The Chinese gymnastics exercise for healthy joints

What to do when the pain in your joints? In China the science of preserving health has more than three thousand years of history. Since ancient times, doctors have developed various methods to strengthen and improve health without medication. Due to its practicality, simplicity and efficiency with no side effects these methods are very popular and are widely used in our days not only in China but also in many Wellness centers around the world.

In this series of articles we will talk about therapeutic exercise for the treatment and prevention of the joints of the hands and feet, as well as introduce you with the practical implementation of some of them.

Therapeutic exercise Chinese medicine for the joints of the hands In our XXI century nanotechnology the whole work of his hands comes down to pressing buttons and keys of various devices, significantly simplifying the everyday life. So often the muscles of the arms become flabby, atrophied and degraded, and not with the onset of the natural aging process, but much earlier. In the pursuit of appearance we forget that it is not the amount of muscle mass and no skin care can help promote healthy hands.

It would seem that a few decades ago, joint disease have been associated with age-related factors. For example, a chronic disease caused by the loss of mobility in shoulder joints, was referred to as the "50-year shoulder" or "frozen (frozen) shoulder". At present, according to statistics from the world health organization, there has been a dramatic rejuvenation of the disease. Doctors are not surprised by the development of arthritis and arthritis in children and young people.

Naturally, the causes of diseases differ in their etiology, but all experts are unanimous in the opinion that a sedentary lifestyle (physical inactivity) is the provoking factor in the degradation of the joints. Why our hands are so vulnerable? This is not only because of the complexity and uniqueness of some joints and muscle structure, not only because of the specificity of motor function, but also because of some misconceptions that are not alien even to professionals — physicians.

We used to eliminate any problems associated with joints, medically way. Of course, to relieve acute or chronic pain easier to swallow the pill and leave the joint alone. We forget, and sometimes don't know that any immobility or blockade of painkillers to eliminate the sensitivity of the muscle during movement, causing irreversible damage to the joints, because it promotes muscle atrophy.

A person gets into a vicious circle: the less he moves, the more problems in the musculoskeletal system; but the greater the discomfort cause of the movement, the less you want to move.

Remember the lessons of anatomy: our joints can move only thanks to the efficient work of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, namely the ability of muscle tissue to contract and relax, strength and elasticity of ligaments and tendons move the joints. But to himself the musculo-ligamentous apparatus did not allow failure, he has abundantly supplied with blood. The influx of fresh blood carrying cells of oxygen and nutrition, is feasible only with the active movement of the person.

The sedentary condition of the upper extremities in the absence of exercise reduces blood circulation, nutrition becomes insufficient, disturbed water-salt metabolism in the tissues, and as a result, muscles atrophy, ligaments and tendons weaken, all this so-called retaining material ceases to support the joints, they, in turn, begin slowly but surely to disintegrate.

The bad news is that the process of degradation will not stop. Given that everything in our body is interconnected and involved in the General circulation, the destruction will affect many vital organs, and considering, for example, a close relationship vernadscogo belt with the cervical spine, our brain is a unique computer, which has no analogues in Nature, will begin to receive less oxygen carried by the blood, which is fraught with very very big problems.

And here's why it's so important to preserve the health of the hands. According to traditional Chinese medicine, along the arms are the most important meridians — lung, large and small intestines, heart and pericardium. Improving the health of the hands allows to establish the quality of their work, will prevent the occurrence of diseases in these organs, will enable life-giving energy of qi and blood to flow freely through the meridians.

And now for the good news.

In the Arsenal of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many methods that contribute to the health of the joints of the hands. These methods have been transformed for centuries and carefully passed down from generation to generation. The best of them we offer you a unique video course "3 of the Best Qigong Exercise program And Jansen For the health of Your Back And Joints."

And in order for you (or rather your hands) received an immediate benefit from reading this article, stop for a few moments reading right now and do one wonderful exercise, just following the instructions below (after trying at least once, you will love him and will do constantly). It's called

"Flight of hands like wings" Original position: feet apart, the distance between the feet — 1-1. 5 shoulder width. Shoulders relaxed, arms in a free position. The gaze is directed forward (step 1).

1. Bend your elbows and bring them back up. Look on the left elbow (photo step 2, 3).

2. Without stopping the motion, bring arms forward, elbows up, hands facing each other's back sides. Look on the left elbow (step 4).

3. Hands raise up to the level of the nose and perform the movement with both hands down. The gaze is directed forward (step 5, 6).

4. To return to the starting position.

5. Bend your elbows and bring them back up. Look on the right elbow.

6. Without stopping the motion, bring arms forward, elbows up, hands facing each other's back sides. Look on the right elbow.

7. Hands raise up to the level of the nose and perform the movement with both hands down. The gaze is directed forward.

8. To return to the starting position.

Do the exercise 8 times.

Exercise “the Flight of the hands as wings. Steps 1, 2, 3

Exercise “the Flight of the hands as wings. Steps 4, 5, 6

Regularly it and you will be able to increase mobility in the joints of the hands, to prevent their deformation, premature aging, causing many diseases or accelerate the healing of existing: such as "frozen shoulder," frozen shoulder, "disease artist", "tennis elbow," "swimmer's elbow", carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, arthrosis and so on).

It will help:

  • To reduce the pressure on the nerve endings and thus relieve the tension, stiffness and muscle spasms caused by prolonged fixed positions, connected with professional activity; to improve blood circulation and unobstructed flow of energy through the meridians of the hands;
  • To increase the elasticity of the ligaments, to make them and tendons are more durable, thereby increasing the range of motion in joints and reduce the risk of tissue damage;
  • To improve muscle tone, strength and endurance, increase energy reserves in the muscles of the arms, which will reduce the risk of damage during any unusual movements, jumps, climbs gravity;
  • To increase the production of synovial fluid, nourishing and lubricating the contacting cartilage, which in turn will reduce the friction, and hence wear and tear;
  • To accelerate the process of withdrawal of toxins, which in turn will reduce the risk of inflammation and congestion;
  • Increase motor functions of the hands will improve the movement of blood through the vessels, movement of fluid in the intercellular space, the movement of lymph through the lymphatic vessels, the movement of the nerve impulse along the nerve fiber that positively affect the upper spine and therefore on brain activity.
  • And don't forget that strong shoulder joint stabilizes the muscles of the back and chest. And, of course, will help women improve the appearance of the hands, tighten the skin, fight cellulite, to achieve a beautiful line of the shoulders and to improve posture.
The uniqueness of the exercise “Flight hands like wings” is that his practice is to a greater extent besides strengthening located on the surface of large muscles, one way or another involved in everyday life, forces involved in the operation of small deep muscle groups, proper functioning of which depends the health of the joints of the hands, but which, because of the inaction of the person over time are at risk of atrophy, which ultimately will inevitably lead to the destruction of the joints.

To your practice to be effective, follow a few simple rules: perform a Wake up of the hands on the inhale, lower hands on the exhale, in any case, don't hold your breath. Breathe naturally and evenly; the time and number of reps depend directly on your level of fitness. At the initial stage to avoid injury and reduce the number of repetitions, amplitude of movement, and efforts should be monitored carefully.

The exercise can be performed in the workplace, especially if your professional activity is connected with long-term fixed position of the body. With severe articular disease, the risk of internal bleeding in the postoperative period, while getting past mechanical injuries (sprains, fractures, torn soft tissue) is recommended before practice to consult with a professional doctor. published


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