Sergey Bubnovsky: pain spine? Discard the poultice and do gymnastics

Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, TV presenter Sergey Bubnovsky after a car accident 27 years was on crutches. And made an incredible! Stood on his feet. Thanks to the developed system of healing. Did not allow himself to let go, wanted to live a full life. This is despite the severe pathology and several complex operations!

And today, Sergei Bubnovskiy on their techniques literally turns the minds of their patients. I think You have a sore spine? Nothing of the kind, there is pain does not happen, — says the Professor. But the condition of the pillar of life has a direct impact on human health, says Sergey Bubnovsky and offers his solution to this problem.

Sergey, You have different from the official view of the treatment of the spine...

You just have to understand one important position: the spine is not just a set of bones and cartilage of the vertebrae and discs. It is a fortress hidden inside the spinal cord of the Central nervous system. And red marrow that produces red blood cells, responsible for immunity and hemoglobin. Any injury of the vertebrae leads to irreparable destruction of this fortress.

Therefore, I am opposed to spinal surgery, e.g. for herniated intervertebral discs. Although they have become standard in our medical world. But it is proved (and not by me first announced), that hernia of the spine does not infringe upon the spinal nerves, because the intervertebral disk is located below the exit of the spinal cord roots. This is the first.

Second. The bone cartilage does not hurt. Nerves and spinal cord don't get sick because they do not have pain receptors. And pain the recipes are (mostly) only the muscles, ligaments, tendons... Conclusion? The diagnosis "hernia as a cause of back pain" is untenable.

But we have all done according to the scheme: the patient goes to the doctor, the doctor prescribes an MRI, CT, and on the basis of these studies, the diagnosis and proposed treatment regimen. So, the treatment in advance will be wrong! Because of the deep muscles of the medial surface of the spine, any MRI is not examined. And, unfortunately, it leads to the disaster called "loss of spinal health".


— Muscle is a therapeutic factor. They deliver nutrition to the discs. Deliver food authorities. Because inside the muscles are blood vessels. And just this fact is often overlooked by therapists. Pain? Well, they say, now we'll get you pain pills... But the pills, by the way (also proven!), in 50 percent of cases lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Not help pills? Let's apply the blockade! And what blockade?! It blocks nerve traffic, leaving the man defenseless. And most importantly — does not work, not restores. Leads to operations that are automatically converted to the disabled.

I believe that the main factor in the health of the spine are the muscles, through which blood vessels and nerves. And if you know how to work with these muscles, you can achieve excellent results.

Many offer running. This is a good aerobic exercise for healthy people with healthy joints. These joints know how to prepare for the run. Running correctly — in a good Shoe; able to monitor heart rate before running, after running... which one of you controls the pulse? Shod running shoes and off you go! Then the joints ache, spine ache, a hernia appears... But it is heart healthy, right? (Smiles.)

Many people now do yoga. Everything seems fine: stretching of muscles is very important for health. But how to stretch, if you have arthritis, a herniated spine, my knees hurt? Even if you work half-heartedly, you can damage the muscle. But if half-heartedly — what then is the General sense in yoga?

What can You offer?

— To get rid of pain, to return him to health, you first need to go to the center of kinetoterapie and hold the multifunctional, muscle-ligament diagnosis. The very diagnosis that must be added to MRI, CT and x-ray. I'm not against these surveys, in principle, just not enough of them! You need to understand: it is possible to lean or not to lean? You can do push-UPS or you can't do push-UPS?

I divided the spine into three parts. In the same way as the whole body.

"First floor" — legs. Legs are responsible for the lumbar spine. This means that people (if he has healthy joints) can squat to improve blood supply to this Department and the pelvic organs of the prostate in men, and the appendages of the uterus in women. Because the lack of blood flow on this "floor" leads to fibroids, prostatitis and endometriosis.

The "second floor" — the torso. The muscles of the back and chest. I suggest that exercises for the abs: you lie on your back and raise lower legs. Be sure to exhale, and then, you know, a clear, energetic, loud, "Ha!!!!". Because it decreases intra-abdominal, vnutrigrudne and intracranial pressure.

Because often the person doing gymnastics, and no sense from this: bad still! To us come to class with a pressure of 200 to 160 and leave — 160 85. Because learning how to work with breath is extremely important.

I'm more probably belong to the "third floor" — "office rat": by evening neck hurts, my head... What would you advise, doctor?

— To improve blood flow to problem areas in the same cervical spine. Lunch, is all gone? Got up and at least from the table, from the wall down several times.

Or even better. First down 10 times (exhale, as in all exercises!), the blood ran all over my body. Then lay back and podnimali feet 10 times. 10 times push-UPS. And so: give me — took a SIP of water, again wring out again, a SIP of water... And so 10-15 minutes each day. It's not work, it's fun!

You need to remember, just to hack to death on your nose: life is movement. But people remember this more often when they have lost the ability to move. And then they run to the doctors. But we can ourselves raise, we've just got to lazy to work.

While the patient with the same degenerative disc disease is not reached until you and your trainers, he will advise?

— To read my book "the Osteochondrosis is not a sentence" for beginners. And slowly begin to do exercises that I recommend. Correct breathing. Abhiras or drenched with cold water — anything, but not warm herself, not to put any attendants recommended compresses, not to wear corsets. And — no warm scarves! It's bad. This impairs hemocirculation.published


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