20 images for the understanding of which muscles you are stretching, doing stretching

Stretching is essential not only for those who are actively involved in sports, but also for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. < Website shares developed by the Spanish fitness coach set of exercises that will help you keep your body in good shape, and the images clearly show exactly which muscles are involved in some exercise. Pay attention to your breathing and to ensure that stretching does not cause any pain. Hold each position 10 to 30 seconds

Stretching muscles, bending the neck

Illustrations:. Isabel Arechabala
  • Involved muscles:. Sternoclavicular-mastoid
  • Performance: put your hands on your hips, straighten your back and begin to gently tilt the head back. To stretch was stronger, can help himself with his hands, put his hand on his forehead.

    • Involved muscle: sternoclavicular-mastoid and upper trapezius muscles
    • Performance:. in a sitting position with your back straight and your left hand to help, tilt your head to the left, trying to touch the shoulder ear. Repeat to the other side

      • Involved muscles:. Lateral deltoids
      • . Execution: straighten your arm across the body and lightly press down on it to strengthen the muscles stretching. Repeat on the other hand

        • Involved muscles:. Trapezius muscles Performance: in a standing position with feet together, with straightened his back slowly allot hips down and helping hands, tilt your head forward, trying to touch the chin, chest


          • Involved muscles: the external obliques and latissimus dorsi
          • Performance:. stand up straight and take the slope to the right. Repeat to the left side

            • Involved muscles:. External obliques Execution: stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, arms extended to the sides. Standing in front of the foot facing forward and the other rotated by 90 degrees. Put your hand on the front of standing leg and, keeping your back straight and lifting the opposite arm, pull the front located thigh back and down.

              • Involved muscles: direct and external obliques
              • Performance:. sit on your heels, pull the hand back and push hips forward and slightly upward, not overtaxing the waist

                • Involved muscles: pectoral and latissimus dorsi
                • Performance:. stand up straight, facing the wall, and putting on her right hand, slowly turn away from the wall. Repeat on the other hand

                  • Involved muscles:. Pectorals and latissimus dorsi <. /
                  • execution: stand at a distance from the wall, so that during exercise your body parallel to the floor. Take the position shown in the picture, keeping your back straight, and then gently arch your chest

                    • Involved muscles:. Latissimus dorsi
                    • Performance:. Get on all fours and slowly hips back, trying to touch the floor with his forehead

                    • Involved muscles: gluteus and external obliques
                    • Performance:. lying on the floor, move your right foot through the entire body, slowly pushing his hand on his right knee to stretch was better. Repeat with the other leg

                      • Involved muscles:. Anterior tibial
                      • Perform.: sit on the floor, pull the right hand back and put your right foot on the left above the knee, holding her hand. Repeat the same with left foot

                        • Involved muscles:.. Buttock
                        • Execution: sit on the floor with your back straight, slowly pull your leg to your chest and rotate the thigh outward. Repeat with the other leg

                          • Involved muscles:. Lead (adductors) ., hamstrings
                          • Execution: sit on the floor, wide open your legs. Without bending your knees and lifting them off the floor, lean forward, sliding his hands on shins or pulling them forward and tyanyas.

                          • Involved muscles:. lead (adductors)
                          • Performance: in a sitting position, legs bent at the knees, bringing your feet and back straight, gently push your hands on your knees, lowering the hips and knees closer to the floor . Note: in order to stretch the muscles were stronger, slide the heel as close to the body

                            • Involved muscles:. Lead . (adductors)
                            • Performance: stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Shifting his weight to his right leg, bend it at the knee, and the left leg should remain straight. Repeat the exercise with the other leg

                              • Involved muscles:. Muscles of the lumbar . and quadriceps
                              • Performance: take a lunge position, front - left leg bent at the knee at 90 degrees. Grasp the foot of the right leg back and tighten to the lower back. Change leg

                                • Involved muscles:. Posterior surface of the thigh muscles, hamstrings and calf muscles li. >
                                • Execution: sit on the floor, straighten your legs and pinch together. Keeping his feet on the floor, lean forward

                                  • Involved muscles:. Soleus and gastrocnemius muscles Performance: stand on the edge of the step (step platform) and gently rotate the ankles in and out to get a good stretch the calf muscles

                                    • Involved muscles: the back surface of the thigh muscles, hamstrings
                                    • Performance:. stand up straight, one foot in front of the other, back straight. Putting his hands on his hips, begin to bend forward from the hips. Repeat the exercise with the other leg

                                      • Involved muscles:. Soleus and gastrocnemius muscles li. >
                                      • Performance: lunged forward, relegating slightly standing back foot outward. Slowly lower your heel back legs standing on the floor. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

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