What is valuable in a man is (in terms of girls)

Women's thoughts about men

Even in children's song raises the question of what made our boys. I remember that it was a piece of glass, blotting paper and batteries ... but the boys grow up to become men, and fill your life with new things and concepts. Is not it time for us, dear women, finally, to understand, what does "done" the average adult male? For now blotter hardly makes for a great value. It certainly took a place of honor ...


A man without a car - young rider without a horse. If he did not hand smeared in oil, unless it jumps up in the night to the recruiting beep alarm if you do not spend on their Bibika the lion's share of the budget, and comes up with her affectionate nickname, then he is not a man at all. A male pedestrian - a temporary phenomenon. Sooner or later, the car he still will. And then it necessarily have to buy spare parts, lovingly oglazhivaet body and change the wheel. And on the weekends - that happiness is something! - Issued the call: "I flew ball" will be to convene the friends and the world to repair their mechanical treasure in the garage. And friends will necessarily come to the rescue. Because there is such a thing - a real man ...


We women need a friend that was with whom to talk, but the man needed ...
accomplices. Otherwise, with whom he would go to the bathhouse, fishing or football? With whom he drinks
beer, once again enumerates the carburetor and start a new business? Only currently
like! No, man, of course, also sometimes talk. Sport, Technology,
policy - that's the theme of spiritual conversations. But soon come to an end than
someone from the men say: "Oh, boys, I was looking for so long shirt under
eye color! "They generally have little interest in fashion and its own appearance. Although
every man periodically breaks workout and keeps the house ...

Although most of the stronger sex dumbbells are already available. Usually
they lie somewhere in the corner and rearranged from place to place during wet cleaning.
It does not matter, man uses them or not. The main thing is that they have and by
the fact of its existence, cheer up. And the woman should not be indignant:
"Yes, you throw them at last!", And remember that the weights - is one of the symbols
masculinity. Another such a symbol for every man is electric ...


No man can live without this tool. So do not faint,
if the money set aside to buy a new washing machine, he can afford to buy this miracle
art. Let. Otherwise, when it is necessary to beat some roses to your favorites
bitterly declared: "There is no drill!" - and full of silent reproach pobredet take comfort in the kitchen.
For there is nothing that soothes the nerves shattered men as ...


Males feed on the fact that we are afraid. Potatoes with a cutlet - breakfast, canteen
dumplings with mayonnaise and ketchup mountain - lunch, a couple of hot dogs and beer - afternoon tea.
And in the evening, just opening the door and removing the shoes, the man immediately shouted: "Well, today we
there will be or not ?! "If you have not issued your relationship, you can take a chance and answer:
"No, dear! Today, we are the one-and-a-a-antsy! "- And they took him in his arms, whirl
around the room. But such jokes with starved man is extremely dangerous, if you are his legal ...


Wife - it is not status. His wife - a title that rewards the worthy man
female. And it must conform to this title. That is:

a) great cook, but do not sit all day in the kitchen;
b) be an intellectual, but do not try to be clever;
c) look sexy, but so that the rest did not notice;
d) be the soul of the company, but to behave quieter water below the grass.

Only such a woman a man can entrust the care of their own well-being and ...


We cheer us all equally, but men go to the doctor three times less often than women.
And it's not a special resistance, but in principle "to die, but the hospital will not lie."
This is due to the fact that the stronger sex is afraid to go through more pain
during treatment. It would be better all week moaning and suffering, bringing his wife to insanity,
than willingly go to the dentist. And if he is a pain in the finger, it is not for anything
I will not allow her to pull out, but will scream about it for the whole district, demanding sympathy.
In the words of Mayakovsky: "The nail in my boot nightmarish than fantasy in Goethe!". And we,
women, we must not shy away from such statements, and to treat them with all degrees of
seriousness. Because it is not ...


How much can you say: man is not a small child! He's just an expert on games:

a) sports;
b) a computer;
c) on the nerves.

And in between games, he is interested ...


When a man in love, he does all that is usually annoying when it
do other couples. But, nevertheless, every self-respecting gentleman for once in
He had a great love of life. Typically, in the past. Sometimes he recalls this love,
hinting that the bride blond twenty millionaire, I was crazy about him,
but random crash separated them forever, and he lost the woman of his life.
Do not believe it! The woman of his life has been, is and will be his ...


If you do something wrong - man certainly will compare you with her mother.
Note, not with my sister, not my grandmother, and certainly not with her aunt from Berdichev. Mommy, Mommy,
Mamula - is his ideal. And your eternal rival. So quickly take your man
Bring in his arms and away from home - where you and only you will be cooking him borscht,
accompany at work and at home to collect it ...


I warn you once - it will hide socks. Your task - to find these textile and hosiery
products before they make themselves, sorry to know. Look under the seat, a sofa and
under the bed. In particularly difficult cases, to tear off the hardwood floor. And grumble, grumble. It's also
sort of ...


The fact is that every man is looking for:

a) women;
b) itself;
c) the meaning of life;
d) keys.

As for the first and last can not worry - he who seeks will always find.
But on the other two points arise ease. The man can "look for yourself»
forty years before. A separate instances of this busy life. From the meaning of life - that
Same story. Men all over the world looking for it for thousands of years, and I have not yet heard,
anyone found. It would seem that it's time to calm down and do something more useful
- For example, to grow violets (for beauty) or geraniums (a moth). But no.

Grow geranium man gives the woman, and he walks away and as Chekhov
Hero, tearing your hair out and yell: "God !!! I am thirty five years old!!! And what I have achieved ?! »
This scene usually ends quite simple: a man, caressed and soothed,
I am going to watch football, and a woman - to drink valerian. But there are exceptions. The husband of one of my
familiar left the family, a prestigious job and went to Tibet to sweep the floor in the cabin of a
guru. While it could remain in Moscow and revenge own floor in a private landscaped
apartment. And there, staring, and understand the meaning of life. And maybe even started ...


However, male and repair - the concept of incompatible. I'm sure that if it were not for the women,
men would live in an apartment as long as the ceiling did not start to crumble the plaster.
But even among the ruins, a man would have found a strong case against the hated occupation:

a) fall - such a sad time to ...
b) winter is not the best time to repair;
c) You want me to be, exhausted spring beriberi, pasted wallpaper?
d) who makes repairs in the summer, in the heat?

Here's all. But we know that in the heat and cold man gladly exchange the
repairs at no less energy ...


Representatives of the stronger sex is ruled by testosterone. And if we are more concerned about how to contact
turn, men are very concerned about the statistics bedding success. Hussar win
for a man - a real celebration. In the end, completely exhausted, he fell,
He closes his eyes and hear his resounding ...


If a man dreams, does not repair the car is not in search and compares
You with his mother, to be sure - he sleeps. One has only a moment to leave him alone -
he immediately turned off. Sometimes I think that men are awake because they interfere
women and emergencies. Still, sometimes men are very nice. For example,
when presented to us ...


Personally, I would not refuse and by diamonds - they are, at least, do not fade. I would not mind
and on cruises, cars, villas, gardens of Babylon, in the end. But ... the flowers because the flowers.
Though their men would give more often. In romance novels, for example, heroin
give flowers almost every day. But men do not read romance novels. They prefer quite different ...


If women's magazines always an element of psychology in the men's magazines
always a resilient female bust. Stock exchange news, pictures of Pamela Anderson,
fantasy, adventure novels and newspaper "Sport-Express" interested in men much more,
than the analysis of intersexual relations. They are too lazy to delve into the essence of human nature, so they
unanimously believe that women - mysterious unearthly creatures that need only ...


Stamp - it's just kind of printing paper business. But any mention of it makes men
tremors and uncontrollable feelings of fear. To see this, it is enough to approach the man
back and quietly say: "I want to die." No matter what, and where. But he did not ask
will be. When a woman utters a word, the man loses his voice. And it happens to him
ever since he began to grow ...


Stubble - one of the most visible signs of masculinity, which is taken every day to destroy.
And although men claim that it is easier to give birth than a lifetime shaving, women somehow
learned to do both. And the third. Not only do we give birth, shave legs burned away
the hair on the upper lip by electrolysis and causes the melted wax on the bikini area,
so we still kiss in the morning with his unshaven gentlemen. "A what?" - Surprised
Cavaliers. Indeed. Just think, a little skin on the face torn off. It's not even funny. It
a male ...


While still Kozma bars warned: "Do not mess with women: these jokes and stupid and indecent»
- Men continue to entertain us best. Their humor - is the film "Naked Gun»,
Army stories, dubious anecdotes and stories about women's logic. Offense has no
meaning: a man is almost impossible to change. It's easier to try to find his companion shared ...


Men do not talk like us. Basically they use verbs at all
forgetting adjectives. They almost can not talk about feelings, but it is better
retell events. Sometimes it seems that we are with them all speak different languages.
But we manage to invent to communicate something like Esperanto and when like,
We can understand each other. And this - the main thing!


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