Karmic marriage - hello from the past

Ask yourself honestly, if I recognize a karmic marriage? And now, please, believe me, the karmic relationship - it's not such a rare phenomenon, as it may seem at first glance. The concept of "karma" comes from the East, but that it determines is not something alien to us. We all know the proverb like "What goes around, comes around" or "As the call, so the echo." The doctrine of karma says absolutely the same thing!

Karmic marriage - a union of two people who were already intimately familiar in a past life, but they left some debts to each other. In previous incarnations, they might be husband and wife, relatives of each other parents, loved ones or even enemies. And in this life, fate brought them together again, so that they gave each other debts and fulfilled his karma (penance, to correct the mistakes). After the union of two loving hearts - one of the largest in the world purgatory, where our characters and the world is severely tested

. All too confusing? Let me explain with an example. Suppose, in a past life you were a guy that soul in you not looked for and wanted to marry you. But you left him because his eye on you son of your boss. Marriage with him you promised mountains of gold: the promotion of the career ladder, trips abroad, a bed of roses ... And you, considering these arguments very convincing, they left no one who loved you more than life ...

Be confident, be sure a similar situation arise in this life, and it will be repeated as long as you do not learn the lessons and do not do what is necessary. Like in a computer game: the second level, the second attempt

. However, before the marriage one of the bad karma does not think and do not normally looks. And for good reason. Already own arguments that guide people in marriage, much can be said about the future life of the spouses.

So blind passion. This is a classic example of karmic marriage. Consider it a concrete example.

In a past life Nicholas L. was a budding young scientist, but he was so much loved his bride Anna, for her sake that threw scientific research and did not justify his calling. In this life he is addicted to work and career, and women trying to avoid. Soul of Nicholas L. remembers the experience of past mistakes, but because the man subconsciously afraid of marriage, others are afraid of water, confined spaces or heights.

But the laws of karma can not be undone, so in this life, our hero finds himself in a similar situation. His own attempts to get away from the love of overlap unique mechanism of blind passion: Nicholas L. falls for a boy who lives his beloved, she raves. As a result, the protective barriers are crumbling, fear recedes into the background ... It would seem, live so rejoice! But no. After a while, our hero will have to once again face the same problem as in the previous life. Again have to choose between love and vocation, and to take the right decision, which in this case is as follows: the love and the work it is possible to combine, you can not bring yourself and give up his vocation

. Another classic example - it's time. If you are getting married (married), not because they loved with all his heart, but because "it's time" or because all the friends-friends long ago created a family - this should alert you. From a biological point of view, you just reached marriageable age and are ready to create their own family and having children (often unconsciously to themselves).

From a karmic point of view, the desire to get married there in that age when you did in a past life, especially if the marriage was unsuccessful. In other words, the mistakes of the past life karma postponed, waiting for his correction, and it seems that destiny pushes man to action - try one more time

. Marriage of convenience. Epidemic weddings, usually begins in the last year at college. When the old ties are broken, change the rhythm of life, girls and guys warms the hope that the two of us are not so scary to start a new stage of life. They are looked after by a suitable partner - poperspektivnee, richer, with an apartment, a car ... however, such a marriage can be happy only when between young people have feelings and spiritual kinship. If the decision is made solely for mercenary reasons, the likelihood of a happy marriage is equal to zero. After a karmic point of view such a marriage - is nothing but a desire to evade the problems, to shift them on the shoulders of her husband (wife)

. Desire and understandable and legitimate, that's just really one of our problems for us will not solve. And from whatever adversity we may hide (loneliness, lack of money, parental dictates), they will certainly overtake us. And so it will continue for as long as we do not find the strength to solve the problem.

Most of you value most in your husband money - rest assured, sooner or later he will lose them, and you will be left with nothing. You are impressed by its position and reliability? Alas, not far off the day when he will remain out of work ... And it's not the whims of fate-villain, it's karmic lessons. Each will have to go your way and learn a lot.

Many young girls are married to pop up as a protest, or from a desire to get rid of excessive parental control.

And do not fall into the lower bondage, but now - from her husband. The fact that the dependence on anyone else they "are" in themselves and themselves "produce" it in the world. Even those who from birth was not home despot, I do them just because of what you do unconsciously waiting. You will be left to sigh and say, "Well, I have seen this karma!»

Me! Become a person! Learn to not be dependent on someone else opinion. Then your life will change for the better.

For the ladies aged or holding a child incentive to marriage can be ... fear: "What if a year will be too late", "Who am I going to need?" "Yes, and a child needs a father ..."

Sometimes there is and this argument: "I am tired of waiting for the prince, let there be at least some kind of a husband." In other words, this is the case when a girl marries not for the one who wants to, but because of who turned up under the arm.

If after a while it can be found in the hidden virtues wife, the marriage will be successful. But, most of all, she will remember all my life that the agreed compromise and married a man is not his level.

It is possible that a few years after the marriage, she did meet her Prince. And this is not a bad joke of fate, and the law of karma - everyone attracts the circumstances and the people on whom he wants to. Just not everyone has the patience to wait for receipt of your

«query». Let's say you - a young girl (woman) in good position with a good salary, apartment, car. But all this does not bring you happiness, your dream just about family and kids. In this case, you - or the person that psychologists call "nesamodostatochnosti personality", or - "old soul." To distinguish one type from another simple enough.

Nesamodostatochnosti people believe that they can be happy only when they need someone. They always complain about the amount of trouble that to themselves and hanged.

And the "old souls", from the standpoint of esoteric themselves developed strongly enough, but come into this world to help others. "Old Soul" on what does not complain, on the contrary, it is constantly coming cried others. And go encouragement.

Let me now draw conclusions about the peculiarities of karmic marriage:

 - Marriage was a surprise to the partners themselves. Surprisingly, because according to the rules, orders and foundations "they are not a couple." They may be, for example, completely different social status, environment, financial status or the age difference.

 - In many respects their sign, "fatal" and predetermined. For example, their relationship outwardly appear to be incompatible with a happy coexistence. They are constantly quarrel and swear, but at the same time simply does not represent life without each other.

 - Spirits or drug addiction of one of the partners. Such a situation in the family is always accompanied by suffering one of the partners. Most likely, in this life, they simply swapped and now one feels what the other had in a past life.

 - Lack of children. The sign for the future of the closed kind. Married connect not only two people but also two kinds. Such relationships exist to partners to rethink their own traits that race does not want to transmit to the next generation. If rethinking happens that most often the marriage is dissolved.

 - Health problems from one of the partners. Such a situation is created for the awakening of the higher aspects of love, such as compassion and care that could not be shown in a prosperous situation.

 - Marriage occurs unexpectedly and quickly, after which all communication with other people, including those related torn moving to another city or abroad

.  - Very fast married after dating a couple of weeks or less. In such a relationship, everything happens as if the script and the couple understands his new position only after some time. Prior to that, they allegedly moved the forces which they themselves are not aware of.

Rarely, but it happens that people live together for many years and can not imagine life without each other. They are not in love, they love truly, taking a partner as he is, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

From a karmic point of view, these spouses have passed all the tests, worked out all the lessons, correct any errors and now enjoy each other, appreciating every moment allotted to them. Their fates are intertwined, they are bound by strong threads, ties, rather than chains or shackles.

A tempting prospect? So the work on yourself! And remember that karma - it is not a dogma and not a curse. She's just a result of how you have lived in past lives, and live in the present. Correct the error, go through life with an open heart, giving love. And then you certainly will find their happiness.

Author: Tamara Panina newspaper "Oracle"


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