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A special place in the total biology and family relations are the so-called triad. This is a specific relationship between the mother, father and child. And no matter how many children in the family, because each of them has a different relationship with their parents.

In RICOL Healing stands 8 triads. Belonging to a particular triad largely determines our behavior and a propensity for certain diseases.

So, how much good our relationship with mother and father, or both parents and whether there is good whether adverse communication and understanding between the mother and father can greatly affect our future life, the choice we make in terms of our partners and friends.

In later life, we get married (getting married) to its conflict or its resolution. This is obvious, since most of our behaviors, strategies and tendencies are formed in early childhood. In the same period are also recorded and certain propensity to disease.

Depending on what we have sex, we have a different inclination. It will be very good if you open to a triad we belong, to redirect our consciousness that is still unconscious and prevents healing.

Triad number 1 - My father did not contact, no contact Mother, child feels lonely

. Triad number 2 - Everything is very closely related to each other

. Triad number 3 - isolated Mother, father strongly associated with child

. Triad number 4 - The child communicates with Mother, Mother and child does not communicate with the Father

. Triad number 5 - Parents communicate well, not talking child or mother or father

. Triad number 6 - The father wants to leave the mother, child communicates with his mother and father

. Triad number 7 - The child communicates only with the Father, the Father communicates with Mother

. Triad number 8 - The child communicates exclusively with Mother, Mother communicates with the Father

. Think, for a Triad are you? It's a very important point, which plays a huge role in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

In order to more accurately determine which family relations Triad belongs to you, we invite you to answer the 25 questions.


What is your number in the order of birth?
Do you learn from "dark spot" of any of your brothers / sisters?
Whether to adopt your brothers / sisters of your "dark spot»?
Talk about the relationship with your parents and relatives.
It was your father with you in your early years?
if he traveled?
if he spent the night away from home?
Was your mother with you in your early years?
Describe the relationship between your parents:
What was the connection between them?
It was the rivalry between them?
Do they trust each other?
Describe the relationship between you and your mother
Did the freedom of your mother?
Was it conservative?
Was she jealous?
Is it attached great importance to the opinion of others rather than his?
Describe your relationship with your father
Did he have freedom?
Was he conservative?
Was he jealous?
whether he attached great importance to the opinion of others rather than his?
Has anyone else an important part in your development?
Is Grandma Present / grandparent in your life? (Frequency)
Did you have a nanny? (The importance of this person in my life?)

It is necessary to analyze in detail the relationship in the family:

 - Look at the parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, rodsvennikam;

 - Read the family stories,

 - Learn about family secrets

. This will help to find the causes of problems and diseases. And if they find the opportunity to come to forgive and to leave them - that is the road to healing

. Triad 1

The mother is not in contact with the child ...
Father is not in contact with the child ...
The child feels emotionally lonely ...
Each of the three is looking in the other direction ...

As a result, education in this triad is the man who does not komunitsyruet, he can not say "no" is not in a position to defend its values, always wants to please everyone.

Triad 1 could mean "The inability to create a family nest", can be programmed to breast cancer, endometriosis (the conflict: "My home is in another place"), problems with the creation of a home, the feeling of loneliness as a pair, the inability of emotional enthusiasm, mononucleosis (conflict "I feel lonely in your family"), problems associated with platelets.

Other symptoms that can be (! But not necessarily) in the previous life memories of childhood Triad number 1, are:

adrenal disease (conflict: "I am isolated from their flock»)
high cholesterol (the conflict: "I can only rely on themselves»)
herpes lips (lack of conflict of kissing)
periodontitis (conflict "No matter what I say, I do not feel heard»)
problems with the temporomandibular joint of the lower jaw (the conflict is related to the inability to deny the words of another person).
No contact can be expressed also through the skin diseases:

Eczema (separation conflict)
psoriasis (double separation conflict).
If this triangle again naprotjazhenii four generations, the subsequent generations may lead to autism.
Due to the stress caused by the desire to communicate with all at any price, and failure to do so desires, the child can develop different levels of psychic communication and special sensitivity.

Triad 2

This triad triad have opposite № 1.

The child is strongly associated with mother and father
Mother is closely linked to the father
The links between each member of the family is very strong.
This triad can function for itself. Sometimes it seems that the members of her no one and nothing you need from the outside world. For example, they have their animal garden, there is no need of giving, but it causes a number of problems. Family - combined fortress, which is fighting against the rest of the world:

This leads to lack of trust, suspicion. As a result - paranoia

. This triad can have the following biological reflection:

Diabetes, if the preceding otmu have paranoid state.
High cholesterol: "I have to rely only on themselves»
. High levels of triglycerides, "I always need help family members to survive» = & gt; "I can not be independent" (quite often conflict Jehovah's Witnesses).
the appearance of an extra chromosome 21, which leads to Down's syndrome, because the atmosphere that prevails in this Triad does not leave room to the outside world (not allowing the world to influence the family). For a child to develop fully, you need to interact with the world and also outside the family. Decision? - Down Syndrome

. Triad 3

Mother feels isolated.

The father has a relationship with the child.

This is a fairly common situation, when after the divorce the child stays with the father and the contact with the mother torn. Mother becomes consciously or unconsciously humiliated, blackened, will not be taken into account.


The child switches to "tomboy" in order not to be tarnished in the eyes of his father and become a partner for him. All aspects of femininity are in conflict on a biological level. May appear:

painful menstruation
cycle PMS
absence of menstruation or very small selection.
It seems that every manifestation zhenstvennostiyavlyaetsya threat, because the daughter biologically suppress these qualities. It may be, for example, very small breasts (show fear attribute of femininity), increased hairiness (which makes it more manly), men's body design. It can also manifest itself in hormone levels as breast cancer.

The negative image of the mother, the female representative, can make so that her daughter would feel lack of confidence in relation to the body, the conflict of aesthetics. A lack of communication with the mother the baby can cause the development of anorexia, a problem with the definition of their own femininity, hemorrhoids (inability to determine their own identity).


He will reject femininity like from the outside, and the manifestation of this aspect in itself. Son will humiliate women and ignore them, treat a woman as an instrument of augmenting their wins (the gains).

This triad programs the appearance of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, in order to express the "dirt" women. Son with his father unconsciously form a pair of homosexuals. The Son is the second male and is not eligible for fertilization, so this program is also a program of infertility and premature ejaculation.

Triad 4

The child communicates only with his mother.

The child does not communicate with his father.

Father did not communicate with his mother, it is isolated.


The absence of the father image: the father is absent or is far away. The boy is alone, he may have difficulty as a father.
The boy is infantile:
intellectually and materially it will attract a profession related to drawing: draftsman, cartoonist, architect ...
in sexual terms: it will be difficult to establish normal relations, happens
futility. emotionally, he will remain a child of his mother - a subconscious incestuous relationship with his mother and that puts pressure on him
. if he marries his mother is an enemy of his wife, which may contribute to territorial conflict and lung diseases.

It is paired with his mother (the unconscious homosexuality)
It is a "continuation" of his mother and can not reach their personal femininity; cases of hemorrhoids that vyzyvaetkonflikt "it is impossible to be yourself in your femininity».
In adulthood, it will look for an obedient man who can destroy a couple of mother / daughter.
This man will always be "downplay": it will not have an orgasm with him because her mother forbids her to have unconsciously "adult sexuality".
PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH TRIAD 4 (Do girls and in boys):

Chest compression: the consequence of a lack of a sense of protection (the Father) and a family void. The child may seek a symbolic father (mentor, guru, cult, etc.)

Enuresis: father giving his name and gives "no" to your child, it also sets limits

. Unlimited child is not able to distinguish between inside and outside of the body, which affects the control of the sphincter, the biological characters of the body limits (borders).

Leukemia: connected with the protection and sense of security

. Hodgkin's disease (limfogranulomatoz): father, symbolizing protection

. Its lack of effect on the defense mechanism in the body.

Triad 5

The child does not communicate with either the mother or the father.

Mother and father communicate with each other well.

Triad 5 from the child refused.

Parents infantile that horrible child:

The father does not show the type of parental behavior. The result may be to find a mentor, enuresis, lack of protection, chest compression, loss of intellectual value.

Mother does not show the maternal type of behavior that can lead to negative self-identification as a woman (1), to the disgust of your body (2), to anorexia. This double alienation, programming psoriasis. The Triad 5 a child two possibilities.

The first possibility:

A child can be brought up grandparents.
Oedipus complex / Electra may be associated with an older relative.
When the couple is a big difference in age, we usually find in the family tree, that one of the children brought up grandparents.
The consequence: the conflict "my house somewhere else" can be programmed endometriosis or a desire to avoid relationships
. The second possibility:

The child soon grows up, becomes responsible.
His childhood and youth stolen, so he can try to repair it in adulthood through games: he can attract a casino, computer games, etc.
This program "Solitude" can generate mononucleosis, "I feel lonely in my family"
. The child does not have its place: the program is impossible to mark territory, which leads to infection of the urethra and / or ectopic pregnancy ( "For me, there is no room in my house»)
. The child may feel a sense of alienation and rejection.
Due to the self-centered and infantile pair of his parents, the child feels that he was abandoned, so he will later find it difficult to be a parent, what programs: "I do not want a child," may make him sterile
. Triad 5 creates a mental pattern:

Two children play together, all is well, but when there is a third child: loss of balance, balance - 2 to 1. This pattern will be repeated later when the child becomes a parent: "This child is bothering me ..." Immediately after the birth of the child begins post-natal depression.


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