10 simply magical morning exercises

It so happens that in the morning is not enough time for a full hour set of exercises. In this case, I necessarily do 10 selected exercises. It takes less than 10 minutes. This is really the most useful and necessary exercise. According to its effects on the body they may well be called magical.

Here is a list of these exercises:

1. Post the ropes

2. Heron

3. Roller

4. Hammer

5. Sipping

6. Plug and plow

7. Sphinx and Cobra

8. Bud

9. Twisting

10. The slopes

The complex should be done in the morning. Some exercises can also be done during the day.

For example, you feel the clamp at the shoulders or just severely strained - make a "post with ropes." Do you feel that strongly tense or tired spin - do "Movie" and "Hammer", etc.

Before starting an exercise program make a small articular gymnastics. Thus, you have to prepare the joints to the load.

Then do the exercises in the order that is shown here. Doing better in the street. If you can not, do it in a well ventilated room.

For the duration exercises done by the number of multiple breaths 6 (for example, 6, 12, 18, 36, etc.).

1. Post a
ropes Exercise relaxes the hands, the shoulder girdle. It removes the clips in the neck and shoulder girdle. It helps to relax the whole body around, and is very effective. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Running is very simple. Imagine that your body - this post. Wood, iron, it does not matter. And your hands - it's a rope tied to a pole. If the column to turn sharply - rope will sweep over the post

. Feet shoulder width apart. Completely relax your body and start turning around an axis with the complete transfer of weight, gradually increasing the intensity. Watch the video at the end of article for details.

In this exercise, we are standing on one leg. In qigong exercise it is called "Golden rooster stands on one leg».

Exercise is best done barefoot.

This exercise is very good to develop coordination, balance, agility. In Eastern medicine it is believed that this exercise cures diseases roots and strengthens the body's immunity. Since the soles of feet are the most important channels of the six internal organs, when you stand on one leg, they get maximal therapy. Exercise improves blood flow in the lower extremities prevents varicose veins.

With regular practice of this exercise are no longer cold feet and hands.

By the way this exercise is used in exercises to determine the real biological age.

If you can do it for 30 seconds or more - your biological age of 20 years,
20 seconds - the biological age of 40 years,
15 seconds - the biological age of 50 years,
Less than 10 seconds - the biological age of 60 years and older

. Perform each exercise is very simple. You stand on one foot, lift the other so that the thigh is parallel to the ground or even higher. If not, just raise up to the maximum possible height. Sock pull over. The hand of the same name understood the leg is stretched forward, but not until the end unbent. Palm rounded. The second hand is down. The palm is rounded and looks at the ground. As if you are relying on two ball or ball.

Once adopted the posture, close your eyes and try to keep your balance. At the end - go up 3-5 times to toe

. See a demonstration of the exercises in the video.

3. Roller
From healthy spine depends on all our health. In some ways the spine - this is the root of our health, longevity, productivity. Therefore, in this complex are many exercises for the spine elaboration.

Exercise "Roller" tones and strengthens the spine, improves blood circulation in it, which has beneficial effects on the whole body. Perfectly removes spinal stress and fatigue. It makes it more flexible.

Also, exercise improves memory and speed of thinking.

This is a very valuable exercise, you have to practice it every day.

The technique is simple.

Perform exercise is better on a hard surface. But at first, it can cause pain. If they are doing the exercise on the mat. Gradually, you will be able to upgrade to a solid surface.

Sit on the floor. Pull your feet to yourself and clasp their hands. Round the back as much as possible. Very lean back, take a ride on the back and return to starting position. See how it looks can be in the video.

Hammer Another very useful exercise for the spine. It can help you work out the upper section of the spine is bigger and better, namely the area between the shoulder blades.

The effects of exercise on the whole identical "rollers". In general, I recommend these exercises to perform in pairs. First "Movie", then immediately "Hammer».

Performing exercises:

Lie down on your back. Clasps itself for shoulders hands crosswise. Maximum rounded back. Lift the upper body and begin to lightly "tap" back on the floor.

This can be heard "crunches" and other similar sounds. Do not be alarmed. So it should be.

In the video you can see clearly how to perform this exercise.

5. Sipping
Sipping - a very simple, natural and useful exercise

. When we stretch ourselves, we do unloading, relaxation and liberation of the whole body. And it has a favorable state of the organism as a whole.

In addition, exercise is compensating after the "Roller" and "Hammer».

Running is very simple:

Lying on his back. Crosses fingers and pull the hands up as much as possible. Socks pull.

Candle The well-known exercise since school physical education. "Birch" Yet it is called. In yoga refers to the inverted postures, ie, poses to the "upside down". This is a more gentle option than standing on his head.

Poses headlong provide brain cells with oxygen and glucose, improve cerebral blood circulation, a positive effect on the health of the whole organism. Exercise also prevents death of brain cells - so yogis clear memory persists into old age

. With regular exercise improves thinking and memory performance. Reduced need for sleep, breathing becomes less frequent.

How do I know the drill, I think everything. Who does not know, look at the video. Take care not to over-straining the neck and to the socks were stretched.

After the "Candles" can still just make a "plow". Foot drop back and pull your hands.

7. Sphinx +
Cobra The next exercise consists of two similar asanas "Sphinx" and "Cobra».

The exercises are very well strengthen the back, the spine becomes more flexible and mobile. It revitalizes the whole body. With regular exercise increases the reaction rate.


Lie down on your stomach. Lift the upper torso and lean on the forearm. Forearms parallel to each other. Shoulders lowered, eyes forward, stretched out socks. This is the "Sphinx". Now we get up on his hands. The spine is more curved. We look forward or upward. This is the "Cobra". Then again we return to

«Sphinx». After exercise should definitely making payment - asana "Bud»

. 8.
Bud Germ - this asana the spine sag compensation. After a strong deflection back it is necessary to maximize the back round. This, incidentally, applies to the slopes, if necessary lean forward and then bend back and vice versa.

In addition, exercise stimulates the digestive organs and prevents the deposition of salts in the knees.


The legs under him, her knees together. We descend forward and make the most rounded back. Hands wrapped around knees or stretched forward.

Twisting Curl is also very well-known exercise, asana of yoga. This exercise also focused on the spine and is a very good prevention of back pain, rheumatism and the like

Practice this exercise increases the mobility and flexibility of the spine, stretches the muscles, strengthens the nervous system develops self-confidence and (attention!) Reduces the size of the stomach.

This exercise is very simple, but you can learn quickly. See how it is carried out on the video. Words, it is quite difficult to explain.

Previous exercises were carried out on the floor, but this is done standing.

Slopes strengthen the spine and lower back. Stretch the tendon. They have a very large revitalizing effect.


We Stand. Legs - double the width of the shoulders. Hands are extended laterally. Without changing the position of the hands do lean to the left. Positions did 3 cycles of inhalation and exhalation. We returned to its original position. We lean to the right and do the other side on the same 3-expiratory inspiratory cycle.

Now cant down, hand touch the opposite foot ankle. The other arm extended upward, look at that hand. Also, three breaths and return to the starting position. Then the slope to the other leg.

At the end you need to do back exercises deflection compensation.

All the exercises listed above, see this video:


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