If a man does not take responsibility for the welfare of women?

A lot of women complain that a man does not work, does not provide, does not develop, it does not manifest itself as a man. I'm tired of repeating all the same, so in this article I will tell all at once, what's what and how to be.

Recently, a lot of women come to me with the same problem. They complain that the man does not work, does not provide, does not develop, it does not manifest itself as a man. I'm tired of repeating all the same, so in this article I will tell all at once, what's what and how to be. My colleague, Catherine Polishchuk also made some thoughts in this article, based on his practice.

This article is for you if:

Your man does not make you the offer, even though you live together for several years;
Your man does not work, and, apparently, does not plan to operate;
Your man complains, provoking you to take responsibility for the decisions
Why is this happening?

The blame for this situation, alas, not the men, and we women. From birth we are potentially stronger than women, we have many times more mental and vital energy. What happens to men who are close to us - is, in general, our influence.

Close to one woman man become rich, next to the other poor, with some things go up the hill and on the other a man loses his strength and sometimes even become impotent.

I advised a girl, she had three serious relationships, and in all these respects after a while men lose potency, and their beautiful life ended completely.

And my other client, only to communicate with any man, gave him a charge, even a week he went all uphill, even though it might not even be her partner.

It all depends on what a woman fills a man and how it is with him!

In the webinar "mystical energy of women" we discussed three women curse to man, now I briefly remind them.

Woman kills man energetically when giving him money. After that the man is already very difficult to rehabilitate and become a normal guy. I had about 500 clients who sponsored their husbands and financially helped them - none of these situations did not end well. Men unconsciously revenged, humiliated or turned into small children who need all the time to pamper new toys. Never give money to men, nor her husband, nor the Pope nor his brother. Even if he is in a difficult situation, even if it is hard - let husband and chooses. This makes him a man and not an energy disabled. Believe me, it will not end well!

Catherine also added:

"If you still gave the man money, then you have to return it in three (!!!) times more, then it is not destroyed as a man, and give a chance to develop themselves. Even his son as soon as he was 18 years old, do not need to give money. Let earns, let him seek opportunities. This will help him to become a man responsible for his life, and he could then take responsibility for their loved ones.

Also look inside yourself and answer honestly the question: "What do I feel when I give money to a man?", "Is nice to me?", "Do I want to do this?". I am sure that most of you will answer no. Because it's unnatural, when we give money to men, we claim them appear and aggression on the one hand, and this gives us the disease, and on the other hand, we are moving away from their female nature, we lose yourself and start to hate yourself, to be angry with themselves and ultimately destroy. In my experience, there are many cases where it is going wrong when a woman approached me in a terrible state. And all this because they once decided to "regret" of his man to facilitate his life, to be good for him to "save" him.

Once I started dating a young man, and he asked me to give him money. Suma was small but I did not want him to give it, but then I did not know all these laws, and it was awkward to refuse. I gave him the money and are no longer able to meet with him, because I have lost respect for him, and respect - is the foundation of the relationship.

The woman gives a man power to ensure that he earned the money, and the money returned to it in the form of gifts and what she will do nicely. And not the other way around. »

The following curse:

The woman did not accept the man. Why is it a curse? Because the woman - the personification of the material energy wealth to invest in it is equivalent to appease the God of Wealth and Prosperity. When a man brings a woman something tangible, and she takes it with ease and joy, at the subtle level, there is an exchange of energy, and for the men to disclose more energy field for action and Spekhov. But if a woman can not receive, save, or says, "It's so expensive, did not have to buy it," she curses his well-being, and the money will turn away from the men (at least for as long as he can not find a woman capable of taking ). So pay attention to your life. Do you accept gifts from her man, even a little? With a light heart is this happening? How well do you feel when you are presented with something?

Catherine Polishchuk "It's no secret that when the wife does not know how to make a man have mistresses, who tells him that she wants, and gladly accepts it. At such times a man feels happy. Men love women in what they can give. And if she did not take, life for them is meaningless.

Therefore it is necessary to expand its licensing system, you need to learn and want to take what you wanted.

Another aspect of the decision, it takes a woman, but she was all the little and little, her nothing can satisfy, it is insatiable. This behavior does not make a man successful, it just devastated him because, even assuming you remain dissatisfied. If you feel that this is about you, start every day to thank God for what He gives to you through your man, for the most small, say: "Now I feel the frustration that does for me, my husband, but I would like to to take all his gifts with ease, joy and gratitude. " After some practice time your condition changes. »

Woman regrets man. Pity - it is always the position from the top down. We can only pity those who in some way below us. When a woman feels sorry man, she humiliates him that deprives faith in himself, in his own strength. The more she regrets it, the more it becomes a weakling. We can feel sorry for the child, but to feel sorry for the man - a taboo. It simply means that you do not believe in it. And a normal man would get annoyed and mad when you try to feel sorry for him, but if a man has fallen into infantilism, it is happy to put his head on your lap and will talk about how hard life and how he needs your help. If you need a small son - that continue to come in the same spirit.

Tip of my colleagues: "Realize that you live" rescuer ", you will enjoy this role, but! This will activate the triangle - a victim of the aggressor-saver, and get out of it is very difficult as long as honestly admit to yourself why you're in it.

As shown by my practice, women are often in the role of rescuer in order to draw man to be good for him, it is necessary that he could not live without her. Only by a man simply ceases to strain, and why? After all, he's a victim in need of rescue and lifeguard at hand. Let solves his problems. A woman gets tired when all drag on itself, turning into the aggressor and then the man is looking for a lifeguard on the side in the face of another woman or starts drinking. »

Dealt only with these three points, we can already make a difference in their lives and relationships of rehabilitating patients appropriate where there is a natural cosmic hierarchy.
And then a woman needs to show character, his inner dark goddess who can say "no" to all men of manipulation and attempts to bring everything back to the old place.
No, I will not give you money, because I have too much respect for you and I think you can do it yourself!
It is terrible to say so, right?
But it is much worse when you keep saying, "Yes, well," and the man sings praises to you, "You rescued me, you saved me, thank you!", While after he got out of the difficulties it will invest not in you, and the other woman, who did not see him weak, which did not rise above it, giving him the money!
And it is very painful, but blame ourselves.

Go ahead ...
I understand that the article is very painful, but it is better to deal with it immediately.
For example, you understand the three curses, and the husband is still not much you provide.

Let's see what you fill it!

If a woman is filled with fears and feelings, she puts it all in a man, and his case will slip at minimum speed or even close. Fear blocks the flow of energy.
Typically, these women strongly cling to stability, they are afraid of her husband's new projects because they can not control it, and it is important that all was predictable, understandable established. The word risk is fear in them.
Look inside yourself ... What do you think about the work of her husband? Are you ready to increase it? To change jobs? Besides that, he had his job? Or maybe somewhere inside you are comfortable that you earn more than he does, and it allows you to control the situation? Be honest with yourself.

Catherine also highlights an important point in this process, "Another important point here is that if you are happy with the husband now, and you do not want him to move on, try something new, because it can lead to instability, you lead him to the degradation. Once the man stopped there, it starts to roll down. Understand this. Work on their fears and encourage its development, even if it will go (and it probably will!) Through crises. »

If a woman is filled with complaints, grievances, conviction, the same thing goes to a man, and he begins to blame the state government, the chiefs, and any conviction - a powerful energy loss, and therefore, the man will never be able to build an empire on such energy. Stop condemning and envy in the first place themselves, stop to discuss other people's mistakes, even in your mind, tune in to a wave of successful people and then your man will be filled with the necessary energy.

If a woman is filled with empty thoughts about the past, empty talk, this emptiness fills a man and he is constantly trying to do some strange business deals with strange things that bring nothing but emptiness.

Your task is to completely remove the talk of the past, stop all recall him where he was at fault, mistake, etc. The past is no longer, because it is necessary to draw conclusions and move on. In your power to help yourself and the man of the past to make a platform from which he will take a new start.

If a woman is full acceptance, enjoyment and desire, it creates a huge field for the development of man, because through it, its energy is materialized in money, which serve the realization of its desires. This cycle of energy!


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