Breathing exercises Strelnikova: a unique method of healing!

Breathing exercises Strelnikova is a drug-free method of Wellness, created at the turn of 30-40 years as a way to restore singing voice. In 1972 the author of the method, the teacher phoniatrist Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova, received the copyright certificate for his invention, the last registration procedure of the State Institute of patent expertise.


Because singing is the most difficult function of respiratory gymnastic exercises, restoring even the singing voice, on the way to achieving the goal of restoring function more simple, and in the first place, normal breathing. In daily lessons help to stop asthma attacks, relieve headaches and pain in the heart, normalize blood pressure, strengthen immunity, and increase mental and physical performance.

Indications for the use of exercises are:
— pneumonia and bronchitis;
— bronchial asthma;
— vasomotor rhinitis and sinusitis;
— skin diseases;
— disorders of the musculoskeletal system (spinal injury, scoliosis, kyphosis);
disorders and defects of the genitourinary system (enuresis, phimosis, etc.);
— stuttering and diseases of the vocal apparatus;
— various neuroses.

Exercises (classes for different diseases)

Breathing exercises of A. N. Strelnikova include plenty of exercise, but basic of them are three – Hands, the "Epaulettes" and "the Pump". These exercises are present in all specialized complexes designed for the treatment of certain diseases.

1. Exercise Hands.

Starting position – standing or sitting straight, hands bent at the elbows, palms facing away from themselves. Squeeze his hands into fists, while making a sharp and loud breaths. After a series of 8 breaths, take a break for a while and repeat the exercise (a total of 20 episodes for 8 breaths).,

2. Exercise "Epaulettes".

Starting position – standing or sitting straight, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, hands at waist level, palms clenched into fists. On inhale sharply lower hands, having unclenched his fists and fingers spread, and at this point, try maximum strength straining hands and shoulders. Make 8 episodes for 8 times.

3. Exercise "Pump".

Starting position – standing or sitting straight, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width. Loudly breathe in and slowly bend and then slowly return to starting position as if you were working a pump. Make 8 episodes for 8 times.

Gymnastics Strelnikova bronchitis

In this disease, therapeutic gymnastics Strelnikova helps to ease expectoration and stimulates the excretion of sputum. You should train 2 times a day for 30 minutes, performing the following exercises:

1. Exercise "Pump".

2. Exercise "Hug shoulders".

Starting position – standing or sitting, arms bent at the elbows and raised to shoulder level. Sharply inhale and simultaneously bring your hands towards each other, as if eager to embrace itself for shoulders. On the exhale, hands apart slightly. For greater effect it is recommended to alternate breaths through the nose and breaths through his mouth – and those and others should be executed for 16 times.

3. Exercise "Eight".

Starting position – standing straight, feet shoulder width apart. Lean forward, inhale quickly through the nose and hold the breath and then breath again and again count out loud to 8, trying to get as many eights.


Breathing exercises Strelnikova for weight loss

Breathing exercises by Strelnikova method will help people suffering from overweight. Along with exercise "Palm", "Epaulettes" and "Pump" in the main complex includes the exercise "Cat":

Starting position – standing straight, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, arms down along the body, and the body relaxed. Inhale through the nose and slowly squat while twisting body to the left. During the twist of the wrist should be slightly bent at the elbows and his hands clenched into fists. After completing the turn, exhale and repeat the exercise with a right turn. Just do the exercise 12 times for 8 reps.

Completing the complex exercise "Hug shoulders".


Gymnastics Strelnikova asthma

Performing gymnastics by Strelnikova method shown in patients with asthma. With the help of special breathing exercises you can reduce the dosage of medicines and learn how to prevent asthma attacks. These are just some of the exercises recommended in this disease:

1. Performed in bed, upon awakening. Lying on back, pull knees bent up to his chest, while making a long exhalation through the mouth. Repeat the movement as many times as possible.

2. Hands on the waist. During inhalation the nose is extremely inflate the stomach, and then sharply exhale, pulling the stomach.

3. Breathe alternately right and left nostrils. Fingers close the left nostril, inhale, then close the right nostril and exhale, and then repeat the exercise in reverse order.

4. Sitting, hands on his knees. Inhale arms out to sides, and on the exhale, pull your belly with your hands left knee. Repeat the exercise, this time pulling your right knee.

5. Abruptly, jerkily inhale through the nose at the expense of "one-two-three", then exhale through clenched teeth, pronouncing the sounds "s", "sh".

6. The Exercise "Tin Man". Starting position: standing, hands chained to the castle. Breathing in, raise your arms up and then exhale sharply down with the sound "uh" or "uh".


Gymnastics Strelnikova with sinusitis

For speedy deliverance from disease is exercise to be done in 4 sets, making between them a small 5 second break. Most effective for sinusitis these exercises like "Palm", "Epaulettes", "Pump", "Cat", "Embrace your shoulders" and "Big pendulum". The last exercise is a combination exercise "Pump" and "Embrace your shoulders": from a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart on the inhale bend forward, as if working a pump, and in the next breath, straighten up and hugging himself for the shoulders.


Breathing exercises Strelnikova stuttering

For the treatment of stuttering must, first and foremost, to complete the "Pump" and "put your arms around the shoulders" to improve ventilation and develop a very deep breath. As a result, regular implementation of these and other exercises from gymnastics Strelnikova a person suffering from a laryngospasm, changing the pattern of breathing and speech, which helps to get rid of the disease. For best results exercises should be performed daily 2 times a day before meals or 1.5-2 hours after a meal.


Breathing exercises Strelnikova for children

Breathing exercises by Strelnikova can be completed in 3-4 years. This gymnastics helps to boost immunity, so it is particularly recommended for children, often suffering from colds. In addition, exercises help to develop flexibility and plasticity, helping to correct posture and overall streamlining of the growing organism.

Before training gymnastics by Strelnikova teach the child how to breathe: inhale have to be abrupt and short, only a nose. With the baby smell the flower, inhale the fragrance of apples or freshly cut grass, and only then proceed to mastering the three basic exercises: "Palms", "Epaulettes" and "the Pump". Exercises should be done in the rhythm of the marching step (imitating the soldiers on the March, walk for 2-3 minutes in place and then you will feel the rhythm).


Breathing exercises by Strelnikova method is contraindicated in case of very high blood pressure, previous heart attack, high degree of myopia, glaucoma.


Reviews of doctors

According to the unanimous opinion of experts, breathing exercises is highly effective auxiliary method of treatment of pulmonary diseases. The performance of exercises on Strelnikova proven and clinical studies, in one of which, in particular, children in the control group with atopic asthma, it was noted the cessation of attacks at the beginning of treatment.

Rules of performance of exercises Strelnikova gymnastics

In conclusion, we recall basic rules for the implementation of the Strelnikova gymnastics. During exercise, think only about breathing in through your nose – the breath should be sharp, short, loud, and out through the mouth, on the contrary, they are not heard passive. All movements are performed simultaneously with the breath, and in no other way. But the position of the body in the starting position is almost irrelevant – the exercises can be performed not only standing, but sitting, and even lying in bed. published

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