Life is better than we know what we really need.

Lessons that gives us life, is so wise and perfect that he personally took me a few years to maximize their realization, after which there was a small revolution in my perception of life and attitude to it. Be sure to read this article until the end, because you have got to it, as well as on my site as a whole, not by chance, this way you indicated life, and she points out only the best. If you have the patience and desire to get into all written here, I assure you, you are in a different look at life, it will seem so easy and friendly to you that you will feel the boundless joy of one only of its existence. All he wants from us life, this attention from our side, it can not talk to us in the usual sense of the process, because the words are not as important as the total picture, to see which can each one of us, even if some bodies of their feelings.
Delving into the meaning of all that happens to us in this life, you can see the obvious language of dialogue of life with us, you can call it what you will - communion with God and with the universe, it has absolutely no value, because I do not know the essence universe, you also know it can not, but the way the whole system works, we are quite capable of understanding, and this seems to us enough. People decide for themselves what is right in this life and what is not, what is good and what is bad, what to do should be, and how not, well, that similar rules as the vowel, and the unspoken. However, the change created not by us, alas, does not work, we play by the rules, but in the framework of the rules by which this world is arranged, and them to us constantly dictated by life itself, leading in fact you and me the right way, if we are on your own decision not to displace it. In this life there is pain, there is a feeling of discomfort, illness and there is death due to these diseases, and all this is not a coincidence, is not it?

There are positive moments in the life of people, they also act in a certain way to us to bring certain information from which we can draw conclusions in respect of one specific example and in terms of life in general. But that's only the positive aspects of our lives with you can not take place, because the benefit is not an incentive to growth, such incentive is negative, in any of its manifestations. Actually life lessons as such, is not aimed at teaching us to how we should behave and how not, what is right and what is wrong, and if you are familiar with the Vedic literature, where this issue is discussed in terms of the right path to man, it is I believe fundamentally not true. It is not true because it is not logical, given the diversity of the world, meaning there are only indicate the result of human choice and price for this result.

We all know that in this life, the law of the strong, it is pointless to deny, to paint illusions about freedom and human rights, too. And always, when you become the victim of a strong showing you the price for your chosen life, the life of a weak person who does not want to become strong. In the life of each of us from time to time there are changes, while most people are drawn to the apparent stability and peace, and life in the meantime each of us pushes up, to achieve better results than those we have achieved so far. And so I urge you to pay attention to exactly those moments in your life that make you move, you are straining. These are the life lessons that are presented to you with a view to make the most of your opportunities you more that you are missing, it happens to all of us constantly.
It's safe to say that life is better than we know what we really need, and she knows it's because all the processes in this life aimed at achieving the most ideal result. For this reason, we are in this life, many do not like, it tells us the wrong direction in terms of our true desires, and they, in turn, lead us to the maximum tranquility and maximum interior comfort. Absolute these states can not be, as we have already explained to you, I do not know how in other lives, and in this we must not stop in its development, so the place will be constantly discomfort. But imagine the state in which you see a meaning in everything that happens to you. It's when you do not deny a single moment of your life, and just trying to understand - what each of them tells you and what life wants from you, tossing you a variety of situations and bringing you with certain people.

It is difficult to imagine fully and yet try and main arm for this purpose for the future, because if you take and interpret all aspects of life, your life will go to the mountain. Of course you will have doubts and fear I experienced it myself when my work began to have problems, I realized that life wants to, I went to the next level, which means leaving the comfort zone, to which you have already used. But if you do not succumb to doubt, to use fear as a means of warning and not as a brake, the rejection of the old life in favor of the new, will be painless, and then you'll be happy to change, seeing in them the meaning and the main benefit. In life, it is important to always strive to control your mental state, for any emotion to waste hinder you analyze your life, and you do not learn the lesson that has been presented to you, and then it will be repeated again and again.

If you are constantly going something bad, if there are people in your life that are causing you pain, do not put ourselves aim to influence these people as the paramount task, first think about what was going on. The best way we perceive the negative, are already features of our psyche, and so is any problem, any discomfort are our fuel, through which we work - to work on yourself. It wants us life, first of all, I can not say that has learned to understand her appeal to me, but the negative points directly to me unnecessary for me option, or better to say - the script of my life. And life as I have said - is wise, it is much wiser than us, so if it shows you on a different path than the one you have chosen for themselves, believe me, she knows what he's talking about.

It's the way a pretty good way to begin to deal with life, given our habits and patterns of thinking - start to chat with her. Just do it away from prying eyes and ears, people in a number of its limitations can you just do not understand, but this is not madness, it is simply easier to read the lessons of life. If you have something bad happen, if you feel discomfort and anxiety - a signal that you may not know until the end and you start to point fingers around. But it's easier to ask a question of life and ask her to help you understand its lesson and see the direction that it indicates to you, you can do it mentally or out loud, as you see fit, as long as you were at the same time comfortable. What used to the average person in terms of training - sit and listen, and record the teacher. Just because it is fundamentally not true, and true only in the case of a bad memory when it is not possible immediately to remember the main ideas of the teacher, as well as their own and then they think carefully.

Life wants you to understand, you do not need to write anything down and do not listen to anything, so a voice in my head is not quite hear healthy people, it shows you what and how to arrange in this world. She chooses for you is always the best option only pushes you toward him, and as opposed to the people, it can and should be trusted. People in the number of implanted in them a sense of selfishness, sometimes even without noticing, constantly lie and are all exceptionally selfish point of view. Optionally, it will be harmful to your selfishness, but still many prefer the good in your life, the good in your life, if no choice they will not. Life with you is nothing to share, in fact the whole system in which we live is aimed at the benefit for all of us, and in spite of my concept that everything is good in this life can not live, and from which I can not refuse, it is obvious that such an option is. Perhaps this option can be made by us, if each of us, without exception, will begin to listen to life, will begin to listen to her lessons and follow its recommendations.

What we then can come is anyone's guess, even a kind of imagine it is difficult to imagine, seeing how many just completely ignore all the blows of fate in the life, suffering, suffering, but it absolutely did not want to understand what is life He wants them to. To be a great man is very simple, you just follow all the lessons of life, to delve into them and memorized move higher and higher. The desire to stay in a comfortable and safe area in itself is wrong, it is wrong not with someone's point of view, it is wrong in terms of the benefits for you. Do you think you accidentally got on this site, no friends, no accidents and can not be all natural and my appearance in your life, too, naturally, because I will give you an entirely new perspective on this life. Continue to read this site, try to get to the core of each article I wrote, do not hesitate to ask me questions if something does not understand. For you are not here by chance, you sought and found, and now try to properly dispose found. I'm not the one who will tell you how to, you will not rely on my selfishness, I'm the one who tells you about how things work and how everything works.

I have devoted to this task almost all his life, and now I continue to learn more and more, so you'll always be in the dynamics of reading me. Dynamics - it is life, and life wants us to action, for in them, and she is, the state of absolute rest - this is nothing, emptiness. Every day is another scenario of our life as a life of eternal students, a task which to ponder and analyze what is happening in their lives, focusing on the negative, which is in fact the best and memorable. When my life is that something is wrong, I do not get nervous and do not worry about this, and begin to carefully think through everything. I pay attention as to individual details of each particular situation, and the situation itself as a whole, trying to figure out in which direction I should go, what to do and why. And knowing that everything that happens is aimed at my goodness, to achieve a greater good in my life, I feel a peacefulness and kindness within yourself, just start to love life.

Do I need to be in this case, to stimulate it, it would have to move away from reality and try to maintain the illusory world in which human weakness, there are many excuses? Of course all this is unnecessary in this case, well, is this not happiness, is not worthy of human life? What prevents, each learning from life, to listen to her lessons and follow its recommendations? Yes, actually nothing, except that those representations and understandings that we invented for ourselves, and made it a rule that feed each other. The life you will not be punished for violating its laws, but it does not give you desired, that you yourself can not understand true happiness, in which your life will be lived interesting, not senseless spent.


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