Number Subconscious: Cooperation in partnership

Many things in life depends on how you add up our relationships with others, especially in a pair. Young people meet for a while they feel good together, then the problems begin. Both fall short of each other. Passes candy buketny period, and opened his eyes to a partner. We do not deal with conflict. It happens that the family can not get along with the child, which later grows into a notorious person, absolutely not willing to adapt to society.

How to see, to feel those pitfalls that can become an obstacle to the strengthening of relations? How to avoid acute situations?

This can help us numerology a science that studies the set of psychological and numerical vibrations. Affiliate numerology through studies of the interaction energy of the two personalities. She can tell you about the pros and cons of each person in the pair, the possibilities of their union, conflicts plane behaviors inside a small familiar company and within a large society. After the numbers that make up your date of birth, you can see the difficulties that can confront the pair. The same number can tell what goals should be to set a couple to grow more efficiently. Numerology in partnership can show that this alliance will help and what will destroy the society of two people trying to enter into a single field and interacting with each other.

I should say that numerology - is not only a number of life's journey, but other numbers that are in communication with each other. The number of ways of life - it is only one point. In order to accurately report on the availability of a quality of character in man, it is necessary to have some more additional numbers. One of which is the number of the Subconscious. And now I would like to note the importance of the subconscious Numbers on cooperation in partnership.

Subconscious number is calculated as:

January 20, 1966 = 25 = 7
25 - (2x2) = 21 = 3

The first number of the day of birth is multiplied by two (2x2) and subtracted from the total is not reduced the number obtained by adding the numbers of the date of birth (in this example, the number 25).

Now read the value of the number Subconscious:

Units - if the number of the subconscious mind is one, it means that the subconscious mind for some reason (. Cm karmic numerology or Celtic) is looking for a partner is not quite mature. We partner in the shower there is a lot to be worked out archetypes. In addition, as the subconscious pull towards the partner, similar to you. And on how much you are willing to compromise, will depend on the number of conflicts with a partner. You will need to make a decision and make a choice - either you are changing, and then get a partner who is ready to help and support you, either alone remains at the level of the child, and then you will meet people immature, unable to cooperate. You have to constantly invest in them their energy.

Twos - subconscious leads to a partner whose spiritual journey is just beginning to open itself. Most men who have this number, choose a woman with a strong generic female energies. Those who includes in his horoscope, the number two (the number of the subconscious), will choose a partner that can be the background and do not actively participate in the life, but at the same time have an impact. Deuce - this is an indicator that you prefer a conservative man, capable of sensory manifestations. We subconsciously looking for someone with whom we feel comfortable.

Troika - the number of the subconscious helps to find someone bright, distinct from all. Your partner does not merge with the crowd, it is quite different. It has to end an awkward relationship with others, with society as a whole. This person must constantly seek the road to self-actualization, self-expression. He absorbs everything, but not until the end able to accept himself as he is. So you, the wearer of this number, it is necessary to deal with the views of the partner, his low self-esteem and at the same brightness, which may overshadow you. Incidentally, the Troika says that you can find a partner by correspondence or through the trip. Travel will strengthen the link.

Four - your partner must have the wisdom, advanced for his age. Sometimes it's the number of points that you can find a partner who has a high self-esteem. The subconscious is looking for someone who has a weight in the relationship with others and is an important part of society. If your subconscious keeps the vibration of four, then your partner to be strong and vulnerable at the same time. Karmic you can bind some important debt or obligation. This person may be conservative. If the carrier of this is a woman, you should pay attention to her relationship with her father. Perhaps, the problem must be sought here. Four points on the generic misalliance or a marriage of patriotism, who decided to create a once family to save something. Feelings were thus in second place.

Five of - if you're in the subconscious of these vibrations, then you are looking for a partner who will help you unleash your inner problems. Inside the man there is a program or set - "looking for my savior, who, though in some ways bring me relief." Sometimes the number of carriers that feel helpless in some area (eg at home) and try to find someone who would help them in this. They need to find someone who will surround them with care and help. For those who wear the vibration of five in his soul, the partner may be newcomers, the hallmark of which will be generous.

Six - this number shows that subconsciously you can find a partner, who himself is constantly looking for themselves some form of comfort or it will be difficult to stay on someone else. You can choose a partner, indecisive in his heart. He does not even know what role he may choose - male or female. As a carrier of this number may choose to partner older than themselves by age and not by the fact that it is working out with her parents, but from a desire to adopt some kind of wisdom, to learn something. Rather, it is working out with their teachers. On the one hand the support of this vibration want a man with a pronounced empathy, ready to provide care, but it still has the other side and it is likely that the partner will always provoke you to a situation where the need to compromise.

Seven - often for media partners of this number are simply companions that can appear and disappear. Therefore it is very important to define the purpose of their way in order to know exactly who take with them to the company. Very often these people choose (or tend to choose) critical partners, strong radicals. Or, on the contrary, ardent traditionalists and conservatives. But just do not choose partners who are ready to live a quiet and peaceful life - it happens rarely. Some carriers of the vibrations tend to choose people-losers because Seven is regarded as the number of rescue. Seven, before choosing a person should weigh all very well, try to really look at what they are offering life. Sometimes the choice by sevens falling to their older partners, and sometimes those who are much younger age. Seven also often choose from a sense of guilt or debt. Therefore, before a declaration of love, I think, worth it to call this feeling love? Maybe it's something else disguised as a light feeling?

Eight - is the number of search provides an obedient partner who will work hard for you to become a great friend, will not complain about life. For you the main thing that your partner support your ideas. But that number could bring a partner, not working on your feelings. Just sometimes it's a sign that there is a risk to meet someone who did not understand their problems and not always able to identify their needs. Your partner can be called flirting master or owner of the charm. Beware, because you risk to attract partners who are psychologically alienate your parents, or he does not find a common language with your ancestral energies.

Nine - you have a huge need for spiritual union, or just have a desire to find a close soul, which will take you for who you are. But in a negative sense, your partner may be full of mysteries and the owner will be slippery nature. Be careful, because you may find that your partner leads a double play and live somewhere else life that you do not know. It may also occur with the complete fusion partner. Perhaps you will idealize it, or vice versa. Separation, move - they are nine points as the number of the subconscious. Nine - often the number of charity, so there is a tendency to choose a partner with poor health. Try to choose someone who has a wealth of experience, a lot of experienced and who have done the right conclusions from their circumstances. Do not choose a partner that has developed self-centeredness, because you will be hurt. In addition, you have to overcome the fear of society and by the proximity of the open shower.


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