Memo to man a new dimension.

Since the beginning of the magic change that came into our lives with the twin flame, for example, started our spiritual rise. And sooner or later, whether we like it or not, our lives changed dramatically. Well, of course, most want, because the need for change - is urged to our spirit and soul, and we are very hard, but surely pushing this way again and again.

For many of us, this marked off a step up from one energy level to another - this is our personal quantum transition, which I'm sure everyone has heard. We have moved or are moving into a new parallel reality with a higher level of vibration on it vibrates now your soul.

This is the evolutionary leap from one density where you were the only person to another where you already feel like a soul.

You change physically and spiritually - when you start to crave change within ourselves, literally every fiber of his soul crave it. This is due to the fact that your soul is required of you to improve your spiritual vibrations literally bodies at the cellular level.

Your vibrations are rising, and this process, along with the fact that your consciousness is growing and expanding, as you probably know, is called the process of ascension.

And, he said, this process is associated with many changes in your physical dense body and your subtle physical and spiritual bodies.

This process is completely affects you on all levels and requires you serious steps to change your lifestyle, cleanse your subtle fields of the aura from negative energies, subconscious programs from different entities, which can interfere with your quality of life. This all implies a change of attitude to himself and to his world.

You move into a new dimension, a 4-caste of magicians. It imposes on each of you to change certain obligations and way of life. You become a magician, the creator of your reality, you begin to treat yourself as God and the sole and full director and the director of his life.

At the same time you feel the urgent need to get rid of old obsolete low energy densities, many wrong and unnecessary programs of your past life, habits, old, does not understand your environment, patterns of behavior and thinking.

To build a new world, we must break the old

Man - a being dense, and the whole world so he built the raft and monolithic. This monument, which he creates himself. Our body is tightly tied to the ground a whole bunch of chains. Buddhists call this chain the clutches of maya.

This is our world that we cherish as something whole, cement, inviolable: our native land, our home, our environment, our work, our life. And when we lose something of the pillars of our ego - that is a huge stress for our nervous system as if we pulled the meat out of our warm home and thrown into the dark, cold street.

After all, if something out of our anchors suddenly we need not be, then we seem to immediately begin to feel naked and very vulnerable as a person: who I am and what I represent myself?

It is a question of one of our old-density, from which we are slowly moving away in a free world. In everything from what it was in our old dense world, but in addition to this we are given a new free mind, new possibilities, a free look at a world that no longer keeps us chained to the ground. Multi-dimensional consciousness.

And now we see that much of what we were "necessary", all of our solid matter - is, like everything else in this world is an illusion. Hologram that we ourselves invented and embodied.

It is this new world is within us, with the new ability to create their new reality itself the force of his thoughts. In the new world, our reality is changing with us every day, like a flowing river, it can be a quiet and peaceful, violent and risky, warm and icy. Can stand still or run faster than the wind from the mountains. It will be the way we want.

And we are there as free as a bird.

But our shackles are still attached to our feet. These shackles - the fear of the new and unknown. We were afraid that we were not holding anything, so we allow fear to chain us.

The man - a very powerful creature and he will energetically hold all the forces his old picture of the world, afraid to break it, get out of the usual, though not very cozy comfort zone of his.

It will hold up as long as the world itself will not break it. And a moment will come for everyone. It is those disruptive changes that are happening to us - this is the typhoon that takes off your quiet house and make you along with him to a new level. The new fairyland.

You must accept the elemental power, let yourself in this power and let it go of his life all that keeps you from the Earth's surface and prevents the fly. Taking this effect, you let the old world, the old density as worn-out and close your clothes. You go into another world. Do the Evolution, baby.

Yes. And you yourself become the creator of your reality. No political, environmental, economic and social disaster will no longer be so important for you, because your world will be calm, warmth and light from the light of your love. You understand that the outside world does not affect the fact that your reality can be full of happiness and joy in spite of.

Lifestyle creator

Lifestyle creator of your reality is different from the life of 3 measurements. No, just an ordinary person of gross matter, of course, also has many divine powers, including such - the ability to materialization of his thoughts and desires.

But because of the huge amount of negative programming his subconscious contaminated bunch of factors that embody his every thought with large and annoying distortions.

All of these contaminants, as well as blocks in the chakras, which are caused by the subconscious programs that interfere with the free flow of energy required for the realization of our every design, they lead to the fact that all the thoughts of a man incarnate, but either some very small micro-level, or executed, but would on the contrary, according to the desires of his subconscious fears and doubts.

Ability to manifestation of human thought spiritual level density truly powerful, and each of you has gained access to this property.

You, too, are aware of this and are already beginning to do!

Your task now is: learn to control your thoughts and desires, to rid your subconscious mind from the harmful, unwanted program. Each of you who proclaim himself the creator of your reality takes responsibility for what he has ever created, creates or create your thoughts.

For its impact on the environment, for their future, for their present and even past. He understands that every thought of it - is a project of its building material of tomorrow. He knows all that is in his real world, conceived, created, and implemented them, and only them.

Keep control of your world in the hands of a human being - a serious problem. I get emails almost every day, and very difficult question always comes the theme of purification of karma.

We know that we have passed a huge road, consisting of many incarnations, and gained a unique spiritual experience. And the huge memory of this experience just sometimes pushing us in the back. And this burden of the past mistakes of all our incarnations lay on his shoulders like a heavy bag of cement.

When we are faced with all these things face to face with trauma, fear, our mental characteristics and attitudes, with the pain of the past, with our shadow and unconscious - it is difficult to maintain a poker face and good spirits, and many are literally broken that pops up information.

Pop-up information - this is our cross, we have learned: that nothing less, all we've been through, it was entirely conceived by our will and our own as a test. And they sometimes unbearable battles and campaigns tempered our character.

I see that the common man with such problems difficult to handle, but you are not quite people - you people 4 measurements, other people, the spiritual density. People of higher multidimensional consciousness. And you can and should use this to what would solve your problems.

You can use your powerful guns Creator - visualization, belief, intention. Do you have a connection with their spiritual higher part of your higher self, archangels, God, your higher allies, members of your spiritual family, you have a helper in the form of your twin, your spiritual teachers. Ask them for help and guidance.

Lifestyle should change

You must always remember this and to know that now you are not alone, and will never be alone.

You always help when you ask.

You always give what you pray.

Always answer the question that you ask.

Always show you that your world that you create - a world in which love you and you love.

In this world, you are always right and any your right - an immutable law.

You must know that you now have the unique tools to help yourself get rid of karma, doubts, fears. They will help you heal your wounds, to correct your past, to understand and thus take it.

Below I'll give you a few of these recommendations, which can and must be used daily. Literally, you can make this process automatic, as you wash, brush your teeth. As if you're a computer, and run background program. You can ask about their highest that they have cleaned up the violet flame or grounded.

Grounding is necessary not only to balance your energy poles, but also through the grounding of your body goes down into the earth, your negative energy.

As well as the grounding necessary electrical appliances, to take away the land of the remains of unnecessary charges, also you need to get rid of energy toxins: the unnecessary redundant information, the toxins in your body, free radicals your atoms and so forth. Garbage to be put out of your fields. < br />
Gratefully ask their higher ground before going to sleep and you clean the violet flame. Your lifestyle should include not only the cleaning and hygiene of energy, but also a revision of your day.

Thinking over not contradict what you do during the day, your inner laws. Is not there a conflict in your soul to the consciousness or subconscious, and if there is - that he cause. And how to solve it peacefully.

His most important and basic of your tools - a belief in your power, to help you in the need to open up and surrender to all these processes that occur to you. In fact, you - the only one who controls everything in your life.

The process of thinking should become another

Man measuring 4 uses its thought process, not as an unmanaged myslepotok, and as a tool for the realization of their reality. That is why your thoughts, belief, desire must be directed toward the light and be positive, optimism and faith in a better.

It helps consciousness is in the higher vibrations, and so you can easily control the flow of thoughts. Managed positive thoughts - it's your hydroelectric power plant, which is his calm and measured force provides electricity throughout your reality.

Negative thoughts - this uncontrollable dirty rugged mountain stream, which is able to demolish everything in its path, including all of your built your new world. The habit of thinking before you thought - this is a habit that is vital to develop a

Sometimes, when in full swing the process of liberation from negativity and suffering can be very powerful, and at this moment it is very difficult to believe in a better and keep yourself in their hands - not to think about the bad. It's okay.

It is important to remember two simple things: where your emotional energies come in very very excited and begin to spin wildly, like a tornado in your chakras, then very soon, if the process does not feed the bad thoughts, he quickly dwindles and fades.

If you believe in the best, your system into a state of peace and harmony returns to the equilibrium point, and very quickly self-cleaning.

You should know that the world itself does not want to harm you.

You are not the culprit of your pain and what your world suddenly became neuyuta and hostile. Though you yourself have caused this process. It may seem a paradox, but there is no - there is no guilt, and guilt - a film directed at himself, for a fall of his own frequency.

There is a process of purification, remove old programs, the boundaries of your ego. Try to make it your step up, not down. And one more thing: you can stop any suffering only one mental momentum. A simple intention to terminate them.

By the way, tears negative output of your fields, so do not be ashamed to cry in such moments.

Your emotions may increase

As the cleansing of your fields, the ability to experience emotions very strongly changed. Your chakras began to pass a much greater amount of energy, and there is as many pros and cons. One of the advantages - this is what your thoughts may be implemented much stronger and faster (because you are using to implement not only the ideas but also his energy).

But along with this there is a side effect - the so-called emotional hypersensitivity (you all know the word "psychic", but in reality it's just a hypersensitive).

Of course, this is what psychics use their quality to obtain information from thin margins - they start feeling thinner and stronger than hear the voice of your intuition, the voice of their spiritual assistants. Your energy vibrates thinner and allows you to see and feel what is happening on a more subtle level.

You are tuned to the frequency where you will be able to see, hear, feel and understand much more.

The downsides to this - you are able to respond to any negative energy in your surrounding world. You can feel the energy of the planets, people, higher levels, lower levels.

You will be hard to be in clusters of negative energy, it's hard not to be, even in very large companies, because you feel their energy, their illnesses, their curved field. You find it difficult to absorb the information and energy low, because it's all make you react, to resonate, to empathize.

You will pass through every emotion itself. And sometimes it is very inconvenient, our property when any little thing at any moment can bring to tears, or, conversely, cause violent joy.

Closed by a heightened emotional or not - it is your right. You are the creator of his own, and if you just say to yourself - I do not want to feel negative that I see in the outside world, I do not want to receive it; or I do not want to respond to him, because I live in this society and I want to feel confident - then so be it.

Your body - is your field of creativity, and you yourself can fashion from it anything. Set any program or remove it. Let's talk about it later, in the paragraph about the health and youth.

But in order to develop a positive habit to respond more consciously, your emotional life, too, must be adjusted and changed.

This is our so-called emotional hygiene.

Telepathy, clairvoyance and other divine bonuses

Our energy system has gone to work in a new, broader format. And the result of this will be our new amazing ability - to get information about the world not only on the basis of our senses, it was our three-dimensional perception.

You gradually learn to perceive the nature, objects, animals and people around through the 22-dimensional feeling. So you begin to see the other, more subtle reality, to see pictures of the past and the future, lucid dreams, hearing voices, in particular, to talk with her twin flame, as I have already written.

You hear the voice of your Higher Self

You feel the energy around, confidence, learn to manage and use. At first it may only appear in the form of tactile sensations in the chakras, or the skin inside your body. Depending on what kind of feeling you get - pleasant or unpleasant, you can conclude - that the energy for, negative or positive. It can be emotional or etheric energy, the energy of a touch to you of your twin.

Health eternal youth

The question of its reality programming has tremendous advantages. However, the responsibility for the fact that you are creating yourself and your negative state of the disease, there are many bonuses - you can undo all of their illness, the aging process or to change everything that is happening in your body.


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