age, surrounded by numerous relatives.

 - If engaged, only the magic of the Druids.

Numbers 20-29

- Your task is to work out your karma and not to repeat the mistakes of the past in the present.

20 - a call to action, the implementation of ambitious plans. You are a great strategist and leader, not thinking of its existence without any purpose. The only pity is that on your way always appear and obstacles will arise. Develop your spirituality, giving people good and barriers will be less.

 - In a past life you were a banker.

 - You'll have to constantly deal with magic or ask for support from the mages.

21 - the number of honor and victory. Your life is like a field of battle, the battle come one after the other, and you almost always wins. And all because the 21 - a very lucky number. It promises success to all your endeavors. The main thing - do not sit still. After all, your only enemy - is boredom.

 - In a past life you were a blacksmith and enjoyed boundless respect.

 - Alignment Such people may be engaged only in the team.

22 - the number of the dreamer. You are a good, trusting man with a bag on his shoulders errors. Your favorite hobby - to dream, but because you are wrong now and then, and live in illusions. You pokes his head out of the shell, and includes real-life only in an emergency.

 - In a past life you were a petty thief.

 - Alignment can be practiced only after long training cycle. But the results will be good.

23 - has a magical effect. What would you do in life may be doing, you will be under the auspices of the higher powers, so you will always succeed. Help in cases of career and personal life will come immediately, on your first request.

 - In a past life you were a seamstress.

 - Alignment to engage possible and necessary.

24 - a lucky number. The success and support in all matters, and good luck in love you provided. The future will be rosy, but only if you will not do evil and do evil deeds, that burden of karma.

 - In a past life you were a painter.

 - You can be a very good clairvoyant. Prediction - your horse.

25 - training. In the first half of life because of their nature, you are unlikely to be happy. Let us make a lot of mistakes, but caught himself in time and take to correct them. Then the heavens will be replaced by anger at

 - In a past life you were royal personages, traveled a lot and lived in the East.

 - A phenomenal success in magic.

26 - a warning about the dangers. You have a very well developed intuition. You are able to anticipate a lot of trouble. Which is good, because you every step of waiting for danger, deceit and disappointment. Be careful. Trust your inner voice.

 - In a past life you were a healer.

 - Do you love magic subservient.

27 - a good sign. You will definitely get a reward because of his righteous life, hard work, selflessness and good heart. The second half of life is much happier than the first.

 - In a past life you were a scientist (mathematician, astrologer and philosopher). And they were incredibly happy marriage.

 - You is subject to the monetary magic.

28 - a sign of contradiction. You have a great ability and talent, but the law and morality - is not for you. Rather, you have your own ideas about the standards of conduct and ethics. You - a rebel by nature and a fighter against injustice. Your future can not be called a bright and prosperous.

 - In a past life you were suicidal.

 - Because you only get a black magician.

29 - the number of cheating. Insincerity and even betrayal by others will always accompany you. You and then have to face the trials and betrayals. If you can not find your soul mate, the future is completely disappointed in people and become a hermit.

 - In a past life you were a rich merchant, who does not hesitate to enrich.

 - Magic can deal with, but do not expect outstanding achievements.

Numbers 30-39

The third level of development - is the level of people who are able to influence others. If you are on the third level of the Incarnation, that is your calling in life - to teach others the wisdom and the right attitude to life.

30 - the number of superiority. According to the mind and the intellect, you are far superior to others. But instead of looking for harmony and serve the people, constantly chase fame and money. If you're a little distracted by this race, you will find true happiness.

 - In a past life you were a poet or a writer.

 - The magic will be good results.

31 - Number of loneliness. You are immersed in themselves, are closed and alone. Any company would prefer a book or chat with the same philosophy as you. Unsettled personal life did not burden you, for that matter, and the lack of money and poor living conditions. After all, you know better than anyone that all this - not the main thing.

 - In a past life you were a good actor, comedian. Changes women as gloves. There were a lot of children out of wedlock.

 - The magic to achieve good results, it is necessary to have a powerful incentive. If not, you will not be able to follow through.

32 - the number of harmony. You are ambitious, active and optimistic. You are in good, friendly relations with a large number of people. Still, talk less and learn to hide from others his Napoleonic plans. Otherwise they will not come true.

 - In a past life you were a traveler who did not have no wife, no children

.  - Because you'll have a good predictor.

33 - a lucky number, which guarantees success and support in all your endeavors and good luck in love. Your future will be bright and cloudless, especially if you will develop the gift of teaching, teacher, mentor, you laid in nature.

 - In a past life you were a court magician and influenced the fate of the greatest rulers of the world.

 - You can become a very famous magician, the author of his own, a revolutionary technique.

34 - Award. Your life journey began with difficulty, but in the second half will be waiting for good luck. After thirty-five you are guaranteed a happy personal life, a good financial situation, the love from the children. Up to thirty-five a lot of difficulties and hardships.

 - In a past life you were a knight, died in the prime of life.

 - Alignment can be practiced only after 35 years.

35 - in mortal danger in the future. Alas, your life will be a lot of deception and disappointment, betrayal by a loved one, problems with children due to their addiction to drugs or alcohol, financial problems ...

 - In a past life you were a singer with a hard life and a failed personal life.

 - Alignment to engage in is possible, but only for their own protection.

36 - hard work. This figure - a sign that all in your life you will achieve by their own labor. Help from anyone is not. Life hardly goes well. Those who love you, will you reject. Spouse (s) will live with you for the sake of money or position.

 - In a past life you were a criminal, exiled for grave sins to hard labor.

 - Success will bring the magic business.

37 - a sign of good, happy love and friendship. It promises good luck in all your endeavors and promises happiness in family life.

 - In a past life you were a religious figure or a hermit.

 - You on the shoulder Slavic magic.

38 - the number of cheating. Alas, insincerity, deceit and treachery from others will literally chase you. Do not trust anyone, especially business partners.

 - In a past life you were a woman of easy virtue.

 - Magic's not worth doing.

39 - a sign of intelligence. You are an intelligent man and a great intellectual, but you have a significant drawback - you are always and all jealous. It saps your karma, causes diseases and generates a tendency to use drugs and alcohol.

 - In a past life you were a gambler and playboy.

 - Rune magic - your horse.

Numbers 40-49

The highest level of consciousness, an outstanding intellectual, philosopher, teacher. Your task - to know the higher meaning of life and the foundations of the universe.

40 - the number of hermit. In life you are single. Always self-absorbed and completely incomprehensible to others. In the unfortunate money, selfish family life. However, neither one nor the other does not bother you. After all, you have quite a different purpose.

 - In a past life you were a writer.

 - Sooner or later you will come to engage in magic, but success is unlikely to achieve.

41 - sign magnet. You are emotional and incredibly attractive, although it may not have the special beauty. Around you are always a lot of fans, friends and just friends. Without suite you can not imagine my life ... If you look closely, you find that you are secretive, selfish, and for the benefit capable of cheating.

 - In a past life you were a beautiful poet and turned the head is not one man.

 - You can practice divination or astrology, but only for themselves.

42 - a lucky number. You have a sober mind and a practical approach to life. And because you are guaranteed success in any business, and for your future, you can not be afraid.

 - In a past life you were a brewer and lived in Germany.

 - Alas, there is no ability to magic.

43 - mark the test. Blows of fate and then will pour in on you. Conflicts will occur both at work and in family life.

 - In a past life you were royal personages. For your betrayal of her husband was executed.

 - Magic engage contraindicated. You can bring a lot of harm to themselves and their clients.

44 - a warning about the dangers. All my life you'll walk like a razor's edge. Hazards and disasters await you literally everywhere. Be careful and cautious.

 - In a past life you were a tyrant, killing more than one life.

 - Magic is better not to do. A great risk of mental trauma.

45 - the number of awards. Thanks to its productive thinking, creative work and high intellectual abilities, you will definitely get a reward. And after forty years nothing will not need. Early in life a lot of frustration and loss.

 - In a past life you were a physician, who saved more than one life.

 - In magic, you will not achieve anything.

46 - a sign of happy love and friendship. Harmony in relationships with the opposite sex


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