40 simple techniques of self-massage to promote health

If properly to perform the following techniques of self-massage, in this sequence every morning or before bedtime, it not only will improve the physical condition and prolong life, but also help to get rid of some chronic diseases.

It is important to always remember that good results can only count with due diligence (performance of all the forty methods will take 30 minutes of your time). Operated points are shown in figures 9-1 and 9-2.

Before you begin self-massage, do 10 deep breaths to get rid of stagnant air and to gain fresh, to improve the circulation of vital energy and blood.

1. Rubbing of hands.

Firmly press your palms towards each other and RUB them, slowly at first and gradually increasing the speed. Run 30-40 potiranie that your hands have warmed up.

2. Rubbing of the face.

As only warm the hands, immediately RUB their face. Start with the left side, go across the forehead on the right – and so 7-8 times. Then do the same but in the reverse direction 7-8 times.

3. Tapping teeth.

Gently squeeze the lips and rhythmically tap the upper and lower teeth 30-40 times.

4. The stirring language.

Move your tongue up and down and side to side between the surface of the teeth and lips 30 times, then 30 times left and right.

5. Potravniy ears.

Place four fingers on the back of the head, palms – on the ears and rhythmically and shake the ears 30 to 40 times.

6. The game is on the celestial drum.

Hold your ears, squeeze the air bases of the palms, the other four fingers of each hand located on the back of the head. Press the pads of the index finger, the back side of average and sliding movements tap on the head to get the sound of "RAB-a-dub".

Make 10-20 clicks.

7. Rubbing points Qing-min.

First, spread the toes 20 times of the point Yin Tang, and then massage your eye sockets with both hands for 10 times, and then RUB at the same time point CIN-min on both sides 20 times.

8. Rubbing her temples.

Mash and push whiskey 20 times.

9. Wiping his brow.

With both hands wipe the forehead 20 times.

10. Pushing points in Xiang.

Perform 20 talkany points Ying-Xiang, located on both sides of the nose.

11. Pushing points of tin-gun.

Perform 20 talkany points of tin-gun.

12. Massage cheeks.

RUB both hands cheeks 20 times each.

13. Knead the point Bai-Hui.

With both hands knead the point Bai-Hui 20 times.

14. Press on the points of Feng-Chi.

will advice and Pomezia hands both point Feng-Chi 20 times each.

15. Pressure on the point Yes-Jui.

Push the point Yes-Jui 20 times with each hand.

16. Knead points FEI-Shu. Push and Pomezia both points FEI-Shu 20 times each.

17. Knead the points PI-Shu.

Push and Pomezia both points are PI-Shu 20 times each.

18. Knead the point Shen-Shu.

Push and Pomezia both point Shen-Shu 40 times each.

19. Knead the point of the tribute and Jun.

Knead the point of the tribute-Jun 20 times with each hand.

20. Knead a point Jung-WAN.

Knead the point Jung-WAN, 20 times with each hand.

21. Knead the point qi Hai.

Knead the point qi Hai, 30 times with each hand.

22. Rubbing the top of the chest.

RUB the upper part of the chest 20 times with each hand.

23. A Pat on the chest.

Spread your fingers out to the sides and Pat chest with the Palmar surface of the finger 7-10 times. When Pat inhale.

24. Rubbing Zhang Meng.

At the same time with both hands RUB the point Zhang Meng to 30 times each.

25. Rubbing the lower abdomen.

With both hands RUB the abdomen for 30 times with each hand.

26. Knead dots Jian-Jing.

Zasypnica and knead the left point Jian-Jing right hand and right point – left hand 20 times.

27. Knead dots Jian-Yu.

Zasypnica and knead the left point Jian-Yu right hand and right point – left hand – 20 times.

28. Pinching point show-San-Lee.

Zasypnica and knead the point Shou-San-Li, each opposite arm – 20 times.

29. Pinching the point nei-Kuan and Wai-Guan.

Zasypnica and knead the points nei-Kuan and Wai-Guan one hand with the other hand – 10 times each.

30. Knead the point he-GU.

Zasypnica and knead the point he-GU on the same hand, with the other 20 times each.

31. Kneading hands.

Mash one hand to the other. Every 10 times.

32. Twisting his fingers.

Pokracujte and wipe on 3 times all the fingers.

33. Pressure on the point of Feng Shi.

Click on the point of Feng Shi with both hands 20 times.

34. Knead the point Xue Hai.

Zasypnica and knead the point Xue Hai both hands 10 times each.

35. Pinching the points Lin Quan.

Zasypnica point of Yin– and Yang-Ling-Quan on both sides of the feet with both hands for 10 times on each point.

36. Press on the points of zu-San-Li.

Pressure and hands Pomezia both points of zu-San-Li 20 times each.

37. Knead the point San Yin Jiao.

Pressure and hands Pomezia both points of San-Yin-Jiao, 20 times each.

38. Effleurage legs.

Fists will beat 10 times each leg.

39. Kneading feet.

With both hands knead and Pomezia 20 times each leg.

40. Rubbing points Yung-Chuan.

Fingers knead and RUB the point of Yun-Quan on the soles of your feet 20 times each.

"Therapeutic exercise Chinese medicine", sung Zindani, Liu Dozen.published


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