How to attract money into your life now!

Money meet certain installations of our mind.

Change your settings and you will begin to attract the money right now.

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Many would agree that any well-paid position, or the best education today can not guarantee that we will not touch another economic crisis, or simply "bad" circumstances.

"Money is not always enough," - that is how many describe the instability in its financial condition, unaware of the fact that in order to attract money into your life, we must first change your consciousness

. Wherever we are in the moment, and how hopeless we feel, there is always a chance to change this reality, if we really want it. Opportunities to make their lives such that we dreamed of, around us always. Although a lot easier not to change anything, to work on still hated us work, reading is still bad news about everything happening around and complain about the politicians, the country, the environment, lack of communication etc. As if we did not like it and no matter how much we did not complain, all this allows you to live within our

«comfort zone."

Over the last hundred years, people have repeatedly argued that the attraction of money has little to do with the quality of education or well-connected. The main role is played by the fact that we have in mind and what we think about money. That is why in times of economic downturns and crises continue to appear new millionaires who see opportunity everywhere and always.

For them, it is easy to turn any problem into a positive factor that will bring more good than harm. After all, losing work, we can find a more comfortable and better paid. The only thing that keeps us sober look at the difficult situation - it is the fear and desperation that overwhelmed us in such moments

. According to the law of the universe, we get so much money, happiness and well-being, as we deserve in this moment.Chtoby change anything for the better, we must change the way we think, our attitudes that block the flow of abundance in our lives. After all, money - is a resource that will help us to make our lives better and spiritually richer

. 7 steps that will help to attract money into your life:

1. Review your own attitudes toward money.

Do they contribute to the inflow of finance and success in your life? If there are blocking the installation, any effort to improve the financial condition will be unsuccessful in our minds. Therefore, make a note of all the associations of the money that comes to mind: sayings, thoughts, words, parents, etc.

2. Analyze all monetary unions.

If the meaning of any phrase you have written has a negative connotation and suggests that the money - the evil, or the money can not be earned through honest, we must work hard to stamp out such thoughts, replacing them with the opposite, useful affirmations. (Money I have been, are and will always !, Money comes to me easily, happily and without effort, money and love me come in the right quantity, God gives me plenty, success and prosperity, my life every zhnёm getting better and better, money is always as much and you need to). Working with affirmations you need to until you feel that you believe in them.

3. Determine under whose influence do you have existing installations.

What are the principles of life are your family, with parents. What phrases about money there you since childhood. Think about how you affect the people from the immediate environment, and what level of income they have, because your environment shapes your mindset. Try to communicate with those who have formed a correct attitude towards life and money, as well as read articles and biographies of successful people.

4. Create positive information field around the monetary units.

All the sad situation related to money (cheated, robbed, etc.) should be attributed both to the experience of life, which in the future will help avoid similar problems. You must leave all the negative emotions associated with past experience and not allow others to "pour" their complaints about the lack of money, or any problems associated with money.

5. Create two-way flow of abundance in your life.

Money comes to those who spends or gives them easy and fun. Excessive saving them, we close ourselves to the energy flow of abundance. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with beautiful things that will bring prosperity to the lives and thoughts of success.

6. Try to flesh out their dreams.

First of all we must remember that words like "many" and "sufficient" in relation to the money took an abstract position in the subconscious, so it is important to operate with specific, clearly articulated desires. (For example: My salary -2000 dollars, I live in a three-room apartment)

7. articulate their wishes, make a plan to achieve them and give a commitment to take steps every day, even the smallest, to the realization of their goals.


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