Interpersonal hernia or What do the climate in the team and back problems

Everything in our life is subordinated to the general logic, operates by the same laws, the same rules should be. This truth a couple of weeks ago, I told my first boss, today is my good friend. He led a simple example from personal experience, by comparing the structure of the Army with the structure of any enterprise. Specifically, a comparison has got such a category as a team and its size, optimal for effective management. Not without reason he is my friend, said that to manage a group of more than 8 people is extremely difficult, if not impossible. And spent an analogy with the smallest military unit. Look Wikipedia: true, in a part of 3-8 people.

Today I came up with metaphorical analogy is somewhat distant from each other entities: a) an enterprise / company / firm and b) the human spine in conjunction with the back muscles. Thus, my argument is about the interaction in groups and biomechanics of the not very good trends, problems - everything that these two categories, in my opinion, have in common. Finally, I try to understand and articulate how to still take care of the health team and the back.

Both topics are very interesting, close, somewhere painful for me. I do not pretend to be an expert in any of them, writing exclusively based on his expertise and experience.

According to statistics, 80% of the world population suffers from back pain. A third of the population (28, 4%) aged 18-70 years experiencing intermittent pain in the back, 89% - had a relatively long episode of back pain at least once in a lifetime. I think that the statistics in relation to conflicts in the work can be very similar in numbers.

I'll try to still build your analogy that had something to draw on. Allow yourself a little to narrow the scope of unification, as "experimental" team choose the closest I testing department.

And so, the team starts with simple "ordinary" employees with engineers. The carrier element of the human body - the spine. So I see a logical comparison of each individual employee with the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. The staff is divided into teams. They work on different projects, for example, but somehow in the end serve as a common goal - to ensure the company's profits. Similarly, the spine is divided into sections.

Special attention is paid to the principal chief of all this ugliness, in our case - head of QA department (in fact, director, president, head of the functional areas - does not matter). This is usually the person competent, experienced, strong, authoritative, located on the right at the top of the hierarchy. His influence spans all, if he is bad - bad everything the opposite is not always true, can easily bend subordinates. Here's an analogy:

«greatest development reach the muscles of the surface layer, related to the type of strong muscles, performing mostly static work.
Erector spinae muscles - this is the strongest of the autochthonous muscles of the back, extends over the whole length of the spine - from the sacrum to the base of the skull » blockquote> In my opinion, there is a similarity.

And yes, each team has a leader. They plan, supervise, encourage, motivate, praise and reports - in general, twirl as they want and as required by the situation. Here's the analogue world of the anatomy:

«transversospinales muscles presented a variety of muscle bundles arranged in layers that extend obliquely upward from the lateral to the medial side of the lateral to the spinous processes of the vertebrae. Muscle bundles transversospinales muscles are unequal in length and, after exchanging a different number of vertebrae, form separate muscles: semispinalis, partitioned and muscle-rotators.
Semispinalis capitis is the form of long muscle bundles, starting from the transverse processes of the lower vertebrae, and burn four to six vertebrae and attaches to the spinous processes » blockquote> We now describe the problems. Repellent going from the back to the side of management.

Here's how to evolve the pain in the back and the attitude of the person.
1) Appears discomfort. The most common in the lumbar spine. And you think, hmmm, well, anything can happen, and maybe more stops. You can compare: the team there is light tension, discomfort. Nobody yet knows what the reason, but something already flying in the air. I>
2) It hurts, does not cease. But you continue to sit properly, lift heavy objects (probably also wrong), wearing buckets, jumping, playing basketball, maybe even go to the gym and again tries to recover properly. Trainers - good, but if you do not pererazgibatsya. Deadlift - bad. Squats with weights - very bad. Any axial load on the spine - not good. In the team: gradually it becomes clear what is missing. Misunderstood, nedoblagodarili, nedohvalili. And the scale does not decrease, but rather increased. I>
3) comes the understanding that you need to try something else. Maybe stretching? Useful thought. But extensions themselves, even under ideal conditions, will briefly unless alleviate sensations. Just for an hour. In the team: maybe ask someone advice? Culprit could conceivably try to hint? Attempts timid, ineffectual. I>
4) What's next? I thought not very optimistic. So much so that the decisive look to the doctor. Dear Uncle neurologist! Admission. Generally, it seldom goes beyond the answers and the tilt floor. "Well, freedom of movement is not limited. All is well. Here's a book, there are described stretching exercises muscles. Do - get better. And, more and buy Nurofen rub! ". The arguments that have been tried stretching, getting through the doctor can not. He has confidence in your speedy and full recovery, if not suspects in the simulation. The analog of a team can be an appeal to one of the adjacent senior managers or just someone for advice. Comrade convinces you that you yourselves cheat and exaggerate. I>
5) A new cycle of exercises, very similar to the old, radical changes in state of health is not crowned. Let's try a therapist? Perhaps. Immediately he certainly did not define. But to send X-rays. Well, why not ... X-ray ready. Icho, as they say? Well, a little curved spine? Well, who boasts its perfect lines. "It hurts me bending, Doctor?" - "It's hard to say. Would you vitaminchiki drink! » You keep those" timid attempt "has not really trusting in the results. Another friend did not discover a magical way to improve the situation i>
6) Re-light the suspicions of charlatanism. Maybe another neurologist? The attempt - not torture. Lucky little more. Women are a little more interest in the issue, asking questions. In general, advanced, sitting at the reception with a laptop, talking with someone in contact. Sounds magic word "MRI." Happy is he who has the VHI, who can make the picture you want for free. No LCA - please lay 2-3 thousand rubles. But in general, a useful thing. Highly. At least, unlike X-rays, which shows only the bone image, MRI gives an idea about the state of the soft tissues and fluids. And in them is the cause of all ailments, as we found out later. Let's say this is the stage at which an attempt is made to look at the situation from a slightly different angle. Conclusions - in the next section. I>
7) The doctor is looking at a snapshot of an MRI to conclude. It turns out that the pain is not just. Problems discovered just two intervertebral discs: a protrusion and extrusion. The first - not too terrible phenomenon, in fact, the initial stage, the second - the same "hernia", if in a simple way. The doctor shakes his head. Yes, in general, all shake their heads, if they find out that you're so young and athletic, earned this problem. What doctor recommends at this time? In a completely random and incredibly successful combination of circumstances, it is an experienced massage therapist and offers to pass her course for a round sum. Plus wants you to buy medication for 5-6 thousand, lay a little under droppers, I took a course of physiotherapy. You have to go deep into meditation. I formed an understanding that the problem is not imaginary. And the source is localized. But still to be? Maybe some fancy training? Maybe the book? It is not clear ... i>
8) Well, if you do not jump off the bat. But the pain is very unpleasant, and the brain does not remember even that state of lightness that simply do not reflect on the back. And the ideas come to mind are different, up to the desire to go under the scalpel. It's certainly a radical and reliably! (a very stupid idea, in general). But returning to drugs. 5-6 thousand? Health, after all, expensive. And you almost agree. And I think that worse-they do not. It was later, when the fall in the hands of clever books, it turns out that during electrophoresis, for example, there are laws:

«Feeding plus the lumbar region (if any medicines under the electrode or not), and even at currents of hundreds or thousands of times higher than the current applied, for example, electro, a physical therapist at risk of kidney damage the patient and his cardio vascular system, to provide the patient kidney stones. Feeding minus (whether used with drugs or without them) on the lumbar area, physiotherapist gives urination patient and reinforces muscular blockade intervertebral discs to such an extent that further treatment with other methods becomes extremely difficult and delayed for months » blockquote> Radicalism is possible and in a team. You can just run away from the railway company nafik. But you seem to like it, and what the hell on earth. Tuck accident or not by the hand job, but there is a realization that "there" is not better. I>
9) Fortune smiles and still is a third neurologist who knows his business, he is a true professional. He looks at what you ordered a second and shook his head. Not because of your hernia. "If you did not see in front of you, would have thought that the recipe for semi-paralyzed after an accident patient retirement age." And the first thing the doctor says you finally, what's the matter, and that hurts. It appears this is not a bone or discs - they simply can not get sick. And no roots are not pinched. Rooting can only muscles. And hurt because they protect the spine in the very place where the wheels have given up the slack. The muscles were fixed in one state and not relax at all. And it goes on for years. Yes, over the years. That's all.

«It is obvious that the long muscles of the back, cutting, compress more than one-two disks of the spine, and the large number of them at once. Anyway, the long back muscles contraction occurs along their entire length, rather than selectively over a small area muscle equal to the height of the intervertebral disc. One or (more rarely) two intervertebral disc may compress only over the short muscles of the back, with the length of not more amazed portion of the spine. Such short muscles only among the so-called deep muscles of the back. First and foremost, it is lateral and medial intertransversarii muscle and interspinous lumbar muscles. It is the presence of the lateral and medial intertransversarii muscle between the transverse processes of the vertebrae lumbar spine is different from its other divisions. And accordingly the highest number of cases, the expression of pain in the spine falls on his lumbar » blockquote> Do you remember them? With them, I compared the above line managers, team leads. In them is seen the cause of disease of the spine and similar commands. I>
But let us return to the contemplation of the disease.
Finally, anything becomes clear. Finally comes the forefront of the struggle with the disease, supported by theory. What should be done while holding the muscles? The rule of three "P": warm, knead, stretch. Daily. Plus swimming pool, sauna and contrast showers.
You finally talked to the supreme commander. And he first convinces you that the problem is not fatal that the fight against it is possible and necessary that the leverage is, you need only the "first", "second" and "third». I>
10) Do you believe in the success of the enterprise and is almost ready to begin. As usual, do it immediately, but "Monday." And ironically, a few days before he himself raised in his office on the floor two kegs of water, and in the evening unsuccessfully jumping ring, you realize that everything is bad. And you get up you just turned over on his stomach, sliding to the floor on all fours, and slowly straightening. Home shoot in the leg, in the thigh. The next crisis relationship, the peak of misunderstanding, poured into another pit of pessimism and negative sentiment. i>

11) Either the lack of faith, or instincts tell, but you realize that you will only recover movement, try to sit less, go out on the horizontal bar, pull-up knees to your chest, through the pain, are acting on the program three "P". But from now on no more than basketball. And even as the need to make it clear to yourself (at first), and others that bring 19 liters in one hand, you already can not. You know, that seems to be losing nothing, and finally decides to be frank - that should have been done long ago. Start difficult and unpleasant, but off the ground moved, promise heard at least those with you involved in the conflict. I>
12) The exercises really help. But it seems that for a full recovery is again missing something very important. Muscles relax, stretch, but they are still weak and are still not able to cope even with the slightest excess of their functional threshold, as if just waiting for how to return to the state of the hard taut string, reliable lanyards that screw up to the limit. Muscles need to be strengthened. It seems that understanding is restored. But there is a sense of uncertainty about what will not happen again, both made correct conclusions and will try to avoid a similar situation in the future. I>

Here I stop list. The evolution is complete. Representation was formed. It took it's not much, not too little - almost 3 years.
It remains to understand what and how to strengthen it.

In order not to frustrate not test the patience of those who are interested in a spin so far as hiding of her answers in spoiler.
How? It's pretty trivial. The answer to the question "what" is very simple - everything. All muscle groups. You'd be surprised how they are interrelated. Take, for example, the thigh muscles. They help to keep your back straight, oddly enough. If a sore lower back and the back muscles are closed, blocked, they take part of the natural load from the back of the thigh. That is work instead. That is hamstring smokes on the sidelines while others are injected. And a simple test will show it. It is believed that the front and rear surfaces must be developed is approximately the same. Personally, I have been able to on the front surface of a similar simulator to work with weights three times more than the back. I was surprised. Short-term priority, of course, is to train the abdominal muscles and back - a kind of belt, muscular corset. By the way, to replace this very artificial muscle corset extremely stupid, it will lead to the fact that the muscles will become even lazier. Upper body, too, should not be forgotten. Everything, in the end, has to be developed harmoniously. Remember the story of our outstanding weightlifter Yuri Vlasov. In the literature the idea that his back problems have arisen in part because of the very thin (for its size, and loads) waist.

«Speaking scientifically summed up the lack of muscle mass in the lumbar region, insufficient training of its lateral tilt and rotational mobility» blockquote>

Take a look, for comparison, in the image of its main rival, Leonid Zhabotinsky.

«Coach Yuri Vlasov Bogdasarov says L. Jabotinsky rival world champion:" All the power in the huge belly. Eviction from him at least fifteen kilograms - on the platform is a pathetic » blockquote> The second question -" how to "train - not too complicated. Exercises develop any strength or endurance. Second - not exactly what you need, though good. Preference, according to experts, should be given exercises with weights. At the same time there should be no vertical load, compressing the spine! Again, ask how? Instead squats - sitting leg press. Instead deadlift - hyperextension, but without excessive bowing only to the horizontal position of the body. It is desirable exercises on simulators, where the foot / leg can be hooked up with special collars to the cable and via the pull, twist outlets, to reduce them.
A few words on additional procedures, and that what they need to eat.

Pool - a very useful thing in all cases, almost without exception. The body is as if in weightlessness, the load is completely removed from the spine, thereby decompression.

What is the result?

Do not believe?


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