"Three stars": a set of exercises for rejuvenation — a fantastic result!

The focus in this complex is given to the head and especially the face.

Long practice will help You to make the skin soft, delicate and smooth, remove wrinkles and prevent the appearance of acne and age spots.

The complex consists of 14 exercises.

Forty four million one hundred eighty eight thousand nine hundred forty two

Exercise 1. "Three stars»

Ninety eight million seven hundred fifty six thousand eighty four

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: To stand quietly, smiling slightly; spread your chest and tighten the abdomen, relax the muscles, legs together, hands are freely lowered along the sides. Breathing is slow and even, look straight ahead, maintaining the relaxed state (Fig. 1).

BEGINNING: Turning the palm down, slowly raise arms forward and up above the head (point sentin) (Fig. 2). Rotate the palm up so that the outer sides of the arms facing each other; relax your wrists, elbows, shoulders (upper three joints) and hip, knee, and ankle (bottom three joints). Slightly raise the heel (Fig. 3). When the arms are raised (the breast is straightened and retracted abdomen) to breathe more fresh air (Taoists call the air you breathe — fresh air of the Universe). The breathing should be soft and silent surface.

Then, turning the palm of your hand, slowly return hands to the starting position along the same path (Fig. 4). At the time of lowering the hands to produce exhalation (Taoists call – exhale -* chickpeas, dead air). To do a full cycle of the above-described movements 3 times. Taoists call the first show of hands — "the star of Happiness", the second -"the star of Prosperity," the third — "the star of Longevity". Hence the name of the complex "three stars".

EFFECTS: According to Taoist theory when you inhale when the palm of your hand (point laogun) facing downward, is absorbed the earth's energy to power, give effect to and regulate blood flow. When the palms are up, they absorb heavenly energy, which allows you to recover vital energy of the body. Long practice will help to increase vitality and improve; the circulation of the blood so that they more freely circulate through the body, will result in a balance of Yin and Yang energy. Exercises enhance blood flow and help to" avoid stagnation of blood.


Exercise 2. "Sharpening the eagle's claw»

Fifty two million sixty eight thousand one hundred sixty one

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: To get into position described in exercise 1.

BEGINNING: Continue the last movement" exercise 1 (lowering hands). As soon as your hands start closer to the knees, folded his palms together and place between your knees (point suehay and zugzwang); bend knees (like a squat) and firmly hold the arms (Fig. 5). Then alternately raise and lower the left and right heel so that the movement caused rubbing his hands between them until they heat (Fig. 6, 7). To perform this exercise 8 times. When wiping the palms against each other fingers should move from the toes of the other palm to its center (point laogun) and must not extend beyond the palm.

EFFECTS: This is a key exercise in the complex. Rubbing the hands stimulates the points laogun, wizzy, hegu, sicuani and directly has a stimulating effect on the nerve endings of the spinal column. This exercise not only increases the flexibility and elasticity of the joints of the fingers or improves blood circulation in the hands, but also effective for the treatment of headache and toothache, relieves sweating of the palms, hysteria, numbness of the wrists and hands, angina pectoris. Of movement raising and lowering the heels to stimulate acupuncture points dadun nosing, czesi, chinchani, Weijun, Kunlun and Juanito in the legs; the joints of the knees, ankles and hips, preventing and eliminating the difficulty in the movement and lifting from the squatting position, helping with constipation, pain in the legs, Jari numbness of the ankles, pain in feet, leg cramps, feeling them cold. Motion Pomerania, lifting and lowering heels affect the point huiyin and cancan, stimulate the rectum and gonads. It helps to improve secretion of sex hormones. Stimulate secretion of hormones and movement of the different joints will help us to accelerate the regenerative processes in skin cells, thereby softening and refreshing it.

PAY ATTENTION: The force with which it is necessary to RUB the palm of your hand should be sufficient for the formation in them of heat. Flexion of the loins, retraction of the abdomen and the neck stretch should be natural. Patients with prostatitis and gynecological diseases as well as those who are often marked by pain in the heels, the toe cramps can make these exercises more often. However, pregnant women are not recommended.


Exercise 3. "Stroking the three phoenixes»

Eight million two hundred forty seven thousand nine

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: To perform the last movement of the exercise 2 and to stand up straight; feet together, stand up straight, rubbing the palms against each other till the formation in them of heat to raise them to the face with your nose and cover your palms (Fig. 8).

BEGINNING: Press lightly on the eye 8 times. The Taoists represent this movement "Pat Phoenix". Then take his hands from the eyes, but leave in the same position as they were (Fig. 9). Open your eyes to rotate the eyeballs clockwise 8 times and 8 at the time. This movement is called "Revolving the Phoenix". Finally, move eyeballs up and down and side to side 8 times. The name of these movements "Looking Phoenix."

PAY ATTENTION: The palm of your hand with the movement of the eyeballs and repeat the same movement. Hands remain in place, only the palm of your hand slightly pulling away to give your eyes the ability to open and digitise.

EFFECTS: Press on eyeballs rocklistmusic warm the acupuncture points of the eyes (sinmin, stanciu, chance, zuihou) and in combination with the movement of the eyeball make these exercises useful to improve eyesight. Classes will help to prevent or relieve diseases such as night blindness, dacryoadenitis, europapolitik, retinite, optic atrophy, cataracts, nerve pain eye socket, myopia, twitching of the eyelids and glaucoma.


Exercise 4. "Restored The Sky»

Fifty one million five hundred fifty three thousand one hundred ninety six

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: To finish the last movement and exercise 3 stand up straight, randomly.

BEGINNING: Using his index, middle and ring fingers to massage the area between your eyebrows (point Intan). Up then left and right around the area tantin (heavenly hall) (point anbi, cantin, TAYANA) 8 times (Fig. 10). The Taoists call this exercise "Restored Heaven".

EFFECTS: Compression and massage this part of the face will help prevent age-related wrinkles or make them less noticeable. Stimulation of active points in cantin can mitigate or alleviate nasal disorders, sensations of stiffness and soreness when the rotation of the eyes, headache, dizziness, insomnia, hypertension, trigeminal neuralgia, tremors of eye, nerve pain of the face.


Exercise 5. "To spread the tail of the Phoenix»

Ninety seven million one hundred sixty three thousand four hundred fifty

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: To stand freely, the hands are placed at the vertices of the eye (Fig. 11).

BEGINNING: The pad of the thumb (point wizzy) RUB in any way from the edge of the eye to the temple (point a TAYANA), Repeat 8 times. The movement is called "to Spread the tail of a Phoenix".

EFFECTS: This exercise is designed to reduce or prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, the massage points mayjun, Masao and chance on both front and temporal part, can prevent or alleviate facial paralysis, facial tics, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, krivoglaz and the curve of the mouth, nerve pain in the head, astigmatism and diplopia.


Exercise 6. "Pat his cheeks»

Seventy nine million two hundred forty nine thousand eight hundred eighty one

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand up straight, hands folded together in front of chest and RUB each other until they heat.

BEGINNING: Put the warm palms on both cheeks and center of the palms (point yaohua) RUB them from top to down 8 times (Fig. 12). With slightly damp hands the result will be more efficient.

EFFECTS: Rubbing with warm hands stimulates blood circulation, activates cells and leads to the fact that the skin becomes delicate, smooth and fresh, reduces the number of wrinkles and spots.

PAY ATTENTION: The little finger lies along the nose separately from the rest of the fingers. Then fingers, gently massage the area along the nose and the fingers – from the ears to the chin.


Exercise 7. "Pressure on Earth's pantry»

Forty eight million nine hundred ninety eight thousand four hundred thirty eight

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand straight in a natural way by bending the left elbow; raise arm up; center of the left palm covers his mouth" and the end of the thumb (point of shaoshan) hold down the left nostril and hold your breath. Other 4 fingers should slightly cover the right cheek. Bending her right palm like a Cup, press it to the chin, the elbow of the right hand should be near right side of the chest (Fig. 13).

BEGINNING: Coordinating the interaction of hands, to make them 8 motion clockwise, pressing the left thumb rhythmically on the notch on the left side of the nose 8 times, breathe right nostril; tongue at the same time repeating the circular motion of the hands 8 times (Fig. 14). Then change the hand position on the opposite and perform movement similar to that described above, but in the other direction (8 times).

EFFECTS: Exercise stimulates points Decan, zengjun, csace, xiaguan, chuanliang, dayn, Jenin. This has an impact on prevention and mitigation of stroke, strabismus and curve of the mouth, facial paralysis, trembling of lips, slurred speech, excessive salivation, oral ulcers, and colds.

PAY ATTENTION: In this exercise, it is necessary that the hands just moved together in unison, making one whole. On the point on the nostril you just have to push (not in a circle). Breath hold is not necessary. When one nostril is clamped, respiration is carried out through the other.


Exercise 8. "The protruding tongue»

Eighty two million six hundred twenty nine thousand four hundred twenty

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand straight in a natural way; to cover mouth and nose with a hand, forefinger to press the indentations on both sides of the nose; the thumbs press on the cheeks, and the other three fingers to cover the mouth and nose, leaving a small space in front of the mouth (Fig. 15).

BEGINNING: Open mouth, stick out 8 times and clean up the language, freely move her tongue around 8 times and knock the upper and lower teeth against each other 8 times.

EFFECTS: Exercise stimulates nerve endings in the cheeks and face, and points the TAYANA, xiaguan and tanto, the fabric of the salivary glands. Classes over a long period help to prevent and relieve such painful symptoms like dry mouth, laryngitis, mouth sores, tongue cancer, acidity in the mouth and toothache.

PAY ATTENTION: If the exercise does not work, try the palm of your hand to raise a little higher. The index fingers should rest on the nose right and left. And then spread your palms a little wider. Here is another translation of this exercise: "open your mouth, stick out your tongue and put it back (8 times). Then do language 8 free rotational movements. Then tap a language on the top 8 times and 8 times on the bottom teeth.»

It is very important that each exercise is performed with warm hands. This is one of the main features of this type of exercise. For warming of palms you can simply RUB each other.


Exercise 9 "jade Sucking liquid»


THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand straight in a natural way, the hands are placed as in the previous exercise, only the mouth is closed (not shown).

BEGINNING: Moving the lips left — right and up — down 8 times, then tightly compress them and make sucking movements. During the filling of the mouth secreted by saliva, swallow it. To carry out 3 times.

EFFECTS: To perform this exercise only upon completion of the exercises "Pressure on the Earth's Treasury" and "Protruding tongue". Compression of the lips and sucking movements to stimulate the salivary glands. Saliva plays an important role, especially for digestion. Taoists attach great importance to increasing the amount of saliva and call it "the harmonizer of vital energy". The poet of Tang dynasty Du Fu wrote about her: "Gulp fluid — harmony of vital energy.


Exercise 10. "Tapping the face of the dragon»

Forty nine million five hundred forty thousand six hundred seventy three

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand straight in a natural way to raise his hands to chest level and RUB them against each other until warming.

BEGINNING: With the tips of warm fingers lightly tap on the face (including the forehead, cheeks, cheek bones, mouth, and chin) for one minute (Fig. 17).

EFFECTS: Tapping of the face affects the nerve endings located on it and subcutaneous tissue, repairing cells and stimulating blood circulation. Exercise can prevent or ease soreness in the facial nerves, facial paralysis and twitching of the face and cleanse the skin. At the same time, this exercise can prevent, even cure phenomena such as numbness and pain of fingers, hand tremors, impaired the circulation, feeling cold in the fingers.


Exercise 11. "Good hearing ear»

Ten million four hundred fifty three thousand three hundred fifty nine

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: The same as in the previous exercise!

BEGINNING: Rubbing both ears with the center of the palms back and forth 8 times (Fig. 18); and during rearward movement to exert more effort. Then bend the ears forward, middle fingers, placing them on top of the index, and the movement to knock them down 3 times (Fig. 19). Taoist designation of this movement: "Knock and the heavenly drum".

EFFECTS: Rubbing the ears stimulates the point to step and xiaguan face and tingen, tingwei, Armani on the ears, to prevent and alleviate noise in the ears, inflammation in them, solve problems with hearing. Tapping on the ears will help to improve hearing, to raise the spirit and improve vision.


Exercise 12. "Stroking the dragon head»

Eighty nine million four hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred eighty two


BEGINNING: To comb the hair with the nails ten fingers back from the forehead (point sentin) 8 times (Fig. 20).

EFFECTS: Brushing stimulates the crown point, Montani and syserco at the top of the head, preventing and curing dizziness, rhinitis, cerebral anemia, epilepsy and vomiting.


Exercise 13. "Cultivation of the heavenly pool»

Sixty three million two hundred sixty two thousand two hundred ninety nine

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand straight, place your left hand on the back of the neck.

BEGINNING: Rubbing and pinching the left hand region of the Heavenly pool (Taoist name for the back of the neck, including the acupuncture points fancy, fanfou, Amen and Tianzhu) right to left 8 times (Fig. 21). Change hands and do the same motion with the right hand from left to right 8 times (Fig. 22).

EFFECTS: Rubbing and stretching is helpful for the prevention and alleviation of schizophrenia, and pain in the back, jerking head, poor vision, facial tick, stroke.


Exercise 14. «Great success»

Thirty five million three hundred eighty nine thousand four hundred one

THE PREPARATORY POSITION: Stand naturally, arms front of chest.

BEGINNING: RUB your palms together to their warming; then the center of palm to RUB the outside of the arms, hands, wrists, as if they are washed (Fig. 23-25).

EFFECTS: This exercise is the last from a standing position. Rubbing the hands stimulates the channels point of Xianyang and signing. It is effective for the prevention and relief of such phenomena as sweating hands and trembling and convulsions, pain in the wrists, heat in the hands.


Comments on the implementation of the Taoist exercises


1. Those who engaged in these exercises need to be confident in their performance.


2. To engage systematically step by step and persistently.


3. To avoid anger and control desire.

This principle stems from the Council, "restrain yourself and lower your voice of desire", this Lao Tzu — founder of Taoism. To avoid anger means that you must be tolerant (broad-minded), optimistic and calm. Control of desires means abstaining from desires unattainable things. People get depressed when they can't get what you strongly desire.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the seven emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, excessive thinking, anxiety, fear, fright) are the internal factors that can cause various diseases.

Modern Western medicine also claims that the state of excitement, arousal increase the amount of adrenaline in the blood, which affects the change of biological functions of the body.

Stress, depression, anger lead to physical ailments.

The aim of the exercise is mainly to regulate the functions of the organs of internal secretion, and their effect greatly weakened, if the student is annoyed or excited. Therefore, you must try to control your emotions in the course of employment.

Eventually, if you continue practicing these exercises themselves will contribute to the mastery of emotional control.


4. Imagine yourself a young and smiling.

This requirement is unique when performing these exercises. The practice of other Taoist schools only requires the concentration of attention on the lower abdomen. A Chinese proverb says: "a Smile can make a person young, and discouragement to him silver hair."

If before exercising, the person is young and smiling, it helps in the creation of positive emotional attitude in which the Central nervous system can be more effectively discharged. Breathing becomes more even legs move more freely, and the movement become easier and more active.


5. Perform all movements rounded and smooth.


6. Exercises can be performed at any time of the day, but best before bed or after it.

Except for the fact that exercise is undesirable to perform for 15 minutes before eating and 1 hour after, they can occur at any time of the day. Their performance before you go to bed go to bed after rising in the morning is most effective. And before going to sleep some more preferable.

Enough to do them once a day, but if you do them morning and evening, their impact will vzaimodopolnjajut. The optimal duration of training for about 15 minutes. If you are very busy person, it can be limited to 3-5 minutes.

When choosing a time you can follow the experience of their ancestors. In former times it was believed that the most favorable time for different activities during the day are 4 period:

  • from 11 to 13,
  • from 23 to 1 am,
  • from 5 to 7 am,
  • from 17 to 19.

The best time is from 23 to 1 am.


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This is one of the parts of the whole complex of Taoist exercises for rejuvenation and restoration not only face but also the body. It affects important acupuncture points + massage + heat energy (from the hand). Exercising really helps to refresh the skin.​published 


From the book of Bian Jijona "10 Golden Taoist exercises for health and longevity"


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