These 6 techniques will improve joint function and restore the elasticity of the ligaments

Self-massage will help to get rid of feelings of chronic fatigue and apathy, cheer up. Will help with headaches or dizziness. Regular activation of major acupuncture points located on the head improves hearing and visual acuity. Activation of acupuncture points of the abdomen will help to effectively regulate Yin and Yang in the whole body, improve all the digestive system, to get rid of excess fat in this area, to improve the functions of the liver, spleen, pancreas.


As the movement of qi is closely associated with the movement of the lymph and blood, we not only create the opportunity to freely qi flows through your routes, but also effectively clear the organism from slags and toxins, accelerate metabolism through the stimulation of points on those meridians, the organs which are responsible for the removal from the body waste products of life.

Metabolism improvement in the food tissues, for example, due to the influx of qi and blood to the head makes the skin radiant, eliminates the premature appearance of wrinkles or reduce the number of existing ones.

Even if you don't have time to play sports, but regularly perform self-massage, it will help to improve the joints, strengthen muscles, restore elasticity of ligaments and tendons. For older people self-massage helps prevent joint disease, or help fight existing ones.

And Yes, these diseases, such as arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, lumbago, become rapidly "younger" lately. So prevention is better to start from a young age.

Now it is time to introduce you to a small complex of self-massage, which consists of 6 exercise. Exercises in it are chosen so that were involved in the most important areas of our body — from the top of the head to the tips of your toes. Below is a text description of exercises and videos.

1. Our face is one of the most important gate output and receiving energy. Therefore, massaging the face, we are not only improving krovobraschenie and state of mind of the skin, but vozdeistviem on the level and quality of our vital energy. View how to perform this exercise.

2. Our brain is the General staff of the whole organism. It is therefore very important that all his features were clear and correct. In practice anshen a lot of techniques aimed at improving the functioning of the brain. The game is on the celestial drum is one of the best. Vibration, obtained in the process of tapping improve the inflow of qi and blood to the brain cells, clear the brain, relieve of heaviness in the head, clear vision, shooting pain and fatigue around the eyes, normalizes intracranial pressure. View how to perform this exercise .

3. Given that the point Bai-Hui called the hundred vstech (it connects all Yang meridians), according to traditional Chinese medicine through Bai-Hui, the brain exchanges energy with the environment. Qi freely enters these gates in the brain and nourishes it. Impact on point Bai-Hui helps treat large number of diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular, genitourinary, diseases of the eyes, nose, ears, blood vessels of the brain, memory impairment, convulsions, excessive sweating. View how to perform this exercise.

4. Point shangshu called the gate of the kidneys, as they regulate the entire life cycle of a human kidney. Impact on the point helps to combat General exhaustion, low energy levels and fatigue, to get rid of lower back pain... let's See how to perform this exercise .

5. The lower abdomen is the place where we store our vital energy qi. Massage of this area helps to improve the quality of qi, and normalizing the smooth flow of all the meridians and collaterals of the body. Given that in this area there is a large number of vital organs, massage improves the flow thereto of qi and blood. View how to perform this exercise .


This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, improves digestion and kidney function

Press these points to get rid of excess weight and become younger


6. Yun-Quan, this point is called the "bubbling spring" — refers to the main gate of qi, which massage and self-massage decided to pay special attention, because the blocking of the gate affects the course of qi throughout the body. According to kitaiskoi medicine on the feet are the projection of the vital organs of our body. Therefore, this method of massage stimulates not only the channel of the kidneys, which is the point of Yun-Chuan, but also has a positive effect on our internal organs.

Impacts on point Yung-Chuan helps with insomnia, stomach problems, pain in the lumbar spine, vosstanavlivaet the kidneys and urinary tract. But, most importantly, the regular self-massage of points Yun-Chuan allows you to adjust the energy level of the body as a whole. View how to perform this exercise.published


Author: Gleb Porogen




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