Testosterone in a man's life

The man is absolutely brilliant being the opposite female sex that women need to love, to cherish, to feed and to keep him alive on this planet. Women's love must be consciously saving.

What man, as a species, different from women?

Basic male characteristics start to develop with puberty boy. Until that time (about 12 years) the boy from the girl you'll be only anatomically. During puberty in boys begins development of the hormonal levels and it is responsible for male hormone — testosterone.

By the way, the male hormone testosterone is different from the female hormone estrogen one hydrogen atom.

The age of 16-18 hormone makes a boy a man and already with 10 years is necessary to ensure that the boy's testosterone level was normal. It is important to remember that if 2-3 years have passed the boy in diapers, 50% he may prove to be fruitless. Mom's too lazy to wash the diapers and her desire to keep the designer sofa in its original form, leads to the fact that it unwittingly destroys the newly born man and deprives him of the future.

The temperature of hot urine in the diaper 43-45 degrees. This termopane detrimental, it almost destroys the testicles in the fetus.

What is the function of testosterone does in the body men?

Testosterone gives you the ability to handle stress; an anatomical sexual characteristics; determines muscle mass; determined by the resistance men to stress – physical and mental; determines the strength, energoproect, the ability for all types of work; defines endurance - the ability to continuously perform the load; defines aggression from moderate to strong, with the purpose of preservation and protection of the family; gives a sense of the value of friendship; the load and quality of training; the lack of tearfulness; energy level; sexual activity; a healthy ambition.

The General level.

The reasons for that decrease the level of testosterone in the male body:

  • Stress. This category refers to financial problems. Studies have been conducted of groups of men who took a loan, and men who have no credit. In the first group of the men had low testosterone levels. The loan is in fact a powerful psychological factor that keeps a man in suspense (if the loan is taken for 15 years, all 15 years the man is in voltage mode). The tension testosterone is not produced until the relaxation.
  • Alcohol. For the first 5 minutes and a small amount of alcohol would raise the testosterone level. After 25-30 minutes the level starts steadily falling. The Americans had a very interesting test, which revealed that in order to testosterone levels fell to zero and ceased production, it is necessary to a man for 3 months has consumed large amounts of alcohol and gained 20 lbs. good news – if you think again, all you can recover.
  • Food. There is a food that lowers levels of the hormone, there are food that this level increases.
  • Aggression bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. There are infectious bacterial agents that greatly affect hormone levels and on the whole reproductive system of men (e.g., Ureaplasma or chlamydia), there are those parasites that do not affect testosterone production (e.g. beef or pork apni). This includes casual sex.
  • Weight.
  • Irregular sex.
  • Minimal physical activity.
  • Trauma to the testicles and reproductive organs.
  • All anti-ulcer drugs, including atropine. Sometimes the treatment of stomach ulcers in men can lead to a complete lack of libido. Need to decide and choose which drugs, chemical or natural, to give preference in the treatment of ulcers.

Private level.

The reasons for that decrease the level of testosterone in the male body:

  • High blood pressure. Any increase of 15-20 units dramatically reduces the production of testosterone. During erection through the male sexual organ is equal to 6 times the volume of blood and if this blood is under high pressure, the body starts a defense mechanism – lowering the level of osteron, and reduces serious.
  • Shortness of breath, i.e. an increased number of respiratory movements.
  • Increased heart rate (over 80 beats per minute) reduced levels of the hormone by 20-25% in order to relieve the load on the heart. It is also a defense mechanism.
  • Increased or decreased HB.
  • The increased bilirubin. In this case, the blocked enzymes. There is such an enzyme - aromatase, which the body of men be few. This enzyme promotes that attaches to a free hydrogen atom to the male sex hormone, converting it to estrogens – the female sex hormone. For men this enzyme harmful. But if the liver is busy with bilirubin, it can not destroy the aromatase enzyme.
  • Malfunction of the kidneys. Reducing the amount of urine less than 1 liter reduces the level of testosterone by 15-20% due to the microcirculation of the kidneys. Normal passage of urine men 2 L. It is strategically important because competitors of testosterone (adrenaline, cortisol, etc.) out of the body through the urine (tears, sweat, saliva).
  • Weight. Fat in Archintelligent should not be delayed, because testosterone is disabled the deposition of excess fat. He has amazing gyrocotylidea components: receptors, which are responsible for excess fat are eggs, they are sensitive to the levels of testosterone, which is produced in the testicles and not allow the man to gain weight. If a man polzovateli fall in love with the place, the reason for this is hormonal (low testosterone levels). The most dangerous fat in men is one that is stored in the abdomen. It secretes enzymes and hormones which help to decrease the production of testosterone.
  • Blood sugar. Any minor position of raising sugar dramatically reduces the level of testosterone. Insulin is a hormone counteracts testosterone. They are on different poles and they have competition. If a man has diabetes, he develops just for this reason, that fell testosterone. It controls the sugar level in the blood. If the testosterone level is normal, then diabetes will not. System sugar regulatory system of blood pressure and cholesterol levels – globally tied to testosterone. blood pH=7.4 – the Norma – the acid-alkaline balance. In the acidic environment of the testosterone is converted into estrogen. Leukocytes is an indicator of the presence in the blood of bacterial, viral and other infections. During infection the organism according to the biological laws, should not breed. It is a natural protective mechanism guarding: the male recovers first, then the fruit of offspring.
  • Temperature. In men, there are two temperature – body temperature and the temperature of the testicles. The testicles produce testosterone and sperm. The testes in men taken out to the outside, beyond the body and therefore temperature below body temperature by 3.3 degrees, i.e. 33,3, max 34 degrees. The temperature in the testicles 36.6 and above – the death of testosterone and sperm.

For example, the Yakuts wear two warm fur sack at the testicles, which is a means of protection from unwanted pregnancy of their women. Therefore, the eggs needs to vent, wiggle on the move (the principle of manual self-winding mechanical watch), the man widely have to walk at least 3 times a day to cool the testicles, take a bath with cold lotions, in the bath to sit on the cold towel.

In any case do not keep the laptop on my knees not to sit on leather seats with a heated, not to wear and narrow synthetic underwear, tight jeans, careful (not to hurt) to go on the bike (the seat must be anatomically comfortable) to sleep under the sheets or under a special blanket to sleep in pajamas, do not carry cell on belt.published


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