All you need to know to make your exercise program

Due to the effective exercise everyone can get in shape, but a lot of themselves define what it means for them "effective". Someone can be wrung out only 10 times instead of the required 20, but someone should train a lot more than others.

So if you decide to do your own fitness, Website shares tips on how to make your training program and in a short period of time to achieve the desired results.

Learn basic exercises Some exercises for the upper and the lower part of the body can do both together and separately. But remember, that the exercises in the complex are working all the muscles as a whole, while individual exercises more effectively work on certain muscle groups. For your workout you can share all of the exercises, as in this example

Vertical exercise the upper body:. put your hands up and stretch to the ceiling. This exercise makes us work the shoulders, upper and middle back

Horizontal exercise the upper body:. is a classic example of push-ups (you can rely on your knees or on your toes or do push-ups from a chair or benches). This exercise involves the chest, upper and middle back

Vertical exercise "push" on the upper part of the body:. pull very well working on biceps, shoulders, and other stabilizing muscles
<. br> exercise "pull" on the lower part of the body: , most exercises for the legs - a repulsive motion. .. For example, lunges, squats, step, etc. These exercises involve the thighs, buttocks, thigh and hamstrings

Exercise "pull" on the lower part of the body:. one of the most effective exercise is the squat. To do this, you need to bend your knees, torso tilted forward and pull the pelvis back.

These are the basic exercises that affect the major muscle groups. For each subgroup, you can choose the exercise that you like.

How to make your training schedule There are a large number of training programs, and here are some of them.

Circuit training. The main purpose of this exercise - is elaboration of all muscle groups in one day. You do 6-10 exercises in a row, then repeat a range of 2-3 times with a break for rest in 30 seconds. In addition to burning fat, this training results in muscle tone and increases physical strength.

< The three-day training program. The point of this exercise is that you are doing the exercises 3 times a week, working on each muscle group separately. For example, on Monday you are doing the exercises on your back and chest on Wednesday - on the arms and shoulders, on Friday - on their feet. This training saves time and fits all "beginners" athletes

Frequent exercise, rest time and other important things to remember in the main exercises -. It is how often do you work on them. We are not saying that you need to train hard, to the next day did not get out of bed, no. There is a question of what you need to practice each exercise in full force. In addition, there are several important points to keep in mind.

< Quality of exercises. In carrying out some of the exercises correctly, you can put yourself in danger. Therefore it is very important before you begin a full workout, explore all the exercises and learn the technique of their execution.

< Please do exercises that require more effort. For example, start training with squats, and then go to the bar. So it will be easier to perform all the exercises.

< intensity of the workout is very important. Each workout takes 20 to 30 minutes, so do not take breaks between exercises too long.

Always make simple exercises to warm up muscles. Prior to enhanced training need to stretch your muscles to subsequently injured by exercise load.

Train correctly and you will succeed!

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