Building a harmonious relationship in the family.

The fact that the girl, getting married, leaves his father's house and moves in Rhode husband, taking his name, his space and his family continued. For her parents it is very important and difficult moment in my life. Like all people, they have their egos through which they are attached to your child, so the young man at the subconscious level they perceived as the one who would take away their daughter, in which they have invested so much of their energy and resources. Not surprisingly, it is often in the relationship between mother-in-law and father-in-some tension arises that if misconduct could escalate into open hostility. To avoid this, a man must show respect for parents and relatives of his wife. How this can be done in everyday life? First of all, to be an example for wives in taking care of her parents. For example, the first to call and congratulate them on holiday, write a letter or a greeting card. Unfortunately, with the development of the Internet and other means of communication, we stopped writing letters to each other. And this is a very good and a good tradition. Especially since our parents were brought up in this tradition.

As often as possible to visit them, be interested in their affairs, their health, offered their help, give them a birthday present a ticket to the sanatorium. The manifestation of any worries about his wife's parents on your part will make them feel at ease, because they will know what you are - a serious and responsible person, which means that their daughter is in good hands. Periodically turn to his wife's parents for advice on various issues. After all, they also represent strength Roda, a different kind. No need to abandon it.

The strength of a man - his woman
A man and a woman - two halves of a whole. Therefore it is very important how a man relates to a woman how much he loved her and respected as showing his concern for her. After all, what we translate into the world returns back to us in one form or another. Therefore, a woman is a perfect mirror for the man, thanks to the woman the man can show their best male qualities. How can I check how the man became a man? Only with the help of women.

Any conflict with the opposite sex suggests that we are imperfect. And any conflict tells us that you need a change, over what to work.
If a man builds a correct relationship with a woman, he receives strong support. As we said above, force a man to act in the material world gives woman. Largely from a woman depends on whether a man is successful in social terms. First, such a woman is a mother, then his wife and daughter.
A woman can give a man a lot of power, but it may take, if a man behaves properly if it wrongly set priorities in life. When he was in the first place puts material goods, money and pleasure, the woman begins to manage it, as a woman - is the personification of nature and matter. And this inevitably leads to conflicts.

A man is important to understand that in his world ruler is the Almighty himself. And if you invite into your life energy of women, we must be able to interact with it, to possess this power. Do not suck out of it all until the last drop, and possess it. Own - Veda means Lad to know harmony, order. Care. Interact for creation, for the benefit of Roda, World, Universe. This energy - a gift of God. For a man it is important that the woman opened it, started to give his feelings, his energy. It is necessary to open the heart of a woman. There should be an exchange of energy, but this is only possible with the unselfishness and the other hand, with respect for each other in the performance of their duty in relation to each other.

If a man can not cope with this energy, you lose yourself, your spirit will begin to deteriorate, start drinking bitter and had a ball. Is not that what we are seeing in the world today? Women become ardent feminists and more rights to defend it, to deal with the affairs of men's, and men gradually feminized. But the reason is not a woman, but we - men.
Harmoniously interact with the female energy is possible only on one condition, when a man in the first place puts the ministry in the life of God and people. We devoted to the ideals of service to God and true man - loyal and obedient wife.

The man, who was not identified with its purpose, not yet a man, he is still in the making. And the sooner he decided on his favorite thing that will bring the benefit of the outside world, the faster it will move from the category of the social category of the animal in man.
The strength of a man in his activities. Through it comes to confidence and optimism, respect, personal and professional growth, financial well-being. When a man is successful in his case, he has the confidence, and when a man sure of himself - calm woman, she feels socially protected.
When a man has a significant purpose, especially one that elevates it, it begin to show leadership. And every woman unconsciously waiting for this. She wants to be married and wants to follow her husband, wants the man led her through life, he wants to make peace with him. Then it is ready to give him their energy, ready to open for him to become an endless source of strength.

To be attractive to women who need to have a serious purpose in life. It should not be the goal of a woman. This is very important to understand that such a harmonious relationship. The woman - is not a goal, it is a friend. Therefore, for a man so important discipline of the senses.

Control of family relationships for men is based on strengthening the powers of the mind. A husband must strive for their goals in life, and not to think all day only for his wife and their cozy nest.

There is a rule: a happy family, husband and wife do not look at each other, and one less napravlenii.Chem man tied to a woman of pleasure, while carrying out his duty to himself, to the community and to the family, the more a woman seeks to it.

But a man should be faithful not only ideals, but also to his wife. It makes a family strong and stable, and adds a man of honor and dignity. The woman symbolizes the soul of man and his homeland. Therefore, cheating wife is equated to treason to himself and the motherland. The woman is very sensitive in nature, and it is right at the subconscious level feels her husband's attitude to him. It should be just the man to think of another woman, she already feels it. Changes her mood, she becomes restless. This means that the characteristics of those energies which she sends to her husband, is also changing, and not for the better. The man who thinks he can start hanky-panky somewhere on the side - a man stupid, short-sighted. After all, at the subconscious level, we all know about each other everything. So is it worth to lose its precious energy for the sake of momentary pleasure ?!

If you want to find out what feels your spouse, when you stare at another woman, imagine how she tells you: "Our neighbor's husband is a hard-working, - pleasure to see: the owner of a real, and a lot of money earned, and Christmas tree in their house to the eighth of March is not necessary. Oh, lucky her with a man! "And while more difficult to breathe. Well, how does it feel? I like?

An intelligent man will respect and honor your wife, consider it the best for themselves, the most beautiful, the most worthy ... with such a man a woman blooms, and in response he gets from it inspiration. Women subconsciously feels respect for the faithful husband. A respect for the man in the community is also a woman. And it helps to further the success of the men in its activities. As you can see, everything is interconnected.

The strength of a man in self-control. Do not look at other women - another severe austerities for men. The husband is obliged to own their feelings, control their desires, while his wife gives him the power to act.
What often happens in families with age? The man in the external world becomes more successful, gaining strength. Accordingly, it becomes attractive to other women. But he forgets who gave him that power. And then behaves like an ungrateful bastard, leaving his wife and children and going to live, usually a young woman, or has an affair on the side. This is a sign of the degradation of man, it is his irresponsibility.

My husband not only does not have to allow yourself to look at other women, but he also has to protect his wife from the looks of other men. We must calmly explain his wife, it is not worth going out on the street or going to work, bare parts of his body, or wear tight clothes much that will emphasize its advantages. If the woman is well dressed, then the energy level, it loses its energy, expires piety, but on a subconscious level, it changes my husband, because it shows his whole appearance that it is free. Unfortunately, in our time, many men do not realize this and welcome this fashion.

Do not leave your wife alone with other men do not need to let it rest on a resort on the different procedures she should go only to professional women (for example, hairdresser or masseur). So do a reasonable man who does not care what will be a family relationship. Of course, these matters should not be bigotry, jealousy is not necessary, but you must show that you're serious. The wife immediately feel it, too, had to be more responsible approach to the issues of communicating with other people. And believe me, you're just on a head grow up in her eyes. You know, what thoughts come to mind a woman when a man goes this way? "I appreciate, love and respect. I do not care about him ยป.

Man must act nobly toward his wife. He never, under any circumstances, should not discuss his wife in front of strangers. If he, for example, discusses its advantages or disadvantages with friends, then he thereby diminishes not only the dignity of his wife, but also his own. Woman on the subtle plane immediately feel bad word about himself. A man gradually lose respect not only in the eyes of his wife, and others.

By the way, about relationships with friends. Creating a family, a man becomes a social status. If there is a question about who to give priority in the relations between the wife and friends, the answer is unequivocal - relations with his wife above relationships with friends. This does not mean you have to renounce your friends, no, just now his wife becomes a best friend. And if your former friends are really your friends, they will understand you and support. Not for nothing are still preserved the tradition of male and female party before the wedding. And friends and girlfriends "escorted" the bride and groom a new family life. They are well aware that after the wedding the previous relationship will not be.


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