SUPER exercises for the sides and the waist — train the oblique muscles

About thin and curvy waist is the dream woman of any age. To achieve a sit on a rigid diet and spend a grueling workout at the gym. But such measures help not always. The only way to achieve a perfectly proportional figure is a combination of sensible eating and special classes. Exercises for hips and waist will help you to fully transform.

Exercises for hips and waist are most effective in combination with cardio load.

Avoid common mistakes

There are many workouts that promises sophisticated silhouette. But not all of them are effective, and some do not benefit the body. What can be harmful such exercises? To remove the stomach and hips will NOT help the next popular method.

1. Inclinations in the parties with dumbbells. When regularly performed, they contribute to the accelerated growth of the oblique abdominal muscles, which can make the waist wider. This exercise is essential to men who wish to comprehensively pump the muscles of the abdomen. But it is absolutely useless for the girls, working on a narrow waist.

2. Torsion of the Hoop. The efficiency of this device is questionable, and its harm has medical evidence. Gynecologists strongly recommend to abandon training with hula-hoops. Permanent shock Hoop on the front wall of the abdomen are not physiological. According to doctors, such attacks may provoke prolapse of internal organs and other troubles.

3. Turning with the weight on his shoulders. What do you think happens to your spine if you take bodybar on the shoulders or the neck of the bar and begin to twist the body left and right? The intervertebral discs under the action of the weights are compressed, and the distance between the vertebrae becomes smaller. When you turn the body left and right, the vertebrae can injure the intervertebral discs and to touch each other. Exercises for the sides and waist, be aware of your spine – you have it one and for all life.

4. The emphasis on strength training in the absence of cardio. The sides and the extra inches on the waist, represent body fat. To remove it only with the help of cardio workout.

5. Excessive cardio and lack of strength exercises. When you are doing aerobic exercise and fat burning occurs not locally, and throughout the body. In the end, the effect of exercise is too "spread out", and sometimes not noticeable in certain areas. Exercises for abs and sides to perform the necessary if you want to find a beautiful silhouette.

As a cardio workout, you can use anything up to running the stairs.

How to train for best results?

Experts recommend to spend 3-4 days a week. After a brief warm-up, you must perform a series of special exercises for the abs and sides. After a short rest should carry out short but intense cardio workout.

It is not necessary to be engaged on simulators. You can choose between Jogging, jumping rope, dancing and aerobics. This approach will allow you to make muscle fibers more elastic waist and thereby to give it more shape.

Before you start exercises for abs and sides, you need to carefully warm up the abdominal muscles and to prepare them to load. To elaborate on the workout I'm not doing focus on the exercises for the oblique muscles of the abdomen. I can only say that warm-up should include a little cardio part, a few stretching exercises the oblique muscles and training of the spine.


Five to ten minutes of cardio: running, jumping, dancing, exercise on a step platform or aerobics.

Training the muscles to load

1. Inclinations in the parties with outstretched arms — stretches the lateral surface of the body, warming up the spine. Try to bend as low as possible, but smoothly, without jerks.

2. Turns the body left and right – keep the pelvis straight and turn only the upper part of the body.

3. The circular movements of the pelvis and the body.

Make pre-stretching the oblique muscles before you begin to perform the exercises. To remove the stomach and hips — not an easy task, but if you approach it consciously, you can do it.

Exercises for the sides and waist

The most effective exercises for hips and waist are different variations of crunches.

1. Flexing of the hull in the prone position + twisting in the opposite direction

Original position. Lie on a Mat, hands behind head, elbows pointing to the sides, and interlock your fingers not to clench. Legs bent, feet resting on the floor, lower back pressed. Between the chin and chest about a fist – maintained throughout the exercise.

Exercise. Without lifting your lower back off the floor and not bringing the elbows, lift the body up. Add the twist of buildings – bend the right elbow to the left knee. Get down on the floor gently, do not fall back, follow back. Repeat on the other side.

2. Flexing of the hull in the prone position + twisting in the same direction

Original position. The same as in the previous exercise. Lie on the Mat, legs bent, hands behind head.

Exercise. Now add the twist of the hull not to the opposite knee and drive the elbow to the heel of the same name. That is the right elbow reach the right heel and Vice versa.

Crunches — the most effective exercises for abs and sides.

3. The twist in the sitting position

Original position. Sit on Mat, legs bent, feet resting on the floor, body leaning back 45 degrees. While the loins are rounded, and the coccyx curled forward, muscles tense, arms bent at the elbows.

Exercise. Intensively rotate the body and elbows from side to side. It is an exercise in endurance.

Twisting in a sitting position.

4. Twisting in the supine position

Original position. Lie on the floor, arms extended, palms directed at the floor. Shoulders throughout the exercise pressed, floor them try not to tear. Raise your legs straight up and bend at the knees at a 90 degree angle. Between the knees should be a distance of a fist. Knees can pinch the small ball.

Exercise. Knees bent legs drop to the side to the floor, but the floor do not touch. The pelvis is thus detached from the floor, but the shoulders should be pressed. Return legs to original position and push in the other direction.

Lowering her legs to the side, try not to tear the shoulders from the floor.

5. Twisting, lying on its side


Original position. Lie on your right side, legs slightly bend your knees and place one on top of another. The lower hand, place on the floor or on your stomach. Upper hand move behind your head.

Exercise. Lift and twist the body so that the upper part of your body was in such a situation, if you are doing a regular crunch. Due to the fact that the pelvis you lie on your side – when lifting the body will work the oblique muscles.

The case you raise directly. The twirl effect is achieved by the position of the feet.

6. Oblique bridge

Original position. Lie on your right side, body straight, legs extended and located one above the other. Put your lower arm at the elbow and lean on it. You will get how would the deflection of the hull in the lateral plane. Top hand pull and put on the thigh.

Exercise. Raise your pelvis off the floor until such time as your body will not level position. The weight is distributed between standing on the arm and the edge of the foot. The withdrawal of the head from the shoulder – the neck should be one line with the body. This exercise is carried out on time. Stay in it as long as I can.

Raise and lower the pelvis the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

7. Strap

Original position. Take the emphasis lying on your elbows. Body straight, hands stand on the forearms, feet on width of shoulders abut the fingers to the floor. Careful not to cause any deflection in the lower back. If you want harder – lift one leg or set aside the forearm forward.

Exercise. Stay in the original position as long as possible.

8. Boat

This movement borrowed from Pilates. Slightly modified "Boat" helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.

Original position. Lie on the floor. Place hands behind your head interlocking does not lock.

Exercise. At the same time tear off the floor body and straight legs, trying to bend in half. Abstain in this position as long as possible. Not to strain your neck and breathe normally. After a short rest repeat.

Abstain in this position as long as possible.

9. Crunches on the fitball in the opposite direction

Very cool to do the exercises for the sides and the waist on the fitball. Bouncy ball removes the extra load from the waist and additionally feeds the muscles-the stabilizers and allows you to work even the smallest muscles with crunches.

Original position. Lie with your back on the fitball. Right hand bend at the elbow and place it behind your head, pull a left in front of him.

Exercise. Lift your body and stretch your left hand to your right knee. Repeat in the other direction.

10. Asana "Staff" (Dandasana)

Yoga helps to tone the abdominal muscles. In addition to the stomach, asana "Staff" strengthens the hip joints and inner thighs.

Original position. Sit on the floor and try to relax. Pull straight legs in front of him. Point the fingers forward and place palms on floor slightly behind hips.

Exercise. Gently press the fingers and stretch up, stretching the spine. Keep your hips off the floor. Breathe calmly and are in position 8 respiratory cycles. Repeat 2 more times.

This exercise affects the muscles of the body as a whole.

Post-workout stretching

Conclude the session by stretching exercise.

1. Sit on the floor and cross your legs. Stretch hands up, and then do a series of springy inclinations to the right and to the left.

2. If you have a fitball, just lie on his back and pull the arms and legs. Drag in different directions, stretching all the muscles of the abdomen and back.


One exercise for 4 minutes a day and in a month you will have a new body1 magic exercise will tighten all the muscles of your body — amazing results fast!


Try to practice regularly. If you don't have time for a full lesson, do at least some exercise. Remove the belly and flanks — it's not impossible that you will easily cope with the help of our program! published




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