Olga Butakova: Disputes with the mother reduces the testosterone level by 45%!

Olga Butakova – a doctor with 25 years experience (from iridology to ambulance), candidate of pedagogical Sciences, academician of the International Academy of Informatization at the UN, head of the Academy of Health at the International University of Peoples ' Friendship im. Patrice Lumumba, the chief doctor of the Moscow Institute of Restoration of Health. Olga Butakova is the transfer "Caution, FOOD!" at Central TV of Russia.

Now let's see the OVERALL path. What we know about nutrition is part of the way, it allows you to get testosterone from food. But there is a COMMON PATH, which GENERALLY keeps health.

About the reasons we remember: water, food, psychology, medicine, stress, heredity, bad habits...

O. A. Butakova. Men's health



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You have to understand the origins of male problems, the causes of male behavior, causes pokemonpikan does exactly so and not otherwise? And the man does everything logically enough (from his point of view!).

THAT LOWERS the LEVEL of TESTOSTERONE from the point of view of psychology?

How are our studies? Does, for example, hundreds of men, monitored their attitude towards themselves, to measure the level of testosterone, make logical conclusions. It does not include jump level 5-7-10% is normal, and take into account jump more than 15-25% — and this is a quarter from the norm, this is serious!

1. Dismissive attitude to himself (most men). Such derogatory attitude of men towards his personality (and with the active support of this view loved ones, especially his woman!) is the key to its future failures, not only in the physical plane!

2. If someone (especially the woman!) tells a man that he looks bad – is dramatically reduced testosterone levels (in 15 minutes – just 25%!!!). Ie you just casually mention that your man looks bad – and testosterone plummeted!

3. When something mechanical is stopping the sex – nowhere, no time, no apartment, or a comfortable machine for this, or Intrusive presence of the mother-in-law, children, family...

4. Guilt is a horrible thing. If a woman continually provokes a man to plead guilty – know this: after a few minutes the level of testosterone falls to 25%!

5. Apologies for any occasion – when a man starts to apologize, the level of testosterone drops sharply. Therefore, all disputes between a man and woman should end in a draw! – if we, of course, love their men and don't want to crush them! If we want to turn your man into a girl – we will always force him to apologize, to apologize... for what colours did not bring sneakers that do not put there... it's very serious, what a joke!

6. The recognition of their mistakes.

7. Search and nezahodnye arguments – if a man in a dispute (no matter who he argues with his wife, boss, children) finds powerful arguments is the level of testosterone falls instantly!

8. Mockery of man. It turns out that men have absolutely no sense of humor! Although they pretend that it is – but they like the most, if NOT laughing at THEM, and over the other! And even if the man with the fun laughs, and he "cat scratch" – and his testosterone is still falling sharply!

9. Creek. Testosterone falls by 30% if a man cry, even if it seems to "care"! Chemistry and biochemistry = stubborn things: yelled at, he analysed the situation, looked: testosterone fell... all clear. And restored the testosterone is very hard and long!

10. Getting into any stupid situation (negligee on the balcony or in front of the door, well, or you can think of a bunch of ridiculous situations!).

11. Disputes with the mother reduces the testosterone level by 45% – are instantly allocated a sea of energy, which burns, burning testosterone!

12. The disappointment in his woman – if a man something icky found out about his beloved instantly falls testosterone, and for a long time can not be reset.

13. A sense of loss of freedom CHRONICALLY reduces testosterone levels by 50%! It turned out an amazing thing: "stupid questions" concerning freedom that defines a woman – instantly reduce the level by 30%. This series of questions: "How are you? What was at work?" or "what are you thinking?", or "did something happen? — tell me!"; but the most terrible for men the question: "WHERE were YOU?!" = and testosterone immediately down!

Because in such matters the man at the subcortical level feels a real threat, a threat to their freedom! The man even does not analyze the situation, but after finding out where he really was, good sexual intercourse, alas, will not work...

Because in his mind, he will continuously play similar situations: "what would happen if I really was there? And if I "caught" it? What if..." — and this continuous "milemala" always distracts from the main procedure! So, women, THINK: if we want to fight for their men – that must be fought comprehensively!


POSITIVE aspects that increase it, and there are NEGATIVE and both are valid in my life. But the WISE women raise the level of the POSITIVE things, and men (themselves) manage to increase more and the negative.

1. The value of the relationship with a particular woman – if the man values the relationship with his wife (girlfriend), if this value has a priority, the level of testosterone long kept at the highest level.

2. The feeling of love in return, and that appreciate him as a man – for men is very important and what HE values and what he himself appreciated! Because if HE values – and IT is not valued, then the level decreases.

3. Often tell your man that he is SPECIAL, that is 25% more testosterone! What exactly is the feature – anyway, the thing is to find something that separates him from the crowd!

4. The anticipation of good sex. By the way, there are 3 types of sex: sex in home, sex in bedroom, sex in the hallway. Sex in the house is at a good level of testosterone = sex-the development of all areas of the house. Sex in the bedroom – it is rather simple habit. And sex in a hall it is possible to Express the phrase "long gone (gone) you...".

5. A sense of pride for my woman before other men by 30-40% increases testosterone levels. Maybe for him personally it "is not very...", but the fact that he has such a treasure is such euphoria and long-term, stable increase in testosterone. Women, do the men proud – as good horses as the best car! – men toys large! :–)

6. But the biggest champion in raising testosterone levels – try to guess?
Football? – no... although any sport (and sport activities, and monitoring the competition, the pride, ownership, unified field of energy) long-term increase the level of 25-30%. When a man sees that "we won" — he's just on a horse! But it's NOT on the 1st place!

Fishing? – no, on the contrary, it soothes the Central nervous system, it is rather the ability to balance man...

You won't believe, it's ridiculous, but Champions to raise the testosterone level in men – Autoshaping and Audiovideoking!!!

Up to 50% increases the testosterone when buying a car, and the same – if you buy her all sorts of aftermarket detail parts. But the most high – if a man buys a radio, and no matter WHAT he buys! It could be some super headphones, some small things (joystick, a new hard drive to the computer) – so that the woman can not even understand WELL WHAT is THERE to be HAPPY?! Well, not given her...

But the man is happy just like a child! And the testosterone level rises to such numbers that it is ready to fly and just to prove to everyone that HE is the owner of the most important in his life! And, the interesting thing is that not only the purchase raises the level of 50%, and even more simple bragging (20%) when he has already bought, and brags. Moreover, this process of boasting can stretch for a week-month-year! It would seem, so what? – well, bought, enjoy, happy...

But no, everything in the complex: an increase in the level of self-esteem, and level of respectability, and much. Therefore, women earned the company good money, instead of sable coats myself – I'll just buy her man a car, and then every 2-3 months buy bling (new tires, radio) to it – and YOUR MAN ALWAYS and WILL always be IN FIGHTING SHAPE! Tested!!! :–)

7. Demonstration of their tremendous benefits enormously enhances the production of testosterone. Do not "tee-hee"! – it is not about you think, though...! :–) I'm talking about the merits (achievements, success) from any areas of his life or work!

In the world it's the opposite-balanced: the "Yin-Yang", "black-white", "negative-positive" — all should be strictly equally!


Talk about NEGATIVE STIMULANTS testosterone production:

1. Flirtation. Women, don't laugh: it's you flirting increases the level of adrenaline (stress hormone!), and men – quite the contrary! – increases testosterone by 20-25%!
And flirtation for men is the same that for women easy stress.

2. Cry when defending their interests, their point of view. When a man yells (a child, a wife, a dog), his 15 percent short-term increases testosterone levels. But only briefly – men, remember this! Ст0ит do anything too strenuous for your effect?! :–)

3. Strong argument (15%), especially if the man is sure he is right.

4. Jealousy (25%). Women rejoice that a man so appreciates you, and remember that after a stormy scene followed by a flurry of forgiveness and good testosteronum level! :–)

5. Fast driving on the car, but only in the presence of a companion who is afraid! If a woman starts to squeak with fear: "Hush, I'm afraid, please..." — the man grows even more testosterone, and it goes even faster and more dangerous! In other cases, the level is stable.

6. Lies increases testosterone levels by 35% (note: most of the storytellers — men). Many men lie as well as the women, but few people can lie as FAST! :–) But for men lies in a definite plot, a sharp drive.
So for example, if the woman is someone "laid" at work, fired – and she's, like, still, and no muscle she never wavered, and no reactions... But the man in this case increases the testosterone! :–)

7. Revenge, intrigue, men's dreams of freedom greatly increase the level of testosterone. If a man dreams of freedom – this time he's just "testosterone peak"! Maybe this freedom and it does not need, but DREAMS about her are encouraged! It's like a dog: if it is not bind – it still will not run, and come home (if smart!).

8. Protection of its territory – the rise to 50%. So if you "caught" the husband and slapped on the head – it happened at a high level of testosterone, is the PROTECTION of ITS TERRITORY, and to blame there is absolutely no one!

9. The frustration and anger greatly increase testosterone levels.

10. Humor – as soon as the man begins to laugh, dramatically increases the level of testosterone, perhaps it is because men love jokes.

Men (and we) live simultaneously in 4 realms: physical, sensory, intellectual, and spiritual. Feature of MEN's spiritual world: men with STUD, having a conceptual-level egregor (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism...) – these mass egregors give man security and integrity.

This is determined in whole Nations of people, have a platform of faith, rests in life is much more stable, more secure than the man, hoping only on themselves.

He has a link of energy, which supports him, helps him space and the Creator himself. Prayer has a therapeutic effect, it increases the production of happy hormones: melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, testosterone (25-35%) and suppresses the production of stress hormones and anxiety (cortisol and adrenaline).


  • The majority of testosterone is produced only at NIGHT, and in COMPLETE DARKNESS.

  • Maximum production of testosterone is in COMPLETE SILENCE, so it is recommended to wear on the ears "ear Plugs" (or cotton "plugs").
    Therefore, for men important: complete darkness, absolute silence and total relaxation.
    For women, it does not matter – you can sleep with the light on and screaming at the TV for you, it will have no effect – you have a testosterone is not produced!
    For the man any rustle, a flash of light is an assault on his territory, which he must protect from the time of the glacial period: if outside the door the enemy – it's not up to breeding and is of the testosterone hormone anxiety (cortisol and adrenaline).
    If you want to keep your man (what a MAN!) – ensure the conditions for COMPLETE RELAXATION! If you have the bedroom Windows overlook the bustling street – take care of sound insulation (double glazing) and the shading of Windows.

  • The bedroom should be COOL and FRESH, the optimum temperature to 17-19 degrees, and train yourself and your man to sleep under a THIN blanket (in summer under the sheet) and WITHOUT UNDERWEAR (his testicles should lie freely, as nature intended!).

  • The bed should be FLAT-bed (with an orthopedic, not a grid!), and comfortable flat pillow (the Japanese generally put under the head of a flat piece of wood.) – all this promotes better blood flow to the brain. If a man sleeps in an uncomfortable position – 25% production of testosterone falls.

Testosterone is produced throughout the night and morning testosterone level is the maximum. You probably didn't know, so your men usually sleep in pajamas, bathing under the hot blanket at him jumping kids, a dog and a cat, and you are also close to snore!

And then you something else required!

Give him a good night's sleep and in the morning you don't recognize her man!!! When I found out I was shocked!

But what pleases is the fact that all of these conditions can be done for men FAST and FREE – is wanted! What about us women, is to turn out the lights, or get her husband to put "Earplugs" and tight-lined "glasses" on the eyes (as in airplanes issued)?

And will resist – explain that it was all for the priceless health!

After all, you now know everything!!!

I still remind of gymnastics – this is useful in any case. But here already PSYCHOLOGICAL things, because men are very much working subcortex, and if he is constantly on patrol mode, there is nothing good...

It's like from a woman: if her child is sick, she only pretends that she's sleeping and not really sleeping, because the child is to move, to change the rhythm of breathing – and she jumps! It's NOT a dream!

Two or three days of this "vacation" – and you'll finally understand what flour you doom your man his inattention to his male physiology!

Testosterone is produced only during DEEP SLEEP PHASES!

And this is complete darkness, absolute silence and optimal temperature.

To me the most ridiculous, how can we imagine a man in the morning, naked, in black cloth with glasses and with the "Plugs" in my ears! But what can you do if you NEED?! But he's a MAN! If this is the only way to have a healthy man – we agree not to tolerate this!



A woman can afford to be limited to 1.5-2 liters of water per day, and for this it is almost nothing – well, before you pucker up, or will dry out a little faster, or the hair will become dry, or the skin will peel off = what are pesky little things...

But for men WATER is vital, and for him 2.5 liters = MINIMUM!!!

Or rather browsing and is a minimum of 30mg. of water per kilogram of body weight.

Ie, have a weight of 100 pounds, your water dose = at least 3 liters! And no excuses! Less absolutely not!! But do not assume that beer, juices, tea, coffee, juice the water is DEAD water!!! Especially instant COFFEE is a complete disharmonization the immune system of MEN, which leads to impotence (proven by Japanese researchers). You need to drink ONLY water after a good filter, at a distance, and NOT boiled.

Understand the main thing: the more clean water you drink, the fewer toxins the body is, the more liquid it becomes blood, the less likely you are to run into problems with blood vessels, stroke, coronary heart disease, hypertension (aspirin adds no water, and no thins the blood!), the increased acidity of the stomach and other illness related to DEHYDRATION and concentration of harmful substances (and disease, until the cancer related)!


Aggression Bacteria, Viruses, Helminthes and Protozoa

It is not a question of the INTERNAL condition of the body, and the question cosmoplanetary: THEY have always been, are and will be around us, they are transmitted by contact, home, sex..., there is a huge and constant exchange. The sexual revolution ended with the complete victory of the viruses! How can you sanitize yourself? is a very complicated issue!

If we take separately the bacteria, viruses separately separately separately fungi and protozoa, on the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM is particularly strong, there is a group of BACTERIA and FUNGI group.

What viruses have a tropism for the reproductive system?

As a rule, "women's" disease get the men! Infection interkurrentne – it is and women, and men, some of them media, someone sick, someone hurts a latent period...

Most VIRUSES are sexually transmitted: Hepatitis-a, Hepatitis-B, genital Herpes (causes cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men), Papilloma Viruses (moles, warts, papillomas on the genitals, of the 20 types of carcinogenic 6), Cytomegalovirus, AIDS, and all these "fun" you can get through sexual contact.

BACTERIA sexually transmitted infections: Gonococcus (causes gonorrhea), Pallidum (causes syphilis), Trichomonas (a simple, intracellular parasite), Chlamydia (a mixture of bacteria with a virus), Ureaplasma (a mixture of mutant bacteria with fungi), Mycoplasma, and has such a beautiful bacteria of Gardnerella (in women causes vaginitis, in men are asymptomatic, but the immune system weakens both great).

MUSHROOMS, sexually transmitted infections: Candida and other fungi. In Moscow there is a clinic of deep mycosis, but everything related to mushrooms, in our country medobsledovanie. There are about 50 species of fungi living in human, but no analyses of their presence conventional medicine is unable to determine! But what they do have is 100% because psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis and many other diseases are caused, including, and mushrooms.

There is a "Disease Hodgekin" (inguinal lymphogranulomatosis lymphoma or Hodgekin), in which the inguinal lymph nodes swell, they fester and they form the cancer growth. And the reason, as found by Hodgekin, CHLAMYDIA!

Current oncologists, even putting the diagnosis of "Disease Hodgekin", do not adhere to the causal principle, they either forget or just don't want to know that this is the normal CHLAMYDIA!

But really, most lymphatic diseases (including male genital) and bacterial viral and fungal diseases! It prostatitis, prostate adenoma, the architectural (inflammation of the testicle), epididimit (inflammation of testicular appendages).

And there are congenital changes of the hernia, varicocele (respectives egg, with the compression of the spermatic cord).

- Diseases of the male sexual reproductive system – specifically the testicles, prostate, kidneys, ureters, bladder, which do not carry bacterial etiology viral or fungal!

There are TWO methods of EXAMINATION:

1. ELISA Immuno-enzymatic analysis – allows the determination of antibodies to these viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Antibodies are protein complexes, it's like photography: the ANTIGEN (which has been introduced into the organism a virus or a bacterium) and T-LYMPHOCYTES, which makes an exact mirror copy of the = ANTIBODY. Antibodies when blood motion in the mirror are anchored to the antigen, forming a circulating immune complex. And the number, quality and nature of the antibodies we can determine whether a person's particular disease (chlamydia, herpes, Ureaplasma, etc.)? And the increase in antibody titer (their number), we can tell if it was a disease in the past or have it now? If the titles of any subsequent analysis of the grow – it means the disease develops now.

2. PCR Polymerase chain reaction – definition of 2-3 amino acids in solution. For example, the chlamydia amino acids are as follows: "1-3-5," and we learned to paint. People taking "smear" (semen), it drip dye and if you have chlamydia, they are painted in a specific color. There are Ureaplasma in another solution, they will be painted in a different color. All these tests SEPARATE for each type of infection.

All men who care about their reproductive system, it is necessary to do these analyses, moreover, a DOUBLE method! Why?

PCR is a very accurate method, but at the moment it is not possible to say for sure whether the disease in the past or HAVE it now? And IFA can identify! And when there is TWO analysis, they allow us to make cross-sectional analysis, in which the doctor can accurately to judge: WAS this disease, or whether THERE is it NOW?

It is pointless to get tested JUST for chlamydia, or ONLY ureaplazmoz – be checked it is necessary for ALL the male reproductive viruses! And, if men found some viruses and bacteria – perhaps he needs to check his woman (or his all female environment). Because even if the man will recover, but not to determine exactly from whom he contracted, then it will catch again and repeatedly.

Should be treated, BOTH partners at the same time – because every new perezarazhenie, each new course of treatment with antibiotics greatly reduces the immune system and AIDS in the neighborhood!

And a woman should make exactly the same tests, PCR and ELISA! It's NOT cheap, but the price of this survey – life and health of the reproductive system. If, for example, someone found 6 of carcinogenic papilloma-virus (and cervical erosion, or chronic prostatitis), no one can guarantee that this will not turn into CANCER! No need to rush – take all the tests planned and thoroughly.

First be surveyed carefully in its pure form, WITHOUT treatment!

Because in the clinics it is waiting for cash customers that understand how dangerous these diseases and offer the most super-treatment! First be surveyed and then – after a double diagnosis – think what to do and where to be treated?

What else should I do to the man: focus on – ultrasound prostate, ultrasound of the kidneys and then with the capture of the ureters (urinary bladder on ultrasound poorly visible).

What is the prostate? is a gland located behind the bladder, the prostate hugs the urethra from both sides. If the iron is increased (swelled, swollen) – it squeezes the urethra (the urethra), and prevents the efflux of urine from the bladder (he is constantly nedopisan, it residual urine).

The first signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia – weakness, apathy, bad mood, difficult (slow 3-5 seconds after the voltage) the beginning of urination, weak flow (not previously observed jet strength), and residual urine – when the man urinated, and after 3-5 minutes again have the urge. The main feature – nycturia (night urination), male night to sleep, because at night the bladder is disconnected from the receptors in his very

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