How to attract and choose the right man

Your last relationship with a man again failed? He was not so perfect as you were initially? Again kick yourself for wasting time on the relationship "wrong"?

A little secret: most of the time You really are to blame all their failed relationships. If you allow the "wrong" man to enter into his life, the responsibility for the consequences rests only on Your shoulders. Because You chose such a man. And allow him to show such attitude. But now not about it.

In this article I want to share 5 important thoughts, how to attract a man that will not disappoint You. These awareness will lead You to the right choice of men and will prevent the same mistakes.

I can't promise a recipe for giving 100% result in this regard. But in my power to help You to understand the causes of their failures in relationships with "strong" floor. But this should be enough to radically change your life.

Women don't understand what their mistakes against the men. Consequently it is difficult to attract decent.

What if You really are a beautiful, gentle, kind, caring, sincere but decent men don't come into Your life? To start propose to deal with the fact that it is important to know every woman to attract the attention of the strong sex and to find his single. It's five tips, which do I advise you to listen. And in the end (I promise) You will understand what you need to do to this man were "right". So, the first advice...

1. How to attract a man's attention

Physical attraction is the most common form of attraction between people. It POPs up immediately during the first meeting. The man unconsciously begins to evaluate the appearance of the woman, her clothes, the smell, the look.

If the first stage of Dating no physical attraction, the appearance of any romantic feelings is very unlikely. Man will not seek to establish a relationship with a woman if he doesn't have at least some form of attraction.

When there is the most intense form – the physical, we, the men immediately instinctively get the impetus to action (e.g., approach and meet).

What role in this process performed by a woman, You ask? She managed to attract the attention of men or he is interested in, using only the attraction? It's a bit like a pun. The concept of "how to attract a man" associated with "how to possess his mind and to force yourself to love." But it means something else. And about it we will talk further.

When in the morning the woman wakes up and chooses appropriate clothes, hairstyle and makeup for the day, she does it on the basis of their own perceptions of beauty. She doesn't know how many men you will meet today on your way. She's fully prepared to in any situation to be as ready as possible to attract the attention of menwho might be interested in it. Moreover, it is likely that many look at her when she did not even realize. Especially when the woman working hard to become more fulfilled and harmonious.

The appearance and behavior of women should be such as to attract a man who is simply watching from the sidelines. So to entice him to want to meet her. It does not have the slightest idea of what tastes can be all these men. To adapt to everybody. So to start, a woman simply needs to look at 100% as much as it can be at this point in time.

All men are drawn to what attracts them. And they can't control this process. It just acts. No matter whether he is or he has beloved. It doesn't matter if he has a family and children. When in the eyes of men appears a woman's beauty, he will always pay attention to it. This beauty is created from the appearance, gait, glance, smile, mood, ability women to present themselves as a woman.

To attract the attention of men simple. After all, any of us always appreciates any woman who came into view. Much harder to keep the attention. If a girl will not meet the minimum templates appeal to particular men, he would not hold her own opinion.

2. The law of choice

You've probably heard about the "law of attraction"? He says that each of us can attract what you want, if you constantly think about it?

But for some reason this law is bad when women try to take action to attract the attention of men. To capture a truly masculine mind by the power of some unknown magic is already from the category of fiction. It's not working.

But women have complete control over their choices. So gradually we come to the main for today the question I always ask on their training: "What influences Your choice? Why did You choose such men?".

After all, when You have managed to attract a man, it does not mean that if he showing signs of interest and beckon with your finger, immediately need to rush to his arms (to go out, go to the movies with him or in bed – despite what he plans). Absolutely not! Once You have managed to attract the attention of men, decide You need it or not.

I teach women to take responsibility for their lives into their own hands. Not for man, but for the choice of this man. It is not necessary to jump at the first one.

3. Sometimes you need to be able to refuse

Some women, if they were able to attract a man, it is difficult to refuse him. They feel fear to lose and be left alone. Learn to refuse. This is my next tip for those who attract the right man into your life. In any case, it is much easier than all that You have to worry in regards to the "wrong" candidate for Your heart. And then it will be even harder to learn again to trust the man.

4. What influences Your choice

Family, relationships between parents, movies, books, personal experience from all these sources, each person takes for himself the grain of behaviour patterns and bring itswhere he feels most comfortable.

Also in terms of relationships – all known to women the options of love (happy, unhappy, passionate, etc.), form her dreams about how to attract a man in his life and who he should be.

Another important factor, which I have already said – the attitude of parents.

Children always focus on them and, when they grow up, choose one of two possible behaviours:

  • All repeat as accurately as possible. And it may be a repetition of how good parental relationship, where everyone in the family loved each other, and the worst were always scandals and smashing crockery.
  • Trying to go the completely opposite way. There is an option that if a perfect relationship of parents seemed too child histrionics, he would despise all these "real" feelings and build their lives on a more hard scenario. Conversely, if the parents fought constantly, my dad beat the mother and the child suffered from this growing up, he may want his kids it does not happen again, will try to build a perfect relationship.
But in the first and second cases, the child loses not its relationship model. It turns out that You can attract a man into your life that will fit the chosen model of behavior based on all previous life events. I'm trying to say that You are the result of all that happened in the past. Often events that happen to You are beyond, they just happen and all. But You can choose the man the most comforton their will to survive. You are responsible for whom they elect.

5. You can choose

And this is good news! All the previous steps of understanding how to attract a man, the result should lead to this recent awareness — You can choose which man will be next.

To make decisions is not always easy, especially if in the head too many injuries and experiences caused by past relationship experiences. Therefore I propose to follow some recommendations.

1) make time for self-discovery and ask yourself "What kind of relationship I really want?" "That to me means a decent man?". Spend a little "inventory" of his soul.

2) Try to understand all of his previous attempts to attract a man into your life. At what stage everything was going wrong? How did you feel? What it taught?

3) quit trying to blame someone for every bad thing that happened in my life. The answer is only You.

4) Love yourself.

Yes, to do everything in a single moment difficult. But it is hard to get in the way of a true Woman, which has the power to make the right choice.

Relationship is a mirror of the soul.

The mirror reflects appearance. But relationships are a reflection of what You have inside.


I hope that after reading this article, You have discovered for yourself the following: do not get hung up on how to attract the right man into your life. It doesn't lead You to the result, most likely, Vice versa. Just get your thoughts in order and be every day up. Oh, and don't forget to ask yourself the question: who is for You the right man? And why is he right? Think about it.

And will sum up 5 important points, which is worth remembering:

  • men are drawn to what attracts them visually;
  • You are responsible for your desire and for some men attracted in your life;
  • learn to refuse if you are unsure;
  • watch what influences Your choice men;
  • choose with your heart the one You really want.
You can attract. And more importantly, You can choose. You don't want power over men. No. Need only real power over their lives.

Thank you for your attention. I hope I was able to meet the interest on how to attract a man who will not become "another mistake." published

Author: Yaroslav Samoylov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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