10 easy way to interact with me when I get bitch

It is a pity that women are not accompanied by the instruction? These are a few tips that will help you to behave with me when I'm in a very bitchy mood!

Women are not accompanied by the instruction. If that were the case, the men did not need them caves.

Every woman has a kaleidoscope of moods. Men are fascinated by it, then knocked Stolk, just stunned by this. Here are a few tips that will help you to behave with me when I'm in a very bitchy mood. What makes women so attractive it can also make them terrifying. Their emotional instability can be both fascinating and disturbing, depending on how it is expressed and perceived.

1. Do not resist
I do not overestimate it. Resistance leads to quite opposite results, not fun. If you're wondering what it is - I will explain. The words "Calm down", "Why do not you just relax?", "Is it really so important?" And "You're too sharply react to all" - a good portion of the fuel to the fire.

When I'm angry, no matter how ridiculous it seems, it just happens. Wanting to it was not, or ask me to stop - it is useless. It is an attempt to stop the tsunami. Do you think that if you say the wave of bitchiness stop - it will stop? Nope. But if you stand on a surfboard - it will be able to ride this wave and ride with the breeze.

I know how difficult women - believe me. I'm living proof. But if I do something and learned, it's that the better I understand and accept their condition, the easier it becomes to change and evolve.

2. Be aware that this will not last forever
Have you ever had a bitch ever? Did you know at least one woman, that would be eternal bitch? (Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" is not considered)

No. Emotions do not last forever. No matter what it is emotion. That's why they are called e-motsii (from the "energy in motion» - energy in motion). There is no consistency, especially when it comes to women. We can suddenly go from delight to melodrama, and right after that want to tiramisu.

By the way. You think it's easy? No. Most of the time it's very tiring. You need to try to be above emotions without becoming their victim.

3. Know that all is not as it seems
When I'm being bitchy, we'll find ourselves in the land of emotions, logic ground is far behind, and you can only remember with sadness about her. That ship has sailed, leaving us to the will of the tsunami. I can cry hysterically because you forgot to call, or to get you because you have not bought a carton of milk, but in fact the true reasons will be different. Simply put, all is not as it seems at first glance.

The problem is not in the milk, but something else. In fact, I myself do not know what it is.

The best way for you to stop trying to find a rational explanation for my words and try to guess what I was so enraged. You need to explain to me that my disorder illogical and not worth what we need to work together as a team to understand what's really going on.

4. Enjoy
Are you one of those people who like to see how any crap going on? Like, ahhh look like waves poured promenade and cars floating through the streets like a hurricane is about to carry away the house from here! Heck, it's delicious!

Use it. Imagine that you are watching a real storm with the best places (for which would gladly have paid more). Watch as the storm swirls and rages unabated and again gaining momentum, and finally dissipated.

Because the things that I say and how I behave, does not correspond to reality in full. This is only part of the truth for me at this particular moment. The next moment everything will change as the weather.

I like your personal hurricane. Yes, and perhaps wondering where the sun shines all the time?

5. When I'm acting like a child - think of me as a child
In half the cases, when I'm bitchy self, it is the same as three years when the baby is crying because he has not slept. There is no rationale for this behavior - is a psychological reaction. As adults, we are supposed to be rational intelligent beings all the time.

But we do not do. Especially those of us who have so bizarre and impressive play hormones.

Seriously. When I whine or whine or complain, imagine me as a tiny girl in a red dress with a tiny blubbered face, distressed because of what you have given her the wrong milk. How seriously you take such a child? You will sympathize with her?

Always know what's inside me live this three year old girl. Use this knowledge.

6. Contact me (gently)
In my case it works best when you give a nickname my bitchy side.

My ex called her "Tyudi" (short for "attitude» - attitude). It was a great idea, because this nickname did not make me a perfect monster. He also admitted that I have a multi-faceted and it's just part of me. This is just what is happening at the moment.

It was like this:

I (studying the fridge) "Seriously ?? You forget that I asked you specifically buy milk this week? You know, now I'm trying a new diet, you wanted to destroy my chances for success, yes? »

He (looking at me for a moment frozen) "Hi, Tyudi! I missed you. What did? »

I shall be rounded eyes, but no matter how trying, could not help but smile. He knew me and was not afraid of my hand. Rather than take my comment as an attack on his manhood, he translated everything into a joke. Like, see that part of the bitch just said.

This does not mean that it did not take me seriously. He just did not take me too seriously.

7. If you can not stand it - go
This, of course, well - talk about how to get from my bitchiness pleasure. However, this is not always possible. At such times, do not tell me what to do or what to feel. If you can not bear it - go away.

See. I love my sister, because she is still my sister. But sometimes it still happens that a bitch. And I'm used to that at such times the best - just leave the room. Sometimes I realize that it is ready to talk, sometimes - she had lowered blood sugar, sometimes - it's better not to approach. This means that, no matter what I say or do, it will still be a bitch in these moments.

In most cases, I know when to stay and when to stay away. But there are times when I incorrectly interpret the signals and it turns her sharp claws scratched her "Tyudi." Then I go to my room and lick their wounds.

It's okay, really. But it is much better when I do manage to catch the mood and the time to retreat. You should learn the same.

8. Take care of yourself
You do not have to constantly put up with my pen. The fact that I'm in a bad mood, does not mean that you are responsible for it. Of course, I expect from a man of his attention, but not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In fact, you are a self-sufficient people with their needs and their liability. First and foremost, you are responsible for yourself, if you can not stand it, or do not have enough energy to spend on me at the moment, do not waste.

Do not sacrifice yourself and your beliefs, to make me happy. It's just not going to work. You'll try to help, and then become offended that they could not. It is better to pay yourself time to later we could communicate normally than now perenapryazhetes and will blame me.

Instead, tell me, "Hey, I know you're upset, and I do not care. At the same time, I have to take care of yourself. So let's take a break. Cool? »

You choose a number of problems, simply recognizing that to me is not all right. I also lowered to earth and see that the world revolves not only around me.

Sometimes it is easy to forget about it.

9. If you do not know how to support me, ask
You do not have to figure out all this. You do not have to know exactly what to say and what to do. It is far better to admit that you do not know what is constantly trying to unravel the psyche of women - puzzle square sauce perturbed "What the hell ?!».

If you get lost in conjectures, but really want to help - ask. For example: "I do not know what to do or how to help right now, but I want to. How can I support you? »

It made me stop and think.

And in time, I'll tell you. This can lead to the fact that my mood change. Can I start screaming. Can I ask for chocolate. I can throw to you by the hand and say, "I just - * gasp * - I want to - * gasp * - a balm for the feet. You can - * hiccup * - give me - * * experiencing sight - a balm for the feet? »

Because usually when I'm acting like a bitch, some are not satisfied my need. I do not feel that I hear, or do I need to communicate, or not enough of self-expression, or I feel absolutely nothing. Here's the secret - sometimes I lash out at someone just to emphasize their importance.

As a rule, the emotion of anger and frustration are eager to be transformed into something else, more digestible. If I give space for it, then so be it. You can provide me with a space sometimes.

10. Love me anyway
Please, God, let me find a man capable of it. Let me find someone who will not take me too seriously, who does not frighten mood swings, and who would know that most of the time I was extremely rational. Let me find someone who will understand that even though I'm not perfect, and impatient, I am fully committed to my friends and is ready for them all. Let me find someone who saw my bright side, not just recoil at the sight of the dark.

And, if possible, let me find someone who will not just bear with me, but even find my lovely quirks. Let me find the one for whom I would not be a problem to be solved, and the woman who is worth loving.

Even when (or especially when) it becomes one more bitch.

Melanie Curtin


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