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We are all tired, and not only in a physical sense, so much so that sometimes no power remains. I want to give up on all hands, to surrender, to turn away from the world. But this is precisely not the way. < Website published an article that will help to look at a little bit tired from a different angle. Take a deep breath, read and act.

world in which we live, it is very exhausting. He is ungrateful. Are you tired even because you live in it. Are you tired of too much love, to care, to give the world, who never gives anything back. Are you tired of the uncertainty. Tired of the monotony of everyday life.

Once you were full of bright hopes, optimism outweighed cynicism, you were ready to give again and again. But a broken heart is not made by someone promises, failed plans - all this gradually takes you back down to earth. The world was not always kind to you and you will lose more than win, and now there is absolutely no inspiration to try again. I understand you.

The truth is that we are all tired. Every one of us. < When you reach a certain age, we are all nothing more than an army of broken hearts and aching souls who are desperately looking for harmony. We want more, but too tired to ask for it. We do not like where we are now, but we're too scared to start something from the beginning. We must take risks, but we are afraid to see how everything around us may simply collapse. In the end, we're not sure how many times we can start all over again.

Another truth is that we're tired of each other - tired of the games that we play, the lies we tell, the uncertainty that we give each other. We do not want to wear a mask, but remain naive fool, we also do not like. We have to play our role and hated by someone pretending, because we are not sure of their choice.

I know how difficult it is to continue to do something or to try to take more and more attempts, when the mental strength at the end. But those optimistic ideals that you once cherished, now seem hopeless and dumb. But here's what I'm asking, if you are so close to having to give up: try again, struggling

. We are much more resilient than we can imagine, and it is an unquestionable truth. We are able to give more love, more hope, more passion than we give today. We want instant results and give up, if you do not see the effect. We are disappointed because of the lack of feedback, and simply leave all attempts.

< Understand, none of us can be inspired every day. We all exhaled. We're all upset. We're all tired. The fact that you were exhausted and tired of life, does not mean that you are standing still. Every person that you have ever admired, ever felt defeat in pursuit of a dream. But this did not prevent him achieve his goals. Do not allow yourself to give up what you are doing, whether it's daily routine or the implementation of large and ambitious plans.

When you are tired, go slowly. Move calmly, without haste. < But do not stop. Are you tired for quite objective reasons. Are you tired, because many things are changing and doing. Are you tired because you grow. And someday this growth will really please you.

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