That's what happens when you're the father of four daughters

Being a dad to large - no easy task. Breykvell James (James Breakwell) - father of four daughters. At the same time he can not only take care of their princesses, but also finds time to share funny dialogues with them in his Twitter.

< Website offers to get acquainted with the life of this fun family right now, because they have a lot to learn

  • 5-year-old daughter:. "Why my mother painted?»
    Pope:. "To be beautiful»
    Daughter: "But she's so beautiful!»
    Dad: "Mmm ...»
    Daughter: "Dad, you need to make up."

    • The Pope: "Who ate all the cookies?»
      5-year-old daughter: "Ninja»
      . Dad: "But I have not seen them»
      . Daughter: "Nobody never seen them»

      . ! Checkmate

      • 3-year-old daughter: "One boy in the garden said that he liked me»
        . Dad: "And he'll»
        Daughter: "It goes beyond all boundaries. Suppose first that will grow »

        • 5-year-old daughter watching a TV program where a man makes artificial breath." Why does he kisses her »
          ? Dad: "He saves her life»
          . Daughter: «I would have died for sure»

          • 3-year old daughter:. "And I will have once the baby in the abdomen ? »
            Pope:. "If you want, then yes»
            Daughter: "No, thank you. . This is a place for candy »

            • 4-year-old daughter:" What happens when you die »
              ? Dad: "You go to heaven»
              . Daughter: "No, I mean, when you die, will I be able to pick up your things?»

              • The Pope: "Let's tidy home until my mother came. »
                5-year-old daughter: "She does not care how things look»
                . Dad: "Where did you get?»
                Daughter: "She married you»

                • 4-year old daughter shows a dead squirrel on the road:. "This I was a boy. »
                  Pope: "How did you know?»
                  Daughter: "It was stupid»

                  • The Pope:. "You're wearing a coat upside down»
                    . 3-year-old daughter: "No»
                    . Dad: "You have the bottom of the hood»
                    . Daughter:. "For the priest frozen»

                    • 5-year old daughter rubs head
                      . Dad: "What happened?»
                      Daughter: "I think I sprained muscles brain»
                      . Dad: "But there is no brain muscles!»
                      Daughter: "Maybe you and no ...»

                      • 5-year old daughter: "Let's buy it? »
                        Pope:. "It's too expensive»
                        Daughter: "Take my credit card - then it will be free»

                        . Guess who has never had its own credit card

                        • 3-year-old daughter:. "I do not like my soup»
                          . Dad: "What's wrong with him?»
                          Daughter: "It tastes just like soup»

                          • 5-year old daughter:. "I would like to be a princess»
                            . Dad: "You are my princess, and this is our kingdom»
                            My daughter looks around the house: "So-so the kingdom ...»

                            • 5-year old daughter: "Girls get tired faster than boys»
                              . Dad: "Why?»
                              Daughter: "Because we have brains work the whole day»

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